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  1. booskshop: issue 2 issue 3 => 15eur no gift Subscription + cancelation = issue 2 + Issue 3 + 2 GW tools + glue = 4.99eur. Hence my question about somebody experiencing it ?
  2. This is interesting! The next question is: which are the most interesting games in this list? (can't play 'em all 🤔 )
  3. Mortal realms from Hachette has some superb deals especially at the beggining. I'm not interested by the whole collection as I already have some SCE & NH. But I will grab some specific issues in my shop in the future (or order them to Hachette). I did it with Conquest for my DG and my SM armies. So, the number 1 issue is ou in France, here, today. I grabbed several issues at 2.50€: it's a steal! 3 easy-to-build Sequitors , 10 easy-to-build Chainrasps ,6 Dice ,Plastic Inch-Ruler , Paper Battle Mat... Now, my question: I assume that it was the same in UK when it launched las year.
  4. Mortal Realms Issue 1 Contents 3 easy-to-build Sequitors (10 RRP) 10 easy-to-build Chainrasps (£25 RRP) 6 Dice Plastic Inch-Ruler Paper Battle Mat I couldn't resist to build some thematic armies: Got mines today. At 2.50€, it is a steal! I'm now the general of 18 sequitors and 60 chainrasps. Next issue is 4 easy-to-build Myrmourn Banshees ,Corax White ,Starter Brush : will take 2 or 4. Thee are some real steals in this collection. I'm thinking about the Venator for example. Love the mini. 2 builds. Only 10€. I hope that in the future, GW won't do what they d
  5. I like Bel'Akor and I kinda like his rules in (AoS) games. I like this miniature but I absolutely DON'T like what I'll get in game: - Base is (awfully) too big for this character which is not a major daemon like Kairos/LoC/etc... and compared to Daemon princes and old Bel'Akor mini. - Additionally, making him on top of a decor, make the whole mini even higher. - Size of the body is ok but the wings are way too large, making him extremely difficult to hide, especially in 40K - oversized mini means again extremly expensive mini. I don't know if I'll replace my actu
  6. Thank you. I thought that they were taller than that...🤔
  7. Hi there, I've searched a lot but I didn't find a precise answer: what is the height of the mega gargant model and the gargant model, from feet to top of the head? (in short, how tall are the models?). I don't have the mean to buy them but I'd like to try the army, at least with some printed models...
  8. They will do the whole zoo bestiary: soon the hypopotamus, the turkey, the ostruch, the gazellas, the rhino (no, not the brick in the 40K range) etc...
  9. Those are 3D render, not 3D printed. The 3D print have less details, they are less "crisp &nd sharp detailled". But once painted and seen from a playing distance, they are good. But GW moulded plastic are still ahead. I don't think that buying a 3D resin printer for warhammer playing is a good idea. But, buying a resin 3D printer to build a personal army, then playing as an existing AoS or 9th Age or whatever wargame is a real pleasure and it is way more cheaper in the long run. You can get a full STL files army for cheap nowadays (40 to 100€ but often around 50) with amazing miniatures.
  10. Well, the good news for me is that I will finish my own game before they do 😎 . I'm testing a lot of things thanks to the resin 3D printers and it is awesome. I already choose the scale, the set up and the heroic fantasy. I'm sure many of you will be glad to play this game. My bet: GW won't do similar game. Just because they are so pretentious (and, well, they can be because their stuff rocks!!! I spent too much $£€ in their grey plastic...and still do 😊)
  11. what box are you talking about? Will there be some battleforces this xmas? What are they? (AoS and 40K if possible 😉 )
  12. Maybe, but I ALWAYS prefer that the one that chose the personality of my army is ME, only ME.
  13. Allies rules of SoB are out: this is the worse possible thing that I could imagine and this definitely kills my interest to SoB miniatures: I wanted to be able to choose the Behemats to ally to each specific build of each specific army that I have. But instead, you only have the choice of ONE giant kind for chaos, one for order and one for Death (and all for destruction). This is a completly dumb restrictive yet arbitrary rule. I won't buy any of those mini. I just play them with proxy that I will print (3D resin).
  14. +1. It is not to COPY the GW giants but to print some giants. Honnestly, the GW gargants and giants could be whatever giants, you won't be chocked. A nice 3D model could do perfectly the job especially if you're building a SoB army. (no mix with GW mini). And in front of a GW army (whichever it is), it won't look weird. Not necessarily true as the 3D miniature market is growing at rocket speed. Just have a look for example at myminifactory, or some patreons, or kicstarter... You have tons of nice minis, many are already pre configured for 3D resin printer. Just pay => downloa
  15. I just received my new 3D resin printer: I'm totally new to resin printing. But there is a big incentive here to jump in this 3D thing and become a regular miniature printer man. I think that I'll get my money back pretty fast in printing some giants (with elegoo saturn you got the definition AND the size). A giant will cost me less than 10 bucks. lol
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