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  1. well, even consumers are investors because by consuming the product they are investing money into the company that the company can use. I don't have a problem if employees have shares, getting a bonus when it was a good year or consumers who care about the product and most likely spend the dividend for more products. My problem is that decisions are often made by those parasitic invenstors and speculators, who don't care about the product itself, never have bought anything of the company and only how to maximize profit in the short run, which will kill the company in the long run by alienating the consumers with rising prices resulting in firing stuff and closing locations to keep the profit on a similar level to keep the dividents high.
  2. I think one positive thing of the free Warscrolls wasn't even mentioned. If a 2 player box or Campaign book updated a warscroll of an existing battletome (or such cases as with the Tzaangors being in the Tzeentch and Beasts of Chaos Book), the warscroll in the shop was updated as well so you only needed to download and print the warscroll instead of having multiple books. I have bought the books mostly because of the lore (and basicly paid 1,6 times the money for having the german book in it's printed version and the english one in the app, paying with Google Play). If the new app is rules only and behind a subscription where I have to use bank data or creditcard information, the app is useless for me. Going against the real "investors", the community that gave them money for their entire existence are worth more than those fakes that are called "investors" who buy shares ones and take more money out of the company in the long run, than they put it ( because they are only a very expensive credit that is never paid back).
  3. The thing is, it is said multiple times that nobody except the IP owner should make money with it. The fanmade stuff as well as painting videos, battlereports etc is basicly free promotion for the products. GW could either spend money for promotion, not knowing if the money is spend in a good way or wasted or they don't have to pay money because the community makes it, but after it is still some sort of work the company profits it should be allowed that the content creators can get money with ad revenue or if people want to support the creator. In worst case the IP rules will hurt GW because with less free promotion they will earn less money (because the content creator doesn't have the money to spent it on more GW products, or people that spend money because of the free promotion) And no, I don't have a youtube channel (only an account with 0 videos) and I basicly make my form of promotion with helping a wiki spending money on nearly every book that is released.
  4. Well, I can still read the lore from my 6th Edtion WHFB Armybooks, 4th Edition 40k Codizes or 1st Edition AoS Battletomes. Something I can't most likely do with a subscription model. We don't even know if Warhammer+ still exists in 5 Years and if it is going down their is no equivalent value for the money you have spent for that subscription anymore. Rules and points for free would most likely be working model because GW would most likely be able to make enough money with models and Lorebooks (I mean D&D is still existing as well and you are not forced to buy every Campaignbook from them) + the rules and points would be easier to update.
  5. I feel the same in that case + most of the time you are getting easy into a subscription and it is hard to get out again. The worst case for Warhammer+ could be that they make stuff in the first month to get the subscribers in and than do 10 months nothing still getting their money because of the subscription. I have the same feeling with music. I liked it that I had the option to buy music on Google play for google Music (with the option to download them as mp3), and I had no problem paying 30-50€ for multiple music albums during a month. It felt like supporting the music group. Than Google stopped using Google Music and switched to Youtube Music. Where you get some essential functions (like playing the music in the Background) only with a 10,-€ Subscription each month. I don't even use Youtube Music in the browser (if I want to listen to music on youtube I use youtube). They switched a good product for an inferior one.
  6. I don't know the story about Sodaz, but my guess is the following. I think the community has the point of view, that fanmade stuff has more passion and higher quality than stuff of a company that looks how to get most profit with least effort, and people either have the option to consume the content for free (generating ad revenue, or support the creator actively with patreon, and people only started with patreon because it is way to easy to be demoneytized on youtube). So being hired by GW means a drop of quality and putting the content behind a pay wall with subscription (where the money most likely goes entirely to shareholders while the creators are underpaid). It simply feels better when Creators actually get the money instead of people that don't care about the product at all. Most of the time subscriptions feel like scams. I mean, the Warscroll Builder has higher quality for free than the Armybuilder inside the AoS and 40k App combined which are behind a paywall.
