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  1. Not a competitive army but really fun: -Freeguild General on Griffon (with Strategic Genius to give 1"+1hit to 2 charging units if you go for an alpha strike our Dauntless/Legendary fighter for charge+more punch). -Demi-Gryph Knights (target of Rousing Battlecry)- Battleline. -Tempest's Eye Allegiance for 2"/4" with Archmage on Dragon (with Cogs for 2" more)/Archmage on Aelven Steed or Battlemage on Griffon for only Cogs (2") (losing Tempest's Eye). -If you don't like magic, swap the wizzard for Palladors (more zone control and take obj.), Dracoth riders (more punch) or Prosecutors (screening, zone control and take obj.). P.D: With the new Lord Arcanum on [insert mount] and Evocators on Dracoline, the list will gain new allies!!
  2. I try to avoid them in any competitive match. They are really expensive and you aim to 1500-2000 matches at least to be playable. But with 2.0 and some chill evenings (free time at last!!), I use some of them (just for the lols). Iron Sky Command-Create an indestructible hero with -2 hit (Look out sir +Gryph-feather Charm) and 5+ to bounce wounds. Main problem is that only the Khemists is important to protect, and it's still better to take two khemists than all the reqs. Endrinmaster with Ghyrstrike for 3A(or 4 with grudgebearer) 2+2+ -1R 3D (charged harness) is really fun but +4save +5bounce and -1Look out sir is not enough (at least we can move him with our 4+/5+ save ships!!!). Iron Sky Squadron-Eazy reqs. I never played in 2.0, but I used it in 1.0. The main problem with this battalion is that it uses frigates and buff their dmg in their first turn (+1atk). In other words, you are going for an alpha strike with frigates!! I used it in the past until I played with our Clown Car strategy and I never tryied this battalion again. Maybe in 2.0 with frigates costing less and +1 artifact...? Grundstock Excort wing-Still painting Gunhaulers. It seems that it can be good with 2.0 (we still have a devastating shooting-phase after all). But you can only use it in 2000 points games (1300 points with battlelines and without General). Boring +1hit, but at least is usefull. Aetherstrike Force-Never played. I don't use SCE. Grand Armada- Never played. I don't have enough models btw (3190 points min...).
  3. Yep, rules should be improved to maintain balance between the two positions. Btw, there are some negative points for any garrisoned unit: they can't charge (they are not on the table), they can't be buffed (can't be targeted because they are not on the table too), they couldn't take objectives (if we assume that war machines can't take objectives) and remember that our ships are not strong enough to resist any focus fire (and they can kill the garrisoned units for free when they explode). With a bit of work (maybe -1 to hit if the war machines has moved or something like that) we could have awesome and fluffy rules. IMHO, going outside of our ships should be an answer forced by the enemy or something to work around objectives/victory points and not about our main modus operandi (except shock troops or specific skyports abilities).
  4. But that's just a matter of "rules". For example: war machines that has the "garrison rule" can't take objectives (maybe create a new label for them?).
  5. Thx a lot @Double Misfire!! So, let me understand If I'm doing it right: 1-I chose an specific Allegiance (Not GA), and build a list taking "Battleline If..." units for that Alliance. Doesn't matter if they need an specific General or are from an specific Allegiance. 2-Instead using their specific Allegiance abilities, I use GA abilities. 3-Because of point 2, I can take a "Firestorm city" abilities, if all my units are from that city. Is that correct? If that's correct, can I build my list with battalions and take allies? If yes, can allies be from outside of the city or they need to still be from the same city? From Firestorm errata, I understand that you can take other allies but if they aren't from the same city, they don't recieve this abilities (but still be legal). Is that true or I'm just really bad at understanding rules.
