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  1. where do you buy the bases for these dioramas , like the round one you have for your megaboss for example?
  2. Sorry I'm thinking blood lords I guess, with the halo?
  3. I think we talked about this earlier but Tyrant's ability would neutralize Locus and make the units act as normal.
  4. AOS space marines are always going to have all the cool things because they're space marines.
  5. I havent seen GW proper do upgrade packs in a LONG time. Thats been FW's territory.
  6. I feel like blood crushers are the "resilient daemon' you need to get out ahead and tarpit enemies for your fragile BLs to get in... either that or a slew of doggos.
  7. You can buy back bits on ebay thats what i did
  8. What do we do against a shootcast list or a heavy razordon list of seraphon?
  9. Command points might be more worth it than magores
  10. You saying this guy played an unofficial battletome and it was op????
  11. @DarkProdigy What does your army look like with 520 points in bloodwarriors?
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