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  1. Hi, old user coming back every now and again. Playing BoC for years now and got in contact with Warcry at the beginning and then had no chance to start playing. So, last post by @Maddpainting had me thinking. Seen the lockdown, anyone playing on Tabetop Simulator these days? Is there any valid mod to play on? Cheers
  2. I think is a pretty conservative drop (WR should be 80pts, SotW should be 140pts), but it is still a drop in points and that makes me hope for the other units and for our battalion. Wait and see
  3. With Purple sun being dropped to 50 pts I start thinking those rumors about our Taurus at 60pts might actually be true. Our Endless Spells are all overpriced, I was not convinced the Taurus value was actually the same as the Sun but I can see the added value of "attacking last" now, still it should not be 100pts. The Dirgehorn should be 40pts )(maybe 50pts considering it starts as 3" range amd the ravens should be 10pta IMO. They barely do something and what they do is not even consistent as they move a ****** ton the second a unit gets close to them. I have high hopes for this GHB (even if I d prefer my units to cost a lot and actually reflecting the point cost on the table)!
  4. I say it is eather a wet palette or an airbrush. They have an airbrush line of paint and they had a "spray gun" already in the past which evaporated in no time as it was terrible and its purpouse was just basecoating basically. As per the wet palette, it could be an incentive to paint more consistently and frequently so "you won t see your paints go dry" and therefore paint better and more effectivly (idk, I m making stuff up😂, but it would be great as there aren t many companies which sell wet palettes). Alternatively it might very well be that for once they will change those dreadfull pots for actual dropper bottles! It will be the day I buy the entire GW range on day one😂).
  5. Hello there, coming from Wanderers I have a wanderers-themed mixed order list I d like to try in the near future which it a bitof a monster mash too, here it is: Dragonord general, Ethereal amulet, Master of defence (heavy hitter with some potential staying power) Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix (against enemy heavy hitters it holds its ground and if not, it will hold 30 witch elves forever) Loremaster (classic hand of glory on the dragonlord, plus passive +1 save to the Phoenix) Spellweaver (free auto-dispell once per game, always useful. Even if just for mistic shield he will buff up passively the Phoenix) 10 glade Guards 10 Glade Guards 10 Glade Guards (Battlelines and shield for the monsters to prevent a turn 1 charge; if they manage to shoot at full force it will be 30 shots at -3 rend once per battle which means 5-10 wounds on that turn: better than nothing. I understand a 120 pts of shield might be too much but I don't have 30 Dryads) 20 Eternal Guards (numbers for objectives; once on obj they are pretty hard to remove with 4+ rr1s. shield for the SotW) 20 Sisters if the Watch (another punch; shooting on a good turn 40 shots 3+3+) Treelord (to use in conjunction with EG or any other unit to make them more tanky on a 4+, with a Mystic shield it will hold big blobs of infantry forever) Soulsnare Shackles Quicksilver Swords (they are here to give me more options for spess should I not need the SW's Blessing of Life) (Pendulum) 2000/2000 So, the idea is to pick my fights trying to outdeploy my opponent (I have too many drops) as I can easily get him stuck into combat forever with some of my units while I countercharge with the Dragonlord or I pin his units down with the SotW. Without the enless spells I won't have the extra CP for 50 pts anyway so I might as well fill in the points even if the possibility of a triumph is tempting. I might just get rid of the Shakles and hope for a cheeky triumph as lately the majoity of the lists tend to fill in their points as it is more productive (they either don't need many CP due to high movement or high Bravery or low model count) or can generate them. Another viable option is the Pendulum to force my opponent out of position but the psicological pressure that an unpredictable predatory spell gives you might play in my favor avoiding double turns. Something else I have thought again considering the new "always strick first" from the khorne armies, is giving the Quicksilver potion to the dragonlord but the activation will anyway always be in favor of my opponent (if I use it in my turn can work but maybe I will get the Phoenix stuck in combat with the BT as it is moe likely to take the hit; if I use it in his turn though it goes in activation order because two identical rules coexists so the player whose turn it is, my opponent, chose the order in which rules happen, therefore he will swing first anyway). Or the Dopplegganger cloack which yes, it is only once a game, but I might be able to dictate the order of activation. Let me know what you guys think, I will give it a go on thurday against FEC (probably) or Death anyway and it can actually give me an idea of the potential of the list.
