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  1. On the topic of bladebringers, i would like to hear so me thoughts on the viabilities of the regular seeker chariot herald in comparison to the exalted variety. It lacks the output of the bigger chariot, but its also cheaper and has a nice gimick in retreat and charge. I would like to hear about other peoples experiences or oppinions on the various chariots and their usefulness before i commit to purchasing and painting multiples of them Many thanks in advance.
  2. I really cant wrap my mind around this and nothing in the internet seems to absolve me of my ignorance. Does taking invaders host, or godseeker host TRULY force you to take atleast two of the battalions as specified in the host rules? For example, invaders host having to take 2-4 epicurean revellers? where does this battalion tax rule come from and what am i not getting here?
  3. Thats the thing, i dont see a beasts of chaos errata or designers commentary on the page. Nor does any other FAQ enlighten me further
  4. I have a probably foolish, but question anyway. If i were to use a hero at the herdstone, to inflict mortal wounds on itself for the savage ritual(i assume that is legal and all correct). And if that hero were to have a way to negate mortal wounds(like Ignax's Scales), would negating those mortal wounds prevent me from gaining primordial call points? I am able to see it going either way, and cant exactly find the written rules to settle this, so i would like to hear if there anyone wiser than myself to liberate me from my ignorance.
  5. Regarding this ruling, can you tell me where this rule can be found? Also thanks for the swift reply! edit: Nevermind, just read it from the core rules 😁😊
  6. I have a question to you my further enlightened peers: if, say for example a command trait or artefact would "increase the attack characacteristic of the units melee weapons" like the bloodsecrator does... does it affect the attacks dealt by the mount an affected unit has, or does it apply only to the "rider"? Same would be my question regarding increased damage on melee weapons, in the case of goretiee command trait + juggerlord. Do these bonuses apply on the weapons carried by both the mount and the rider, or just the rider?
  7. I come around once more with question with a probably obvious answer that i just fail to comprehend, but how do the judgements of Khorne work? What i think i understand is: I pay the points cost for the judgement when building my army, i can then summon the judgement with a priest on my turn and it will do its thing. At the end of the round i roll for it to stay and if i fail at it, the judgement disappears. The question is: Can i resummon the same judgement after its disappearance? or is it just a "one hit wonder" kind of thing?
  8. Wow, sounds powerful! This clears up most of my confusion surrounding the slaughter priests. Thanks a bunch for the swift reply mate!
  9. Hello! I am new to not only this forum, but the entirety of Age of Sigmar aswell. I am a hobbyist from Finland and i have been doing 40k for many years now, but recently i found great inspiration to finally get involved in age of sigmar too! Besides the very early part where i was a foolish imperial, i have been a follower of chaos for the most of my career in warhammer, and so i will stand for chaos in the mortal realms too. I have chosen Khorne as my patron god and i have come to partake in this community to further contribute to it aswell as enlighten me with the wisdom of my pee
  10. Hello, i am new to the forum and roughly new to age of sigmar too. Khorne has been my calling in the grim darkness of the far future, and so shall it be my allegiance in the mortal realms aswell. So i come here now to seek the wisdom of those who might actually know the rules, unlike myself. I have a question about the slaughter priests and how their abilities work. The priest has two abilities in their warscroll which i assume are prayers, and they get to pick one of the blood blessings from our battletome. I am quite confused as to which prayers and how many of them can 1 or
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