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So, what do we think of the new Contrast paints?

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40 minutes ago, Enoby said:

I like them a lot for troops, especially as it give me more time to finish my leaders. That said, I have noticed a bit of chipping on them

 GW specifically notes that contrast paints will chip/rub off very easily compared to regular paints. It's why they need sealing with varnish. 

Some painters will sometimes use contrast as a base for their model and then apply a one quick varnish (normally matt) to seal the contrast in before they continue working on the model. Useful for any model you're going to do a lot of work on and thus have an increased chance of damaging the contrast layer. 

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1 hour ago, Sunshine said:

Now it is over 18 months since the contrast range was released. What are people's thoughts on the contrast paints? I have nearly finished painting my Seraphon and will be getting some new paints to start on my Gloomsprite Gitz next.

I've found them useful as a 'tool' for specific purposes rather than a general paint. 

I want to tone a model's suit of metal armour green or purple and keep the metallic properties of Leadbelcher? Slap some thinned down Contrast over it.

I want a more vibrant recess shade? Sneak some Contrast in there carefully.

I want to quickly throw down a basecoat I know I'll be going over without having to apply multiple layers of that colour? Slap on the relevant Contrast, then just layer over it - this is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to painting yellow, I highly recommend it. 

I've tested them as a general replacement for other paints and I really dislike the bubble gummy look and the staining. So yeah, I like them as tools in my toolbox but they won't be replacing anything, which is sort of ironic I suppose. The one exception to this is probably when it comes to fur (or other 'dense' heavily textured material) which I can generally slap it on and call it done.

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They work well as a straight-from-the-pot airbrush filter that are good at tinting a pre-existing zenithial highlight. I often use Gryphhound Orange for this purpose.

Used as intended, I generally find them to give thoroughly unconvincing results, but some armies (e.g. Sylvaneth, Nighthaunt, etc.) might fare slightly better with them.

My favourite description of them is "bright pastel", which seems like a contradiction-in-terms but accurately describes how contrast-painted models appear to my eye.

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