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  1. I did a long break. I'm back and I don't know yet if I buy the new box set Dominion. Is it interesting to get it (only the Stormcast part) to complete an existing stormcast army? Or is it too similar to the ancien units making more likely some "doublons" ? Is it worth it?
  2. I'll try to get one online but I smell a big mess...fingers crossed
  3. I know the official price in € 155, but what is the GW price in UK in £ ?
  4. This promises a kolossal mess at 10am june 19th... For indomitus, most sellers (including GW) had their web site shut down because of simili DOS attaks...(in fact, people trying to order)
  5. I didn't follow close enough about the new AOS box. Is it the new starter box or is it a limited edition "à la" 40K Indomitus box?
  6. Is it official or is it your point of view?
  7. I didn't follow the news close enough about the soulblight army but can someone tell me: - what previous death units can be played and are they ok/good/lame in this BT ? (I have LoN army and FEC already and mortarchs and lord on zombidragon). - Reciprocally : what are the soulblight new units that can be played in LoN/FEC/death army ? I don't know yet if I'll buy new stuff except the knights and skeletons, and maybe some leader/lord...dunno.
  8. At what time, the today's surprise tease?
  9. At what time, the today's surprise tease?
  10. booskshop: issue 2 issue 3 => 15eur no gift Subscription + cancelation = issue 2 + Issue 3 + 2 GW tools + glue = 4.99eur. Hence my question about somebody experiencing it ?
  11. This is interesting! The next question is: which are the most interesting games in this list? (can't play 'em all 🤔 )
  12. Mortal realms from Hachette has some superb deals especially at the beggining. I'm not interested by the whole collection as I already have some SCE & NH. But I will grab some specific issues in my shop in the future (or order them to Hachette). I did it with Conquest for my DG and my SM armies. So, the number 1 issue is ou in France, here, today. I grabbed several issues at 2.50€: it's a steal! 3 easy-to-build Sequitors , 10 easy-to-build Chainrasps ,6 Dice ,Plastic Inch-Ruler , Paper Battle Mat... Now, my question: I assume that it was the same in UK when it launched las year. Hachette offers this deal: - you can order a subscription, starting with number 2 at 4.99€. they will offer the num 3 (10€ for free, yes!), and some additionnal gifts: glue, tools etc.. . - you can stop subscription whenever you want even after the first pack (above). So, basically, you got the next 2 issues (num 2 and 3 + tolls/gifts) for 4.99. My idea is to get 2 of them and then stop subscription. Has anybody tried it ? (in UK ?). Didi it work as intended?
  13. Mortal Realms Issue 1 Contents 3 easy-to-build Sequitors (10 RRP) 10 easy-to-build Chainrasps (£25 RRP) 6 Dice Plastic Inch-Ruler Paper Battle Mat I couldn't resist to build some thematic armies: Got mines today. At 2.50€, it is a steal! I'm now the general of 18 sequitors and 60 chainrasps. Next issue is 4 easy-to-build Myrmourn Banshees ,Corax White ,Starter Brush : will take 2 or 4. Thee are some real steals in this collection. I'm thinking about the Venator for example. Love the mini. 2 builds. Only 10€. I hope that in the future, GW won't do what they did with the launch of AoS 2 (making previous mini worse). But I'll enjoy my armies.
  14. I like Bel'Akor and I kinda like his rules in (AoS) games. I like this miniature but I absolutely DON'T like what I'll get in game: - Base is (awfully) too big for this character which is not a major daemon like Kairos/LoC/etc... and compared to Daemon princes and old Bel'Akor mini. - Additionally, making him on top of a decor, make the whole mini even higher. - Size of the body is ok but the wings are way too large, making him extremely difficult to hide, especially in 40K - oversized mini means again extremly expensive mini. I don't know if I'll replace my actual Bel'akor (which is not pretty to say the less) with this one that I like the design but I don't like what I got for the game...
  15. Thank you. I thought that they were taller than that...🤔
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