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  1. It's a dark angel helmet from forge world
  2. I'm using this is one as ulgu but I think it could make a cool mat for Shyish also https://www.playmats.eu/72-x-48-/187-amethyst-land-72x48.html Anamnesis
  3. Anamnesis


    © Anamnesis studio

  4. Anamnesis


    © Anamnesis studio

  5. I'm actually quite interested in this, the starter box seems packed and a great value even for just the scenery in case you don't use the rest Now if we can have some proper info on the way it play, would be great
  6. I like most of them to be honest, but my favorite are by far the unmade. Now the iron golen in a scheme similar to bioshock could be quite awesome!
  7. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth dryads

    Sylvaneth from Ulgu
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