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  1. Arcane Bolt change : cast it then unleash it at the top of any phase . Within 12” it’s one mortal wound - within 3 “ it’s D3. Nagash can combo this like the new article states that’s probably why his points went up
  2. I totally agree with you - I guess their ownly reasoning would be those guys never truly died , were just harshly injured. And somehow muster up the spirit to fight - although yeah I am using your body now as my zombie … weird ..
  3. I believe the heroic healing is done at the top of Hero phase where the rest of your hero stuff would be in the middle of it
  4. Get rid of double turn , get rid of battalions. Only allow scoring from the 2nd battle round and up. Maybe give that thing to monsters - those are really the only changes that should’ve been implemented .
  5. Points reduction needed - however they do gain the nice buffs from Legion of Blood - since that’ll be deathrattle only.
  6. Aos just needs to keep rules more consistent across the board. Simply having Blood Knights being able To declare another charge if they wipes out the unit on same turn - and being able to pile in and attack later is more consistent with the Ironjaw rules .
  7. Yes but what about an Avengorii bloodline - can say Mannfred or Vhordrai count as the necessary Battleline for that faction? Being Vampire Monster , and the other having Zombie Dragon Keyword? I’m guessing no then since they get nothing of other bloodlines ?
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