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Blades of Khorne Warscroll Battalions musings..

Greetings from the Warp

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Hi wise blood council..

Wanted to pick your brains on Warscroll Battalions and some thoughts been having..

Below is my current list kindly helped and shaped by @Killax and you all from a previous thread.. 

However in the absence of gaming, have been watching loads of Bat-reps and cannot wait to get into it and start rolling dice, such an awesome army!

In the current meta of teleportation, sewer attacks, deep striking and so on, do I really need the Murderhost Warscroll, as it seems a lot of the time the enemy will come to me..!?

Am just thinking am paying 120 for it, whereas the enemy could easily snipe or even assault the Herald from it, and effectliy null and kill the buffs.. Agreed prob my fault as poor deployment, but hopefully get the idea..!? Likewise I might just not even get the first turn and have Stormcast all around me and not need the speed Daemons...

I only ask as likewise, in a fast Murderhorde 1st turn moving army, it feels like the Bloodsecrator then is at odds a little,  as he needs to be stood still for the effect. So with Murderhost, my first turn most of my army is perhaps forwards and out of his bubble, meaning he might need to move and advance then 1 to keep up, which then doesn't give me the buffs where I need turn 1..!? 

On some bat-reps been watching (and have watched a lot lol)big units of Bloodletters are being savaged on Battleshock too, so is 3 x 10 better than 1 x 30 discuss!? More board control, more Blood Tithe points, also means enemy has to work harder, howered is less hitting power assuming all 32mm bases can get within 1" etc..

The Blood Host of Khorne for 220 is super expensive, but for 100 extra points over the Murderhorde you get it every turn (assuming models are left), and it can be a huge benefit killing units in your Hero round, boosting Bkood Tithe, then allowing further Hero round buffs and then a normal movement phase thereafter..

I like the Council of Blood too, however at a min of 890 investment it's a bit expensive at 2000..

I know Killkax and you all have prob covered this a thousand times lol, but it's good to talk and I love this army as it has so much depth to it!

What do you think wise council of boood, lol or have I been watching too much telly lol!?!





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Very happy to read your so enthousiastic about Khorne aswell. I too think it's an amazing army, really nothing too fancy in terms of magic, ranged attacks or hopping combats but simply brute strenght that remains very true to the core greatest part of the game, melee combat. 

For me the reason as to why I like Murderhost so much is actually simple, it creates a fast army that presents a ton of Mortal wound potential. Largely from the Bloodletters and those are the units who get the most boosted here. To get the most out of it you certainly want your Bloodsecrator to run up turn 1. The issue in itself isn't too big though as I like running my army with multiple blocks of Bloodletters and a Bloodthirster on top. Your opponent has enough to worry about. Since the FAQ The Crimson Crown is also clarified as a '6 or more roll effect' meaning their own bonus adds, which leads to 33% Mortal wound attacks just with a big unit of Bloodletters.

Personally I prefer blocks of 30 for one simple reason, cost reduction. Thake 90, get 90 points "for free", get more, get Murderhost "for free". Battleshock can be an issue but for me doesn't present itself as the awnser to Bloodletters. Bloodsecrators open the option to ignore it, having Bravery 10 means your still doing well too. Remember that it's actually more quite often, for every 10 you get another Bravery added. Somehow this still gets forgotten from time to time. Using Bloodletters has one downside though, it reveals their power and for tournament play it's very hard to look at other units and not like Bloodletters instead. While it sounds stupic this is what the cost is doing.
- 10 Blood Warriors are 200 points, strong but not nearly the same Mortal Wound output. Their horde deal is just too expensive when you can't speed them up (and realistically we can't do that all too well anymore)
- 40 Bloodreavers are 240 points, strong but you start to notice the difference between Armour and Bravery fast.
- 30 Bloodletters are 270 points, have the Mortal wounds/Rend, have a decent 5+ save, great hit potential and numbers/wounds. Downside only comes in the models not being the most fun to paint, converting them helps a lot though.

Your list
First let me state that I really like Bloodthirsters this time around and this might be a bit of an unhealthy obsession. They can die relatively quick, then again I don't feel the investment is that obscene that I can't 'risk' thaking one. What I love is Bloodthirsters generals, Immense Power is excellent, The Crimson Crown is great on the Skullmaster. The other Heroes are good choices aswell. What I'm less of a fan of is a second Bloodthirster however, to me it feels like you would be better of spending those points into Bloodletters. More Bloodletters get the point across better.

The blocks of 30 Bloodletters again would give you a discount. I don't know where you've seen them fail Bravery a lot but also note that the unit can have two Icons and as a result might just blink another D6 Bloodletters back. You get more chances for this at 30, you get more points breathing room at 30.

While I like Skullcrushers I'm personally less of a fan of more than two units. I like them for flank protection and objective grabbing. What I'd strongly add here is a unit of Wrathmongers that can be bubblewrapped by Bloodletters which leads to a unit that will continue to dish out the pain for you, regardless of Bloodsecrator still living.

So to sum it up, I'd drop the Bloodthirster, go for 3x 30 Bloodletters, maby add another 30 if you really feel like doing it and add Wrathmongers. Wrathmongers add a piece that allow you to deal with oppossing Monsters very well without having to thake it all on the chin first. Bloodthirsters deal well with monsters also but due to average survivability really need to have the charge in order to do this. Unfortunatly there isn't always room for this tactic to be applied, which is also why I feel at 2K 1 Bloodthirster is enough. 

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You run the murder host typically to swamp the enemy and engage on your terms with the units you want, you rush the enemy objectives and if needs be; burn them.

this then forces your opponents to kill your units while you accumulate points to get to your objectives, it throws your opponents off, being rushed and can make them forget their strategy as they're put on the back foot and can make mistakes.


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When to use the battalion may come down to your opponent.

If you're dealing with some form of gunline, if there is a benefit to grabbing objectives early or if you can be sure that you can get the first turn charge on an opponent's key unit then that is when the Murderhost shines. 

Outside of those scenarios you may want to drop the battalion in exchange for more troops/heroes.

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