  7. The funny thing is they are writing at the beginning "We also have a duty to preserve and protect our intellectual property rights – this is the only way we can ensure that Warhammer will be around forever". Well if you want to be around forever your top priorities should be your customers and the people working their and not the shareholders (unless they want to end like Thomas Cook or Wirecard). It's the community that gives the money so GW still exists and they basicly make free publisity, while they lose money in the longrun to the shareholders that make next to nothing or not even are interested into the product.
  8. How about a Cities of Sigmar Army with models converted from Chaos (Kairic Acolytes) Basicly Kairic Acolytes, Heads of Marauder Horsemen, Weapons from Wanderers
  9. The Battleforces for Sacrosanct Stormcast and Nighthaunt were both 2019.
  10. Looking at the last boxes Thunderstrike Stormcast and Kruleboyz are nearly impossible. It's more likely that those will be the Battleforces for 2022 because the models aren't new anymore at that point and anyone who really wanted the box has already bought the stuff. Looking at the last boxes we had: Tzeentch (Battletome was January 2020) Kharadron Overlords (January 2020) Gloomspite Gitz (January 2019) Ogor Mawtribes (November 2019) My Guess is that models that are included in a Battleforce are at least 9-11 Month old. So my guesses would be Ossiarch Bonereapers (Battletome November 2019), Hedonites (February 2020) either Realmlords with 2020 stuff or maybe Daughters of Khaine or maybe Seraphon. In case of Destruction it is a little weird that we got 2 Boxes last year and besides Bonesplitters and Sons of Behemat their isn't much left.
  11. Except for the covers and that they will come in August we know next to nothing about the new Battletomes. But it is also too early at the moment. We will hear about the Battletomes in the Week before Preorder, so we have to wait for the "Preorder next week" Announcement that is released on sundays (or if GW wants to make another preview).
  12. Hm, looking at the rules, I would say A 750 point or 1000 should have a boardsize of at least 30x44, 1500 and 2000 at least 44x60 and 3000 at least 44x90 Its the minimumsize. It wouldn't be a problem using 44x60 for 1000 pojnts instead because it would be larger than 30x44
  13. Because, thanks to the Generals Handbook 2021 Warscroll Update. A unit that took damage from the Geminids can't give or receive orders until the start of the combat phase.
  14. Hi, I would say Horrors are 1 of the weirdest units in context of 3. Edition rules like rally. It wouldn't have been a problem with the old rules where each unit of Horrors was it's own thing. It is a quite silly situation that it is most likely possible at the moment to roll 49 dice for a unit of 10 Pink Horrors where 1 Brimstone Horror is left. In case of the Iconbearer it simply has to work that you can bring back pink horrors, otherwise the Standardbearer would never work for horrors (except if you use Petty Vengeance instead of Split and Split again) because you have to allocate wounds to the Pink Horrors first. A unit that splits never is below the maximum size until the unit is brimstone horrors only. I think I wouldn't use Fold Reality on a unit that large because a roll of 1 would kill 25 models in that case. (more likely on a unit that has been reduced to a few Brimstone Horrors so you could bring back some new Pink Horrors. Their are two options for GW. Either they have to limit the amount of dice for Rally to the maximumsize of the bought unit (It wouldn't change anything for most of the units, but Horrors would need to be under the maximumsize to use rally) Or they have to make changes to the warscroll of the Horrors again. (Restricting the amount of dice or making them 3 different units again).
