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  1. Hey mate yes they are.. Find us on Facebook by searching ‘Greetings from the Warp’, and we’ll add you to the Sigmar events page. The event is £15 and payment via PayPal (as friends and family) to: warpbrothers82@gmail.com.. It would be great to see you there??
  2. Thanks for the reply dude.. Wow that feels super strong and a great tactic!! I guess am a bit reluctant however, as don’t just want to rip off someone’s list and be ‘that guy’ who’s running winning net-lists.. Hope that makes sense? Defo food for thought, cheers I’ll look into it some more ??
  3. Hi all, my name’s Matthew and am new to Stormcast and looking for a bit of a steer?? Have been playing Blades of Khorne for a while and whilst love them, I can’t help but look at SCE! What kind of principles or things would you suggest when making a list? With my Blades hat on I get practice is huge, and whilst I am into rule of cool too, there’s lots of tasty armies in my meta so my list needs to be able to handle itself.. In terms of build, I can’t seem to get past Liberators and what such good value they seem to be... I think I want a solid block of 20-30 of them. Also 1-2 Venators would be handy as there’s so much aura / buff / synergy from Hero’s, it would be great to have a tool to use and try and snipe them out early doors.. Any and all help would be much appreciated, cheers??
  4. Hi mate thanks for your post.. Yes we have a few left, how many would you like? Thanks, Matthew
  5. Hi Jimbo thanks for the note. We don’t have a date finalised as yet, as we are tying to fit around events like GW and the other bigger AoS ones.. As soon as we have finalised them (hopefully early Jan), I’ll repost mate?? Cheers, Matthew
  6. Have to say for 80 points too, cost of a Chaos Chariot they’re so good value!! I defo can see value in 2-3 of them!! I could perhaps drop 5 Blood Warriors to try one out, however that would then make me 40 points short?
  7. Hey dude thanks for the post.. Sad face have not rolled once for Outrageous Carnage yet in 8 games!! I am due it though lol can feel it!! When it comes it will be 8 x 6’s I know it!!!! Oh wow thanks for the FAQ extract. My understanding was it was FAQ’ed and nerf to either the start or the end of either players Hero phase, hence why in my game I did it at the end of the game. Trying to understand what difference it made, like you say it’s pretty small I think literally I had the Portal open by then so I benefitted by +1 attack and thats about it.. I didn’t cast Killing Frenzy in the BT, so hopefully not too much impact through it..!?
  8. Hey that sounds like a really solid Bloodbound army mate! Sounds like loadsnof fun and loads of bodies on the table! It would be interesting to hear your take on how blocks of 20 Bloodreavers, and units of 10 Blood Warriors work!? Khorgaraths are another unit that sound great on paper, however sadly I’m not sure I like the model so even despite rules, I’m not sure I’ll ever use them at the minute!?
  9. I do that Crimson Crown Bloodletter combo but with an Insenate Rage Bloodthirster instead of a Chaos Lord.. It works really well especially when used on himself too??
  10. Hahaha great stuff.. So some might called me biased lol, but BT’s all day long!! I guess it depends on your list and what you have and what you need and the synergy etc!? That said, when I first used them as single and then a pair, they would die super easy and would never make their points back.. However through practice I am now starting to know better where to stick them and when, who to use them against and what artefacts or traits work well on them. I hugely recommend 101% defo say you need 1 in your list!?! I would even be as bold to say 2 is pretty awesome..!! Moments like when a WoKBT does 23 damage on a unit, or when the big base and footprint of an IRBT gives all models within 8” extra attacks on 6’s (or better if have Killing frenzy on them), and you generate tons more attacks ?!! The best I’ve had with the IRBT and Crimson Crown is 7 attack’s hitting on 3’s (killing frenzy), extra attacks on 5’s, wounding on 2’s and doing D6 damage each!!! Admittingly I haven’t yet tried units like Wrathmongers etc, so that would be interesting to see where and how they work in my list!? At least for now and the next while I’ll crack on using double BT’s?
  11. Thanks dude I am trying to cut the waffle down and just keep the more interesting bits.. Glad you like them though means a lot thank you ??
