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  1. Cool trophies are those provided by GW or is it a specific store? I have one from Gen Con just like them. I was planning on running a small tournament in Milwaukee in February and was just going to buy or make something myself but if GW has em that would make my life easier.
  2. Mephisto

    Chainrasps or Skeleton warriors?

    Like on Dire Wolves
  3. Mephisto

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    I got into AOS before the LoN tome came out. Briefly I considered FEC (dat lore, nuff sed) but eventually settled on "mixed Death" because necromancers+skeletons. I felt like GW was personally rewarding me for 'choosing correctly' when we got a proper battletome. Still, I feel beholden to FEC. They're like a little brother to me really. I always want them to do go and succeed. I was a bit aghast to see FEC take sixth at NOVA but also really proud. So seriously, major props, @Bill_S. Now there is some benevolence in my desire for FEC to be good. As an accomplished necromancer and lich, I quickly murder that benelovence and raise it as a skeleton to do my bidding and am left with two other, more selfish reasons: 1. I want the Death GA to be the best because muwahahahahahaha. 2. If more Death armies are better, then the Nagash saturation will subside some. The Nagash haters can go back to not seeing him as often and I can go back to enjoying a less crowded mirror match meta because Grand Host players don't like losing to coinflip, HODs either. Like, I will actually defend Hand of Dust. It's an unreliable trump card of a sort. You have to resolve a spell portal and then resolve the HoD. Both of these tilt toward Nagash's casting bonus but there are some armies out there that guarantee an unbind X times per game. Next, you flip the coin (or hide the dice). Now that you can only cast one spell through that portal, the Nagash player MUST make a tactical decision. Debuff a priority unit, or go for the 50/50? Imagine now, that you play against another Nagash. Your bonuses are meaningless because you equally unbind and cast so it's like you're straight rolling (your investment in being the best caster completely absorbed in the mirror) and it really is just... who gets the better hand. You're annoyed as an FEC player, imagine how annoyed I am. Like, don't you want me to HoD Morathi on average after 2 turns to keep DOK players honest? I know you do. As for priority? Well, that's just bad beats. GW doubled-down on the double turn with 2.0. Their strives to mitigate it with some of the objectives that score better if you go second and Endless Spells was NOT enough in my mind to continue to keep it around. I like the randomness of HoD and dice in general. Actually completely having games turned on their head because of lucky priority rolls doesn't feel good for either player, imo. Like... I don't feel good when I win because I got the double because I expect more of myself and I certainly don't feel good losing because the double. It's just a straight feelbad mechanic or NPE. I have to wonder if Bill could've weathered either the priority roles or the lucky multiples of HoD and just not both. I suspect he could've weathered the HoDs if it weren't for three straight priority wins for Nagash. Man, that's real close though. And with such a flavorful list... Once again, great showing, FEC. Every Death player is proud of you. At least they should be. PS: really DO NOT want to hijack this discussion with HoD talk or debate Double Turns. I was just being silly and humorous.
  4. Mephisto

    Tournament Sportsmanship: Goals, Methods

    That's the thing, Dead Scribe, *life doesn't have rules. Games do. *Asterisk Explainer: Obviously there are laws, physics, and even societal decorum and such. What I'm talking about is the philosophical sense of the word, "life." The whole "life's not fair" defense people go to is what I'm calling out. The point of games, whether the non-competitive D&D or Street Fighter V or MTG, is to have a rubric of commonality that favors no one. Amysrevenge highlight at the onset of this discussion, what is the objective of a sports score? Is it to deter cheating, is it to encourage people be sporting, and so on. The system as it stands is inadequate for even its objective and furthermore lacks in consistency as it is enforced and utilized across all tournaments - some of them using it for tiebreakers, others weighting it more heavily than actually playing the game, and so on. It is a game. We have the power to mitigate the human element. And I say literally all of this (here and above) as someone who values the social aspect of the game. That social aspect is a reason I love this game over a lot of my other competitive vices. Being social during this game is a necessity of it. You don't need some scale of varying relevance to force people to be social and disproportionately favor people that took speech class or happen to know the difference between "I statements" and "you statements" or when it's appropriate to phrase your reprimand as a question rather than a statement. I am an amiable, fun individual with social prowess (verbose as I may seem here) but there's no reason I should score higher than anyone else by virtue of that fact alone. And there's certainly no reason I should score lower because one of my opponents, who was having loads of fun when he was winning "suddenly" lost and he wants to make sure he punishes me when I move onto the higher table.
  5. Thanks for the response. Heading over there now. I saw the List and I was like... "it's so crazy it just might work," haha.
  6. Mephisto

