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The Archibald (and others) Appreciation Society


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Welcome to the The Archibald Appreciation Society! A group formed in appreciation of the fearless and fearsome Archibald the Griffhound!

If you are not already familiar with this most important of griffhounds then you can follow his adventures as they are chronicled in the Roll Models comic. Read of his valiant history that led him to come to the mortal realms. Of his loyal protection of his adventuring companions and his fearlessness in battle.



Now also accepting other famed and infamous heroic and demonic familiar (and not so familiar) critters and beasties as well! 


First order of business for this new society is to first agree upon a suitable painting scheme for Archibald so that each player can feature their own upon the battlefield! Even those who might not worship the mighty Sigmar can still bring along their own loyal Archbald Griffhound (and likely a small pack of his fellows). By my eye we'd need

  • brown for the body and tail
  • grey for the feathers on the neck and tail tip 
  • yellow for the beak
  • black for the claws and harness
  • gold for the chest spike
  • pink/red for the tongue

Second order of business is to share photos and details of your own Archibalds and their adventures, or perhaps you're far from the vaulted halls of Sigmar and instead you worship chaos or destructive forces; perhaps you've an imp who always has good luck or a particular skeleton that stands prouder and more mighty than the rest! Recount their tales of valour here too!

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I don't think this is a fair matchup. Chaos has two heroes (Darkoath Chieftain and Darkoath Warqueen) to fight two Liberators with Grandhammers, and the Skaven is superior to Johann by virtue of having a weapon. But even all of those advantages do not make up for the overwhelming might, virtue, and SQUARK of Archibald, meaning Chaos has no chance.

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On 9/8/2018 at 11:47 PM, MacDuff said:

6+ save, 1 wound. The squad even ignores his demise morale wise. They should go berserk.

I'm going to house rule 6 extra attacks each against whoever offed him.

Oh that's good! I'm going to use that concept in a campaign with my girlfriend! Sacrificing a cute model just for the gaming advantage? She'll never be abel to do it ?

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