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  1. What’s the probability that the soul wars models are repackaged and released? I’ve been eyeing NH for a few weeks but am hesitant to jump in now.
  2. I have at least a few models of all Destruction factions (except Kruleboyz), and sizable amounts of Gloomspite, IJ, and old O&G. Yet I have zero interest in Kragnos. It is literally a giant centigor. Definitely feel like Destruction was cheated on that one. It’s not even an interesting character, and I will never believe that it was designed with Destruction in mind. A new, bigger model for the rogue idol that is manned by orruks and/or grots would have been wildly popular.
  3. My issue with Kruleboyz is the new aesthetic. War clans is now 3.5 different aesthetics (ardboyz). I’d argue that it would have been much better for Destruction and warclans if GW expanded the small IJ and Bonesplittaz ranges to make each more complete. I am still not convinced that the various Orruk aesthetics look good when mixed together.
  4. The fact that there are no models on the list is not relevant IMO as GW stores stock very few COS and Skaven models currently, and those models that they do stock are the more current sculpts.
  5. Small sample and all that, but I had multiple GW stores tell me that LOTR sells/sold pretty well as it’s popular with collectors and hobbyists even if the game itself never really took off.
  6. Guess that I can be slow on the uptake, but it just occurred to me that the Kruelboyz bolt thrower could be a great reason to pull out all those old goblin spear chukkas as proxies for Gloomspite.
  7. Really cool models. My only quibble is that I still think that armor and dragons just doesn't look quite right.
  8. Perhaps it’s more likely that they get some type of significant terrain piece instead. Another option could be a new and large war machine ala an AOSified goblin hewer. Wasn’t there a spiked steam roller a long time ago?
  9. WHFB was replaced in part because it became a highly complex game with a huge buy-in (both time and money). These were at least some of the contributors that led to the game's declining popularity and sales. Will be interesting to see how FW tries to address this while keeping it similar enough to not alienate the former player base. TOW seems tricky to execute from my perspective. I still hope for an updated Mordheim frequently. I will not be playing TOW but maybe Mordheim will make a return at some point as an offshoot of TOW.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I'm a slow hobbyist and therefore try to find the subjective intersection of fun narrative, build/paint, and effectiveness. As a result, I avoid repetitive or skewed lists. Perhaps if I continue to collect GSG, eventually I will be able to play those lists as my collection gets bigger and bigger. Right now, my thought was to build around 40 stabbas, 24 herd, 10 bounderz, and 6 troggoths as the core of a 2k army.
  11. Honestly I don't understand the TOW push. Seems like it and AOS will just split and already smaller player base and make finding games even harder. I mourned the loss of the setting much more than the game, but have now invested in AOS and have neither the time nor energy for TOW as well. Even in GW stores it can be tough to get AOS games if it's not prearranged. Hopefully this doesn't make it worse.
  12. Are units of 40 stabbas big enough for this edition or are people still going 60? Wondering if 40 is big enough as everyone generally takes smaller units in 3.0, at least theoretically.
  13. In general I think that original O&G are best as savages stand-ins. There is a 1-1 equivalent for most units, right down to weapon configuration on the Orc side.
  14. I’m not sure that NH need to be featured prominently for a new book alone. For new models, yes I would agree however. I think that NH is already a healthy model line could work in its favor, as a new book in isolation could come at anytime. I’m hopeful for GSG for the same reason, not models truly needed, just give us a new book. Biggest issue that I see is that so many factions think that they need a new book, and obviously they won’t all come at once. @dmorley21 didn’t even include the rumored, combined duradin book in the already lengthy list. Most of the forums seem to think that whatever faction they are playing are deserving of an update. Then of course I expect that some new factions will show up over the next few months as well.
  15. I hope this is the case. GW is no longer selling physical copies of the Warcry core rules and according to my local GW they will not be restocked. Just getting into the game recently and hope that it continues to be supported.
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