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  1. Maybe, but I ALWAYS prefer that the one that chose the personality of my army is ME, only ME.
  2. Allies rules of SoB are out: this is the worse possible thing that I could imagine and this definitely kills my interest to SoB miniatures: I wanted to be able to choose the Behemats to ally to each specific build of each specific army that I have. But instead, you only have the choice of ONE giant kind for chaos, one for order and one for Death (and all for destruction). This is a completly dumb restrictive yet arbitrary rule. I won't buy any of those mini. I just play them with proxy that I will print (3D resin).
  3. +1. It is not to COPY the GW giants but to print some giants. Honnestly, the GW gargants and giants could be whatever giants, you won't be chocked. A nice 3D model could do perfectly the job especially if you're building a SoB army. (no mix with GW mini). And in front of a GW army (whichever it is), it won't look weird. Not necessarily true as the 3D miniature market is growing at rocket speed. Just have a look for example at myminifactory, or some patreons, or kicstarter... You have tons of nice minis, many are already pre configured for 3D resin printer. Just pay => download file => chitubox => adjust size for giant or gargant => print. The pre print process is , the first time, less than few minutes. Then print (few hours). Cost: for first prints, just the files.
  4. I just received my new 3D resin printer: I'm totally new to resin printing. But there is a big incentive here to jump in this 3D thing and become a regular miniature printer man. I think that I'll get my money back pretty fast in printing some giants (with elegoo saturn you got the definition AND the size). A giant will cost me less than 10 bucks. lol
  5. Price are out: Giant 150€ dual gargant 100€ I was motivated. But it was before... 😭
  6. That was the real surprise here: it'll be the "nice" surprise if the price is not 2 times (or more) the price of a single gargant. Knowing GW and their astounding yet super accurate math, they will probably go as 2*1=3...
  7. Thank you @Overread I'll also look into the 40k side of this army: I like to use daemons armies in both games, and there is no depravity points in 40K. This is one of the argument that make me jump on the opportunity of this box. Troops are importants in 40K and biggest HQ (keepers of S ) are targeted too easily (which is a shame).
  8. I'll aim for 4 boxes and I think that I'll keep the slanesh halves. Do I need more troops? How many keepers?
  9. Totolly new to slanesh. What are the common builds of slanesh? I'll buy the Shadow and Pain box (and keep the slanesh halfs, in fact, several of them I think). Is this enough to start the troops? How many of them do you usually need in each builds? PS: I already have a nice pool of StD (maybe useful with DP & some othe stuff -but zero marauder atm - ) and Tzeench (useless here) PS 2 : ideal expectation targeted: 4 halces of Shadow and pain boxes to build around.
  10. I also am really interested by this dual army box: I'd start one of the armies. But which one? What do you think about the content for EACH army? I'll have to resell one half. What's about the (real!!!) popularity of each side?
  11. Ogors already had one (via beastclaw raiders). Amho , Bonereaper is super probable. SoB super improbable except if they do a speacial launch box with several Behemats/giants in it.
  12. One of them is usually the poster boys, stormcast. Pretty sure we won't have the gobs, the DoK, the Lizards and nighthaunts...(which have been done last year).
  13. I won't bet too much on it: we already know that october= Space marines & Necron codex + a (big) bunch of new miniatures for both armies.
  14. I've been out a little bit, due to focusing on 40k the past weeks. But I'm still keeping an eye on AoS. Any new rumors about the Sons of Behemat release date?
  15. Indeed. But liking DoT, I must say that the gaunt is an unavoidable mini in a collection, especially the "on disc" one (which with a single magnet can play both, mounted and not mounted). BTW, I only assembled a single unit of 10 pinks (and thus 20 blues+20 brims). This is perfect.
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