    Tournament Sportsmanship: Goals, Methods

    It's sort of like pay-to-win. The, Dun-dun-dUUuuUUuun, boogeyman of most competitive play. Paying meticulously for your models is a barrier to entry. Once assembled, you have to play them well. Just paying for a professional quality painted army to scoop up paint score goes to a different level...
  7. Mephisto

    Tournament Sportsmanship: Goals, Methods

    A thousand times, a thousand times this. I like to think of myself as somewhere on the spectrum between Beer and Pretzels Local Hero and Competitive Tournament Grinder. Like, play me and you'll find I'm a pretty nice guy, I've just optimized my list and want to beat you. I won't be a ****** about it. I won't insult your fluffy or narrative list. I'll even defer to you on some rulings because I don't WANT to angle shoot you. Still, there's this toxicity and stigma around being right about the rules that is caused by sports score. The line between a player gaming the system and honestly making mistakes is near impossible to gauge with the rules as they exist in a game that uses sports score (like am is player A an d-bag that's honestly mistaken about the rules, while player B is a nice guy willfully misconstruing the rules for an adventure? How can you tell and how does sportscore as it currently exists detect the difference? Answer, it doesn't). Like, MTG has something called a Rules Enforcement Level or REL. Depending on the level of competition of the event, there's a different REL. It goes as far as to state that both players are responsible for "maintaining the integrity of the game state." If players miss a "must" trigger, both players can be docked for violating the REL. Now their sports score doesn't come into the match results but it is enforced across all tournaments if judges are called to tables with a known slowplayer or consistent violators of the rules. (Amysrevenge's Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down method would work well with something similar to this for AOS). The problem with REL above is that MTG's tournaments are run in a more official capacity whereas AOS tournaments are run by the community... and that brings me to step one of this entire debacle: we need an actual "league" or "chapter approved" or some form of control basis for the game. Like your LGS can get an official tag for their FNM of 12 people. I'd love if GW could do the same for tournaments. The problem with consistency is extended to, now, realm rules/artefacts/spells (and previously we saw it with something as BASIC ((base-ic, get it?)) as square vs rounds. Every tournament on the planet worth its salt was saying round bases standard for years while GW insisted "squares were okay"). It would be nice if we as a community, and I really would prefer it came from the community, could start a grass roots "competitive standard" that is general and basic enough to allow specific TOs some wiggle room for the type of event they want while also facilitating a common ground to start from for everyone else. I need to concede that I'm not saying make AOS like MTG. I'm just saying we can learn a little bit from what one of the biggest national nerd TTGs has done. Hell, I've played in the Fighter, MOBA, and FPS circuit as an organizer, shoutcaster, and competitor and they even have some communicable enforcement protocols that could benefit our AOS.
  8. Is there anyway to see round-to-round breakdowns of the pairings? I understand that NOVA played with realm rules (first 3 rounds in one realm, second 3 rounds in another) and so on but I'm curious how it played out. Specifically I'm curious how Bill Souza's FEC competed throughout the tournament. It's clear how Nagash, DOK, IDK, etc. match-up across the meta w/ realm abilities in the mix. Sorry if the answer to my question was already answered or if I missed a link or something. I admittedly just skimmed a lot of the back-and-forth on how it was scored, so forgive me.
  9. Mephisto

    Chainrasps or Skeleton warriors?

    My rule of thumb would be if you're running a unit of 30-40, go skellies. If you're going 10 or 20, go chainrasps. There's some minutiae on where I might split hairs but that's "the ol' quick-and-dirty version" as my old Chem II professor would say.
  10. Good podcast as usual. Sorry to here you had to drop due to ailment. Do you have a link to the tournament lists themselves? Or a Link to the full tournament report? Apparently my Google Powers suck because all I find searching for Element Gaming Grand Slam or EGGS is event sign up links.
  11. Mephisto

