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GW Half yearly report 2021/2022


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Sales are up again

Royalties went up a lot this year

Staff bonus

making a Community Outreach team

Brexit causing additional Freight and shipping cost

Relevant AoS news


"The Age of Sigmar launch in July was our best fantasy launch to date by a considerable margin. This saw us unveil the next chapter in the struggle for the Mortal Realms alongside some fantastic new miniatures. We spearheaded the launch with a high-end animated trailer, showcasing the Mortal Realms like never before. This was viewed 28 million times in the period. Sales following the launch have been strong as this relative newcomer to our offer (it was launched in 2015) continues to grow in popularity."

So Rumors of Dominon failing sales is not true according to them.


Deals have been announced to launch a major online game set in the Age of Sigmar universe as well as Space Marine 2. We continue to search for the right long term partners to exploit other IP opportunities: we have some further exciting plans in development.

probably the Nexon game



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48 minutes ago, Skreech Verminking said:

Or they were finally able to sell their very bad looking, almost undeniable expensive skryre acolytes.


Umm No they are talking about the AoS 3.0 launch, didn’t read the report quote huh?

Glad it was an improvement from Soul Wars

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Shouldn’t respond to troll post but whatever
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I think when they said at 2020 Warhammer World it’ll be ready between 2023-2025, they probably were leaning really hard on that 2025.

Like it took AoS well over 5 years to be created with concepts stretching back to 7th edition and rules designs done in 2010 under their “Project Stanley” and then models produced in 2013. Now think about trying all that again with Covid and Brexit throwing a barrage of monkey wrenches into everything.


But anyway I’m loving all this good news and we can finally dust the salt off Dominions success which deserved a lot more praise than it got(seriously the 180 fans did on “oh great another launch taken by scalpers” to “why isn’t it gone yet?! I bet it’s flopped!” was baffling to say the least).

Here’s to looking forward to Age of Sigmar’s continued skyrocketing fortunes towards the aether of success and more fun videogames(and animations) we can further explore the glorious Mortal Realms in! 😃🍻

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5 hours ago, Talas said:

Is it just me or they didn't mention The Old World at all?

The report is more about the last 6 month in review and how they are doing financially and what was a big stand out for them (AoS 3.0, the 40K release, Kill team release). Also about COVID, Brexit, shipping and more internal logistic news

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On 1/15/2022 at 11:02 PM, Talas said:

Is it just me or they didn't mention The Old World at all?

they won't until it's ready to drop. Until then it just falls under the term "new project developments".  it's generally retrospective rather than a prospective review.

All these reports are there for is to justify to shareholders where their money has been spent and what a worthwhile venture it is to still invest in.

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