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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Slaves to darkness indeed offers some more chariots, though admittedly their models are a bit... dated lol I do really like that Warpflame battalion tzeentch chariots can go into- extra mortal wounds is never bad. And ultimately I do agree Slaanesh seems the best for this theme- biggest variety in chariots helps. The previous poster's suggestion of minimum chariot battleline, mounted units, and several chariot heroes seemed especially like a fast thematic army.
  2. Hi all, With Magmadroths being one of the sweeter models in the range, and their recent buffs (wounds, mount traits), I'm wondering how viable running max units of them would be competitively. For instance, running Lofnir gives you 5 Magmadroths in a 2k battle (all with mount traits! ), letting you build something like: 1 Rune father on magmadroth (general) 4 Rune sons on magmadroth 1 Rune smiter 20 vulkite berserker (2 axes) 10 vulkite berserkers (pick/shield) 10 vulkite berserkers (pick/shield) =2000 points, 155 wounds The logic above would
  3. Are the main Skaven artillery units (Plagueclaw, Warp lightning cannon) worth including in multiples? I like the imagery of a Skryre list with 4 Warp Lightnings- maybe even a Warpcog Convocation battalion with 2x Arkhspark Voltiks (2 cannons + engineer per enginecoven) to really maximize their damage/overcharge potential. Alternatively, Pestilens can support their artillery via a combo of plague priest + 3 plagueclaw in Foulrain congregation battalion, giving the priest the Architect of death command trait for even better shooting. Any thoughts on making skaven artillery a prominent
  4. Honestly I really like your direction here! I'd even be OK shaving or downgrading some exalted heralds (into hellflayer heralds) for more seekers and/or sybarites battalion. Or getting the new KoS... either way this looks pretty sweet.
  5. Yea that definitely caught my eye- kind've wish that hellflayers instead of/in addition to seeker chariots became battleline, but what can you do! What are your thoughts on the various chariot rules/points costs? I know on the Tzeentch end they only have 1 type of non-hero chariot, so less diversity. The only obvious synergy I see with taking large units of them is with Fold Reality + Kairos to reroll 1s (for the ability to heal a dozen wounds worth of models in 1 spell) though a max unit of enlightened or even flamers would also work here instead.
  6. Hi all, I generally like armies that aren't the traditional massed infantry blobs, and like the chariot aesthetic in particular. Although the premiere chariot riders aren't in AoS any more (Tomb kings) I see that some of the Chaos factions have the ability to take both hero and battleline chariot units. Slaanesh and Tzeentch in particular caught my eye since their aesthetic is so thematic to their faction. Although I know chariots in general aren't the most competitive types of units nowadays, I was curious to see if there's a way to make them at least somewhat playable. For instance
  7. Yea I hear you about the few models/attacks issue- it's why I was skeptical about such a concept. But hearing about a 4 AGKoTG list winning is certainly something! Could 4 be the "sweet spot" with monster lists? Or simply a result of the behemoth restrictions?
  8. Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of adding menagerie battalion in place of a 4th battleline monster. Menagerie also lets me run dragon battleline more comfortably thanks to healing. Instead of adding ~180 points of spells, could I maybe add a mini monster like varghulf instead? Just to up the wound/model count? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I'm wondering how monster-heavy a FEC Gristlegore army can go while still being at least somewhat viable. In a perfect world I'd be interested in a "pure" monster list, but I doubt that would be any good (or would it!?). The battletome allows for something silly like: AGK on Terrorgheist (general) AGK on Terrorgheist 4x Terrorgheist/dragon (battleline) = 2000 exactly Anyways, if anyone knows how monster heavy a Gristlegore army can go while still being (at least somewhat) playable, I'd love to hear the reasoning-and sample army lists if possible! I
  10. Admittedly I'm not a Nurgle fan, mostly because of the aesthetic. Slaanesh could be cool but I'd wait for the new rules. Looks like a fast army, new KoS would seal the deal.
  11. Thanks for the insightful reply. I'm surprised there's such a discrepancy in damage. Skullcrushers essentially have 2 hellblade attacks instead of 1, but they don't get the mortal wounds and the loci for rerolls. For only a10 point difference (140 vs 150?) I'd imagine their offense would be similar. Defense-wise the skullcrusher would definitely pull through though.
  12. From what I'm seeing, the crushers are great in 40k and overshadowed in AoS with their mortal versions. I guess I want to know if they are still playable in AoS, especially with a battalion to buff them and enough daemon heroes for babysitting loci. Good call with Tzeentch, in AoS the horrors are costly. Technically I could run a tzaangor/cultists list for 40k thousand sons that would be disciples of Tzeentch for AoS (minus the thousand sons hq choices, which all except daemon princes would be marine I guess)
  13. Hi all, Is it possible to build a mono god daemon army for AoS (fan of Tzeentch or Khorne) that also would work in 40k? Not expecting top tier but having both lists at least "ok" on a competitive level would be the goal, prioritizing AoS (though 40k is just more popular in my area, hence army playable in both systems). Mono god because AoS allegiances + fluffy. After the 2.0 points increases, I'm thinking Tzeentch daemons would be weaker than Khorne. I like the cavalry idea (bloodcrushers) the most, though I'm unsure which battalion to use-Stampede for better bloodcrushers vs Murder
  14. That's good to hear. The only real advantage the daemons would have is murderhost, which works with daemon juggernaut riders and their general I believe, speeding them up a bit. Guess it could also be used in 40k if kept pure Khorne daemons. But I agree that mortals cavalry is better, and a maxed brass stampede seems pretty savage. I'd imagine a good starting point would be: 1 Khorne lord on juggernaut (general) 7× 3 mighty skullcrusher Brass Stampede =1320/2000 Not sure where to go from there, maybe manticore lord or some beefed up squads?
  15. Hi all, Is a Khorne cavalry army (either daemon or mortal) any viable? Or is large infantry blobs the way to go? I'm a fan of those bronze rhino riders and it seems there are some battalions to make them even better. The mortal versions seem inherently stronger but daemons can run murderhost (both get their own stampede battalions) All thoughts appreciated
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