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Vampirates in Age of Sigmar


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So with the concept of Pirate Coast for AoS here's test model number one, not an overly ambitious conversion but hopefully the end result says "Undead Pirate" or atleast something close 
Upto 5 members of the motley crew, hopefully disparate enough to look like a crew of misfits whilst unified enough to be to theme 
Whilst I wait on the release of Cities of Sigmar to see its impact on my Ironweld Arsenal force and subsequent battletome I've been toying with various creative ideas to explore as another fan project.
Undead pirates have oft been brought up as a fan favourite for a faction to explore, and since I havent made any custom rules for a death alliance army previously I wanted to play around with some ideas and how they might be implemented on the field of battle.
The Idea - Work in Progress name of ABYSSAL FLEET though I'm sure there are better name ideas out there. A Pirate Fleet made up of motley crews, of mixed races all succumb to death (all races, but in various stages of death)
The Emphasis - The Ships, what I want to avoid here is thed Kharadron problem where the ships are one of the least used aspects of the army list. I have an idea to counter this where players purchase ships and accessory units with points, but their infantry are baked into the points cost of each ship and each nominates an infantry unit it lets you set up. This way the emphasis is always on the fleet and not on making max sized hordes.
The interplay between ships and crew should also be important, the Death after save for this faction is generated by the ships, if a crews ship goes down their tether is gone and they begin to get drawn back to the depths, but a crew can be pulled across the board back into their vessel.
Currently allegiance ideas (wording might need tightening but hopefully the idea is there)

Eternity to Plunder—No mere blade can sever the bonds of eternity that tie a crewman to the mast, able to deflect would be lethal blows with ease to continue their plunder of the realms. Every accursed soul that makes up the motley crew has wagered gold and spoils against the weight of their soul to escape the underworld, oft able to coerce the ferryman another day to secure their fortunes and freedom once more.
If a friendly ABYSSAL CREW model suffers a wound or mortal would whilst within 9 inches of a friendly ACCURSED VESSEL roll a D6, on a roll of a 6 that wound (or mortal wound) is ignored.
Sworn to the Fleet—Though there are many a soul, cowardly and corrupt that has been cast to wander the Realms for eternity. The Abyssal Fleet is comprised of those sworn to the mast for eternity. A pirate without a ship is merely a thief with dress sense.
Every ACCURSED VESSEL in the fleet allows the controlling player to setup the nominated ABYSSAL CREW unit specified on their Warscroll, make a note of the parent vessel for every unit setup in this manner as it becomes their SOUL ANCHOR for the duration of the battle.
Models with the ABYSSAL CREW keyword are unable to be deployed in the normal manner. Instead each unit must deploy within their ACCURSED VESSEL, or may be set up in the Depths. Units in the depths may be setup on the table at the end of any of their players movement phases, more than 9 inches from any enemy models.
Soul AnchorThe souls of the Accursed are forever sentenced to toil before the mast of the Fleet, they are never free from its siren call able to be pulled vast distances to be drawn back to the hold of their eternal prisons, should their vessel fall however those corrupt and damaged souls are unable to resist the lure of Nagash to return to their watery graves.
In your Hero Phase you may declare a friendly ACCURSED CREW unit is being pulled back to the ACCURSED VESSEL nominated as their soul anchor. This unit is removed from the battlefield and is instead embarked within their ACCURSED VESSEL. Units setup in this manner are unable to disembark in the following movement phase.
If an ABYSSAL CREW unit is still on the battlefield after their SOUL ANCHOR is destroyed they suffer D3 mortal wounds at the beginning of every subsequent battle round.
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