  12. That makes a lot more sense now.. Throw them up field, aim for the biggest target and try to get killed lol!? Haha now that’s a sound strategy?!! That cheeky extra Blood Tithe point though if or when they do die could be game changing..
  13. Hi all, game 8 with my Blades of Khorne versus a mate called Mike and his Fyreslayers and Stormcast Order army. We played Battle for the Pass, 2000 points and matched play. This was a great game, as have never played the mission or either army before. I went in with zero expectations of pulling anything from the game lol, save a bit of dignity… Mike ran: Runesmiter, Battlesmith, 2 x 20 Volkite Berserkers, 10 Hearthguard Berserkers, Magmadroth, 2 x Venators, 2 x 5 Judicators, 5 x Liberators and 2 x Fulminators. When Mike was taking me through his army, or what some of the effects or features are I was like wow how will I ever get through these Fyreslayers 4+ rerolling save against Mortals doh?! At one stage, some units were getting a save, then a save against mortals or damage, and then rerolling that save wowsers?!?!? I used the same list have been using for last 5 odd games now, and was a Gore Pilgrims Warscroll, backed up by 2 x 30 Bloodletters and 2 Bloodthirsters. A key difference this time however was Harvester of Skulls on the WoKBT, and the Banner of Khorne on the Bloodsecrator. I dropped first and went first, as had only 6 drops. My deployment was standard, Bloodletters central left and right of middle, WoKBT in middle by Bloodsecrator, IRBT on the outside of my right Bloodletter unit, Blood Warriors on flanks, and Bloodreavers covering my rear and my harem of Hero’s. Turn One; I go first= • Everything powers up, Portal opens, Killing Frenzy on both Bloodletter units • Everything moved up, Bloodletters central, WoKBT moves across to middle, and the IRBT moves to right flank • Bloodreavers continuing to protect rear and characters • Bloodsecrator trying to hide behind a rock in middle • A nice quick and simple turn, scored 5 points as held both objectives in no-man’s land and my deployment zone one Chaos = 5 v Order = 0 • Mike had deployed his Fulminators, Venator and Judicators on his right flank, a centre full of the bulk of his Fyreslayers backed up with Judicators, and a single Venator on his left • All his Fyreslayer Hero’s did their auras, command traits and so-on… The biggie was most units were now immune to Battleshock • Mike had cleverly positioned both Venators on his wide flanks, and moved them up to be able to snipe on my characters in the middle • The Runesmiter and 20 Volkite Berserkers teleport 9” behind me and threatens my Bloodreavers and Hero base • Shooting, and the HUGE news was both Venators missed with the super sniper arrows!!!!! This saved my Bloodsecrator, and my IRBT, which had already lost 5 wounds to pesky Judicators • He charged his Fulminators into my Bloodletters on my left flank, doing around 7 wounds • Bloodletters with 20+ unit size and Killing Frenzy were doing mortals on 4+’ and mortal’ed the Fulminators off • Mike scored his base objective Chaos = 5 v Order = 1 Turn Two; Big news lol I managed to pull-off going first… • Powered everything up, opened Portal, and only managed 1 Killing Frenzy this time, onto some Bloodletters in my centre • Lord of the Blood Hunt on the WoKBT • Shock lol, a Slaughterpriest failed Bloodboil even with rerolls… I was hoping to dent the unit of Berserkers behind me • Everything moved up, Blood Warriors stayed near the no-man’s land objectives, and all my Hero’s bunched around the Bloodreavers in my rear, anticipating a lucky 8” charge from the Fyreslayers • No shooting really, 2 wounds on the Magmadroth with the WoKBT Bloodflail • Combat – we had loads of Khorne charges it was all rocking off lol!!! • On my left, Bloodletters into the Judicators (that were behind the killed Fulminators) • In the centre, WoKBT into Volkite Beserkers, Bloodletters into Hearthguard, IRBT into Hearthguard and the Runesmith • Activate my WoKBT first, with 8 attacks and does 20 wounds / kills 14 of the 20 Volkite Berserkers • During the combat phase, Bloodletters kill Liberators, Bloodletters kill 9 Hearthguard, IRBT does 2 wounds on Runesmith and