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What could Kragnos mean for the future of Destruction?


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I have finally got all boned up on Kragnos's story and have been thinking about it's implications for Destruction as a whole Lore wise. Until now I was thinking that some day we might get insanely expensive models for Gork and Mork, and that would be it. Now they introduce a previously unknown subordinate of Gorkamorka. It makes me think... what else could be coming down the pipe?

Kragnos is a God of earthquakes, an elemental force of destruction. A natural disaster. Perhaps other similar forces of destruction could be similarly turned into destruction dieties. An aquatic one that is the diety of Tsunamis, maybe a huge wyrven whose powerful wings make him the God of hurricanes, and a fire based one representing an inferno? 

Order potentially has 10 gods (including Grimnir), Dracothian, and then there is Kroak who is close. Chaos has 5 chaos gods, Archeaon, Bela'kor, and hopefully Morghur. Death has Nagash and his eventual 9 Mortarchs. Destruction needs to expand its roster to maintain parity. The Great Maw and Bad moon would be tough to have directly on the table, Behemet is dead (though they hinted that he could be replaced), and they seem to be holding back on releasing Gork and Mork themselves. This could be the solution to giving Destruction more god tiered characters.

What do you guys think?

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Some GOD character will because they had physical presence in WHF and that carry over to AoS (Teclis Mararion, Tyrion, Allarielle, ect) some who are more omnipotent presence or like to use representatives to herald their power (Chaos God, Gorkamorka, Sigmar, Grugni, Grimnir) probably won't IMO.

it hard to judge what Kragnos is going to bring for Destruction right now (is he going to get his own army down the line or is he forever a Gotrek like character who can be in any army)

or is he the first of many upcomming Destruction gods that represent natural disaster, only GW knows

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Since Destruction hasn't had Centaurs until now, my hope is he heralds more variety for Destruction. Love me some Greenskins and Ogors, but we need more. 

For a bit of a spitball here, I would like to see/expect to see:

Beastmen perhaps be the first cross Alliance army and start to mingle with Destruction, too. 
Literal army of Elementals (GW, pleeeeeease!)
More generic God-ish beasts, preferably ones who fit all of Destruction. Would love to eventually just have a roster of massive beasts to throw around in any Destruction army.

Perhaps even with 3.0 being more Destruction focused we get generic Endless Spells for them, like we did with Death endless spells in Forbidden Power. Makes sense and could be fun. 

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Maybe Destruction could get a character for storms. Somewhat similar in shape to Kragnos, with a big hammer as well. Let's make him themed a bit more to dragons, as an answer to star drakes. That K starting the word sounds good, but let's put a few different letters after that. Also, one thing storms do is make it dark, so let's give him (most characters are male in Warhammer) a superfluous moniker to reflect that.

Yes. Kholek Suneater sounds like peak destruction, not chaos at all.

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Beasts of Chaos don't really even worship the Chaos gods from what I understand about them, and they wreak havoc on civilizations everywhere without purpose.  Revamping them to be Destruction makes so much sense especially with the looks of Kragnos.  Aside from the mutational wonders of Morghur that is.

A massive dragon ogor type for a storm demi-god but with wings would be fantastic!

Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, but I suppose a flood oriented demi-god would be very much appropriate for that theme, and ****** with IDK water effects.

Then for fire, volcano thing!


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