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  1. "The Bad Moon Loonshrine is a lynchpin in Gloomspite Gitz armies, disgorging teeming hordes of infantry and emboldening your forces. Hewn from glowing chunks of the Bad Moon itself, these megalithic structures quickly become encrusted with fungi and charged with strange energies." There is a bit more on the warscroll from the website.
  2. I probably have 50 of the metal Arrer Boyz, which look great despite lacking in model diversity. I plan to proxy them as the Savage equivalent. A nice thing about the old Greenskinz is that there is a very obvious Savage equivalent for most of it. I'm expecting the Greenskinz to go away. I also have a pile of the basic boyz that I purchased the better looking heads and spears for from the boar boyz. If I ever follow through with that project I'll also proxy them as the Savage equivalent. The Greenskinz will aesthetically mix better with the Ironjawz IMO.
  3. Good players know what their oponent's army can do and therefore can anticipate their strategies and moves. It's one of the many factors that has kept me from being a good player. My hypothesis has long been that this is the key for consistently successful tournament players.
  4. Magmadroth includes both mounted and unmounted options, although you have to buy more than one to get both configurations of each hero.
  5. Just checking in to say that the last generation of metal longbeards were probably my favorite Duardin models made by GW. They were just full of character while the first generation of plastics were far inferior in at least dwarven character, across the board. Really impressed by what's left of the Dispossessed models however and even if they are not expanded, I would really like for Dispossessed to be supported in the smaller games such as Warcry and Underworlds. Being able to game with small bands of classic dwarves would be enough for me.
  6. At one time mine was probably about that large, but during the beginning of 8th, I sold everything but my Orcs and Goblins and a few metal ogres that I really like (i.e. All the maneaters). I probably had ~1,000 points of at least 6 different armies in addition to my O&G. During AOS, I've done fairly well by keeping it in the Destruction family except for Underworlds. Mostly just Ironjawz and Gloomspite to date. Warcry and Underworlds is really threatening my collection boundaries however, especially as those games probably fit my lifestyle better now. I have woefully little time for hobbies and gaming so mostly I live vicariously through others on this forum and elsewhere.
  7. Pretty cool except for the helmets. It’s like they couldn’t decide on which helmet was better so they mashed them together. Instead they should have split it up into 2 different helm options. I really like them both if separated.
  8. The Heart of Winter novella was basically a throwback to the original dark elves, with witch elves teaming up with scourge privateers on a black ark or whatever the old floating fortresses are. Personally I wouldn't mind the old dark elves being recombined. Not necessarily likely but I could see DoK being combined with something else eventually. I actually think that it would make them a more interesting faction.
  9. Definitely reads like the intent was for it to say “all”, doubly so when taking in account the very straight forward, associated lore. Surprised that this hasn’t had a clarification. RAW is clear however, and I’m not sure there is room for any alternative interpretations as written.
  10. In case anyone missed it, the Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig is finally available for order! https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Gloomspte-Gitz-Loonboss-On-Giant-Cave-Squig-2020
  11. I can definitely see GW releasing a kit for cogforts. Similar to kharadron ships, it would be smaller than what it would have to be in real life. I mean the kharadron ships really are clown cars, but that doesn’t keep them from looking awesome on a game table. I could see GW eventually releasing a cogfort that looks like it could only house a handful of men, but like the kharadron ships everyone is supposed to imagine that it would be much larger in real life. @Melcavukthat is one of the coolest things I’ve seen for AOS to date!
  12. The "problem" with Seraphon is that they started AOS and continue to be one of the largest factions, model-wise. As a result, I can understand if expanding the faction is not all that attractive to GW. Unlike most every other faction, they were not broken apart in the transition to AOS. I agree with others that they are going no where. Unique aesthetic and lore, highlighted a lot in early lore and novels, and what little evidence we do have suggests they still sell. Even little things like Lustria Online suggests that Seraphon keep a strong following. In contrast, most of the old sites have gone dormant. New core, kroxigor and plastic heroes would be awesome, but not necessary IMO. I think Seraphon starting AOS with a robust model line has stunted their evolution more than anything else.
  13. Using loud and odor producing black powder weapons in the wilds of the realms may well be a death sentence. Seems like a sure fire way to draw the attention of some bigger, more deadly predator(s). As a result, maybe black powder weapons are only really logical for those that spend most of their time hiding behind city walls!
  14. I feel like GW tested the waters on a Gargant army with the skirmish box sets that provided 2 gargants at a big discount (practically 2 for the price of 1 IIRC) and the associated battalion in Godbeasts. My anecdotal observation was that they didn't sell that well. I've often wondered whether we would get a Gargant army if they did sell really well.
  15. I imagine that the harsh environments and weather of the realms could decrease the reliability of gunpowder weapons. Could also speculate that the time and stationary requirements to reload could discourage some from their use, even if it doesn't quite play out that way on the table.
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