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  1. I don't think Kurnothi are an army or ever will be. We already have a lot of aelves/aelves looking armies - Sylvaneth, DoK, Deepkin + Free Cities stuff and we know Light Aelves and Malerion Aelves are coming sooner or later. I don't think that every warband needs to expanded into full faction.
  2. Free Cities and Warclans aren't important release to GW - it's just way to make all factions up to date and then came up with bigger releases. It was already done to wh40k and there some similar amount of complaining and crying about it.
  3. https://aosshorts.com/london-gt-2019-report/ Got to say thanks to Marc Wilson it was an outstanding event.
  4. That's fun list but don't think it's competitive viable, so many lists will wreck it or win on objectives.
  5. It could easily mean that he is an dark,ancient God know. Which is just true.
  6. It doesnt work like this you can’t have a cake and eat it too. Competitve lists are all about reliability not randomness thats why lists with huge randomness dont make it far in tournaments and thats their charm I guess. You cant have both and you need any reliability you can get to make it far in tournaments. Changing rules because you want randomness but yout dont really want it is terrible idea.
  7. Terrible idea that are a lot of players doing good with Gitz but Gitz are what they are an army with huge randomness. People love Gitz and some of them habe awesome results with them at tournaments. They are far from being uncompetitive Whats more competitive scene is in awesome place - look at LGT results - 13 different factions in Top25.
  8. It won't played few games with Temple Nest - you do need Morath and Cauldron to make it work and you can't fit them both. Played games with Cauldron Hag, Bloodwrack Shrine, 20 Sisters, 10 Sisters, 2x5 Stalkers and 30 SoS with bucklers and it perform ok but wasn't really good vs Slaanesh or any other mobile armies. With Morathi you're losing +1 do save on Sisters which is huge.
  9. I just can't wait for Malerion Aelves but I doubt they will happen before 2021
  10. There quite a lot of those Aelven looking Engine Rumors, maybe Hysh Aelves have feathers or something
  11. Anything more about DoK, Hag going up is only nerf ?
  12. Make them 100-120 and Battleline with Medusa and Temple Nest becomes quite viable.
  13. Why would anybody expect anything more ? GW doesn't really tease AoS2.0 Battletome updates like - Fyreslayers,Sylvaneth, FEC etc - they just release them and I doubt there is anything huge coming up for AoS in summer - June is contrast and GHB2019 so it's already huge for AoS, July is WarCry another huge AoS universe release. I'm sure they will sneak in 1-2 Battletomes updates over the summer for AoS - (for example Ironjawz and Seraphon) + Sylvaneth is coming.
  14. Are new endless spells even coming ? I think they would release them along with Forbidden Power or GHB.
  15. And how much is this battalion if it's like 80 could be useful for lowering number of drops, CP and artifact, especially if you plan using those units
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