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  1. Hello, I'm selling a few thing to make some space for new stuff! Cult of paint limited edition n°64 infinity airbrush including a second needle and a 2ml cup 200£ including shipping to europe, rest of the world to define depending on the price Sylvaneth : lot 50£ 3 Kurnoth hunter with bows in middle of painting 25£ 1 Tree lord ancient conversion, half glued, half hold together with bluetac 25£ 10 dryad built 10£ Blood bowl Dwarf team built (not everything is glued) with team dice 20£ Also got a Sisters of battle codex from the limited edition box and their cards both for 30£ I'm happy to ship anywhere as long as you pay for shipping, I'm also open to discussion or trade if you have stormcast on sprue I might be interested Paiement by paypal or banking as you prefer! If you have any question, feel free to ask! Anamnesis
  2. It's a dark angel helmet from forge world
  3. I'm using this is one as ulgu but I think it could make a cool mat for Shyish also https://www.playmats.eu/72-x-48-/187-amethyst-land-72x48.html Anamnesis
  4. Anamnesis


    © Anamnesis studio

  5. Anamnesis


    © Anamnesis studio

  6. I'm actually quite interested in this, the starter box seems packed and a great value even for just the scenery in case you don't use the rest Now if we can have some proper info on the way it play, would be great
  7. I like most of them to be honest, but my favorite are by far the unmade. Now the iron golen in a scheme similar to bioshock could be quite awesome!
  8. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth dryads

    Sylvaneth from Ulgu
  9. Anamnesis


    First heroe for my army
  10. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    It's a base of tindalos red highlighted with sandal wood then nacar with airbrush, just a wash of tindalos afterward
  11. Anamnesis

    Sylvaneth Dryad test

    First test for my sylvaneth army
  12. I see most of complains as reaction of spoiled children, but maybe it's just me 😅 From the time before, you had nothing for year and now that you have so many news cool stuff going out, it's hard to keep up. Anyway some pretty cool new things, the sylvaneth are really pretty, I'll be happy to have a squad of revenant with bow now! (and a new bt pretty please) I wont comments 40k release, but really ,leather tunic and gloves?! I'm wondering if forbiden power will be similar to conquest, as in just a campaign box? If they continu this pace, 2019 will be glorious! Anamnesis
  13. Thank you I used the grimghast reaper from the soul wars box has test piece to choose to colour scheme, since you can't really do anything with only 4 In the meantime, the 10 chainrasp are now finished ! happy time! A little break to paint an astraeus for my primaris and i'll probably come back to my nighthaunt since I'm a proud owner of the 500th store anniversary mini which is gorgeous! Anamnesis
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