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  1. Your problem will be the mobility: you friend got it with some (super) heavy hitters. I'd suggest: - maybe a ES to slow down some of the enemies - one fast unit (riders) to counter a flank and go with the liege. - maybe only one unit of the guards need to be 20 (with arkhan giving life back...). Not sure. To be tested. If you can replace the 130pts by another hero (for more DP and magic, boneshaper would be my take)
  2. I (super) love the morghast which indeed are not the best on the table. But you are right: after reselling what I didn't want to keep, and finally gotten rid of all ossiarch, I just have a 1500pts army for...60€ ! And that, completely NEW on sprues. (1 tyrant, 18 ogors, 6 leebelchers, 3 ironblasters). Add to this one of the best deal with the SC!, 140€ later I'm with 4 Stonhorn+8mournfangs added to the ogors making a almost 4000pts army 100% new for 200€. Unbeatable. I hope that I'll got a battleforce next year for OBR. This year, the battleforces a pretty bad (they were great last year).
  3. I don't expect a lot of changes (read= almost zero) on the warscrolls. A bit rend here and there, maybe wounds and rules (abilities/commands). But I think that we'll get the most out of the batallions ond synergies (traits/relics etc...). Maybe some balance on the manticore. The choosen are the elite of our (already) elite army. They can't get rid of them. So, for now, I don't see some change. They are already hard hitters. But maybe some rules to make them move faster via spells or something. The minis show their age especially if they go side by side with the new (SC!) chaos warriors.
  4. I'll add my personal experience. Be aware that it is only me 😉 When you start the army, you'll have to ask yourself also about the hidden costs (battletome, cards, dice, goodies, decors, ES...). You already answered about the Endless spells. I think that you forgot the decor which is in my opinion, mandatory (and a little bit OP at the zero cost in points. But it is not free in €£$. Don't forget it. The key sentence above is "If you are on a budget and looking for an all comers list". For all comers, I think that the very best of the best is...not ossiarch! lol. Arkhan is a killer. So, if you don't have him, it'd be a harder choice. If you already have him in a death army, it's a no brainer. Also, if you already have some harbinger, no need in short term of stalkers/immortis. The core of the army, that you'll see in most armies is only 3 units: guards, kavalos and liege. At low points, 1 of each at upper points, at least 2 of guards (40) and 2 of kavalos (10) and 1 liege = 1080 points. Arkhan and another HQ (bonereaper for cheap useful or another according to your preference) and you already are above 1500. (1700+ if you already have harbingers...). Me, and it is JUST ME : I had 3 boxes of feast of bones to start OBR. Already have Arkhan and death... I was excited to build around this. But I saw that it was an additional bare minimum of 150€. Not to finish the army, but just to get the minimum to play 2K with a bit of choice. I already have to finish several armies. I asked myself: what different things (from others) this army bring to me ? Not that much. (except that I love the minis). My pile of shame is already too big, the feast of bones already gave me an ogor army (for cheap). So, I decided: stop here. This is just a plastic (read= financial) immobilisation. I resold everything (almost at the UK FLGS market price) and got rid of OBR... except for ONE Vokmortian (because I know that I'll build this army in the (near) future). So, even if I start again OBR, I'd lost less than 10£€. But this budget game me enough to finish ogor and complete StD (whichare both > 3000pts with many army options). So, my ultimate advice IF YOU ARE ON BUDGET: wait for bundles and finish your pile of shame/complete your existing armies which will give you more strategic options for cheap: sooner or later, there will be a SC!, almost sure with guards. I bet that one of the AoS next year battleforce will be OBR and giving the unit range, pretty sure that with 2 boxes, you'll have a good starting point.
  5. ALmost sure that it'll be in the new battletome. (Got 2 myself). Because it was in the last battleforce, because it is relatively recent plastic kit and dual kit.
  6. I was super disapointed not seeing the (actual) giants in the mawtribes battletome. They sould have been there. They fit superbly. But no. GW decided they don't fit. Weird choice. They'd have been magnificent, especially if they benefit from synergies. I hope the same for the chaos giants (same kit) in the upcoming StD tome. But I'm pretty sure that i'll be disapointed once again....
  7. If I'd have to guess about a reasonably soon release, I'd say the bell comes from a new (next month) StD Endless spell (or terrain)... Big enough compared the the skulls.
  8. that is typically what'd be FAQed because in one case guard are (almost) immortal (meaning OP) whereas in the other case they are resilient but ok (playable, I mean).
  9. I just received My first (2) SC! BCR and what???? WTF GW??? The assembling instruction manual only include the FLoSH ???? What? I order a full kit, yes, it is in a SC§ but GW doesn't include the full assembing? What is it this new way a treating your customes? It was the same in FoB not including the Immortis build. Is this a new habit of GW? Is there someone with the pdf of full assembing of the Thundertusk&mounting options(dual seats etc..)? PS: found it elsewhere (I hope it is complete) but this is unacceptable from GW
  10. That's what I also think (unfortunately) but not what I hope. If they do an IK-like army (of giants) it'd sell like crazy especially if it can mix with most of armies. Honnestly, we don't really need more armies now, but more deepness in the existing ones. Add some new characters or even some units rather than new few kits armies.
  11. One giant kit for several factions already exists: the gargan, for destruction and chaos. You can easyly goes further in this directions with some more bits. Example, starting from a sort of giant: - destruction: savage type of giant. armor is barbarian like, woods etc... - chaos: well, lets go lazy with some spiky bits, nasty armors...and horns ofc 😉 - order: normal/classic armors, nice helmet and classic (not barbarian) weapons. - death: gives the giant the more skelly/zomby/ossiarch look. Armors can be added parts on the models not melted to the model, making the kit more versatile. I think that with 2 different kist,IK sized in number of sprues, you can have it all will all the weapons options availlable to all/most of giants. The game already deals with (kinda) giants armys: in ogors , CoS (tanks) and FEC you can have a pure behemoth army. So, rule wise, it wouldn't be crazy to manage for GW. Last but not least: I'd prefer that we go "giants" rather than "mounted big monsters" (we already have them in the examples above)
  12. I was thinking something similar (yet you know, there've been already a dual giant box....). But the actual giant kit is lacking some options like , for exemple, shooting (portable balista, postable canon...), or mounting guy (a guy on the shoulder of the giant, making him do some stuff), or something more wizzardy (a giant wonderfull magical staff etc...). I'd like a faction like that, an IK-40k AoS kind of battletome.. With MANDATORY a mirrored one for chaos. Well, lets be crazy: a tome per grand alliance! (big death skeleton giants is my dream!). Those Giants could be allied to all factions in their grand alliance. It is doable, will shake the meta like crazy, will allow new games and will look amazing on the table.
  13. Thinking about a crazy tactical operation in OBR: I attack my own crawlers to get them in the right buff to shoot enemy. And then, I snipe every oponent heros with those downgraded catapults (but more efficient)! A crazy army gone crazier 🤪 lol
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