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Hello everybody!!

One thing I love about AoS are all the warbands from Underworld and Warcry. They add lots of variety to this universe and usually the sculpts are great!

I made this topic in order to share with you my warbands as soon as I finish them!

here is my Skaeth's Wild Hunt!

Let me know what you think!








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Here is my Ironskull's Boyz!!! This is not so new and it's been a while since I painted them but I wanted to add it to my Warbands topic!

let me know guys!!


The Wurmspat warband cooming soon :)







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On 6/3/2020 at 1:46 PM, Sonnenspeer said:

The blue metal amour and weapons of the orks are super cool. How have you done this?

For the armor i started with a blue-grey adding white and blending little by little for the light and same thing with black for the shadows.

The weapons had the same process but with a warmer gray.

I passed on both of them the same brown patina from Vallejo very dilueted and some rust (vallejo) in the recesess!

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