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  1. Anything more about DoK, Hag going up is only nerf ?
  2. Make them 100-120 and Battleline with Medusa and Temple Nest becomes quite viable.
  3. Why would anybody expect anything more ? GW doesn't really tease AoS2.0 Battletome updates like - Fyreslayers,Sylvaneth, FEC etc - they just release them and I doubt there is anything huge coming up for AoS in summer - June is contrast and GHB2019 so it's already huge for AoS, July is WarCry another huge AoS universe release. I'm sure they will sneak in 1-2 Battletomes updates over the summer for AoS - (for example Ironjawz and Seraphon) + Sylvaneth is coming.
  4. Are new endless spells even coming ? I think they would release them along with Forbidden Power or GHB.
  5. And how much is this battalion if it's like 80 could be useful for lowering number of drops, CP and artifact, especially if you plan using those units
  6. I think they will united them with Teclis Hysh Aelves for Gloomspite alike treatment.
  7. Yes my bad it's 1 for each GA my guess is - Soulblight or something new for Death - Teclis "soup" light Aelves for Order - Everchosen/Std/Darkaoth for Chaos - Ironjawz Sylvaneth alike release or Ogros combined for Destro.
  8. During AoS preview Q&A Studio Team was talking that Archaon wont be sitting back while Nagash is doing his stuff. I think Everchosen/StD/Darkoath BT is for sure coming in 2019 as there are at least 4 more BT coming up each for every GA.
  9. I think otherwise - with their focus shifting to releasing BT in some kind for all factions it makes sense to release two Gloomspite-alike armies for Aelves 1) Hysh Aelves - realistically how many kits there are in GW store ? - Skycutter(which could go to Free Cities BT) , Pheonix, Dragon - Pheonix Guards, White Lions - Chariots - Dragon Princes - plastic heroes,mages and Loremaster Throw in models for Teclis, Tyrion, (as they are heavy on heroes thanks to plastic kits), 1 cavalery kit with 2 unit entires, 1 elite kit with 2 entries, 1 battleline kit with 2 entires + terrain + endless spells. That would be pretty amazing. 2) Malerion Aelves - 1 kit for Battelines (Shards, Bleaksword, Spears) - 1 kit for elits (Execs and Black Guards) - Dragon, hydra, chariot - Cold Ones - Corsair - Assassin, Fleetmaster, Sorceress Throw in model for Malerion, some kind of big hero/monster kit , 1-2 kits for elites with 2-4 entries, maybe extra battleline kit + terrain + endless spells It's win-win for GW : - they unify all those micro factions (maybe giving them even Allegiance abilities Spiderfang alike) - players that already have Aelves will buy new stuff - new players will buy older kits which will sell like hot cakes as majority of them is fairly new - gives both armies a lot of options and unit entries.
  10. So much whinning 1. DoK aren't that OP, they do require a lot of skill to play well. SCGT results show how great Jack and Ben are as a players, there was no other DoK in Top12 and those top two were played by decorated players. Also Skavens, FEC and Nagash aren't worse some may argue that FEC and Skavens are better. 2. All changes DoK need is : - Hags up to 100-120 - Witch Aelves up to 120/300 - Heartrenders up to 100 - Stalkers down to 120 and batteline with Medusa That would be enough, it would nerf Hags so it would be difficult to take more then 1 and Witches. Most armies will go up like 100-140 pts and that's a lot for such army. Or that talk about changing Temples etc not gonna happen.
  11. Highly doubt it, I think Forbidden Power will be released alongside GHB (hopefully in June)
  12. I dont know quite nice in Combat but it all comes down to point cost. In combat is nowhere newr Gristlgore King or Morathi. DMG 5 are only 2A.
  13. I think its new Endless Spell/Terrian from Forbidden Power
  14. Whinning is really bad, Slaanesh is getting brand new BT, with a lot of stuff - 2 smaller heroes, huge KoS kit, Mirror thing unit, endless spells and terrain and people are still complaining. Even after getting new Fiends and another hero in Wrath&Rapture. This is standard AoS release - you can always take Slaves of Darkness with Slaanesh mark for mortals. There are many armies even 2.0 with much more limited choice of models/units entries.
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