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  1. I like to take 2 Doomseekers with 3 Grimwraths in Greyfyrd. In the block of heros they are less likely to die after taking damage so they can put out a lot after that.
  2. Also being a Fyreslayers player I can offer some insight. So beasts are actually a decent matchup here. Slayers are very slow use that. While the hearthguard can get 2+ rerolling saves and a 4 up after against others it doesnt work against us. The herdstone rend is great, take some bulls for rend 2 or just lots of rend 1 attacks, get the spell to up the rend some more and you can negate their save buffs or if they failed a prayer then even reduce them. If possible you want to go first and get on some objectives so that they cant tunnel onto them. The hearthguard buffed up are dumb. If you cant debuff them then just either stay far away of feed just enough to keep them stuck in place. Battlesmiths and priests are important targets. If they dont have auric hearthguard then your job became a lot easier. If they do then good luck as we dont have the best ranged. Use your crazy speed to the best effect and you should be able to do well. If they run hermdar dont anticipate any battleshock. If they go vostarg they can move 12 and charge turn one so be ready. If they go greyfyrd they can have a formidable block of heros but they are slow and easy to avoid since they wont have much else. I doubt they are going lofnir but if they do then they will have lots of magmadroths and mortal wounds or lots of shooting but either should be able to be handled with our rend buffs and speed.
  3. Ya but I have just been playing this list with previously less stuff since AOS came out so I just know how to play it. It is strange this is the only army I have played with any consistency. I normally run a different list every time. Occasionally I will run them in Khorne since they are painted like the Bloodschorched Bulltribe from the Godbeasts book. They are good under Khorne. The most useful blood tithe is normally the one where you attack in the hero phase to finish something off.
  4. It is pretty simple. 1 doombull 3 units of 6 great axe bullgors 2 Ghorgons 2 Cygors 2 Chaos Spawn You get an extra command point and more importantly hopefully have less points than your opponent and get the reroll to hit triumph. For using it it depends on who you go against. Most stormcast lists you can just run straight at. Things like flesh eaters and ironjawz you have to be more clever. Yes ironjawz. They reroll to hit and have enough attacks to make it hurt. Ive only gone against daughters a few times but they were fairly straightforward. All depends on who you are going against and their skill level as well.
  5. For the most part hunting enemy wizards and dispelling their buffs. With 2 Cygors and the Gavespawn trait I get 5 unbinds.
  6. The seraphon models will easily convert for trukks or squiggoths I think. As for boyz you already have it essentially. Double choppa for slugga choppa and arrer for shoota. I would say get up to 90 boyz. That gives you flexibility for going horde or mechanized. Sadly there isnt really anything in the range big enough for the gargantuan squiggoth though. I am making my feral army more feral and just using the boyz for both. For bikers the boars work great you just need to add some random guns to them, ammo, etc. You also may want to pick up some grots but you are right the wurrgog is great for a weirdboy and you could make a wardokk work for a painboy. Savage Big boss also works for your warboss. For things like nob bikers or a boss on a bike I would look at goregruntas to convert it. Yes that is pretty much what you have to do. I have just been using squiggoth models for squiggoth but I may use some bastilodons as trukks now too.
  7. What are your opinions on these lists? I am just getting into the faction and thought that the magic would be a fun addition since my other armies do not use it. Wurrgogg Prophet with squirmy warpaint, morks boney bitz, and squiggly curse Wardokk with big wurrgogg mask and brutal beast spirits Wardokk with Beastcallers bones, and bone krusha Wardokk with mystic war paint and Gorkamorkas warcry 2 units of 10 morboyz 1 unit of 20 morboyz 2 units of 6 big stabbas Kop Rukk, Teef Rukk, and Drakkfoot Warclan Wurrgogg Prophet with squirmy warpaint, morks boney bitz, and squiggly curse Wardokk with big wurrgogg mask and brutal beast spirits Wardokk with Beastcallers bones, and bone krusha Wardokk with Gorkamorkas warcry 2 Weirdnob Shamans from Ironjawz 3 units of 30 morboyz Umbral Spellportal Kop Rukk, Drakkfoot Warclan
  8. Since you can still move after that is pretty awesome.
  9. I worded that poorly. The great unclean one is there for the bell to give extra movement. Stack that with a shaman and the extra 2 from the cycle and you are looking at movement 14 base for your bestigors.
  10. With nurgle you can also get extra attacks from the glottkin I think and a great unclean one plus the first in the cycle can get you going very fast and then charging turn 1 if you want. I think nurgle could definitely be useful. Plus any screen or small units like chariots or razorgors can just torpedo in and deal MW when they die. I will say anything that can't already run and charge will benefit a bit more due to the trees but bestigor would gain enough benefit I think.
  11. I know exactly what bulls can do. Ya they are slower than enlightened and with hero support equal damage. If the enlightened are also able to do the clip charge or have a screen they can do more assuming it isnt a stupid high save. The bulls dont need the support though. It isnt as reliant on other things. I run an all warherd list with 2 cygor, 2 ghorgon, 18 bulls, and a doombull. Is it optimal? No. Can it compete and give good games even against the top tier stuff hell yes. Not only that but it is relatively simple to do so.
  12. There are some issues but while gavespawn is in general easier to use well darkwalkers and allherd could be used well it just needs to be done more carefully. I would agree they are not as good but they have some merits. The book isnt perfect. It is definitely good though. Sometimes you just have to say I don't care what the internet says I am going to make this work. If you put your mind to it then with this book at least it likely will. Just remember the internet always over exaggerates everything. Also they are not always experts on what they are saying. Mathhammer is fine and has its place but it doesn't tell you everything. Also I am glad it isn't a game breaking level. It is strong but not ridiculous. It is right where the books should be. Could the monsters use some help yes but so could every nonhero monster and some that are heroes.
  13. Eeven if you have a competitive environment you can still get good games in with just about any of the units in the book. Some require a lot more work to figure out how but you definitely can. If your only enjoyment comes from winning then it isnt for you. If you are just there to get good games and win close to 50% of your games then you can just about make anything work. Maybe not against the top lists played by a good player but anything short of that and you can.
  14. I think beasts are going to be one of the better matchups vs fyreslayers. There are so many ways to reduce their saves compared to other armies. As a fyreslayer player as well it has definitely made a difference with even just the extra modification due to the herdstone.
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