last 2 Hearthguard • Mikes centre is crumbling Chaos = 10 v Order = 1 • Mike does some clever shenanigan with removing casualties and makes room for his Magmadroth to get properly in combat • A stupid axe from a stupid wounded Runesmith lol, takes the head off the wounded IRBT (poor BT everything was shooting it lol) • The Venator on his right flank moves into combat • The Volkite Berserkers in my deployment zone move up ad pull of a plucky 8” charge into 2 Slaughterpriests and 10 Bloodreavers • The centre and all the carnage continues to go my way, however the wounded Magmadroth continues smashing me with its tail and blood at the end of combat phase • I lose 5 Bloodreavers to the Volkite Berserkers and Mike outnumbers me so scores my base objective Chaos = 10 v Order = 5 Turn Three; We both needed it, however Mike was running out of units in his board half… Blood for the Blood God – we get to go first again… • Everything powers up • A wounded ******-face Slaughterpriest fails his 2nd Bloodboil prayer and does 3 mortal wounds to himself and kills himself lol ******! • HUGE game changer, sitting on 6 Blood Tithe points, at the end of my Hero phase I burn them all for APOPLECTIC FRENZY and piled with WoKBT and killed off the Magmadroth • This was Huge as it meant then in my movement phase I was able to fly onto his base objective and kill off the 3 Judicators sitting close by THE END… We called it there, as I was 19-5 by the end of my turn. Mike had a single Venator in his half, and about 10 Volkite Berserkers scrapping over by base objective. Depending how that scrap went in his following turn it could have been perhaps 19-9? He had no way to score objectives and catch up, and in the middle I still had a decent sized Bloodletter unit, another unit with about 6 Bloodletters, my WoKBT and both Blood Warrior units. Then in my half, I had a Slaughterpriest, Bloodstoker, BloodSecrator and 5 BloodReavers. Awesome game, Mike was a great opponent, huge carnage, and totally unexpected result, genuinely still shocked as I write this lol. Continued to learn loads about the game and my army.
  14. Thanks dude as always great thinking.. The idea of making another 30 Bloodletters brings a tear to my eye, I thought 60 was enough punishment lol! I know a lot of people love the Wrathmongers unit, I suppose it’s just me getting my head around their application and delivery..
  15. Thanks for the post and appreciate the feedback. Also apologies as the picture isnt that clear, as the list has 2 x 30 units of Bloodletters! I took feedback from some of your earlier posts and tactics etc, and included them at the start! I agree Bloodletters are amazing Defo the anchor of my list and normally always do what I need them to do!! Wrathmongers are a popular choice however perhaps am being a bit thick lol, why are they so good? I understand the ‘Crimson Hate’ bit and buffing with extra attacks, however the book says models and not units, so having them keep up with the front rank of Bloodletters and a turn 1/2 assault could be tricky!? Their ‘Bloodfury’ rule sounds great however.. Skullreapers on the other hand seem fantastic for their points!?!
  16. Hey all, this is my Blades of Khorne / Gore Pilgrims list which I have had some great fun and success with.. However - what are your thoughts?? Keep the Insensate Rage Bloodthirster (260 points), or swap the big fella for 10 Chosen of Khorne (280 points), or for 2 x 3 Mighty Skullcrushers (280 points)..?
  17. Hey dude cheers, I don’t have any pics of his Azyr list, but I’ve listed his army I think 3rd sentence down on my write up ??
  18. Hi all, We are pleased to announce the details of our next AoS event. This is our fourth AoS event and is open to 40 players. It will be matched play, 3 games and 2000 points. We are based in Irthlingborough, Northants, with great access from the M1 / A14 / M6.. Tickets are £15, via PayPal as friends: warpbrothers82@gmail.com The full rules, missions and player packs will be out shortly, or alternatively please find us on Facebook and we can add you to our events page.. Please search for Greetings from the Warp, or Greetings from Sigmar. We also have an AoS Weekender in July coming up too!!