    Tell me something awesome

    as a (topical) aside, I've been working about 50-60 hours a week since April. It's a menial, outdoor skilled labor job. Last week I hit 72 hours (my high score). As of this moment I'm at 50 hours for this week with the knowledge I'll work 10-12 hours tomorrow and another 8 probably on Saturday. I value my free time more than money so telling me "all that overtime pay" doesn't really register to me as much as the benign nagging feeling I get when I don't have time to do anything I enjoy. Now, it's not all bad. I am CURRENTLY sitting in my work truck outside a jobsite thumbing this out on my phone as I drink a bottle of water and find my center again. Mostly I've been coping knowing that Fall and Winter will eventually roll back around and the part of my job that I like will come back. Still, I got home yesterday and I don't know what it was, I just sort of collapsed in a chair at the kitchen table. It was the first time all season I REALLY felt the anxiety and weight I've been holding back all year. I was just done. Even right now I'm sort of checked out (obviously) for the day. But yesterday... I don't know, man, it was rough. Every news story got to me. Fires in California, Civil War in Yemen, things that had nothing to do with me. It was like all the funk I felt inside projected onto all the bad stuff outside and it all spiraled around me. Suddenly the Hurricane in Hawaii wasn't about Hawaii, it was about me. It's difficult to explain, but I was just not in a good head space. I made a post on my Facebook and told everyone to tell me an awesome personal anecdote. I heard about my lawyer friend practicing his opening and his son coming in and mocking him with a frosting mustache and another friend's clinical trial with a new MS medicine actually working. All the stories just helped reset me. What I'm saying, Amysrevenge, is while I don't know your exact plight. I empathize, my friend. And to quote a meme with sincerity, "i know that feel, bro." I hope the fine folks on these forums give you some respite from your own battles with real life and you get back to Age of Sigmaring at the raddest of levels soon. ***Edit: Like seriously though. RL keeps getting in my freaking way. Do you know how long I've just wanted to spend some of my overtime money on stupid freaking Grimghast Reapers so I can add then to my stupid freaking Grand Host army? I've been talking about it since the FAQ said I could take them... so salty. Stupid life getting in the way of what really matters. **grumbles in shyish**
  12. Mephisto

