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  1. And playing against those units can be tedious as you have to work out which model has which weapon and roll accordingly. It was simplified for Iron Jaws so seems strange to do it for chaos warriors when they didnt have it previously.
  2. I cannot see mixed weapon options being the intention of the rule. Its classic inconsistent/ambiguous rules wording from GW and very likely to be clarified by FAQ/errata as there is no other unit in the game that can mix weapons, apart from the occasional 1/5 or 1/10 etc can have a special weapon.
  3. @itgnightraven if the shrine has mark of khorne it can be included in khorne allegiance and will be useful for the slaves units in the battalion. In a khorne army it can also take a blood blessing and pray for judgements (thanks to PRIEST keyword), plus bloodreavers benefit form its totem keyword. It just wont give any buffs/wards to non slaves units. I see the lord on Karkadrak as a good candiate for goretide general as his 4 x attack profiles will benefit greatly from +1 DMG and various bonus attacks. With 3+ save and no MONSTER keyword he greatly benefits from Thronebreakers Torc as well. With him you will want a unit of chaos knights to receive his command ability, add killing frenzy and bloodstoker and that unit will shred things. Could support them with the warshrine who can use the tzeentch prayer for reroll saves. With their innate 5+ against mortals and the shrines 6+ ward that is a tanky unit that will put out the hurt regardless of weapon choice.
  4. #1 Get your rules right! If in doubt, look it up on the spot and play on as you can always edit it later. Nothing worse then seeing people getting rules blatantly wrong or, not being sure and just deciding to play it a certain way (i.e. wrong) without bothering to check. #2 I like the above idea, for competitive battle reports, of explaining the theory behind the list and what you are trying to achieve, especially in relation to the scenario. #3 A little focus on the scenario and its objectives goes a long way. Too many battle reports gloss over it (I havnt committed all scenarios to memory and am unlikely to have my GHB handy to look up what the objectives are ). #4 Reports of different lengths wouldnt be a bad idea. Some 30min, some 45min and some 60min+. Could be different versions of the same game if you could be bothered. #5 After action summaries are always good for analyzing what worked and what didnt. You could have fun with the format of this as most reports I've seen just have the players sitting on the couch or at the desk having a chat and it can be a little bland.
  5. Well put! Definitely still a viable unit but you have to really think about how you will use them and buff them. 20 man units are definitely easier to manage but it only takes a single casualty to lose the +1 to hit bonus.
  6. @Salyx Not 100% on the first question but pretty sure you would do 2 x mortal wounds for each 6. Karanak has the HERO keyword so he can use command abilities, etc. However he does not take up a "Leader" slot when writing your list. This is indicated in the points table at the end of the tome where a unit's role is noted (leader, battleline, behemoth, etc). It means in a 2K list you can have 6 heroes plus Karanak. I took 30 bloodletters to a 2.5K tournament recently. They did OK but there are a few problems with them; 1) 32mm bases make large units unwieldy to move, yet their +1 to hit for 20 models and horde discount encourages large units. 2) 1" reach makes it hard to get models in melee range. The 6" pile in certainly helps mitigate some of this issue but doesnt resolve it completely. 3) 5" move, can't be whipped by bloodstoker, no bonuses to run or charge, no run & charge... 4) 5+ save with 1 wound, they die to a stiff breeze 5) Only 1 attack base, need bloodsecrator and/or wrathmonger support to do real damage but its tough to maintain "wholly within aura due to unit size". Same issue applies for Reapers of Vengeance as you must be wholly within 8" to use it. I know the theory that you dont need a hero to use the slaughterhost abilities has been floated however Im not certain that was the intention of the rule. If you can use it without a hero then the unit just has to be wholly within 8" of itself (???) which is easier to manage. 6) You can get superior output from a unit of 5 x Skullreapers while being easier to keep in range of buffs.
  7. @smartazjb0y a mortal wound save is one of the only decent abilities they have going for them so I would say always go shields. Rerolling hits of 1 is good and all but no rend, one damage means you're not causing much harm either way. Plus there are many other ways to get rerolls for hits such as warshrine, mark of khorne with hero buff, Daemonic Power Spell, etc but no other way to get a mortal wound save.