  19. Event Title: Greetings from Sigmar IV (Northants) Event Author: Greetings from the Warp Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 02/25/2018 12:00 AM Hi all, We are pleased to announce the details of our next AoS event. This is our fourth AoS event and is open to 40 players. It will be matched play, 3 games and 2000 points. We are based in Irthlingborough, Northants, with great access from the M1 / A14 / M6.. Tickets are £15, via PayPal as friends: warpbrothers82@gmail.com The full rules, missions and player packs will be out shortly, or alternatively please find us on Facebook and we can add you to our events page.. Please search for Greetings from the Warp, or Greetings from Sigmar. We also have an AoS Weekender in July coming up too!! Greetings from Sigmar IV (Northants)
  20. Hi all, We are pleased to announce the details of our next AoS event. This is our fourth AoS event and is open to 40 players. It will be matched play, 3 games and 2000 points. We are based in Irthlingborough, Northants, with great access from the M1 / A14 / M6.. Tickets are £15, via PayPal as friends: warpbrothers82@gmail.com The full rules, missions and player packs will be out shortly, or alternatively please find us on Facebook and we can add you to our events page.. Please search for Greetings from the Warp, or Greetings from Sigmar. We also have an AoS Weekender in July coming up too!!
  21. Hey dude thanks for the reply.. Yes indeed moral victory as I had more left!!! If you ever face one of the Forgeworld Exalted Keeper of Secrets kill it before it gets on the table lol!! It easily has the potential to walk through half my army ?
  22. Hi all, game 7 with my new-ish (can I still say that now?) Blades of Khorne army, versus Tom Meaker and his Slaanesh Invaders Slaves of Darkness army… REMATCH from last week! Over the weekend whilst drinking responsibly I challenged him to a rematch and grudge game lol!! Was this a wise move – who would win this epic Daemon Legion show-down? Lol grab a cuppa, this is a long one…!?!? We played 2000 points, matched play and Knife to the Heart mission. I took my usual Gore Pilgrims list, backed up with double BT’s that I have run for last 4 odd games now… Tom took the same list as last week with a slight tweak; Sayl, an Exalted Keeper of Secrets (EKoS), a Chaos Lord on Daemon Mount, 10 Slaanesh Chosen, 2 x 5 Hellstriders, 20 Daemonettes and 2 x 30 Daemonettes. I still think this a cracking list with loads of buffs. Highlights and learnings were= - I went first as I only had 6 drops - In the end T1 I went first, T2 he did, T3 I did, T4 he did, T5 I did - This time my deployment was slightly different, as I had both BT’s apart, with the WoKBT more on my left, and the IRBT more right centre - Bloodletters were more off centre too, with the normal characters centre of my off-centre deployment, and Blood Reavers to the rear and Blood Warriors to the flanks - Tom deployed his big blocks of Daemonettes mainly centre but perhaps around 30” away, with a meat shield of a line of 20 Daemonettes in front around 26” away (I think he was scared of a T1 charge lol?!) - T1 and T2 for me was little action, as I wanted to try something new / different and instead I moved units more around the flanks and opened up my centre, having a big block of Bloodletters sitting there - This movement and tactic really confused Tom lol, and he spent ages trying to figure out what I was trying to do - His T2 he went for the trap, and moved some Hellstriders and teleported his choppy Chosen onto my left flank aiming for a charge on my bait and WoKBT. He also moved his scary EKoS from the middle towards my right flank, which meant he had 2 blocks of Demonettes in the centre unsupported - T2 he charged his Chaos Lord into my Blood Warriors on my right flank, and supported them / debuffed me with his Hellstriders and -1 to hit - T3 I open my Portal for the first time, and I swung my WoKBT from the left flank into the middle aiming for his Daemonettes, and leaving his units on my left a little out of it for a turn, though I only managed a 1” run lol!!! My plan was Lord of the Blood Hunt on himself and to do a mega run and charge and fly over to the back of his lines and attack from the rear… - I then managed to fail some central and key charges on my 30 Bloodletters and my IRBT, literally think I needed like a 7 or something at the most!?! - Over on my right, I charged my block of Bloodletters into his Chaos Lord and his Hellstriders - Bloodletters totally fluffed against his Chaos lord, however the Blood Warriors managed to take 4 wounds off him, leaving him on a single wound doh! - Bloodletters then also whiffed against the Hellstriders lol - In the centre, the WoKBT missed