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  1. Plokoone

    The Lost And The Damned

    Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback. The weather isn't ideal for priming at the moment but the Maggotkin force is finally built. I decided to repose the wings on the Drones and built a third unit of Blightkings. Also here is some of the Tzeentch force. I haven't decided what to use for heads on the Knights yet but I'll try to build the rest of the army this month and next. Best, Plokoone
  2. Plokoone

    The Lost And The Damned

    The Nurgle stuff is almost assembled with the exception of the drones and maybe a third unit of Blightkings so I thought I'd share the rest of it. I've thirty plaguebearers built as well but I didn't bother with a picture of them.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm working on Maggotkin and Disciples of Tzeentch and thought I'd log my progress to keep me motivated. Also, taking pictures is a good way of noticing mistakes. Nothing is painted yet unfortunately but my goal is to have both forces built before the end of the year. I'm currently working on Plague Drones and I'd like to know what people think before I get started on the other five. Are the eyes maybe too big? Do they need some kind of texture? Best, Plokoone
  4. Plokoone

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    @peasant You're thinking of The Blessed Sons battalion not the Wanderers.
  5. Plokoone

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    What went wrong with the Lord of Blights and 30 Plaguebearers? Asking for a friend?
  6. Plokoone

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    I've thought about making a female Sorcerer too but I think I've decided to use a Dark Angels head on the stock model instead. The Fantasy MMO had some neat designs though.
  7. Plokoone

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Please do not bully the Fatemaster. He is very self-conscious.
  8. Plokoone

    Ideas for Curseling alt model/conversion

    I made mine out of the Slaughterpriest and I'm happy with how he turned out. I don't expect the 40mm base to be an issue but anyone that has a problem with it most likely isn't going to be fun to play against anyway. I'm happy to post more angles and a list of parts if you're interested.
  9. Plokoone

    Be witness! (Nurgle & Procrastination)

    I'm a hoarder as well?. These are painted very nicely though, I especially like the bases and that Beast's skin.
  10. Plokoone

    Path of the Changer

    Your painting is gorgeous! I hope you're motivated to work on your Tzeentch force again. You've inspired me to work on mine.
  11. Plokoone

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Hi guys, I'm just getting into AoS and here's what I have planned for a 1,000 point list. I'd appreciate any feedback but I am committed to using mostly armored Mortal units instead of Tzaangor, Acolytes, and Daemons. At 2,000 I'm thinking of adding a Lord on Daemonic Mount, Curseling, Magister, Sorcerer, and two more units of Warriors. Allegiance: TzeentchLeadersGaunt Summoner (180)- General- Trait: Incorporeal Form - Artefact: Paradoxical Shield - Lore of Fate: Treacherous BondBattleline10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: TzeentchUnits5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Ensorcelled Weapons- Mark of Chaos: Tzeentch3 x Screamers Of Tzeentch (100)3 x Screamers Of Tzeentch (100)3 x Screamers Of Tzeentch (100)Total: 1000 / 1000
  12. Plokoone

    AoS projects (Death army)

    These are beautifully painted and that Purple Sun is especially cool!
  13. Plokoone

    Hello, just starting AoS

    Hello. I finally created an account but I've been lurking in the Chaos and Painting forums for almost two months? I've been collecting Warhammer and 40k models for about twenty years but I'm mostly focused on the modeling part of the hobby. I started a Warriors of Chaos army late in 8th Edition Fantasy but after The End Times I boxed up my Fantasy projects and grieved and grumbled for a bit. The new edition of AoS looks much more appealing than the first so I've started working on my Chaos army again and it feels pretty great. I'm hoping that posting in the Painting and Modelling forum will keep me motivated to grind through those tedious mould lines and give me another place to discuss that plastic crack? Happy gaming!