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  1. AoS will anyway get a lot of love in 2019 and it's only April I think it's safe to say that we will get : - Slaanesh Battletome - Darkoath Battletome which maybe expanded Everchosen or 100% new army but I think it could be combination of both. - Sylvaneth, Ironjawz updates - Forbidden Powe expansion - GHB 2019 We could get much more updated books - BCR, Seraphon and KO and more new armies. If Darkoath, Slaanesh (and maybe Gutbusters) and updated BT are updated I think it could be Aelves not Death as Death got brand new army in Nighthaunt and I doubt they will get another "brand new army"
  2. And I doubt they will release Slaanesh without any Aelves.
  3. I don't think so there any chance for exsiting armies to be expanded anytime soon(sure some armies might get new small heroes like Khorne, FEC and Skavens). The best bet for Fyreslayers is one big Duardin BT. I think GW wants to bring all older armies up do date - so combined Duardin book somehow works as they could "refresh" KO, Fyreslayers and Disspossesed at one time. That's why I think Wanderers could be folded into Sylvaneth with new endless spells for Sylvaneth.
  4. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20190327T21&p0=64&font=cursive
  5. I think they could go many ways, I believe Malerion's Aelves will be 100% new army BUT let's remember that both Malerion and Hysh Twins want to "save" Aelves so there is possibilityto fold factions with newer kits into them but I think they will have huge release nonetheless. I doubt they will be like Daughters of Khaine. I expect Deepkin alike releases + maybe some older kits. It is quite easy to fold for example Swifthawk Agents (1 kit of Skycutter)and Pheonix Temple (2 kits) into Light Aelves. The same with Malerion Aelves I could see Black Guards/Executioners, Dark Riders, folded into his force. But I also think folding Wanderers into Sylvaneth (for example with option to make Wanderers only army with specific Allegiance ability) is awesome idea. Such moves would reduce greatly number of Aelves mini factions.
  6. I think it's from the 5th Edition High Elves Army Book
  7. What ? Against some armies they are quite bad. Any good player won't panic because 10 Heartrenders (in two units I imagine so )are behind his lines. They die crazy fast to anything. There are no builds with more then 10 Heartrenders and unless you're playing Slaughte Troupe rarely anybody runs more then one unit of 5.
  8. You can't control objectives being all the time within 7'' of an altar - and yes it's a tax as you can't choose other Command Trait so it's not like you got this ability for "free" .You clearly haven't played much with them- It's not that easy to keep units within 7'' or 3''. Bloodshield is wholly within 18'' (and yes you still can't keep it on two units guarding objectives). You can't guard objectiv and attack with another units as well - you won't be within 7'' of General. Also Cauldron Movement is 6'' (and it's when it's not damaged) so f you want to advance with run&charge you won't be in range of those ablities. Also Witches have extra attacks when they are withing 7'' of a hero. So you won't be able to use superior mobility (run and charge) along with Bloodshield and 5++. And then you got to keep your units within 3'' and 7'' of a hero to get extra attacks(and that hero is 5W wihtout any serious save in majority of cases) . I've played like 150+ competitive games with DoK and clearly you don't know what you're talking about unless you're playing only battleplanes like Knife to the Heart. People just tend to play badly against DoK and then complain about how crazy overpowered they are - but to make them really work you got to think about every movement and positioning. not only of your units but heros, general, enemy threats to heroes etc its easier said then done considering some battleplans. In comparison Evocators, Enlighted, Gristelgore do not need to keep any ranges as they are crazy good on their own. Sure Hags should be 100-120 and Witches 120/300 but people tend to overeact about them mainly because they don't now how to exploit their weaknesses.
  9. Yep, it's not so easy as it looks. Keeping your units within really short ranges(3'', 7'') is quite hard to maximize it. I do agree that Hags and Witches are too cheap, but 100-120 for Hags and 120/300 for Witches is enough. Also there is only one possible General (Slaughter Queen) who has any kind of command ability. Hags and Witches are just too cheap and that's all - also DoK has quite bad match-up against LoN.
  10. First and foremost it helps when you know the army you are writing about. They have a lot of wholly within abilities in DoK and then those that aren’t are 7” or 3” range. Also Temples arent free as you got to take Trait or Item to use them so there is a tax. Then you can’t have Morathi as your General for example. I think 120 Hags,120/300 for Witches and 350 for Slaughter Queen is enough. As it makes Hags 100% more expensive and Witches 10-20%. LoN is powerful because command Ability to bring back whole unit of Reapers is crazy good for 1CP plus there are Realm Spells. Without Realm Spells and Repaers not being summonable (or CA costing 2-3 CP) would be just fine as well.
  11. @Tel I run HaggNarr, I like Draichi Ganeth but only for alpha strike list I am working on. Loadouts were : Witches - bucklers, Sisters of Slaughter - sacrificial knives Slaughter Queen - Iron Circlet, Blessing of Khaine Hags - Sacrament of Blood, Catechism of Murder Medusa - Shadow Stone, Mindrazor.
  12. I think tGW can just release Endless Spells for Deepkins, LoN, Nurgle and DoK alongside another endless spells expansion (and it was confirmed by GW that we're getting new universal ednless spells in 2019) without any new models, books etc
  13. I that was the plan to bait him into charging all his eels into my line. If Cauldron survives(and I am math guy as I was high stakes poker player) I win. It didn't. We both gambled to get a win(as his charge was big gamble too) , also James used terrain and shipwrecks great so I was afraid that if I stretch my force he can single out my units in second turn as it wasn't possible to keep them all in range of Bloodshield. Also he had a lot of CPs which coupled with second turn High Tide and Hysh CA wasn't looking good. James played it extremely well. And I was one roll of 5++ from winning this. Long term it is good strategy but it didn't work this time. But maybe at Final I will get revenge as my army worked like a dream, I had almost 9000kill points and won first 4 games with 2k kill points major wins across very different battleplans and realms.
  14. So I'm building nice little Diorama for both my armies Deepkins and Daughters coming up nicely
  15. Also it could work as old "Sword of Khaine" kind of work ed - for KO or Fyreslayers it would appear as gold - to Tzeentch Demons or other Aelves as powerful artifact etc, etc
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