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Another day with the Warherds


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So this is going to be a page to help me keep track of painting my warherds and the games I play with them. Hopefully some of you will find it interesting as well. I will try to battle reports and I have one today but it is from last week.

Warherds vs Ironjawz 1000 pts

This will be quick and brutal

Warherd list


2 units of 6 bullgors


Ironjawz list


2 units of 10 brutes


Night goblin shaman


I think we were both over points by a bit but friendly match so who cares.


Deployment had both sides line up ready to charge

Turn 1

Warherds make Ironjawz go first and they move up and redeploy a bit. The shaman casts mystic shield on the megaboss.

Warherds then move forward and one unit of bullgors makes the charge into the megaboss. They take him down to one wound remaining since he had the reduce rend by one and ignore damage on 6s. The bulls lose 2 to the return attacks from boss, brutes and chanter.

Turn 2

Warherds get the double! The doombull rebuffs and everyone gets ready to charge. The ghorgon and other unit make the charge. The ghorgon swings first and kills 4 brutes knocking the second unit of bulls out of combat. Then the boss goes and kills a bull. The bulls get the extra +1 to hit and still whiff and fail to kill the boss but do kill the warchanter. The brutes manage to knock the bulls down to 1 remaining.

Ironjawz fail the mystic shield and the second unit of brutes gets ready to charge the bigger unit of bulls. The brutes strike first and kill all but one bull in the second unit. The other bull goes and finally finishes the boss. The brutes finish off the bull and put a few wounds on the ghorgon.

Turn 3

The bulls go first again and the doombull reinforces the remaining bullgor unit. The doombull attacks first and gets the +1 to hit. He then goes on a rampage and kills 6 brutes. The brutes take down the ghorgon. The remaining brutes put 4 wounds on the doombull before running in terror.

Ironjawz charge the doombull with the remaining brutes and kill him.

Turn 4

The last bull retreats and sets the forest on fire daring the ironjawz to step in.

Ironjawz fail mystic shield on the brutes and skirt around the forest. They fall the charge.

Turn 5

The bull charges the brutes and fails to kill any. The brutes finish him off.

Ironjawz victory!

These games are always fun. The ironjawz player is a great opponent and since the update the orruks are putting up a much stronger fight. The game lasted about 45 minutes with lots of goofing about. Brutal and bloody on both sides for sure.

















Hopefully next time ill be on the computer and can put the pictures in where I want. They are in order though so sorry for the inconvenience.

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Good report man! Although I would suggest you split at least one of the two 6-men unit into 2 3-men units if not the two of them.  What I find is that you don t normally have enough surface to have more than 3 models in the front row and this makes it so you are losing hit power.

Also, but you tell me, it looks like you kept you doombull pretty far away from everything else and seen you have played fro the "double turn" strategy you might wanna consider having him close so you can charge in the double turn. I know a doombull is undertuned in general and they could either reduce thee points of buff him a bit but well geared can still put out a crazy amount of damage on the charge so get him in the mosh pit!!!!

A part from that, always good to see another member of this community loosing it for the bull frenzy! keep it up

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Sadly the doombull needs to stay away. This time he did well but by far the majority of the time he whiffs even on 2s and 2s. So I tend to just keep him back for the buff so he doesn't get one shotted like normal. I wish he didn't whiff so hard all the time but he does so second line it is. Also for whatever reason he gets to live longer when I just ignore him because the enemy then tends to do the same even if they could shoot him.


Yep I've been playing the herd for about 2 years or something around there now. I just recently started painting though so hopefully I can finish them up soon. I have tried 3 man units and I just prefer the 6 it just seems to work better for me. Occasionally I have issues getting them all in but not if I get the charge off.

I will try to get the next report up today or tomorrow.

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haha brutal :D makes we want to go back to my warherds. I have 6 bullgors, doombull and a ghorgon so far but I stopped collecting them because its so hard to make a decent sized army from them. Also they don't kill stuff quite as effectively as my imagination wants them to!!

Great to see them though and it looks like they suit a small game pretty well.

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I think they are my favorite army. They just play how I like. None of the pansy shooting and they hit like trucks. I almost killed 2 stardrakes in one round before but then managed to whiff or he saved everything on 5+s. The one had like 3 wounds left and made 12 5+ saves to live....

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Well hello, love seeing a nicely painted army of my smooth-horned cousins! The battle report was a good read too.

May I ask, though: Why weren't you playing with objectives? I feel like that might have made this more tactically interesting than just a straight up slugfest.

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We actually did generate a mission with the cards. The deployment was basic, the mission was both add up wounds dealt and double those for heroes and monsters, and burn 3 enemy objectives. I got a ruse to lite the forest on fire. So the objectives just led to a slugfest as most games between the warherd and ironjawz rend to since its two really hard hitting melee forces that can move fairly quick. Even the gh2017 missions still end up a slugfest in part due to my opponent and my own personal preferences. There is some maneuvering depending on who has to go first but after turn one most of both armies tend to be dead before long into turn 2.

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Interesting to hear about 2x3 vs 1x6 man units.  I played spam 3 man units in the past.  but I have run 3 x 6 and they did roll hard and brutal.  


What I am interested in trying is spam Ghorgons and Doombulls.  I guess the Bullgors do all the heavy lifting when buffed but still.  


Thanks very much for sharing and kudos on an effective bat rep.  easy to follow

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