  6. Hope to see in our next battletome the garrison rules for our ships. That could be awesome and cinematic.
  7. Well, that's not what I'm trying to say. In my example, Morgana wasn't used to counter the Koreans, it was used because it was a normal EU-meta pick and the other metas (specially the Big Meta) didn't had enough experience versus her. The rookie that picked herexplained that he had more experience with her than other normal Big-Meta picks. P.D: Sorry for the off-topic, but I want to make it clear that a counter pick or tailored building lists is not what I was trying to explain in my last post.
  8. IMHO, it's just the regional meta and not "local-hero-syndrome". I mean, the competitive players are going to build the min-max lists of top tier armies (selling and switching everything to have the most "OP" units). But, not all people can afford that, so the vast majority of players will try to min-max what they have. Because of that, a new sub-meta is created, and people will start learning the weakiness of their rivals to win more (in other words, the tier list can vary a bit from top tournaments to regional gaming groups). So, every gaming group will have their small variation of the "Big-meta" that internet seems to follow like the word of god (or god-emperor!!). Of course the pr0-scene will have an impact in building all this diferent metas (because we are all folowers of the "big meta" like mindless zombies), but that means that every gaming group will have diferent tiers. Of course, the players behind the army can impact that too and push their army one tier above or one tier below. But that's not what we are talking about. I can give you an example using the League of Legends pr0-scene: In Korea (the "gods-emperor of League of Legends", all hail the Korean Overlords!) used some characters that if just played together, they had a stun-chain of 5 seconds (something like a combo that the other rivals couldn't do anything until they finished the chain, giving them only a frame-reaction in the first movement of the chain to avoid a sudden death) that had enough impact that everybody played like them. Their experience with that meta give them an edge over other regions. Well, that meta was the "word of god" but in the World Championship (the BIG tournament), they had a hard time with some random EU teams (one of them being Rookies) because in Europe, a character called Morgana was played a lot in the support rol; something that the Koreans weren't prepared because Morgana wasn't enough strong to be played in their meta. From 4 Korean teams that started the championship, only 1 achieved to be in the semis. The thing is, was Morgana a tierS character? No, that toon didn't have enough stats and builds to be tier S, but her abilities give her the tools to work over the main top tier strategies (and stop the main combos). Something like KO playing vs Tzeentch in 1.0, but switch the KO to Bretonians and give the Tzeentch power to 4 other armies. P.D: I'm not saying that they are going to win (Korea won that championship btw) , but that's why we see beastmen in top 20, or even more rare armies in big competitions.
  9. If you are a competitive player, you really know that every edition/season or even between faqs/patches, the meta will shake things up, and some armies will go down, others will go up, and that's the power-gaming cycle. I know some pr0-players that use that in their favour, and alot of them will just sell their armies and buy the new so called "OP" ones (or just try to have more than 3-4 armies to have enough tools to always be competitive), the other option is to try to break the meta with crazy combos using their old armies (sometimes this is not possible btw). That's how things always worked. Now, it's up to you how do you want to play. Warhammer players are a bit more handicapped to other games because they invest alot of time and money (armies are not cheap enough!). In my case, I can't afford to switch armies (I already did that in the past btw), and I don't have enough time to paint.