with 4 attacks / hits on the Daemonettes, only killing I think 12 in the end (but I got a Blood Tithe for my ‘Mark of the Deathdealer’ artefact) - By T3 also, the Slaughterpriests proceeded to fail their Bloodboil Prayers (again), having only managed to cast it once in 4 attempts over 2 turns - By this stage also, due to the new Slaanesh GHB2 artefacts and rules means up to 3 Characters can use their Command abilities, so Tom was cleverly casting Inspiring Presence all over the place and this was key in keeping his Daemonettes alive for so long in the centre - T3 his turn I lose the centre lol… - 30 Daemonettes pile in and attack twice on my IRBT - Wave 1 lol the 30 Daemonettes attack the IRBT with 41 attacks (25mm bases), generating 18 more attacks due to EKoS one game effect of hitting on +1 meaning they hit on 3's (generating extra attacks on 4's) - I have 23 saves to make on a 5+, and fail exactly 14 - Dead IRBT - My WoKBT swings back against the other unit of Daemonettes, killing 12, but they're piling in and attacking twice (dam you Chaos Lord and dam you 25mm bases lol) - 37 attacks back, 14 extra attacks, 20 Total wounds, 16 fails - Dead WoKBT - T4 he goes first, and at the end of his hero phase I burned 6 Tithe points for Murderlust and to charge from my right flank into the centre to tie up his Daemonettes - Rolled 3" failed change / needed a 6 noooooo what a waste!!! - Got counter charged by EKoS with Mystic Shield on - In the centre his battered 2 units of Daemonettes go into my main Bloodletter unit - Another bonus 14 attacks and more Bloodletters die… - The EKoS killed 19 Bloodletters wowsers he’s a monster – that’s my right flank totally gone now too lol!! - By now the whole centre’s a bloodbath as there are Bloodbound Characters in combat with his Chosen, the last of my Bloodletters taking on 2 units of battered Daemonettes and his Hellstriders… His EKoS is still loose and a menace… - Khorne go to work and we kill everything off, apart from 2 Hellstriders dam you lol… - T5 I go first, and by now he has an EKoS on full wounds and Sayl hiding controlling his rear objective - I burn more Blood Tithe points for a free Hero pile in and kill off the last Hellstriders, meaning I can now try and get back onto the centre / right so I can then take on the EKoS - I get a charge off on the EKoS and do 10 wounds, and then he kills literally whole unit and all 14 odd I had left… The end… Scores on the doors at the end of the game was I had left 570 points and he had left Sayl and his EKoS and 620 points. We both started at 1980 points so kill points he killed 50 points more than me.. Turn 5 I made a key mistake and charged his EKoS with some Bloodletters as thought could do 15 wounds. He had Mystic Shield on for 2+ save and I only did 10 of the 15 wounds needed… That meant I threw away a 270 point unit, whereas because he was probably in charge range, I should have fed him a cheap character or something instead doh! Slaanesh is a very good counter to Khorne, as whilst we build up out hit modifiers they can easily negate them. Bloodletters and Daemonettes are the same in terms of save and so on, however Bloodletter can hit more easily, however Daemonettes can hit more. The EKoS and the artefacts they have, and being able to lay down double hit modifiers can be brutal when played right. Great game and lots of learning!
  23. I am actually playing Tom and his Slaanesh army again tomorrow night!! After a beer or two ??? at the weekend lol I challenged him to double or quits!!?! Does anyone have any ideas or tips, as if I lose again that gives him epic bragging rights ?
  24. Hey dude cheers really appreciate the feedback, glad you like them! Hahah yeah bit unlucky but as we all know it's a dice game and somedays you roll 6's and somedays lol, well you roll 1's!?! Thank you for clearing that up, the change makes a lot of sense and I'll be sure to use it and be proper about it!! Thanks for the update and for your reply ??
  25. Hey thanks am glad you liked it!! It's a good point, and something I looked into after some earlier games.. For me so far, and this is just my personal opinion, is I think I prefer the Blood Warriors... The Slaughterpriests are great and the Gore Pilgrim Warscroll's fantastic, however like in my latest game the Slaughterpriests can be hit and miss!? Whereas the Blood Warriors take on anything and normally do ok, especially with attacking again before they are removed (Reapjte rule)... I always use them to cover flanks too, as there's so much out there that can teleport and so-on. At the minute for me, 2 Slaughterpriests and 2 units of Blood Warriors seem to be the sweet spot for this list.
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