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  1. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth dryads

    Sylvaneth from Ulgu
  2. Anamnesis


    First heroe for my army
  3. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    It's a base of tindalos red highlighted with sandal wood then nacar with airbrush, just a wash of tindalos afterward
  4. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    First test for my sylvaneth army
  5. I see most of complains as reaction of spoiled children, but maybe it's just me 😅 From the time before, you had nothing for year and now that you have so many news cool stuff going out, it's hard to keep up. Anyway some pretty cool new things, the sylvaneth are really pretty, I'll be happy to have a squad of revenant with bow now! (and a new bt pretty please) I wont comments 40k release, but really ,leather tunic and gloves?! I'm wondering if forbiden power will be similar to conquest, as in just a campaign box? If they continu this pace, 2019 will be glorious! Anamnesis
  6. Thank you I used the grimghast reaper from the soul wars box has test piece to choose to colour scheme, since you can't really do anything with only 4 In the meantime, the 10 chainrasp are now finished ! happy time! A little break to paint an astraeus for my primaris and i'll probably come back to my nighthaunt since I'm a proud owner of the 500th store anniversary mini which is gorgeous! Anamnesis
  7. Thank you! To be honest, this army is kinda speed painted for me, I tried to speed up the process as much as I can; finding shortcut whenever it's possible You can find a full step by step on my blog, link in sig or direct link to the article here ! Thank you very much! I'm being watched now
  8. So little update, I'm trying to finish the chainrasp unit, which will be my first unit of 20 dudes finished ever! Talk about milestones ! Though painting minis 10 by 10 is tyring, I'm not made for this ? I'll probably take a little break of my nighthaunt to do some 40k, but i'm still planning to finish 1k of nighthaunt at least! Cheers! Anamnesis
  9. And the last hero from soul wars is now done! Cheers Anamnesis
  10. Anamnesis


    © Anamnesis studio

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