  10. I'm a designer too. Of course it's just an opinion, but I find the Taurolon to be really well made. It's the new fancy mount for the high rank members of a new chamber. They could go for another [Drake-StarDrake-DrakothSomething-Lions with wings-Unicorns-Unicorns with wings-eagle and variants] because they are the typical animals that you take for reference if someone ask for the same type of mount (and don't want to work alot XD). But let's just stop here, and go from one mount to another: -StarDrake is a high rank mount, but in my eyes, it's more of a power-mount, a big monster with a general on top of it. -The Dracoth and Gryph-chargers become a bit meh in comparison of the two big guys (the Tauralon and the StarDrake). Having some factions with the same mounts is fluffy, but not enough cinematic. -Lion with wings, well, it's the second most common cliché when you start the brainstorming. So, something a bit more risky is always apreciated for the company (copyright) and for the players (at least, in my eyes XD). -Unicorn/Pegasus/horse with modifications: The other classic mount for the white knights/paladins. Just give him wings if they need to be over the battlefield (games/animations/movies) or just more bulcky with a big fancy armor if they need to be in the battle. Like I said, I apreciate to not go the eazy route. -Eagles-Gryffons: The last mount of the classic trio. Talking about empires, fancy mounts, and magestic animals, the head of an eagle is one of the other aesthetics that you just look before you start working on the same job: gryffons, gryph-chrgers, hyppogryphs, whatever... just confirms how typical are this type of mounts in any fantasy game. The Taurolon is more about how fancy and spectacular is, because of that, it has an edge over Dracoths or Gryph-chargers. At the same time, it's more risky to mix a goat with wings and a reptilian face, but I apreciate that, and the result seems to fit what they wanted (or at least, what I think they wanted to achieve). I don't want to convince anyone, but IMHO, the Taurolon has a fresh and unique design, maybe not enough to be what the Slayers or Skavens were for Fantasy, but I apreciate to have something more unique than another type of cliché with a new paint job.
  11. Nobody says the contrary. That's the policy for everyone that wants unique and non-standard products.
  12. Imo, that seems a poor argument. I mean, Age of sigmar give the oportunity to designers, concept artists and modelers to put their sign everytime a new model range is made/is going to be made. Because of that, making an unique looking beast/monster/design that everyone recognize is the final goal, and of course, it helps with the copyright (and not the other way around, like your comment suggest). Just try to understand what happens when you see a dwarf. You know that's from a fantasy book/game/whatever. Now give him a red-mohawk and cover his body with tattoos, wow, that dwarf just become so iconic that you know the franchise where he belongs. That's the big jackpot (for designers)!!! Btw, I'm not going to defend the Taurolon's, if you like it, ok; if no, that's ok too.
  13. I'm a big fan of Tauralons. Just looking over Tauralon's design, it has the feeling to be a majestic beast, and a celestial entity, without looking like a big monster. For me, they nailed it without going to cliché (pegasus, lions with wings, dragons, etc...).
  14. I really like them too. Tauralon seems so promising!!!
  15. I find it fun that the one that is sitting in a throne, with his minions carrying a flag and a medieval trumpet is the hard hitting melee character and the one that is charging with a flying horse and a scythe bigger than himself is an hybrid between a mage and bruiser. Btw, 10/10 models.
  16. I believe it's because Age of Sigmar is an ongoing project (like all seasoned games). Shooting armies where one of the main powerhouse of AoS1.0, and magic wasn't fleshed out (only a few battletomes with lores and magic shield had a true impact). AoS2.0 starts with new magic (and even a supplement), with alot of new lores and some spells with their own miniatures. With most wizzard being heroes/characters and most armies having low magic resources, the rules will try to make magic something more impactful (for every army, not just the top tier magic-armies). From a lore standpoint, I don't care. Of course it's a bit strange, but one things is clear: Gameplay>Real Simulation. If gameplay becomes broken with wizzard stomping everything, then it should be fixed ASAP (FAQs for example). But if the rules are close to something balanced (and fun), I don't have any problem having some weird logics behind core-mechanics.
  17. I was talking with another dude about that. The rule says that every wizard from Grand Host of Nagash know an adition spell. Now, in the spell rules it says: "WIZARDS that know an additional spell (or spells) from one of the Lores of the Dead, as described in their army’s allegiance abilities, generate their spells from the following tables. Perfect for Nightaunts wizzards. You must generate any additional spells for DEATHMAGES WIZARDS from the Lore of the Deathmages, whilst those for VAMPIRE WIZARDS must be generated from the Lore of the Vampires. We are not labelled as deathmages or vampires, so no problem for nighthaunts. For DEATHLORDS WIZARDS, you may generate each of their additional spells from either lore. To generate a spell, either pick the spell or roll a D6 to randomly determine it. Ok...so we are not blocked to one table (we are not deathmages nor vampires), but nothins says how can Nightaunt wizzard generate their aditional spell" It's a bit strange.
