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2000 Point Khorne Daemon/Mortal

Aspirant Snaeper

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So me being inescapably attached to my Khorne army as I am (and having not really gotten it to a level of completion I want anyways), I went out and purchased the Bloodbound Battleforce boxed set this week as a late Christmas gift to myself. 

Upon reading the special rules included with it, I realized that this mixed with the Khorne Daemon Start Collecting formation could actually present a very potent threat. I set about mixing both of them together and threw in a few old favorite combos to flush the idea out. 


Bold Black - Bloodbound Formation Required. Any 1 unit within 8" of Skarr Bloodwrath can pile in and attack in the Hero Phase. 

Bold Red - Daemon Formation Required. Any 1 unit in this formation can pile in and attack in the Hero Phase. 

Leaders --

Skarr Bloodwrath - The beautiful thing about Skarr Bloodwrath is that he rewards you for playing like a Khorne player. You can 'recklessly' throw him at an enemy, and as long as you get your Bloodreavers into battle where they can be butchered (or do some butchering), you know that Skarr has a good chance of showing back up where you need him if he's taken down. Additionally, due to the formation bonus, any unit running near him gets to attack twice a turn, which can make the 'crushers hit way harder than their size suggests, and the Blood Warriors into hurricanes of death. 

Aspiring Deathbringer - General. Gives the standard bonus to attacks which adds to the lethal ability of those standing near him. Even better: His bonus applies all turn long, so those attacking in the Hero Phase get the +1 from him even though they lose some other buffs. 

Blood Throne - Definitely one of the weaker links, it's still a big, relatively fast, high-wound model that can tie something up in combat and hopefully draw my opponents attention. Having the chance to attack twice a turn could make a unit most would write off become a character-slaying sleeper.  

Slaughterpriest - The usual. Basic ranged damage and enemy control. 

Bloodsecrator - The usual, enhances everything on this list, too. However, his rule explicitly states that the Portal of Skulls is only active by the start of the combat phase, thus no extra attack for the few units striking in the hero phase. However, 'reavers still get the +1 from the Totem rule. 

Skullgrinder - Just a nicely boosted beat-stick that has the potential to make the list go into overkill mode. Another model that benefits a Khornate playing style. 

Battleline --

Blood Warriors (10) - Hey! Over here! The Warriors draw the ire of my enemy from my 'reavers and will pay for it. My first choice to get the Skarr Bloodwrath extra attack. Thrown at the enemy to kill as much as possible before they are slaughtered in turn. Given their No Respite special rule, these guys could be whittling down an enemy three times a turn! (Hero Phase combat, Combat Phase combat, No Respite Casualty combat). Excellent candidates for the Warshrine's "Blessing of Chaos" rule. Running them with Gorefists, getting the re-roll of 1 for hits and the even more important re-roll of 1 for wounds, the Blessing runs allllll turrnnn long baby. 

Bloodreavers (30) - Boosted 'reavers ready to wipe enemies with 5 attacks a model. (1+ Totem, 1+ Bloodsecrator, 1+ Asp. Deathbringer, 1+ Wrathmongers). With two of those boosts working in the Hero Phase, these guys could chop down the mightiest foes before even taking a casualty. 

Bloodletters (30) - Typical Bloodletter bomb. Extra attack from the Bloodsecrator and a Mortal Wound bonus from their size. They get the re-roll of 1's when near the Blood Throne to boot. 

Bloodcrushers (3) - Work well up front with the Blood Throne where they get to re-roll all failed hit roles on a turn they charged when next to the Throne. They have been quite reliable for me in the past and could continue to deliver here. Especially if they attack twice a turn (although no re-rolls by that point!)

MIGHTY Skullcrushers (3) - Looking for similar levels of performance as above, although sadly lacking in potential compared to their Daemonic counterparts. If Warriors are valuable, these guys could run up front alongside Skarr, hitting above their weight and not causing me to shed a tear when they die in the name of Khorne. 

Wrathmongers (5) - Typical Wrathmongers. Sat near the front of the mob to handle monsters and heroes, juicing up the horde to handle infantry threats. 

Chaos Warshrine - Gives a little extra protection to all of the nearby units, but nobody appreciates it more than the save-less 'reavers. If the prayer is answered, somebody is re-rolling failed hits this turn!


The main theme of this army is Hero Phase combat. Both of the boxed formations come with special rules that open the door for at least one unit hitting something in the Hero Phase.  While they may not be as "juiced up" given the new FAQ, two units putting out two extra attacks a turn is still fairly devastating, especially on a double turn (a potential of eight attacks in a row from two units? Yes, please!)

Aspiring Deathbringer, Wrathmongers and Bloodsecrator, as well as the Warshrine, work to boost the effectiveness of the infantry. 

The theoryhammer tactics is to deploy the main bulk of the infantry and footslogging Heroes together, centered around the Warshrine. The shrine primarily buffs the 'reavers to keep them around as much as possible. Blood Warriors keep close to Skarr to get the formation buff and put themselves between whatever is likely to do the most damage to the 'reavers. Blood Throne and 'crushers stick to the group and intercept fast threats before they can charge, allowing the rest of the group to catch up and hit the enemy at my own pace. 