  15. I have the feeling you are reading the FAQ-Point wrong. The FAQ about Proxies doesn't force you guys to paint the models in the official painting theme. It only tells you, If you are using the painting theme of an official subfaction, than use the rules. I have painted my Stormcast Eternals in the colors of the Celestial Vindicators: That way I will either use the Celestial Vindicators Subfaction or no subfaction because of lore-reasons (so not playing them with the "Anvils of the Heldenhammer" subfaction). I could have chosen to make my own stormhost to choose freely (+when I painted the first models, subfactions haven't existed yet, instead their were the megabattalions that nobody could use). In most cases it is not the colortheme alone but also an iconography. For example Hallowheart has a blue/white colortheme (that was shown in Firestorm) and as iconography a burning diamond with something that looks like the Ironhalo from the Stormcast Helmets below. You still can have blue and white colorthemes with your own iconography being your own guard but if you use the official colors of hallowheart and the official iconography than play the subfaction hallowheart Their is absolutly no problem with a cherry blossoms themed army played with the living City rules. In the end you have to tell your opponent at the start of the game anyway what subfaction you play
  16. Hm, Grand Alliance isn't really a thing in 3rd Edition. Each Faction is now based on the the factiontables + optional coalitions in case of some factions.
  17. Actually I don't think that the marketing was the main problem. The problem was most likely that they had too many games. I'm not sure about the beginning but the timeframe should be 2008-2017 for all of them. Achtung! Chuthulu Uncharted Seas: A Fantasy Naval game Firestorm Armada: Space Battles with Space Ships Distopian Wars: Steampunk Game with Sea, Air and Land units (with around 20 factions, 7 Large Factions + the rest are smaller once) Their was also a Land + Air game named Armoured Clash using the Air and Land Units in Battalions Dystopian Legions: 32mm Infantybased game with 6 Factions Planetfall: Landbased game from the Firestorm Armada Universe Halo, both a game for Fleetbattes and Groundbattles My main guess is that Halo broke them in the end because they most likely had to pay licencing fees + many of the games had quite similar rules with other optical concepts. They basicly would have needed a Customerbase like GW to survive. I think shortly before they went bankrupt they tried to get money for new editons of Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada with Crowdfounding but were unable to pay the supplier at the end.
  18. I think their could be another reason with the coherrency as well. In 1.0 you could spread a unit as far as possible and when a single model was in range of a hero the entire unit would get the effect. Later they invented "wholly within" in such rules to prevent it. Now in 3.0 we have the case that the unit leader can give commands as well, that means you need to restrict the spreadout of the unit so the unit isn't able to daisychain and buff themselfes with commands. (and yeah it could have been 2" but then we most likely would end up with the same daisychain as before not really needing the rule at all) In the end the new coherrency is mostly working with triangles This is a valid formation for for units with larger bases (could be glottons, or blight drones) In units of 6 you don't even have to care if one model dies. In larger units maybe the triangles have to be rotated a little so killing one model doesn't break coherrency In case of 32mm Bases. It is possible to get a second rank into combat range (this exmple was for 2" weapons, the two models in the middle should be in range as well)
  19. Maybe move the conversation about Warhammer+ into a different thread (the one Lowky made). I know the moderators can do it.
  20. 1 Thread could really be a little much here, especially since you don't find anything when you search for something months later. Maybe it could help if their would be at least a new thread each year. I have clicked through the entire thread to look how many pages are from what year (and we have to remember that 1 full page is 25 posts): 2016 = 91 (1 - 91) 2017 = 259 (92 - 350) 2018 = 405 (350 - 755) 2019 = 715 (755 - 1470) 2020 = 583 (1470 - 2053) 2021 = 709 (2053 - 2762) with only 6 month (and at least 53 new pages in the last 11 days). After TGA is 1 system forum a rumours subforum with specific threads for every greater release could actually make sense (or having the conversations that are about 1 faction could take place in the Alliance part of the forum and unspecific stuff in the general discussion part.
