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  1. Those both also look awesome. What I am reading is I need 2 more dankholds.
  2. It certain looks fun. I just have gargants cause they look cool so I wanted to make some lists to see how many would fit.
  3. Hello all. I recently got some trolls built and was able to make a strange list that I think may do ok. Dankhold Trogboss as general Madcap shaman with cogs 2 Dankhold Troggoths 3 units of 3 Rockgut Troggoths 4 Aleguzzler Gargants. I know the gargants aren't technically trolls but I think they fit in anyway. While they arent the most reliable they can do some crazy stuff and I have 5 that dont get used enough.
  4. For lofnir I have been running a father, smiter and 3 sons on magmadroths. Then a runemaster as general and 3 units of 5 aurics for battleline. After that it is the wall and infernoth. I havent had the time to get more than a few games in but it has definitely been fun. It did well in the first and not as well in the second but I could have done things a lot better.
  5. Khorne is very good. Nurgle can be pretty decent as well since you can get run and charge and a higher base movement. For pure BoC I like Gavespawn for the extra attacks and stay down a few points for that triumph. Pop all command points on extra attacks on one turn and use the triumph. The target usually dies. Also a Doombull at damage 5 and near the herdstone may as well be dishing out mortal wounds a lot of the time. I would not take a unit of 12 unless it was a crazy large game. It is just too unwieldy. They might drop a few points. If they were to get buffed the +1 to hit would be great. I doubt they would get the extra attack as well without jumping way up in points. Their damage is already pretty high as long as you hit. It is the making them hit that is the tough part. That 4+ makes it very swingy.
  6. Thanks for the answers there. I figured some of it out but not all of it. Ill be able to field an alfrostan eventually so Ill be able to change it up as I see fit.
  7. I was just relistening to this and some of the music during the various readings sounds like what is in a few of the Predator movies. It fits but was it intentional?
  8. Also while Skarbrands total carnage can have saves against it now those still are not the most common. Also the damage spills over to the whole unit not just the one model. So if you get that 16 against a larger unit it can kill multiple guys instead of just the 1.
  9. I can't wait to get a game in with these guys. I just built the first 2 start collectings. I am working toward a Torrbad list, then a Jorlbad, then from there getting a whole Olwyr Alfrostan. I definitely like the models and I am curious to see how it compares to some other low model count armies. Do the larger beasts tend to do the most damage or do the mournfangs, yetis, etc do it? I think the stonehorns and thundertusks will but I have thought similiar things before.
  10. You can get the damage ridiculously high but it can be difficult and takes some planning ahead.
  11. I also believe you should put the bulls in a 6 man unit. The bravery will rarely be an issue as long as the standard bearer is alive and you reach combat.
  12. I have been running a list that has worked pretty well so far. Right now I am running a doombull, 2 units of 6 bullgors, 1 unit of 3 bullgors, 2 slaughterpriests with the +1 to hit prayer, 2 blood secrators (one to plant right away and the other to advance with the main line and plant later in the game. The second also has the banner of rage to allow rerolling to hit), 3 units of 10 reavers, and 1 unit of wrathmongers. Basically you advance behind the reavers in a big deathball and hit really hard. I think so far my best was with one unit of 6 bulls killing a whole 30 man unit of ard boyz with just the axes. You have some spell denial with the priests and the potential to hit on 3s rerolling and wounding on 2s rerolling with the -2 rend axes. It does staggering damage. It is definitely a lot of fun but I am unsure against some of the more competitive lists how it will do. If it reacts similiar to before then the warherds will likely win the fighting and lose the game on objectives.
  13. Above before buffs their damage output is pretty similar. You are correct that movement is significant. 2" weapons are nice as well. Also for the price of the shaman and the enlightened you could add a doombull to wound on 2s. Then their damage without any rerolls is 17.04 +- 5.28 which is just about the same as the enlightened. Anymore past that and it depends on what you need and the rest of your army. If you need it against hordes enlightened win but against harder targets the bulls will win.
  14. With just 1 unit enlightened are probably the better choice.
  15. Thanks so the damage output is pretty even until fully buffed up. The enlightened really just have movement and cost then.
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