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  1. I think the list is looking pretty good but some things you might consider are: -the bloodsecrator will make your sorcerer reroll casts. If extra attacks are really important you could look at an Aspiring Deathbringer (needs CP though) or a unit of Wrathmongers (will need to find some extra points ). -a good alternative ally would be a bloodstoker. Great to use on chariots as it's +6" when they run and charge and +3" to their charge roll for greater chance of mortal wounds. The reroll wounds is a nice bonus and goes well on knights too. -As you are always looking for the charge, consider running at least one unit of knights with glaives. - you might consider running this as an Idolators legion as you can upgrade one of the chariots in the battalion to an Idolator Lord for an extra khorne aura and easy 2+ prayer for a unit to reroll hits (great on knights with glaives). That also means you can spend your CP on giving +1 to hit/reroll charges to knights and chariots.
  2. @whispersofblood you have to be a wizard to perform the ritual so you'll have to make the sorcerer lord general. Otherwise looks a solid list
  3. Game 5 of our 1250 point League yesterday, with my Idolators against Cabalists in Blades Edge. Pretty relevant given the recent chat on here regarding Cabalists. It was a solid win for the Idolators. Score was 15-11 however I tabled him by bottom of Round 4. Score was close as he double turned me twice so was able to retreat onto some objectives before I could wipe him. His list included Thedra and her mob for sacrificing, sorcerer on foot and on manticore, Chaos Lord, 10 x knights, 5x warriors, 10x hounds & 6x Raptoryx. The fully buffed knights got into me with the double turn from 1 into 2 but I had my screen far forward enough that the double pile in only cost me 5 warriors and a sorcerer. The marauders and Idolator Lord went in and did work and then he rolled a 6 for battleshock so no more knights. After that it was a matter of clearing the hounds/raptoryx and when I double turned from 2 into 3 it was well and truly game over. He double turned from 3 into 4 which enabled him to retreat onto 2 objectives but I then tabled him bottom of 4. All up I only lost 5 warriors, a sorcerer and about 12 or so Marauders. Idolator Lord put in work, killing the chaos lord and finishing off the manticore for 2 eye of the gods rolls! first roll gave me +1 save which came in handy when fighting the Manticore later. 2nd roll was the ignore spell on 4+ but game was over then anyway. My poor opponent only had 2 chances to perform the ritual for bonuses to cast and failed both. However in fairness and I failed my 2+ prayers from the shrine and lord 5 times throughout the game. Failing the ritual mattered little as the inherent problems with Cablaists were there to see; investing heavily in sorcerers leaves you weak in combat and slaves do not have enough damage dealing spells with decent range to magically dominate a game. I'm now 3-2 with my Idolators in this league which definitely exceeded my expectations. If it goes ahead the last game will be against Ogres including a unit of 12 x Gluttons. Think I will have to throw everything at that unit as if it goes down I'm in with a chance.
  4. On Chim? I assume you mean Manticore and yes, he is very worthwhile. Awesome spell, same auto reroll save, good movement and can do some work in combat if need be.
  5. @grimgold you are pretty spot on with how it all works and the hero choices, although I would run a second sorcerer over an exalted hero. You would get far more out of extra magic, auto reroll saves as well as a hero aura.
  6. @BaronBanana I think you are on the right track with this list. Its still 880 points of wizards but at least the marauders represent a true melee threat and 15 warriors can hold an objective. One issue is; which unit are you going to sacrifice for the ritual? You dont want to hit marauders and lose the -1 rend bonus for 20 models, and killing 1-3 chaos warriors hurts at 2 wounds each. If you can find 10 points somewhere (maybe swap out the pendulum for a 40 point endless spell) then you can bring a warcry unit to sacrifice.
  7. That would be the strictest interpretation of WYSIWYG I have ever heard of and cant see it being a problem anywhere. I don't think its ever been established that any of the bloodthirster heads represent a specific ability or artifact so go with rule of cool. End of the day its still a bloodthirster and anyone who gave you grief over which head you use is not worth playing.
  8. @Salyx those all sound like really good tips for making Cabalists viable. Comparing 900 points of sorcerers to Archaon is a great way to put it into context. I would also suggest a Balewind as another option for extending spell range.