  6. @Gwendar That was exactly his example. He charged the tail-end on a screen unit and then piled in. So as funny as Fmk can be it can be avoided by a skilled player especially because we need to keep our NP protected so in the majority of the scenarios the enemy will charge him or the unit he is being screened by. I agree with you that there are better artifacts we can give to our heroes
  7. @bernoodist Read well and pay attention how people pile their models. We have a lot of small base size units and that means big models, either with oval or round bases, won t be able to pile in much as they will have to "finish the pile in move at least as close to the nearest enemy model as they were at the beginning of the pile in". But a big model that charging into a lot of small bases will very easily get stuck between two bases therefore won t be able to pile in as much. Make sure whoever is using that big model knows how to pile in. @Gwendar what he is trying to say is that Forget-me-knot must be declared at the BEGINNING of the combat phase. Hence if the enemy model is outside 3" at the start and then it gets within 3" with the pile in, you won t be able to activate the artifact to prevent the enemy from attacking. I guess yes, it is legit, what you have to do is just position your hero more aggressively or in such a way that is inevitable that your opponent will pull the hero in combat before the pile in. Still what I memtioned early remains valid, make sure your opponent knows how to pile in.
  8. Is it an old change on GW's website or have they grouped up all the Aelves together only now? I went there to study some sculpts and I noticed the remaining of HE, DE and WE are all grouped under Aelves now.
  9. Sry for the tag it is not needed but my phone plays up. So, to the topic, no you cannot ally BoK in BoC. You can take BoC god battalion in god s army with THAT keyword, meaning all other BoK units will be ok as the have BoK keyword too, ut gou cannot take BoC allegiance and ally some BoK unis in. FAQ stated this as this was the dispute. There is no dispute on which allies BoC can have as that is StD ONLY.
  10. Well yeah, my comment is really on the general side. With Khorne having a book and Nurgle having a book, considering Tzeentch has has their Bestigor unit and considering all Bestigor God units were represented back in the days, I was expecting Khorne and Nurgle to receive a Bestigor unit too. This is though from the beginning of time not for the BoC release. Mine is a general consideration not linked to the release of BoC.
  11. ok then, now it's clear, thanks man. Yeah, I am a bit disapointed too on the treatment gors received with the new book. They are very underwhelming compared to all the units you can compare them with (Ungors, Bestigors, Chariots, you name it...). They are such an iconic unit for Beasmen that I feel ungors cannot fulfill. But this is of course coming from somebody that likes a lot the fluff-y side of this game too and for the same reason I am one of those that is not gonna use enlightened but Bullgors; first of all because I do not like the tzeentchian theme in BoC as the dominant one (if you need the one drop and you play enlightened you MUST go FoF) and....also because I don't own the models?! Also I don't like the GW decision to not give to the other Chaos Gods their Bestigors counterpart (Khornegors, Pestigors and let's hope for Slaangors as they will fit perfectly the Slaanesh theme in my opinion). They used to have them and now only Tzeentch has them....so sad?......
  12. Sorry if this might seem a silly question but what do those numbers refer to? I understand you are comparing a block or 30 gors with a block of 40 ungors and how they behave when they are attacked by attacks with different rend characteristic but those numbers are the result of which math calculation?
  13. I have tried them before the book came out, but in one unit of three (maybe a bit overkill but still). The stick there forever. Of course you cannot try and hold your opponent's anvil unit with them as they get evaporated instantly but any other unit that is not able to throw a punch they will get stuck there for one turn at least. My unit held two skaven doomwheels for two turns and then my opponent decided he was feed up ad try and run them over (still not managing to do much dmg). I lost one chariot out of 3 they stuck around (due to me needing to roll a 6 to lose one more) and the following turn they charged the doomwheel again as they did not go far away enough. So yeah they are good utility just don't expect a high amount of dmg from them.
  14. Agreed, it does not count for units deployed in the deployment as that happens before the first turn. It is basically the same requirements as the old Wildstalker brayherd battaion but for a waaaaay inferior buff! And speaking of that, does the new book over rule the Wildstaker Brayherd Battalion? Can we still use it?
  15. This is what I am referring to. It does not say "attacks (as a general enity) cannot generat other attacks", it says "attacks generated by an ABILITY cannot generate other attacks".
