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  1. I just seems strange that you would be able to activate an ability that requires a unit not be dead, after it should already be removed. I understand that no respite and relentless fury trigger when something dies but rather than be treated as a standard attack, it would view it as a special ability. Obviously this isn't as written, but seems like an oversight by the writers.... I'll definitely take advantage of this when I can regardless.
  2. Is this accurate? Is leave none alive an ability to allows a unit to attack before being removed? I play khorne myself and love this if its, in fact true, but this seems wrong.
  3. What did you run most recently? Against what army did you play? What was their composition? What was the battleplan? Thanks!
  4. I'd imagine this stuff will be re-tuned. If not i'll.... just not play with people that play slaanesh lul. I dont have any friends right now that play them so I don't have much exposure.
  5. where do you buy the bases for these dioramas , like the round one you have for your megaboss for example?
  6. Sorry I'm thinking blood lords I guess, with the halo?
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