  9. @Juicy I like your optimism but you are comparing the staying power of 30 Liberators (60 wounds) with a 3+ save (probably 2+ with Castellant nearby) rerolling 1's, against 2 x 10 chaos warriors (2 x 20 wounds) with a 4+ save rerolling. Those warriors will get blown off objectives (or outnumbered) by just about any other battleline you can name, let alone if something elite looks at them. The list might go OK in a casual game but in a tournament with lists tuned up to 11??? You will see a ton of Lumineth/Tzeentch/Nagash/Seraphon which will shut down the magic (throw in Khorne as well), Kharadron/Cities/Lumineth/Seraphon lists will shoot the wizards off the table, Idoneth/FEC/Ogres/Iron Jaws/Giants/Fire Slayers will melee it off the table turn 2 or 3. That list has no speed, a single teleport that relies on a 9" charge, only 30 bodies for holding objectives, no summoning and very little melee power. That list (or any Cabalist list) would need incredible luck to win 1 tournament game let alone 3. I don't enjoy being negative but call a spade a spade. There is a reason you don't see people on these forums often talking about Cabalists as well as not seeing them at tournaments. Maybe if spell lore had decent range so you could do magic damage from turn 1 it would have some play but as is you might have 2 turns at most to get the most out of your magic before the opponent is in your face hacking you to bits.
  10. Not with 3 units it cant. 2 x 10 slow moving warriors won't last long or kill anything. 10 x Knights can do work in some circumstances but won't win the game on their own. Apart from the endless spells & Wind of Chaos, all of the offensive spells are 12" range meaning all of the squishy wizards need to get danger close to the enemy to cause damage. If it comes up against a strong anti-magic list its toast. Against an opponent with little to no anti-magic the spells might go off however the opponent will likely have mass bodies or FNP to whether the magic damage, shooting to pick off the wizards or enough speed to stay out of range and swoop in and take out the wizards. Unfortunately I feel Cabalists is a trap and probably the hardest legion to have success with.
  11. Between chariots running and charging and teleporting marauders I do have some good reach and alpha strike potential which is nice. Rerolling saves and hits/wounds all over the place is nice too, although none of the attack profiles are heavy enough for it to really worry my opponents. The Khorne Idolator Lord and 5 x knights with lances make for a good power pair as they love his reroll hits prayer and +1 to wound aura and that is something I would look to expand on at 2K. My list definitely lacked in several ways. Damage output and very little resilience was what I felt the most, especially in the two games against nurgle. I was able to put some hurt on them but they hit back just as hard and my units melted, especially with rend 1 or higher, whereas they still had plenty of bodies left and the option to summon if needed. I definitely missed some late game summoning Ravagers style. My first 2 games were more even but my opponents were not running OP lists by any stretch and lady luck was on my side at the right times. Being 9 drops meant I never had the choice of who went first which was definitely a disadvantage but the lack of command abilities and artifacts makes me feel that a battalion is wasted points in this legion. I feel like Idolators would be completely outclassed by most things at 2K. Apart from using a bunch of warcry units to fill out plague touched which is a very specific build, I just dont think they have enough tricks to match it with even mid-tier armies/lists. Reliable prayers are nice but hardly crucial. If the desecrate scenery rule was a bit more reasonable to pull off then they would have a better chance in some match ups where scenery is crucial (ahem, Nurgle) but in most games it wouldn't be a factor anyway. Warshrines gaining the Leader keyword is a tax in all but one or two battleplans where leaders score extra VP, otherwise it just steals a slot from a hero with an aura for no benefit. That being said I've come up with a 2K list that expands on the power pair concept with a resilient core. Big block of Nurgle warriors supported by Exalted Hero and Warshrine to hold the centre (3+ reroll saves, 6+ shrug, rerolling wounds and 6's doing 2 dmg), Flanking force consisting of Idolator Lord, Daemon Prince (to prevent counter charges), lance knights (all marked Khorne) with a Manticore Sorcerer for save rerolls and magic/melee support. Finally Belakor is there to slingshot the marauders when an opening presents itself and otherwise do Belakor things. Hoping to give this a try soon: Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness- Damned Legion: IdolatorsMortal Realm: UlguLeadersIdolator Lord on Chaos Chariot (120)- General- Command Trait: Smite the Unbeliever- Artefact: Trickster's Foil- Mark of Chaos: Khorne- Prayer: Blessings of KhorneBe'Lakor (240)- Spell: Mask of DarknessChaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore (260)- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle- Spell: Spite-tongue CurseSlaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)- Sword- Mark of Chaos: KhorneExalted Hero of Chaos (90)- Mark of Chaos: NurgleBattleline30 x Chaos Warriors (540)- Halberd & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle20 x Chaos Marauders (160)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: Khorne5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Ensorcelled Weapons- Mark of Chaos: KhorneBehemothsChaos Warshrine (170)- Mark of Chaos: KhorneEndless Spells / Terrain / CPsExtra Command Point (50)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1
