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Mutant Modifier's project log - NEW Maggotkin of Nurgle

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Hello Grand Alliance!

Long time since my last post here. Been doing lots of 40k and Necromunda stuff, but am now back to some proper Age of Sigmar hobbying. I started an Oldhammer inspired Slaves to Darkness army last year, and just got two Gorebeast Chariots ready and painted. A regiment of 10 Chaos Warriors will hopefully be finished today. There's a heap of WIP pictures and some babbling about this project on my blog: https://mutantmodifier.blogspot.com/search/label/Slaves to Darkness

Anyways, the Chariots turned out like this!





















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On 1/22/2022 at 6:52 AM, flamingwalnut said:

Absolutely wild models. You took the super unique style and really blasted it over the edge. Epic Chaos.

What are the chariots from? Those are some twisted sculpts.

Thank you very much for the kind words flamingwalnut! 😄

The chariot frames are from GW, one is the current plastic and the other is older metallic one. Charioteers are classic metal Blood Bowl Chaos dudes. Spider is based on Leng Spider from Cthulhu Wars with the head from a toy goat. Then there's a toy pigs head on a toy gorilla. Plus some Milliput & Green Stuff work of course.

Here's a few WIP pics of these chariots. More can be found from my blog: https://mutantmodifier.blogspot.com/2021/11/slaves-to-darkness-army-project-pt3.html 




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I just put the Slaves to Darkness project on the shelf for a while, and now it's time for a fresh start with a new Maggotkin of Nurgle project.

Bursting with life!

I came up with a time saving life / hobby hack. Now I happen to have an actual remote workplace / dedicated hobby room / castle where I mostly do my wargaming and tinkering at. Time there is often limited, but things can be left on the table / shelf / floor for as long as I want (which is a great thing). However, I've noticed that quite a lot of my limited and precious hobby time often goes into just preparing and cleaning of all the mould lines on the miniatures. And it sucks. 

So! I just made room for another small hobby spot back at home. It's just one shelf on a bookcase at the bedroom. There are good spotlights, a cutting mat and a CD player ready to go, together with a decent hobby knife. And that's all I need to start scraping all the mould lines off from all the miniatures and bits needed for whatever the current / next project is. Just a couple of spare moments here and there, along with the occasional hours on sleepless nights gets miniatures ready for assembly rather quick!

And this is exactly what I did last week. Spent a few evenings to clean bits needed to kitbash and build 40 Plaguebearers. In addition to the actual models, there's Bloodletters, Gors and Dryads (10 each) to join in the putrid ranks. Yesterday after work I vigorously assembled a first batch of 10 Plaguebearers, with inverted Gor torsoes and Bloodletter heads turned backwards. Also sculpted some Plague Swords.

But how to base these guys (and the whole army, that I'm about to build)? I'm thinking about sculpting something, as I haven't done that yet for bases. Bubbling daemonic goo? Cobblestone roads? Random unnameable natural shapes and growths?





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  • Mutant Modifier changed the title to Mutant Modifier's project log - NEW Maggotkin of Nurgle

Maggotkin of Nurgle (pt.2) - kitbashing, converting & sculpting Plaguebearers. Start work on GUO.

Here's a few WIP shots from the last week or so. I got four units of 10 Plaguebearers each kitbashed and converted. Then I did quite a bit of sculpting on them to get all those mismatched bits fit in seamlessly. Added in many buboes, pustules and hanging bellies. Also of note is that most of the hands, swords etc. were first glued in very close to their bodies and/or hanging down (rather than heroically waving around skywards), then the gaps between sculpted shut. This gives many of the miniatures droopy and sullen look, very withdrawn and passive. I think this suits the army's theme quite well, and is also a nod towards the aesthetics of old sculpted miniatures, back when the limitations of molding and casting of metal miniatures had a huge impact on their visuals too. 

To the bases I glued in little rocks and this nice plastic place mat that looks like an endless swarm of tapeworms. Small lumps of Green Stuff were put on the bases and textured with a sharp rock. Then the miniatures got drops of superglue on their feet and were pressed deep on to the GS. The GS was then further textured by pressing in small round holes. Looks nice and really secures the miniatures on the bases. Then I glued in some beads and sand. Might sculpt / glue in tiny maggots and other details later. I'm thinking about painting the bases grey, and then adding some nice colour such as a bright orange or cyan to them with a wash or pigment powder. I'm going for this rocky gravely look, that's still somehow living and organic and rotten. 

Sure, I wanted to have a Great Unclean One for this army, and decided to sculpt one. First time using aluminium foil for creating the base structure. Started bulking out the body shapes with Milliput and Das modelling clay. The latest layer is actually a 50/50 mixture of these two. Never tried this one before, nor have any idea how this might work or not. 












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Maggotkin of Nurgle (pt.3) - sculpting more details on Plaguebearers & the Great Unclean One

Just a few more details sculpted on the Plaguebearers this week. Still hiding the joints of different parts, adding pustules and maggots, doing eyelids on one unit and some work on the banners to make them unique. I think they are ready to be painted now! 
The Great Unclean One is also gaining weight. The 50/50 mixture of Das modelling clay and Milliput worked out just perfect! Very soft to work on, not sticky. Doesn't shrink and crack upon drying like pure Das, yet still some nice textural surprises might appear on it's surface. Easy to drill and cut. I'll very much recommend you try out this mixture (or something similar). 
I wanted the GUO to have some cool and big "weapon". Not sword, so was thinking about some different blade options such as a sickle or a scythe. But since this guy is more of a sower than reaper, I decided upon a huge gardening fork! The face is also turning out to be quite funny. Like the old ill geezer just told something they think was a great gardening joke, like "let all flowers bloom" and is now boisterously tittering about it. Gonna fill the front of the base with tiny maggots and worms bursting out from the underbelly and the bell. Still not sure whether to add horns?










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Maggotkin of Nurgle (pt.4) - painting the Plaguebearers, continue sculpting the Great Unclean One

Got some colours on them Plaguebearers. I've heard quite a few times how it's always a good idea to paint a test model with the intended scheme before committing fully to painting an army with it. Well, I just started my run with 40 test models. Wet blended in 3 different washes / contrast paints in every group of 10. In hindsight I definitely like the ones with cyan-magenta-dark blue base colours the most. Maybe should have painted every unit like that? Or maybe not. It's nice to have variation. And when things don't go exactly right in the beginning, it's always possible to do changes later. So I continued with painting just one unit first to see how it goes.

I had an idea of how I wanted these Plaguebearers to look. Necrotic, mouldy, rotten and algid flesh. Autumnal yellows and oranges. Feint blue greys and dirty magenta. Not the regular set of greens that Nurgle models sometimes get painted with. Grey unrecognizable bases, that could be organic, stone or even demonic? And I wanted to have fun and relaxed time painting, so went for lots of careless washes and drybrushes, because that's what I like doing the most. Only did a few important details with more care (like the banner, some pimples, nails and eyes). 

I also added some flabby layers of skin and other details on the Great Unclean One.  A few more WIP pics can be found from my blog













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