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  1. I like the Khorne BB team (not that I‘d ever play BB tbh)… they certainly look better than the undivided/Norse team to me. If we call the other beastmen goatmen, are the doggo-inspired then goodmen? Or goodboys? 🤔 looking forward to what‘s coming for Warcry. I hope it‘s something cool… that will actually have decent rules in AoS later on too…
  2. BB was influenced by a LOT of things (some more obviously than others) but apparently Warhammer and even D&D were among them (as well as some boardgame). Heard it in some interview vid with the devs but maybe it was a creative translation (which would be odd)? Either way, the influences align with Warhammer in general, so some resemblance is natural. Brotherhood of the Wolf seems pretty much a given. At least one designer had to have been influenced by the iconic costume. Haven't seen the movie though, so I can't say much more about that case.
  3. If they keep pushing Dawnbringer Crusades into a Bloodborne look (when BB was influenced by Warhammer in the first place), then I'm not sure if I can keep myself from buying at least a few. The Cursed City guy and Dad&Daughter were already so good... More stuff for SBGL would also be good.
  4. A very good plan indeed but I really don't have the time to collect another army. I'm so busy with what I have, I'll never get another army done.😅
  5. That's actually a pretty damn nice idea. If I didn't hate all things Nurgle (I have to... or face spawndom), I'd totally steal that idea!
  6. That's very kind, Enoby, but it's all cool. 🥳👍
  7. Used to be posted on Bolter&Chainsword (a marine-centric forum) - but you can check screengrabs here: https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/5674
  8. Police? Nah, I'm the Rumour Gestapo! I'm sorry for the gift of knowledge, I'm just trying to ease the (possible) blow. 😛 We have VERY substantial rumours about a 40k Chaos wave coming up. I would prefer AoS models too. And they might be.
  9. Look at the master of possession‘s staff… that rumour engine was thought of as something for AoS as well. Doesn‘t have to mean anything, although I do also think it looks more AoS than 40k… but you never know - plus there are 40k rumours about Chosen, Berzerkers, Cultists and a couple if other things.
  10. There‘s a rumour about CSM getting a wave beginning 2022. Chosen (and new Berzerkers, just sayin‘ in case you see Khorne stuff and get ecstatic for AoS) are among the listed units in it. The rumour comes from the guy that predicted Death Korps and Ork Kommandoz in the KT box (over half a year before it got revealed), which makes him seem absolutely legit. 100% agreed on your wish for AoS Chosen though. That Chosen kit in Varanguard style would also make for pretty rad heroes; could imagine it to serve as the perfect basis for a Curseling. But who knows, with Horrors sucking now, maybe we‘ll finally get some mortals! 🥴🥰
  11. Hmmm, they could use some updates. But new daemons would be great too. Both would be best! 🥳
  12. The skull doesn‘t really scream khorne to me… it does scream undivided though…
  13. All right, sounds like a plan, although I did enjoy the single click. 👍🏻
  14. Yup! Well, sucks about the sylvaneth woods... the horror warscroll dilemma with the "slain" mechanic is funny though. Saul Goodman would find a way to only have a single Pink split in each phase!
  15. Can we move the Hedonites subforum back into the Chaos one? It's pretty annoying for all other Chaos players as we gotta click twice. No offense intended to Hedonites but they're not new anymore.
  16. Now people suddenly understand much more why GW pays so badly!
  17. Yeah… Chaos suffers from a lot of early plastic kits. But I‘m sure that the new versions will at least turn out great. Considering recent trends, the heads might still look a bit derpy tho! 😁
  18. Nah, they sucked even then! Horrible models. And even with lots of work, you can't polish a ******. 😇 I own both sadly as they've got fun rules but I'd gladly buy updated versions.
  19. New Emp's champ is a terribly bland model. The old one looks better. And that weird belly-tabard irked me already with SC. I still got two MISB Anniversary ECs. They might actually be worth something by now.
  20. Hell yeah, BoC were the "scary" and dark version of the ever-present threat Orks usually were portrayed as. They definitely deserve lots of love (much like many other factions.... Seraphon, Skaven, CoS, Malerion, now Chaos Dwarves - the list is long and full of really cool armies).😎
  21. Hmmm, interesting - didn't even think of that. I was hoping Tzeentch would be at a better/fairer spot now but it might just be without using broken combos (Archaon)...
  22. Great post! I think that GW should also try to coexist with fan creations. It‘s understandable that they do not want direct competition but in the end the TT community is -much like the RPG community- a very creative one, if not one of the most creative ones. It‘s quite natural that this love doesn‘t only result in cool minis, paintjobs or terrain but also stories that want to be told. I‘m not seeing GW as a bad guy here personally - they need to make money and protect their universe. Only thing I can fault is that the people working there apparently don’t earn enough but that is another topic. I understand if they kill off projects that interfere with their own plans but if they found common ground like in your example, all of us would benefit indeed!
  23. You mean I'm like an aelf? Oh my God, thank you for the identity crisis! 😱. Untold hours with the shrink down the drain, great. 😎👍 Okay, I'll get right off your back, sorry. I just think the whole Lumineth (and Slaanesh, although they've waited an eternity) phase in 2.0 has been vastly out of proportion in terms of release size and timing compared to all other factions in the game (outside of SC, Nighthaunt and Khorne), especially when so many other factions got terrible minis in their range or not enough kits to feel like a proper army. To be fair, this is not the player's fault but until GW finally releases all the other factions, I'll be pretty negative to all huge out-of-order releases. Compare Lumineth to say FS, IJ, DOK, Sylvaneth, etc. and it feels like favoritism. Hell, I'll even argue against a huge Tzeentch wave (the only faction in AoS I truly care about) as long as we got no Skaven, BoC, Cities of Sigmar, Seraphon, more Dwarves, Malerion first...
  24. Oh, I was trying to be diplomatic. Of course you‘ve lost it, only the other Lumineth players will agree with you. There are armies that got fewer kits (some of them in luding the old minis that got put into them) than Lumineth and had no „second wave“. Talking about that second wave (or first wave part 2)… even the release pattern of Lumineth are special favors… 🙄 I‘m not assuming IDK will not get a second wave - I‘m saying they (and pretty much any other army with fewer kits) should‘ve gotten their second wave before Lumineth. Y‘know to keep things fair. Only exceptions should be the face (SC) and heel factions for each edition. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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