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  1. Had not noticed there was a Warcry section on the website so thanks for pointing that out. Looking forward to hearing more about this game. Steve
  2. Hope we do get some more information next week from Adepticon. Steve
  3. Will be interested to see how the Troggoth one plays. Steve
  4. I thought the Nighthaunt was an amazing release but this is something else again, fantastic stuff. Steve
  5. Really liking these new warbands so far. Steve
  6. With a rumoured release date of the 29th I'm hoping we start to see some more previews this week. Steve
  7. Very happy to see a release date for Nightvault. Steve
  8. Had not heard the rumors for a Tzeentch warband, that would be interesting. Steve
  9. Looking forward to seeing what warbands we get this time around. Steve
  10. Really been enjoying these stories, I hope they continue with them. Steve
  11. That Craven King model is amazing. Never really had an interest in Undead armies but the new Nighthaunt just look fantastic. Does anyone think we will see multiple starter sets like we did for the new edition of 40K? Would love to see something like the First Strike and Know no Fear sets for the new edition of AOS. Steve
  12. I think it would be great to see one based around the Death faction with a load of new miniatures. Steve
  13. @Chris Tomlin Thanks very much for the review, some great information in this thread. Steve
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