  18. An Aether-flamer from a new range of Kharadron Overlords.
  19. We did a tourament 2 months ago, and I agree 100% with that. After AoS2, I assume that we are going to face alot of armies rellying on one/two strategy/es: Summon or magic tricks. Our army has good options to make an useful alpha strike and stop them (tzeentch-like style). That's something!!! P.D: I'm going to try other builds that don't use the clown-car; early editions can be fun if people are just adadpting and buying stuff without knowing what will be the new meta.
  20. Yeah, I understand the anger (btw, he is right to be angry). We know that all the new AoS2.0 toys are not for us (without using allys), and some core-mechancis just nerfs our main features. So, in any competitive environment, our army will look like a t2 or t3, but that's fine (if nobody knows a secret OP combo or whatever). That's how the competitives scene is build (in every game, not just warhammer). One trick ponys are going to work harder to do the same or worst (btw, I play KO and Dark Eldar...I'm used to that), other people will swap their armies, and other will try to make soup-lists to break the meta. Now, it's up to you how you want to deal with that. For me, I can't afford to sell or buy a new army every year. I just try to min-max my army and buy new units using the rule of cool, and If new edition comes and move my army from T1 to T3, I will try to deal with that and talk to other KO generals to find anything possible to mitigate the nerfs.
  21. Everyone know that this edition will start really hard for us, but maybe there are people that are tired to listen/read the same things again and again. Some of us will try to mathammer some other options or new strategies (maybe not for winning a big tournament, but to try to still be competitive). I get that you don't want that, and I believe you already made your own vision of how KO will be in this new edition. Probably you are right, but let the other people try some new things. Btw, you said something really usuful: KO are simply not going to be able to ever to match up to the top armies in a magic and summoning meta. For people that plays the last meta in a competitive environment, my advice is not start a KO. From your posts, you are one of them. So just swap armies, you should be used to do that anyway.
  22. You need to ask them then. There are some leaks here and there, but I don't see anything related to KO (yet). So, unless you know someone working for GW (that doens't care about NDA) or any leak, you will not have any answer soon. But...we already know that (just read between KO threads, rumour or AoS2.0 posts). In other words, there isn't any KO player that is active in this forum that doesn't know that we are one of the handicaped armies in AoS2. Well, that's the story of every gamer that plays any type of warhammer game. Not going to say that sucks when your army is being squatted or otherwise underpowered. But it all depends on your gaming group. Ex: We have one Tomb Kings players using a fanmade battletome...
  23. What do you want to hear? We know the core rules and new points (still we need to know artifacts, weapons and magic from the realms, and if all the allegiance abilities are still the same). So, again, what you want to hear? IMHO, you want to hear that we suck. AoS2 buffs some armies and we are not one of them. At the same time, we don't have direct access to all the new toys (without using allies). Is that what you want to hear? We don't know if we are going to see new lists, maybe a secret OP combo using new artefacts or weapons (and point reductions). Maybe something that can break the meta (spam navigators)? Or new Order soup-lists using KO as the main base to build the list? But at this moment,, it's really impossible to know.
  24. Good post. That means we need a new battletome and new structure for all Duardins and with some luck, with new toys to play!!! From what I see, we have 3 options: 1-Continue arguing about new things that GW could do with KO (that's usefull for everyone). 2-Look what we have now to try to be compettive or at least good in any type of match. That means, new build lists, new combos, new strategies, etc... (that will be useful too). 3-Repeat the same things that they are handicapping our army again and again and try to stop people to debunk any possible solution (it will be useful for new players looking for compettives armies, but not for people that are already playing KO) . Don't mind what everyone chose, but hope to see more about 1 and 2 than 3 (I believe that we all know how "meh" we start in this edition).
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