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  1. Thanks for the battle reports. I’m just discovering my love of gore pilgrims as well.
  2. Great report! Thanks for sharing. I love the look of your army
  3. Great to seeing such large armies clashing. Very thematic battle. how do you find skull reapers now the points have gone up?
  4. Thank you for sharing! Khorne won the moral victory as there was only a quarter of the points left on the board.... Khorne cares not from where the blood flows!!
  5. I’m by no means an expert but most of the new scenarios require units of 20+ models to score so you may lose out there... just food for thought
  6. I wish they’d roll warheads into Brayherds and make the minos battleline if you have a doombull general @Swooper looking forward to seeing the herdstone
  7. Great report! Thanks for sharing. Would you consider dropping 5 blood warriors for another priest or do you find them more useful?
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