  16. I think all this is referring to the fact that the description of the ability does not include a line stating "you cannot generate attacks more than once when using this ability". Although I tend to agree with what you guys are saying; the core rules state that attacks generating by an ability cannot themselves generate further attacks. I think that the simple fact that the CORE RULE specify that an ABILITY cannot be triggered more than once it is already enought for it to be an FAQ whithin the rule. By nature you cannot have an attack generating other attacks unless you have an ABILITY stating so. The ABILITY in this case is Fast Shot. Even if Warscrolls over rule by nature the CORE RULES, in this case the RULE is saying that an ABILITY (even if in a warscroll) cannot trigger more than once ("an attakc sequence generated by an ABILITY cannot itself generate another attack sequence"). So it might seem a strange loophole but it is not. As already mantioned an ABILITY over ruling a CORE RULE would be "this unit can run and still charge in the same turn" as the CORE rule states that if a unit ran in the movement phase it cannot then charge later on, an the ABILITY says that specific unit can .
  17. As said it does not really answer to my question, but thanks for the clarification?
  18. So this is exaclty what I thought but the argument against it has been: "the rule states that at the end of the turn you and your opponent count up how many models to determine" and this was THE action that defines who has the objective regardless of the previous controller of it.
  19. Hi, folks, quick question regarding objective control as per base rules (not the specific Battleplan ones). It say that you "count up the amount of model you have controlling the obj (within 6") and the amount of model your adversary has controlling the obj and whoever has the more models, controls the obj". Although it also say "if you control an obj, you keep control of an obj up until your opponent is able to gain control of it". Let's say I control an obj first as I have 10 models on one of them and my opponent has 0 (which happens in early phases of the game) and then on a subsequent turn my opponent manage to get a 5 model unit in combat with my models controlling the obj and kills 5 of them. So now we have 5 models each within 6" of the objective. What happen now? Whose is the obj? Is it still mine as it was before this combat (it was mine before the combat and my opponent did not fulfill the requirements in order to control it ergo I am still controlling it) or is it contested as we have "counted up the number of models" and we have the same amount of them controlling the obj? I checked the FAQs but could not find the clarification so maybe its just me reading and interpreting it wrongly but to me it looks like the two things contradict themselves. Cheers
  20. You could but then you don't have to pile in, OR BETTER you can decide to pie in 0" and witches don't really need to have many models in contact to wipe out a unit of Unglrs. So at the end of the day you might not be able to pile you Enlightened in due to the fact that Witches managed to dash out attacks without getting in range of pile in. So at the end of the day there will be situations like this one and it will be better to just charge and risk one or maybe two enlightened rather than risk and not attack at all.
  21. Yeah I ve watched that part of the video again and that is actually what Doom does. I thought he'd fit an Enlightened between 2 Ungors. Is it only me but I prefer rerollable 5+ than a straight 3+. That said Cygor is indeed bit underwhelming. I would consider him in a wizard heavy meta (and maybe I would consider double too) or if they change the ability to "if a Wizard fails to cast a spell while within x" (18??) of any Cygor than he suffers a MW and one Cygor in range heals one wound". But as it is I always found it hard to take advantage of the MW.
  22. Well, can you voluntarily brake coherency though? I don't think so. Because it is difficult to get a second unit within .5" without pushing two models of the same unit more than 1" apart one from the other. What I mean is he must have broken coherency for the unit of Ungors in order to get within .5" of the wiches with the Enlightened. And if he did so on purpose, can you do that? I guess it make sense to sacrifice Ungors as ultimately that is the purpose for them to take the hit from the wiches but can legally you do it? I mean if you can...Chapeau! that was a very well executed move. Although watching at the video it was not clear if Enlightened were actually within .5" or not.
  23. Only Ally BoC has is StD unfortunately, and anyway looking at the app you cannot even find the Wargor BSB so even if you were playing Chaos GA you could not play it unless you play it with older Warscrolls and your opponent is ok with it. So all in all is good thinking....but is not applicable anymore.?
  24. It s something like me going MOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH(VE) when my Doombull rolls an 11" charge on a pivotal obJective and explodes a LCoD in one turn!!! ? btw it happened for real! But otherwize it will mainly be Dark Tongue and basic commob language without verbs coniugation and without articles I think.
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