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  1. https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-lord-of-battle-110371 with a bit of work this might be good at least that’s what I’m planning to use 😊
  2. Hello, I'm looking to sell my sylvaneth since I'm not using them Everything is painted to high stantard and include the battletome limited edition and game cards. 1 Branchwych 10 Dryad 5 Tree revenants I'm looking for 200£ not including shipping. Happy to discuss or even trade for some ko or primaris Cheers! Anamnesis
  3. Anamnesis

    Warcry Iron golems 2

    Warcry Iron golems 2
  4. Anamnesis

    Warcry Unmade

    Warcry Unmade
  5. Anamnesis

    Warcry Iron golems 1

    Warcry Iron golems 1
  6. Hello, I'm selling a few thing to make some space for new stuff! Cult of paint limited edition n°64 infinity airbrush including a second needle and a 2ml cup 200£ including shipping to europe, rest of the world to define depending on the price Sylvaneth : lot 50£ 3 Kurnoth hunter with bows in middle of painting 25£ 1 Tree lord ancient conversion, half glued, half hold together with bluetac 25£ 10 dryad built 10£ Blood bowl Dwarf team built (not everything is glued) with team dice 20£ Also got a Sisters of battle codex from the limited edition box and their ca
  7. It's a dark angel helmet from forge world
  8. I'm using this is one as ulgu but I think it could make a cool mat for Shyish also https://www.playmats.eu/72-x-48-/187-amethyst-land-72x48.html Anamnesis
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