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  1. Vomikron

    The Chainghasts

    Beginning with a base coat of Screaming Skull I worked up the grime with Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and Athonian Camoshade. The black leading to lighter colors is meant to convey an ethereal fog that drifts over the drowned cemeteries of the Weeping Hollows inhabiting the burial shrouds and remains of the tortured souls who dwell there. The swampy bases were done using Stirland Mud texture, along with Vallejo Mud&Grass Effects. Base coat black, dry brush Rhinox Hide, dry brush Mournfang Brown. Heavy wash of Agrax. Dry brush Olive green followed by a light dry brush of screaming skull/olive green. The water was done with Vallejo Stillwater Effects but I am not very happy with it. A two part resin is a better way to go in the future. I am currently doing minor conversions and prepping on the Nighthaunt half of Soul Wars and will be posting pics as they are completed.
  2. I’m currently working on swamp themed Nighthaunts, The Bog Haints. I’ve been consistently drawn towards Ghur with my earlier models but I‘m thinking of trying something different. What are some of your proudest moments creating a nice realm themed base/model/conversion/terrain?
  3. I really love the Dreadblade Harrows. I only wish they would have been an actually cavalry unit instead of Hexwraiths. Going back to WHFB the Bretonnian Grail Reliquary was a pretty fantastic idea.
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