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Spells drawing a line and Umbral Spellportal Post FAQ December 2018



Hi guys,

I'm wondering if I missed something or if GW messed up the Umbral Spellportal with the latest question of the FAQ.

The Question is:


Q: Some spells require you to pick a point on the battlefield within a certain distanceof the caster, and then draw a line from that point back to the caster. Can this point be measured from an Umbral Spellportal, and if it can, is the line drwan back to the caster?

A: Yes to both questions

To make a sketch:


Green is the caster, blue and orange are the two parts of the Umbral Spellportal (like in the game portals). The black dot is the chosen point on the map.

The answer sounds like that the point is drawn from the portal,  but for drawing the line the dashed line is used (even if the spell gets way more range than it should be).

What do you think, was that really planned. I mean, drawing back the line to Portal 2 would just have been fine (and logical), so a spell that has a range of 12" would still draw a line of 12" not 25" or so.

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