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  1. Crimson Court are basically your infantry.
  2. Eh - for Vial the Casting value went up but you really need to be next to a 10+ wound model for any real effect. Going off double on 9+ is nice but still rather situational. I wish they brought the original back - simple and effective. Plus you were able to heal friends. This one just goes to caster .
  3. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1003341985/zombie-horde-highlands-miniatures?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=zombie+miniatures&ref=sr_gallery-1-5&organic_search_click=1&cns=1&variation1=1947365024 these are the best zombie models on the market
  4. Did they ever release the 2021 Forgeworld Points ?
  5. Hey thanks for the clearing up - I think you are right, the command is received , so your unit can issue another command but not receive in same phase .
  6. You can use the benefits of a command ability without it ever being issues ( and therefore not received). It’s a freebie. Similar to Command Bubbles - only the hero issues and receives , nearby units simply benefit from that ability.
  7. Question : would anyone with GHB or information on the matter let me know about Monstrous Arcanum points ? I want to know for things like Mourngul etc. Will those come out later ?
  8. Benefiting from the “effects” from a command ability is different from Issuing and Receiving it.
  9. You cannot issue and receive a command more than once per phase - and you cannot use the same command multiple times per phase . In the case of sisters - it is using the ability without the command being issued/ received . Quite clear you can use it multiple times
  10. Where can you find you can take them separately ?
  11. Arcane Bolt change : cast it then unleash it at the top of any phase . Within 12” it’s one mortal wound - within 3 “ it’s D3. Nagash can combo this like the new article states that’s probably why his points went up
  12. I totally agree with you - I guess their ownly reasoning would be those guys never truly died , were just harshly injured. And somehow muster up the spirit to fight - although yeah I am using your body now as my zombie … weird ..
  13. I believe the heroic healing is done at the top of Hero phase where the rest of your hero stuff would be in the middle of it
  14. Get rid of double turn , get rid of battalions. Only allow scoring from the 2nd battle round and up. Maybe give that thing to monsters - those are really the only changes that should’ve been implemented .
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