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  1. Tickets still available for this, Marc?
  2. Are tickets available for this?
  3. Hi dan, when I paid for my ticket (22) I also paid for Tim Pearce (137). Can you check? thanks Ben Price
  4. I’m looking forward to anything (traits, artefacts etc) which can give gutbusters: 1. Ability to hit on a 3+ (especially shooting) 2. Ability to move further than 6 without the destruction move 3. Fly! I’d take anything just to be able to get over chaff units! 4. The bruiser with BSB warscroll in matched play Ideally, I’d love it if there was an alternate warscroll for the frostlord called “tyrant on stonehorn/thundertusk” which has a cool command ability.
  5. Another brilliant tournament Tony. Thanks to Steve, Chris and Gareth for the fun, relaxed and engaging games. Although Gutbusters are not an optimised choice for AoS at the moment, I predict great things for AoS2. See you in the future! Ben P
  6. I’ve looked in GH2017, he’s not in there but is on Azyr. I think he’s compendium in GH2016. I’ll leave him out. necromancer with hat is the true necromancer.
  7. Nice list, I think it has some real potential. The combo of a Stonehorn (for close combat) and a thundertusk for range is good. The tyrant with great gutgouger and bellowing blade is an ace combo. Units of ogors are punchy and good for chaff screens. I’m trying to decide between the ironblaster and a unit of leadbelchers. Is there a specific reason for the grots? It might be better to drop them and upgrade the 6 ogor unit to 12. You have two artefacts in your list, not sure how you’ve managed that. Best of luck with the list!
  8. Hi, Can we use any matched play warscroll for this event? I’d like to use the bruiser with banner warscroll! thanks Ben
  9. Is there a painting requirement? 3 colours min & based?
  10. Excellent, I’ll send payment over. If you’re making a player list prior to the event, can you refer to me as A.N Other, I’m going as a surprise to one of my club mates ?
  11. Hi, did this get submitted to the rankings? Also I was wondering if there are any events this year. Would love to attend another!
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