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The London Grand Tournament - September 13-15 2019

Marc Wilson

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I'd like to announce The London Grand Tournament , taking place on the weekend of September 13-15th 2019.

The largest Warhammer tournament in the UK will take place at at The Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre, 61 Meridian Way, Edmonton, London N9 0AR, UK.  


Pole vaulting not mandatory


This will be a Single List 2000 points tournament and will follow the restrictions in the General’s Handbook 2019 Matched play section, except where specified otherwise in this pack.  Only Warscrolls in ‘Pitched Battle Profiles 2019’, Battletomes released between June 22nd – September 7th 2019, ‘Season of War: Firestorm’ and ‘Forbidden Power’ are valid. Each player must play the same list for all games. Allegiance abilities, Spells, Command traits and Artefacts must be listed on your Army List and not change on a game-by-game basis. Realm Artefacts may be used.  Realm spells from ‘Malign Sorcery’ may be used subject to the restrictions on page 7. ‘Core Rules – Realms of Battle page 254-260’ will not be used. i.e. you don’t need to big book. Mercenaries may be used as per GHB2019.

There is also a doubles event on the friday, please check lgtpresents.co.uk for details.

There will be a host of trophies on offer as well as some quality prizes courtesy of Army Painter, KR Multicase and Gamemat!

Best General - The player with the highest total score overall.
Best General, 1st Runner up - The player with the second highest score overall.
Best General, 2nd Runner up - The player with the third highest score overall.
Best Appearance - The player with the most votes for Best Appearance Army
Best Appearance, 1st Runner up - The player with the most votes for Best Appearance Army
Best Appearance, 2nd Runner up - The player with the most votes for Best Appearance  Army
Most Sporting - The players with most nominations for Most Sporting from their opponents. 
The Das Boot submarine commander trophy.

Also, to encourage diversity, 'Best in Faction ' awards will be on offer, rather than just best in Allegiance

Plus the trophy they all want to win (equal in value to Best General) Best of the Rest - Highest placed non-mixed, non Battletome allegience army!

Tickets are available NOW at the webstore:  https://www.lgtpresents.co.uk/store

Age of Sigmar is allocated 100 places - so get yours soon.   Entrants below plus 5 or 6 more.

James Grant
Daniel George
Johnny Armstrong
christopher hibbins
Angus Brain
Steve Curtis
Hugh Halligan
Ben Raven
Benjamin Murphy
Teck Loy Low
James Warth
mark curtis
benjamin savva
Matthew Ward
Nicholas Ruesink-Brown
Laurie Huggett-Wilde
William Philpott
Owen Jackson
Daniel White
Conor McNama
Andy Hall 
Lucas Freed
Chris Thursten
Jani Szaniszlo
Alasdair Hutchinson
Dan Lavender
Jason Smith 
Colin Cochrane
dominic smithies
Craig Bowles
Simon Froley
Sam Freeman
Rene Jellitsch
Daniel Harston
Richard Nutter
Kah Ming Lee
Craig Namvar
Samuel Loving
Chris Francis
Sam Saunders
Jack Armstrong
David Carter
Paul Berridge
Piotr Kurkowski
Matthieu Schoenholzer
James Houston
Ross McGowan
Charles  Sealey
Ralph Hughes
Jason Ashford 
Alexander Stewart
Maxime Julian
Charles Hollom
Samuel Sinclair
jiwan noah Singh
Thomas Lemoine
Jon Carroll
Thomas Hamilton
Lee Whitely
jiwan Singh
Alexander Ford
Gabriele C Sosso
Ben Mardle
Jeremy Veysseire
Matthew Gouldesbrough
Sebastian Sjostrom
Owen Jackson
Mat Brookes
Vincent Chan
Daniil Osand
Darren Watson
Freddie Leggett
George Stone
Olly Fox
Francois Mercier
philipp  Kartaev
Adam Cunis
Seb Delmonte


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Anyone buying a ticket should have had an email giving registration details. If you haven't had it check your spam folder, after all it is from LGT! You might find it nestled between an enticing offer from the late Sultan of Abuja's brother and and equally enticing offer from a potential Ukrainian bride. 

Neither of those is real - but the LGT registration process on  www.tabletop.to is - so get down with that program. If you still can't find the mail please  PM me or email londonaosgt 'at' mail.com

Handful of places left, singles and doubles, go to lgtpresents@co.uk . Get yourself to London's biggest AoS Singles event. Great people, great prizes on offer from sponsors KR Multicase, Army Painter and Gamemat.eu. LIVE streaming from Honestwargamer.com and as much of last years 40k polystyrene scenery as you can eat nom!nom!nom!


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