  21. I have played Dystopian Wars from 1.0 to 2.0 (literally since the time where the game had about 5 factions and about 5 naval units each. It was the main reason why I hadn't played WHFB during 8th Edition. We had a small community of 6 people during 1.0 and 1.5, sadly later in 2.0 their were only two players left. In case of DW you really had the feeling the game got better with editions (simplifying the Linked Weapon rules, the way that the tiny fighters got Movement trays and refueling got simplyfied so the Tinyfighters especially Divebombers and Torpedo Bombers could make more than one bombing run (since in the old game they had to land on the carrier and start the next turn) I still have nearly anything from the 2 main alliances (except for maybe the latest release of denmark or some of those large robots Spartan Games had created in the end. The main problem from Spartan Games was that they got bogged down by all their systems and licencing the Halo game was most likly the last nail to their coffin. I followed Warcradle losly, but actually didn't liked it that they reduced the factions to 8 and changed the scale of Land units so something like this isn't possible anymore: Spartan Games had it's own forum and Warcradle should still have one, but I doesn't really follow it anymore. In our german communities gw-fanworld and tabletopwelt their are also still subforums for the game I know what you mean. I've got a little quiter here as well because of the discussions here (and using the german communities more at the moment). I'm more narrative focused so "meta" doesn't interest me that much. Threads like this show what I partly dislike: I have read around 55 of 65 pages until now. The thing is, I have the feeling people simply want to rip the new edition appart before it started without knowing the full picture (like everytime when some rule snippets are revealed) as a excample ("Unleash Hell", before knowing that each Command Ability can only be used once per phase.) And with the Sentinels you could start a drinking game. Some time I have the feeling that their is way to much focus on future releases, where little is known instead of what we have now.
  22. It is quite similar in most cases. (if your Save Characteristic changes from 5 to 4 and you check if you have Dice with a for on them or if your Diceroles will become a 5 after adding one and you check which dice have a value of 5 or more after modifiers. The only real difference is Save Characteristic 1+ because after you can't get less than 1 on modifiers a dice roll that wasn't a 1 in the first place will save even with a rend of -6 because at the end the comparion will be modified roll of 1 = Savecharacteristic of 1. If 3.0 will restrict the amount of buffs on to-Hit, to-Wound and Save, making the characteristic better will have more value, because buffs on the characteristic are most likely not restricted to a +/-1 and their is also the question if rend will be a modifier on the characteristic because of this (otherwise high rend wouldn't make much sense). The Strange thing with the Black Knights shield is, while they simply lost the buff (they had a 5+ save in the old book as well) the Blood Knights got better (they had the same rule 4+ Save and +1 against Rend "-" and now have Save 3+. The thing with removing the Shields is mostly, that units that got the shield removed often only have one set of Weapon options that includes the shield while those with a shield rule have loadouts with and without shields. It was simple a way to reduce the amount of abilites on the warscrolls.
  23. The thing is, we still know next to nothing, except "move every Herophase" I would have liked the idea (in the case that start of the round would have stayed) that each player would have rolled a dice for their own endless spells if they have control, and on a roll of 1 the opponent would have control that rould. This would have fitted the random nature that you can lose control but not that you lose control of 50% of your spells or all if only one was played everytime.
  24. Yeah, I would say that Chaos partly fits the Knighty Order Type as well (Order of the Fly, except that their are no Maggotkin Models with Horses only the regular Chaos Knights) I really would hope that GW wouldn't make an "One Trick Pony" Faction like the Bretonians were the other variant were peasant spam, that basicly had stats like zombies (maybe this is where Flesh-Eater Courts Knight Delution is coming from). It would make more sense to give Freeguild more room after the Knightly Orders in AoS Lore are Part of the Freeguilds, but their could be a specific Set of Allegiance Abilities for Knight Orders. Sadly the 8 things haven't get that much information about the game. Maybe it is "The active player moves them".
  25. Und die nächsten 100 Artikel sind voll sodass wir nun 2500 Artikel erreicht haben. Zudem hat Sigmarpedia jetzt einen eigenen Twitteraccount --- And the next 100 articles are full, so that we have now reached 2500 articles. In addition, Sigmarpedia now has its own Twitter account
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