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  1. Harpies if they haven't been mentioned yet. Take the already bad Furies warscroll and then make it worst in every measureable way except movement with little to no points difference to justify it.
  2. Well that changes quite a bit, then! I dont know where I got 10 from. I'd go with a unit of 10 and a unit of 5 Blood Warriors then, so you get the Goreglaive. This also allows you to spread your movement buffs around enough to ensure everyone stays mobile without anyone getting left behind.
  3. "Look out, Sir!" only works when your Hero's are near a unit of 10 or more. That means all the Shooting Stormcast need to do is kill a single Blood Warrior and the Hero's become that much more easy to remove. A unit of 15 means they have to inflict 10 wounds on the well-armored Warriors in order to remove the -1. Having 10 Bloodreavers could help if his opponent focuses on the Warriors, but the 'reavers are paper thin. Yeah of he had 20 'reavers then the Bloodsecrator could make sense. Or if he knew he was going to play against a lot of hit-you-in-the-face types. Since he can just plant the banner, bubble wrap the Bloodsecrator with a 'reaver blob and wait for his opponent to get close. But at 750 points against a shooting heavy opponent, I think there just isnt enough units on his side of the board to justify 140 points sitting down and making a big bubble. If anything I'd say get a Warshrine for 20 (160!) points more. Then you get a mobile totem, prayers, multiple combat profiles and wounds and a 6+ FNP.
  4. This is true if he was building a general list at 1000 points. But he is specifically fighting Shooting stormcast. If he had more Bloodreavers then I would say absolutely as they have the most to benefit from him. But he only has 10 and I doubt all 10 will reach the Stormcast gunline. In fact he should plan for that, because for every 'reaver shot, that's one less Blood Warrior or Hero targeted. So the next benefit is ignoring Battleshock which he can do with Inspiring Presence on the Warriors with the extra command point (and once he's charged, he can keep using Inspiring Presence). He also cannot afford to leave a large unit around the Bloodsecrator to give it the -1 to hit from focussed shooting and risks outrunning the bubble as well. Yes, the Bloodsecrator is normally an auto-include, but at this point level and against this specific enemy, I see him as being a burden that fractures the force too much. @EvilWantCookie Daemons are a great thing to start building. Bloodletters are awesome. Replacing the 'reavers with 'letters would be a great improvement since their High Bravery makes a unit of 10 far less likely to succumb to Battleshock (and with the Icon you want them to take Battleshock to potentially replenish ranks).
  5. Going forward with your model collection, I would definitely recommend picking up some more Warriors and/or 'reavers, as well as Skullreapers. You're fairly top-heavy with your Hero's, so growing out the "Army" part of your army is essential. Until then, the general philosophy for 500-1000 point games is to focus on doing one thing and doing it well. The critical unit in the list above is the Blood Warriors. They are a keystone for your defensive and offensive abilities in that they help keep your Hero units alive and then receive the majority of the buffs. Bloodreavers could excel in smaller games as a surprise unit if your opponent spends too much time aiming at the more armored Blood Warriors, but you really need the right tools to make them shine (Warshrine, Wrathmongers, Asp. Deathbringer). And you know? Don't be afraid to have a little fun with Skarbrand MLoK Skarbrand Blood Warriors (5) Bloodreavers 740/750
  6. I would try the MLoK as your General first off. Give him the Violent Urgency Command Trait and the Talisman of Burning Blood for redundancy with the Bloodstoker. Between the 'stoker, MLoK's command ability, the Talisman and Urgency, you will have a mad fast Khorne Deathstar to get you across the board. Have your 'reavers lead the charge to screen the rest of your units. Give your Slaughterpriest Killing Frenzy and Pray for your Blood Warriors as well as whip them. Do not forget that your Slaughterpriest can pull enemy units towards you! Excellent to disrupt your opponent. If your Hero's still get focussed, it might be worth trying Resanguination to keep them alive.
  7. One squad or your Hero's will be sniped off the board
  8. -MLoK -Slaughterpriest -Bloodstoker -Blood Warrios (15) -Bloodreavers (10) That's 670 points. I would avoid the Bloodsecrator for now. You'll need the mobility of the MLoK and Bloodstoker. Keep your Hero's near the Blood Warriors for the -1 to hit. Use the extra command ability (-50) to throw out an Inspiring presence to mitigate battleshock losses. Slaughterpriest and Bloodstoker can run to keep up, they dont need to be charging, just keep them close to your guys.
  9. Re-read the FAQ and it does seem that the only feasible way to run both would be to run the army as a Chaos Grand Alliance (since all battalions fall under their Grand Alliance). But then you're losing Blood Tithe and whatever other benefits you'd get from BoC. Best to just focus on allying in the usual suspects of Bloodsecrator and/or Bloodstoker. Edit: That is, unless Brazen Bull gives the Khorne allegiance to the Battalion.
  10. Khorne should absolutely be an ally. But you will not be able to ally Gore Pilgrims in due to the fact that it's a Khorne Battalion and will cap your allies points easily if your army's allegiance is BoC. However, as the Battalion assigns the BoC units the Khorne keyword, you can thus put it in a Khorne army and it will not count as an Ally since it uses your Khorne Army's allegiance. Regardless, putting Gore Pilgrims and Brazen Bull together will be 330-350 points spent minimum on the Battalions alone. As I said in the Khorne thread, if Bullgors and Bestigors do not become universal Battleline, then you will need to take Gors (or another unit of Bloodreavers at minimum) to fullfill your Battleline (alongside GP's Blood Warriors and 'reavers). Then, with whatever is left over, you can use to get Bullgors, Bloodletters, Skullreapers, Bestigors, Wrathmongers, etc. I just think there's too much tax unless Bullgors end up as universal Battleline.
  11. Yes, but that still puts that one hero up against the popular WoK Bloodthirster and Bloodstoker or reducing the range of Gore Pilgrims with one less Slaughterpriest. That's before you conisider the rest of Khorne's available Hero's. It all depends on the new warscrolls ultimately, and the Player's style of course. I was mostly just considering the "default" options for Khorne which is max Gore Pilgrims with Bloodstoker and WoK 'thirster. Two battalions are typically expensive though and that's before remembering to take Bloodreavers and Blood Warriors. If Bullgors are not standard Battleline then Gors might also be taxed, leaving little room to put in Bulls and/or Bloodletters, Thunderscorn, Skullreapers, Wrathmongers, Bestigors, etc. More to consider is the fact that Ungors are not part of that Battalion. If Ungors remain 60 points then they would have been a gold mine for Blood Tithe. They are not worth allying in by themselves however. If Gors are still 80 then Bloodreavers remain a better option for multiple units. Last but not least, unless Beasts get the Mortal keyword, they wont be able to take any Khorne artefacts. This is mitigated with realm artefacts being so abundant and good, but if you're trading your WoK and Bloodletters for a Doombull and Bullgors, they had better have the speed and offensive output to make up for it.
  12. Beasts will add a lot of movement options to Khorne and help speed things up and offer more board control. The flexibility in that Battalion is pretty big, too. It's going to make the Hero slots more crowded than ever, though, and I think it will be hard to do a Beasts/Daemon/Mortal force.
  13. Which re-roll and from what? Edit: Oh, Blessing of Khaine. Duh.
  14. *after spending a moment flipping through the army book*
  15. Get it ready before the event and play as many games as you can with it to learn it's strengths and weaknesses.
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