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  1. Gutbusters have a current, relatively complete model line, and show up in several novels. Unless their sales are terrible, they are sticking around IMO. I think a lot of the Order legacy factions get a Firestorm on steroids treatment at some point. Dispossessed have a strong foundation in the lore and show up in novels. Not sure why so much pessimism. Aelves and Free Peoples are at higher risk IMO, but again it would seem like bad business to squat Wanderers or Darkling. The old High Elves are at greatest risk IMO. A lot of the Free Peoples just look old, and the High Elf aesthetics are perhaps too fractured. Still suspect they stick around in some mega-Firestorm battletome however. It would actually support the idea that AOS realms are huge and diverse in their inhabitants.
  2. Seems to me that Slaanesh needs a mortal box on foot and a mortal leader. Hellstriders seem out of place otherwise and the model line in general will appear fragmented and incomplete.
  3. Noticed that a few weeks ago and grabbed one off of Amazon. Figure I can use it as an alternative Runeson or something. It's a good model IMO.
  4. Disappointed that there are no new units. However, if the magma guy is "persistent", Fyreslayers become more elite, and the huge stable of leaders are internally well balanced AND have meaningful, unique roles...than the new battletome would make this a much more collectible faction. Feel that those are a lot of asks for this release.
  5. Overall a lot of great stuff for AOS to be excited about. However, I'll join the chorus that Fyreslayers needed a new kit. I can't imagine expanding my Fyreslayers as there just isn't enough troop variety. My collection will stay at "allies levels". Definitely surprised that GW seemes to consider Fyreslayers to be a complete faction.
  6. The howdah from the Arachnarok manned by Shootas and covered in mushrooms might be a fun addition to consider up on top.
  7. Anyone having success with Hoppers? If so, in how large of a unit? Understand the Bounderz love but I like the Hoppers aesthetics and the idea of additional movement. I'm also hesitant to invest too heavily in Bounderz as they are ubiquitous in lists, and GW has shown an inclination to make points adjustments to such units. Although ideally Hoppers will just get cheaper.
  8. I would consider Ironjawz. It's naturally an elite faction with some great models and it's hard to believe that they will not get some attention in the coming months, either a new battletome or through the GHB.
  9. Would really like to see an Ardboys hero and a GG Weirdnob/Boss dual kit. Along with a warscroll rewrite for different weapon loadouts for GG and Brutes and that might be just enough units for me.
  10. As of yesterday my local GW was still selling the Start Collecting Greenskinz.
  11. I'm confident that the basic Moonclan Grots are not getting reboxed to larger than the 25mm that they come with now and we're reboxed to already for AOS. They would be swimming on 32s IMO. Overall it's what I expected more or less, except that I'm surprised that GW redid the already plastic and serviceable Fanatics. I'll just buy the new ones for the spore option. The terrain is the highlight for me so far. Really characterful. Can't wait for Troggoths to be previewed as well. I'm also glad that I've held off building 100+ Grots as I'm wondering if those days are behind us.
  12. No direct experience but within the context of Wanderers, I would think that the extra rend of Scythes would be particularly valuable.
  13. The basic Orruk still holds up pretty well, even to their 40k counterpart, and the boar boys are great sculpts. Bundle them with the Warboss and a couple of mad max dual-kits and you have a decent new faction. The fact that Greenskinz were one of the earliest SC and they continue to be sold in GW retail stores that have limited shelf space suggests that GW has a long term plan for them. Gitmob I agree is likely to become a start from scratch as the existing plastic kit really shows it's age and there is nothing to really salvage.
  14. My theory for Gitmob and Greenskinz is that we'll end up with 40k-lite versions of them for AOS. They will be the higher tech side of Destruction.
  15. I think it's the fact that it is small faction (unit wise) with little variety and is expensive to collect as much as anything. One new dual-kit for Fyreslayers and Ironjawz would make both much more collectible and interesting to play. Ironjawz have remained more popular because there are no real alternatives in Destruction since release. Just my opinions of course.
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