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  1. I'm planning on playing this approach but I feel like swapping the StD Demon Prince, 10 PB and Geminids for Be'lakor. Even with the cost hike, he's very valuable and brings more to the table than halving run & charge (that's a great ability tough, don't read me wrong).
  2. I agree with that, my take being in LoCA (Ruinous Aura) you have the double 5++ ward . But probably it's better in Maggotkin lists where everything synergizes better with them.
  3. Hey y'all! What's the general opinion on the new Slopity Bilepiper in LoCA lists? His new buffs are pretty yummy and since Plaguebearers and Verminlord Corruptor are already staples in the allegiance, I believe he's a good addition. And the new small Battalion is a pretty cheap way to add an artefact and a CP to a list. Happy to hear and discuss opinions.
  4. Morathi at 1000 pts seems... Well gross/unbeatable/broken ?
  5. Agreed ☺️ But you can take it in Scathcoven on the other hand.
  6. It's not. The Shrine can't be in the Battalion, only Medusa on foot.
  7. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks, that list looks brutal! Medusae on shrine are as insane as Stalkers.
  8. @swarmofseals do you see a more optimized version of the "Kunnin DoKk"? I know it's 2 drops but I'm concerned not having at least one screen unit... Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine- Temple: KhailebronLeadersThe Shadow Queen (390)Morathi-Khaine (210)- Lore of Shadows: Mirror DanceMelusai Ironscale (110)- Artefact: WhisperdeathBloodwrack Medusa (100)- General- Command Trait: Mistress of Illusion- Artefact: Shadow Stone- Lore of Shadows: The WitheringBattleline15 x Blood Stalkers (420)15 x Blood Stalkers (420)20 x Witch Aelves (200)- Sacrificial Knives and Blade BucklersBattalion
  9. On the other hand, we have the only Warcry/Underworlds units that are not only playable but border OP.
  10. Agreed. It's just that the retreat+charge (that is pretty potent in the book now) doesn't synergize well with them. And the ability to put Bucklers on Witches now make them the go-to choice for both offense and defense.
  11. I wonder if the book is not even stronger than before. The shooting and MW spam builds are pretty insane. Morathi is the best Behemoth in the game. Every.single.warscroll is playable in a competitive list (maybe a little disappointment for Sisters of Slaughter). Four choice of Battlleline. Four! Dude, look at any other armies and tell me if you have that variety of builds.
  12. Solid choice, thanks. Two Cauldron/Shrine + Morathi seems a legit trio 😁
  13. Would love to try something like that: TEMPLE: KHAILEBRON Leaders Bloodwrack Shrine (160) - General - Command Trait: Mistress of Illusion - Artefact: Whisperdeath - Lore of Shadows: The Withering Bloodwrack Shrine (160) -Artefact: Soul Stone - Lore of Shadows: Mindrazor Bloodwrack Medusa (100) - Lore of Shadows: Steed of Shadows Ironscale Melusai (110) Battleline 10 x Blood Stalkers (280) 15 x Blood Sisters (390) 15 x Blood Sisters (390) Battalions Scathcoven (140) Al
  14. Hey guys! What's your take on Allies? I see myself considering one or two Allopex in a gunline list, the protection is strong with the net. Also thinking about a Cities of Sigmar Battlemage, adding another -1 debuff in Khaleibron or +2 run/charge for the Witches is never bad. What do you think?
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