While this is certainly meant as a fun list, I like the idea of this being somewhat competitive too (although I'm doubtful about it's tournament worthiness). Admittedly, it's quite top heavy and I'm tempted with swapping the Skullgrinder out for some Chaos Hounds or possibly even more Bloodreavers. Sayl The Faithless crossed my mind, and whenever I get him, I'd love to try the idea of sending a horde of double-attacking Bloodletters at my enemies (because they certainly wont be my friends anymore). 

Query: Theoretically, could I buy the Dark Feast Battalion and stack it with the bonus given by the two boxed set rules? I'm curious to know if those can 'stack'. If so, I'd likely run only 5 Warriors, split my 'reavers into three (3) 10 man units, buy the Dark Feast Battalion, swap out the Skullgrinder for the requisite Bloodstoker and charge headlong into battle.  

The cons: Less Warriors, thus more attention on weak Reavers. Warshrine can only buff one unit a turn, so instead of 30 buffed Reavers, it'd be 10 (they'd all still get the 6x "invul" save at least). 

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Just to be a pest, and I do hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but if your intent is to use this list in matched play/competitive tournaments then your two formations (from the two boxed sets) do not have points and so would not be usable. Still perfectly fine in narrative/scenario play though, or with fun opponent's who don't mind throwing them in.

There is the Blood Host of Khorne formation that does just what the box formation does writ large, but at 120 points and a hefty buy in in daemon units?

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I am not surprised the formations would require points and had not planned to run this list competitively. Thanks for the info though. 

It's a shame that's the case though, as being able to attack in a second phase would give something to Khorne that they are lacking in compared to Armies that can shoot and use magic to damage in other phases.

Having Khorne be able to have a unit or two pile in and attack in an extra phase would make melee the threat it should be.

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21 hours ago, Aspirant Snaeper said:

Sayl The Faithless crossed my mind, and whenever I get him, I'd love to try the idea of sending a horde of double-attacking Bloodletters at my enemies (because they certainly wont be my friends anymore). 


how does this work? I thought he changes their movement to 18inches and thats all?


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17 minutes ago, phizzco said:

Right but how does this allow them to attack twice?

Sayl doesn't. He allows them to fly 18". However as you will be aware they can have an extra attack from tailing back into range of your bloodsecrator and if you can get them in the 'blood host of Khorne' formation then d3 of your daemon units can attack in the hero phase in the same manner as the unpointed formation from the getting started box. 


I think the confusion is coming from the phrase 'double-attacking' as this could either be used to mean: 

Attacking with double attacks (bonus from bloodsecrator)


Attacking twice in a turn (hero phase and combat phase, from the formation). 

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Ah, yes. I didn't realize that's what you were asking about. It's actually the Skul'tak formation specifically (from the Start Collecting Box), but Blood Host of Khorne does the same effect. The Skul'tak allows one of the three units in the formation to attack in the hero phase as well.  EDIT: I see yarrickson illustrated that difference as well. 

So 30 Bloodletters flying 18", attacking in the Hero and Combat phases. Sadly the Bloodsecrator's effect only works in the Combat phase, but that's still essentially three attacks over two phases. 

I had originally meant to imply that the Bloodletters were already attacking twice a turn, and that Sayl was simply packaging them up and mailing them to my enemies' rearguard. 

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Tell you what though. After the first time you've rubbed your hands in glee when your large block of blood letters attacks doing mortal wounds on 4+, hitting on 2+ re-rolling 1's with +1 attack from the bloodsecrator...... Wow, what a feeling. 

Blood letters are decent anyway, but stacking hit buffs on them just makes them mean. +1 to hits are relatively plentiful too, damned terrain, having a big unit, unpredictable destruction, the Lord of War command trait. 

Honestly there's not going to be much left for you to attack in a hero phase..... :D

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Another 2'000 points mixed list of Khorne Bloodbound/Daemons of Khorne, that I played with this afternoon:

Probably not very competitive, but very very funny to play with, and it gives a change from the usual Bloodreavers/Bloodwarriors/Bloodletters/Wrathmongers/...:


- Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (140), General

- 3 units of 3 Mighty Skullscrushers (3x160=480)

- Warscroll Battalion: Brass Stampede (80)

- 2 units of 6 Bloodcrushers (2x2x160=640)

- 1 Skullcanon (180)

- 1 Bloodsecrator (120)

- 1 Bloodthirster Wrath of Khorne (360)

Total: 2'000 points, with 22 Juggernauts, and a total of 25 models only for a Khorne list :)

Really funny to play, 5 rounds (narrative game, i.e. no objectives, no artifacts, ..., and some pieces of scenery) against a kind of standard Stromcast Eternals list (with the Celestant Prime), ended up with only 2 models on the table:  the Bloodsecrator duelling against the Celestant Prime. The duel has been won by the Celestant Prime, who ended with 5 Wounds remaining only.

I will play again the same list against a mix of Seraphon/Stromcasts later this week.

This is really amazing the diversity of lists you can get with Khorne Bloodbound, and when you add up Daemons of Khorne, I think I never played once the same list in something like 30 games.

This is the magic of AOS.




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