  8. @Scurvydog amazing analysis! Loving this forum guys! Yes, chaos player here (obviously) but Ive been considering a second (4th or 5th, whatevs) army for a while and something small, elite and hard to kill was what I was thinking and these guys fit the bill. Love the models & love the way they operate. Only disappointing thing as it appears many are finding... its so hard to fit all the toys you want in 2K! I am definitely going to sit back and wait, really read the battletome and carefully choose a playstyle and army. Never approached warhammer like that before so figure I owe it to myself to plan an army for a change. Big question around Mortek Guard with spears or swords. Gamewise its swords all day because even a unit of 20 can fight in 2 ranks on 25mm bases so spears only become necessary in those terms for 30-40 man units. However the spears look so much cooler so I'm thinking 2 x 10 with swords, 2 x 10 with spears, but they operate in pairs with the spears standing behind the swords. This way if the front line does get hit with something with lots of rend and/or mortal wounds, they end up overkilling it and you still get a hit back with the undamaged spears. If they dont kill the frontline the spears have the reach to still attack. Meanwhile a Boneshaper or Harvester accompanies each pair of units to bring back as many as it can. This covers your battleline requirements without sinking tons of points into massive units. Does this sound viable?
  9. @minthras the only time you would go halberds on warriors is if you anticipated taking a big unit (15+) where the 2" reach ensures more of them, if not all, will be in range to fight. More often then not hand weapons are the way to go for better hit rolls. Chaos knights should always be charging so glaives are the way to go. Maybe one unit with hand weapons if you have a few units.
  10. chaos knights with a 3+ armour save ( I really miss the days of chaos armour + shield+ barded horse = 1+ save)
  11. I'm about to play my first game in a local 1250 point meeting engagement league (3 games followed by 3 more using pitched battle rules). Tossing up between 2 lists but in both cases the focus is on speed (first game is Death Pass). My opponent is Flesh Eater Courts although apparently not a fan of terrorgheists so I'm expecting an Abhorrent with lots of flayers, ghouls and Courtiers. List 1: Daemons (mostly)- idea is to build up some early blood tithe by sacrificing Riptooth and Magore's fiends for some hero phase movement once the thirsters get on the table. Holding the Insensate Rage back in the rearguard is risky but with +4" movement and reroll charges, not to mention a 6" pile in, I'm confident he will get involved enough. Also hoping for a bonus unit of dogs from Karanak but appreciate that will be tricky. Allegiance: Khorne - Slaughterhost: The Bloodlords Spearhead Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Blood Sacrifice 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 3 x Magore's Fiends (80) 1 x Riptooth (40) Main Body Karanak (140) Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (270) - Artefact: Halo of Blood 10 x Flesh Hounds (200) Rearguard Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (270) - General - Trait: Slaughterer's Thirst Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1250 / 1250 Extra Command Points: 1 List 2: Mortals (mostly)- simple idea for this list... lots of speed. Bloodstoker with spearhead to maximise his movement buffing, especially with the item choices. The priests will look to buff the spearhead knights at first, then buff the warriors to hold my objective or the skullreapers/knights again if I am pressing his objective. Bloodsecrator turns up late to help me defend the home objective before pushing onto the enemy objective. Not sold on this list yet but it has promise. Allegiance: Khorne Spearhead Bloodstoker (80) - General - Trait: Violent Urgency - Artefact: Talisman of Burning Blood 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 5 x Skullreapers (180) 5 x Chaos Knights (160) - Chaos Glaives Main Body Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh 10 x Blood Warriors (200) - Goreaxe & Gorefist - 1x Goreglaives 5 x Chaos Knights (160) - Chaos Glaives Rearguard Bloodsecrator (120) Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1250 / 1250 Extra Command Points: 1
  12. @Smooth criminal More or less yes, competitive Khorne is with at least 3 thirsters. 6" pile in is incredibly powerful and gives daemons a huge amount of flexibility so Crimson Crown on Unfettered Fury is a must have. Dogs are an amazing unit for the versatility, cost and fulfilling battleline. That being said the all mortal list with dual shrines won best chaos and was second only to Matt Campbell in terms of Khorne so that is definitely a viable competitive build as well. From a competitive perspective the main function of judgements is movement blocking with any damage caused a bonus. Therefore the skulls have to be the judgement of choice for the reliability of casting. Personally I only acquired a 3rd Thirster leading up to the tournament so I was always going to give it a whirl but there are definitely alternate builds out there.
  13. @AresX8 100% correct mate. Blood Host was purely for a 2 drop army as the reroll charges was redundant for all but the Bloodthirsters themselves. However that being said in one game I did reroll the insensate rage thirster's charge from a 6 into an 11 which got him where I needed him before he tore through around 20 Iron Jaw Brutes! Seeing that go off alone made the battalion worth it 🙂 I used Reapers of Vengeance slaughterhost as for me its the most competitive option when running thirsters. With the random damage output you really want them having 2 bites at it.
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