    Tell me something awesome

    My friend and I, both with various tournament gaming backgrounds, started a "club" as a joke. We're both competitive by nature but the gag sort of takes the ****** out of us by making it funny and ensuring we never take ourselves too seriously the way we did with other games. We're really hamming it up too. He made up a logo in photoshop. I'm currently combing through secondhand shops to find leather/jean jackets so we can stitch our logo on the back. All-in-all it's just been one big self-aware, inside joke between friends. We even "recruited" (conscripted, whatever) our mutual friend whom I've known since middle school (and he's known since college). It's really silly and inside humor isn't easy to communicate to strangers on the internet but I think it's some positivity I can toss out there for you. It might be good to know that there's just these lifelong friends that live cities apart, forming a scalene triangle from Milwaukee, to Madison, to Minneapolis, traveling to whatever tournament of the month is in the region. That we use Age of Sigmar to give each other a constant excuse to hang out. If one of us misses a tournament, we check in on the phone, "how'd Heavy Magic do?" **Snicker** We call our club Heavy Magic. "Oh, it was another great showing for Heavy Magic." Like... it was just one of us at some 20 person tournament that doesn't matter and we still speak in a collective like The Borg. Our silly little club has been a source of great pride and enrichment. In general, that's what AOS has been for these 3 thirty-somethings, that once used to all room together gaming every single weekend and taking it for granted. But now the AWESOME part. The great irony of Heavy Magic, this self-aware, inside joke, is that we've all been playing pretty well. We've racked up the trophies and COMPLETELY on accident between us have a bunch of random IDK stuff. The only logical thing to do now is to build an entire IDK army EXCLUSIVELY from the things we win. Each time we have an option of choosing a prize and an box of ANYTHING IDK is on the table, we'll take the IDK even if there's a more expensive or more pertinent prize to our actual armies. It might take a year or two to finish it. We'll optimize the lists from what we win but we've forbidden each other from ever spending actual money on a box of anything for it. The story behind this IDK army will be a gift that keeps giving. We'll collectively play the army. We'll set up some sort of rotation for it. Each time all three of us make it to the same tournament, this just extra army will go home with someone new.
  13. Don't you love the interaction in design and counter play allowed for Kurdoss? I'm lying, there's none. He could be a 100 point endless spell that only did the one thing that only he does an no one else does and people would take him. What an anti-fun moronic design. I say that as a Death player.
  14. The latter part of this is the most important part of improving. Even if "you had no chance, totally lost because of {randomness or bullcrap}," there's always something to learn. Heck, even when you win a game, you can always find something to improve upon. Always ask yourself what you could've done differently. I have to stretch my mind back quite far to my last loss since I've been running hot this last month or more but... it was the mirror match. I "lost to Hand of Dust" in the mirror match (Grand Host of Nagash vs. Grand Host of Nagash). My opponent had Arkhan and I did not so I deployed "smart" to force him to use all of his resources or over-commit. I knew the game would come down to a Hand of Dust off no matter what I did though and rather than play conservatively, I should've went aggressive early. If I'm going to lose to a "50/50 anyway" I should've at least made strong decisions early and pressured him into getting lucky rather than waiting for him (or me) to get lucky.
  15. What a great question. An excellent opportunity to ruminate and pontificate. With GW doubling sales this last year, I highly doubt their new armies didn't sell well. It's more than possible that IDK and DOK didn't sell as well as [others] but only relatively speaking. This game is growing. The old bloods aren't all that dictate sales anymore and the IDK/DOK releases represent two different appeasements. DOK sort of appeal to old players in that they do use some existing stuff and nod back to Dark Elves. I can imagine older players going all in at that point when they get thrown a bone. I can also imagine some new player wanting to play, but not want to buy an "old" army. IDK is a brand new thing. Older players are in on the joke of fish elves (even thinking the teases were an extended April Fool's joke). New players got to see a brand new army and be in on that new wave from beginning. I could look at this from a multitude of angles and see the positives. The asterisk on it being... they're elves. The players that are interested in playing elves are a specific demographic, like anything else (dwarf, orc, vampires, and so on). Part of the success of Stormcast is the mass appeal of humans in armor. I'm really not here to ****** on the poster army. To the contrary, I think it's good to have "Ryu" (poster army, poster character, etc.). Still, I bet if we did a poll of favorite fantasy races that elves would come in below a lot of the others (especially if we include Vampires because I think the same personality types would be divided on the two). So, yeah, my only take away from how well I think IDK/DOK might've done is that there was some elf saturation and I don't know how strong the demographic is for people that want to play elves. Getting my negative out of the way I have two more angles. First, IDK**. The reception of the IDK sculpts were some of the best I've EVER seen. These models look great. The buzz on, specifically Facebook, was insane. I'd never seen so many pure hobbyists jump behind an army for the opportunity to paint and sculpt them. I'm a death player, I need you to know that before my next point, Nighthaunt are a fraction as well designed. Don't get me wrong, they look good. Better than you'd ever think possible with literal sheets and Casper the friendly ghost tails dangling behind them. But there's not a lot of room to bash them up or mod them out. A lot of their surface area is pretty thin or stretched. IDK do not have that problem. From basic head swaps to full on kitbashing, IDK are a modelers dream. I put them right up there with Nurgle. Second, DOK. I went on record on my friend's podcast (giving him the opportunity to come in and shamelessly self-promote) as saying DOK were the next big competitor army. I said this before 2.0 came out knowing they were an army, like IDK and even Legions of Nagash (my army), written for the future. As a competitive player, some armies just have the "it" factor and you could see it with DOK. Mobility, massive regiment, damage, spells, shooting if they needed it, a variety of builds, an excellent battleline, tricks, buffs, etc... and 2.0 made them better. You have entire groups of people buying and playing DOK just to chase the meta. That means sales. And the tournament reps represent that. In both of these above last points, DOK and IDK are big armies with lots of details. It takes time to assemble and paint them so I think we've seen the results of the sales on a delay. It took them a little bit to show up in tournaments. It took you a bit to notice them at the LGS because they were being assembled and so on. In either case though I refuse to believe they didn't sell well. That goes against my purely anecdotal perception of their hype through the tease to release to tournaments. **IDK are a high skill floor army, much like Sylvaneth before them, the best lists weren't obvious to put together in theory craft and their tricks took foresight. It took us a little bit to see them placing in tournaments because it took everyone a little bit to figure out how they fit together on the table. This is also a factor but totally beside my points above so I left it out until the end.