  12. Cheers for the tips @Salyx. You are right about my opponents bringing tough lists but I wanted to give Idolators a try. Cant bag em out until you've played em right?! I didnt screen properly in game 4 as I expected to be given first turn... my bad. I could have set up even further back so the marauders couldnt reach me first turn in the hope they would let me go first but I needed at least the Idolator Lord on the front line so I could teleport a unit onto the tree and still be wholly within 12" of him to turn it off. Desecrate is such a hard command ability to pull off I dont know if I'll ever manage it. To be fair I did have the option of counter charging the marauders after their alpha strike and hitting them hard but as it was places of arcane power I decided to focus on the heroes. I gambled on sending my own marauders into the Glotkin instead of the nurgle marauders but they whiffed pretty bad. In hindsight I should have cleared the nurgle marauders first and then I might have had a chance. I've mentioned in previous posts about this league but 1000 points of our lists are fixed so I cant chop and change to tailor my opponents apart from 250 points. In my fixed 1K I have the Idolator Lord, a warshrine (which takes up another leader slot), and 2 sorcerers to round out my 4 leader slots as I wanted some magic and save rerolls, etc. Therefore no Karkadrak, Manticore, Belakor or switching to Ravagers unfortunately. I dont own any warcry stuff so dont have any cheap screens available apart from 5 chaos warriors who dont cover much ground. I will definitely focus on the smaller supporting Ogre units and feed what chaff I have to the 12 Gluttons but will be an uphill battle no matter what.
  13. Thought I'd give an update on my Idolators in our 1250 point leauge. After clinching my first game against an Anvilguard Cities list in Knife to the Heart, I also took out game 2 against a predominantly Khorne Daemon list in Total Conquest. To be fair my opponent was relatively inexperienced and didnt play the objectives as well as he could have but was still a convincing win. Games 3 and 4 were against Nurgle lists in Battle for the Pass (shrunk down to a 4' x 4' table) and Places of Arcane power. Both games were resounding losses for me as the Idolators could not go toe to toe with 20 Blight Kings in the Blight Cyst battalion or 40 Marauders with various Nurgle buffs on them. In both games I was super keen to use the desecrate command ability to turn off the gnarlmaw as that would have stopped their run and charge and given me a shot. Despite having first turn in game 3 I failed mask of darkness (because of course I did) while the wheel gave him +2" movement so he had models on the tree bottom on round 1 and the opportunity was lost. Still managed to kill 12 out of 20 blight kings but wasnt enough. In game 4 my opponent unexpected took first turn, buffed the 40 marauders with +1 attack from Glottkin, cast daemonic power and the spell that gives mortals on 6+ to hit in addition to normal damage (so mortals on 5+). Thanks to the tree they covered 23" and messed me up good. 7 of them were enough to kill my warshrine with mortal wounds alone and it felt very broken, and thats with me unbinding the spell that would have given them an extra wound each. The Glottkin held the centre all game so I did what I could to hold the outside objectives and was somehow still in it by round 4 but then the wheel of contagion allowed my opponent to choose a unit and do D3 mortal wounds, allowing them to finish off my sorcerer holding one objective which enabled them to focus their attention on the other one. With the tree still in play the marauders went from one corner of the field to the other to clear off my remaining objective at that was game. Although I made some mistakes I really cant see what I could have done against either Nurgle list, other than be lucky enough to turn off the tree. My last 2 games will be against a Slaves Cabalist List which I have a chance against and an Ogre Bloodgullet list with a unit of 12 Gluttons which will not got well for me I think. If I can go 3-3 in this league with Idolators I will be happy but will let you all know either way.
  14. @Zamik wrath of khorne bloddthirster's command ability used to let a unit of daemons run and charge. Combined with the bloodstoker it was a common tactic for mobs of bloodletters to alphastrike. The mortal wounds were on 6+ to hit, which meant 5+ in units of 20 or more and 4+ if you put killing frenzy on them. It put out a disgusting amount of mortal wounds but once your opponent knew what you could do they just screened their important stuff and the bloodletters still died to a strong breeze. Obviously GW thought that was too OP so run & charge command ability disappeared and stoker become locked to buffing mortals only. As for Khorgoraths, I can understand them not being mortal but lacking at least daemon or monster keyword seems odd. Even if they could receive a few buffs via having any of those keywords it would hardly be OP compared to what else is out there in the game.
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