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Warcry campaigns outside of the Eightpoints


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I love that they introduced another location as campaign rules for Warcry.


I hope many other locations will follow, because this has a lot of potential.


I also loved the Soroth Khor campaign which is located in the eight points, but the concept could be transferred to anywhere in the Mortal Realms

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It's cool that Warcry is the place of focus, but it just shows that Warcry is really the Age of Sigmar Skirmish game now. You can run a campaign wherever you want and have all the factions available at your disposal.

Our next Warcry campaign is going to venture into our own little Duardin hold in the mortal realms.

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I wonder if this is a sign of a new edition which spreads things out narratively a little more. Some new terrain sets would be welcome. I just have the feeling that, as far as physical releases go, Warcry is going on the back burner.

Still pretty great that they’re adding new digital content.

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