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  1. Does Drakkfoot disabling opponent’s wound negation apply to endless spells cast by bonesplitterz wizards? I assume not but wound be a sweet combo if so...
  2. Once you have captured an objective, you hold it even if you move away unless the scenario itself states otherwise. People keep units on objectives to prevent opponents from easily taking it, especially if the opponent has deepstrike/flying units.
  3. To reiterate others’ points,my main concern is Skaven and Gitz’ abilities to ignore battleshock (primarily Skaven’s ability to do so). These are not just horde armies but horde armies that are characterised in lore (and always have been) as quick-to-flee factions. We are now in a place where Skaven players can easily make a significant proportion completely immune to this, going against the lore and completely removing the main drawback of hordes. This needs to be fixed. Battleshock auras are worse offenders than IP so the primary fix should be removing them (screaming bell shouldn’t let rats ignore battleshock)
  4. To turn these complaints back into rumours... we know: 1. Teclis is currently martialing forces 2. Tyrion may have his own separate forces from Teclis (as only Teclis is mentioned and yet Tyrion is the god) 3. GW just basically squatted all High Elves apart from Phoenix Temple So basically new Hyshian Aelves confirmed (Tyrion for sure, maybe Teclis) and a potential Phoenix Temple expansion (Teclis, Cities of Sigmar)
  5. I think Kemmler when I see that boot... Or Dark Eldar (not Aelves)
  6. It’s a dice game... it’s determined by dice rolls. I’ve had games determined by one charge roll, one run roll, one save roll etc. Doesn’t make me hate charging, running or saving...
  7. “Not being an opportunity to capitalise on it”. think about how that happened and you are mastering the priority roll dynamic.
  8. Games should be 5 battle rounds, not 2. Therefore on average it should not be just one of the players who get a double turn in a given game. Also it is a “priority roll”. Not a “double turn”. The point of it is to pick whether going first or second benefits you in a given round (consider placement, endless spells, victory points, benefits of a double next turn etc). In your games you should be planning when you want your double turn to occur. When it is better to give your opponent a double if you win priority. Etc. It adds a tactical component to the game to consider. For example when I play Idoneth I want the double turn from flood tide into high tide (whether that’s 1-2 or 2-3). If, for example, I want it 2-3 then I will work to give my opponent priority on turn 2 and play turn 1 expecting to be double turned (assuming I went first) it also adds a neat mechanic for endless spells. A few of them on the field and it adds more tactical considerations. Overall it makes it a more interesting game.
  9. I don’t think the master has to be Nagash, which everyone seems to assume. What if the master mentioned is someone from the End Times not allied to Nagash but still a Death faction? And then the voice in the video can be someone completely new. This ties in nicely to the old world without slavishly relying on it.
  10. Honestly go Troggoths then for playing in your local meta. Will give everyone a much better experience
  11. I’m starting a DoK army myself at the moment and just saw your post in that board. If you are looking for something less competitive than Idoneth don’t go for DoK, you’ll continue auto-winning everything even with snakes. Honestly with Tzaangors, Idoneth and then DoK as your preferences you need to be looking at tournaments to get a good game in, your local scene isn’t doing anything for you. To play with your local scene just get a worse faction, something like Seraphon where you really have to play the objectives game well could give you a challenge whilst creating a better play experience for your mates
  12. It’s not the most competitive of groups so that’s going to be a problem. How do you do against Sylvaneth? Does the Beastmen player play Tzaangors or normal beasts? It’s a bit cheeky for a Beastclaw Raiders to complain about playing a certain army when their army is going to have a tough time beating any army. Maybe drop the eels and buy more of the other units to give your opponents a better chance. Ultimately though I recommend finding some tournaments as you will find more of a challenge there.
  13. Who are you playing? Are you entering big tournaments?
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