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  1. Yeah sticks for Eeels are so fragile. I dropped my army case and 16 sticks broke so I pinned them and then glued them together.
  2. Logistics could be a nightmare but on the other hand - both post-lockdown releases are quite huge. 1. They released a lot of Mechanicum stuff it's huge release a lot of kits - and it found it's way on the shelves without any delays 2. Aeronautica and this weeks pre-orders are also huge. I doubt they have much problems and I expect Lumineth Box to be up for pre-orders with DoK Warband and Scions of Flame for AoS week. Then switching to 40k again and then to rest of Lumineth.
  3. It's impossible to introduce such change in GHB. AoS 3.0 which should arrive summer 2021 could change it, but then whole points system should be readressed to do that.
  4. It's a horrbile idea for AoS (unless they rebuild whole system), some armies need CPs a lot (for example Orruk Warclans, FEC) and they make alot of effort list building to get access to CPs as using CAs is integral to how such army plays. On the other hand for example Deepkin do not need much CPs as they don't have much CAs to build your lists around. Giving a lot of CPs to everybody would outbalance all CAs heavy armies. And I like that variety in AoS, if every army needs a lot of CAs it will be more boring for several reasons.
  5. I doubt unit champions are heroes with their own warscroll. I am certain from battle reports that they just act as one - they cast spells, use abilities kind of like Mortek Hekatos.
  6. Yeah AoS is more like it right now. I like how AoS you can play variety of armies from big, low-model count armies like FEC/Ogors to hordes of models - Skavens, DoK. There are amazing all cavalery armies (Deepkin) and Shooting Armies (Changehost, Salamanders) and there is everything in between.
  7. It's all speculation. Those aren't even rumors but pure speculation/wishlisting. The only "rumor" is new DoK battletome and Slaanesh mortal - from Warhammer Weekly. DoK makes sense as it's the oldest battletome know. Kurnothi could be one off like Zoats or Gitmob or just possible Sylvaneth semi-expansion. Malerion isn't doing any stuff right know. Aelves lore is all about Teclis and Morathi right know - they work somehow together and saw the danger of Slaanesh escaping , Tyrion and Malerion stood still.
  8. Looks very Elven, and lack of armour looks very much like thralls/akhelian guard. Gemstones look very High Elven though Deepkin WarCry/Underworlds warband ? unreleased Lumimeth stuff ?
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/05/08/see-the-light-of-elthariongw-homepage-post-2/?fbclid=IwAR1fmLq4lV_6Yg7iNF711F3Z3pBn1AHAMhcxZ95qYdW0GB8MkOTXEXzJjXc
  10. He is confirmed to be spellcaster as well so he could be really good if he is tanky enought to blast some spells from shorter ranges.
  11. I would love him to be quite tanky like 3+ save with 4++ and 6W. And then he can choose a "stance" before every battleround - to be more killy in combat - to be better at spellcasting.
  12. We still didn't get WD 453 so 454 is still at least a month away
  13. WD 454 is one month away so there is still long time.
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