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  1. Morglum StormBasha

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Yeah I think all of this seasons shadespire warbands are led by a wizard - so a troggoth wizard as well maybe?
  2. Morglum StormBasha

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Very exciting to see that new moonclan warband as the fanatics and netters and squigs seem to be keeping the current aesthetic just improved.
  3. Morglum StormBasha

    The Rumour Thread

    The new grot herder looks brilliant! I’m excited
  4. Morglum StormBasha

    Time for Heroes - Version 2 in play


    Do we know how many people are signed up for this event now ?
  5. Morglum StormBasha

    Are "High Elves" the most in danger of not being updated for Order?

    Yeah I would expect us within 5 years to end up with 9 aelf battletomes. We already have 3 and 2 extra allegiances
  6. Morglum StormBasha

    Are "High Elves" the most in danger of not being updated for Order?

    I never get this high elves pulled out of a Tolkien novel thing.... Show me elves riding dragons in Tolkien? Doesn’t happen as dragons are creatures of morgoth and evil. Caledonia and order draconis are cribbed from moorcocks melnibonean elves. Where is the concept of the fires of asuryan and reincarnation Phoenix in Tolkien? I don’t think it’s there as they are cribbed from Eastern influences and not Tolkien’s Christian one. wood elvea are the closest to Tolkien elves as they had treemen and eagles and wanderers and sylvaneth have both been kept and transformed, high elves which are more distant in conception still can easily find a place in aos in new forms.
  7. Morglum StormBasha

    Are "High Elves" the most in danger of not being updated for Order?

    Phoenix temple and Phoenicium the city would seem to be the easiest line to expand if we were to get a dok like book. i would love the ur Phoenix to be a reincarnated asuryan swifthawk ... i think a really good eagle elves army could be created but I think it would need a bit of a rename and theme.
  8. Morglum StormBasha

    Will Female Dwarfs be inevitable? Or still taboo for GW?

    As posted above warhammer fantasy did have dwarves and I also still have the queen Helga model from the 1990s campaign set sitting on my shelf. I’m sure that any new duardin faction could include a dwarf character who was female. Honestly I’m expecting females models for almost (not every) faction release from now on. With kharadron and their masks And pressure suits id say it’s impossible to tell.
  9. Morglum StormBasha

    AngelCore 2018!


    In and paid
  10. Morglum StormBasha

    The Rumour Thread

    So given as I’m on my way back from aradacon a 210 player middle earth sbg event and have just played 9 games in 3 days here are some of the key differences between sbg and aos: game size 750 points is tournament standard rather than 2000. Most games are fought on a 4 by 4 not a 6 by 4. Max model count is under 100 given current pointing. models not units each model matters and fights and dies on its own rather than as a unit. Duels not massive brawls combat is even more about positioning than age of sigmar. Models must be in base to base to fight each other or else be armed with a spear or pike that can support through another model. Combats between models are paired off as much as possible but you position as carefully as you can to try to outnumber your opponent or even trap him at which point you are twice as likely to kill him. heroic actions not command abilities each hero has his own personal store of might (think command points) that he can choose to spend at the beginning of each phase. These actions can effect him or models near him and are things like move half your speed further (powerful as there is no concept of runnings or charging in Lotr) or shooting first when your opponent has priority. matched play there are 12 matched play scenarios there are similar to aos and 40k. Probably closer to 40k as often 3 victory conditions eg breaking your opponent, most models in 6 of objective and kill the warlord. break point not battleshock morale is represented by models having to take courage tests before they move once more than half your army has died. So if 21 of your 40 are dead and you are Mordor you have courage 2 on your orcs and need to roll a 8 to get to 10 plus for that model not to scarper. no turn limit games end depending on the scenario once one force is broken or once one force is at 25 per cent of its models. In practice in my last game today we played 13 turns in 2 hours. i go you go each phase not each turn roll a dice for priority. If you win you move then your opponent then you shoot then your opponent does etc. Heroes can interrupt this. new edition new edition has been written by jay Clare who as well as being a nice chap is basically the best player in the uk. He’s added in a lot of new levels to the new edition like allegiance abilities and reworked every profile in the game. I love both systems both very tactical and very different. Much more so than say 40k vs aos.
  11. Morglum StormBasha

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    If we are wishlisting then my favourite part of the range is the chaos dwarf faces. So I’d acrually like another chaos dwarf infantry kit with faces. Maybe with blunderbusses or spears?
  12. Morglum StormBasha

    Events UK: FaceHammer GT 2018

    Glad to see the core rulebook realm commands and magic being used.
  13. Morglum StormBasha

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    Why does no one want Theodore bruckner back in that poll! I always wanted that model ... have voted for the cracker too
  14. Morglum StormBasha

    AoS 2 - Legion Of Azgorh Discussion

    I spent 280 on legion earlier this week - I’d probsbly opt in for a skull cracker as well
  15. Morglum StormBasha

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Morathi works fine - 4th place at bobo was a morathi list.