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  1. @KhorgusCool Its not uncommon for goblins or skaven to have that many models on the table so dont worry about that. Also, its a tournament so anything goes when it comes to list building. Some players are turned off by Gristle Gore Flesh Eater Courts, some are turned off by 4 x Bloodthirsters, others by a shooting heavy stormcast list. At a tournament players build a list they think can win (or will have fun with) so apart from playing the game in the right spirit you dont have to worry about what opponents think of your list. Just be mindful of time limits, pre-empt your moves and get good at moving your models quickly. You definitely want a warshrine and bloodsecrator, maybe even 2 warshrines instead of 2 bloodsecrators for a greater totem footprint and spread of Feel No Pain saves. An exalted Deathrbringer for battleshock immunity would be good (as Roark said) and you can never go wrong with a couple of slaughter priests (one should definitely have blood sacrifice for sweet sweet blood tithe)
  2. I love Descend into Madness! Really cool idea for a spell! In fact they are all pretty cool and well thought out without being overpowered, except maybe the first one is a little too good against specific opponents. Reducing the range to 12" and/or increasing the cast roll would balance it a little better. The weapons/artifacts are pretty cool too, very fluffy. However Worldender and Grimoire are clear autopicks over the rest of them. At least you've proven it isn't that hard a thing to do and GW should pull their finger out and gives Slaves an assist!
  3. Flesh hounds are the bomb and offer so much versatility. Fast for nabbing objectives early or late. Cavalry bases mean 5 of them can make a decent sized screen for more important units. Each unit gives you another unbind opportunity (with +1 for units of 10). Loads of attacks, great for clearing enemy chaff or ganging up on weak support heroes (who they can often reach with their speed to get around flanks). Inbuilt reroll charge means you save command points and they are an excellent choice for summoning with two chances at the 9" charge. High bravery means battleshock isn't an issue. Despite the above they pose a low threat to the opponent, for damage potential anyway, and so are often overlooked unless you suicide charge them. And they are battleline! Whats not to love???
  4. @daviseford very nice! However Bloodtithe is specifically spent at the start of the hero phase and not at any point as noted on your site (apart from the spell unbind one which is obviously spent as needed).
  5. @PivotalCar You can never go wrong with a Bloodthirster! Most people might say the Insensate Rage is a better distraction carnifex for his exploding mortal wound potential whereas Unfettered Fury is more tactically interesting due to the 6" pile in. I'm sure you could proxy whichever model you get as either Bloodthirster so you can try them both out and I doubt you will be unhappy with the results. At the very least you will have one handy for summoning when you get to 8 bloodtithe.
  6. @nakomat summoned units are free. Wrath & Rapture is OK if you intend on using all of those models and have someone to buy the Slaanesh half. My 3 Bloodcrushers see very little use, same with Karanak, but now and then they have been fun in casual games. Its probably a better option then the Start Collecting Khorne Daemons if you dont want a skull cannon/throne, but if you want to go heavy on Bloodcrushers then buying both boxes is a good option.
  7. Yep, Immense Power is gone and Deathdealer now improves one weapon's rend by 1 so the +2DMG bloodthirster combo is a thing of the past. If you want extra damage the only option is to run the Goretide and make the thirster/daemon prince your general.
  8. Second what @PivotalCar said. 9 Crushers are really unwieldy so dropping to 6 and taking some Skullreapers would work nicely, especially if you replace a priest for some Wrathmongers. 3 Priests isn't necessarily a bad thing though.
  9. GW has put itself into a difficult position with Slaves to Darkness... Having most of the units able to take a mark and join a god-specific army is popular with players, fits with the fluff and adds flexibility to those other factions which are all good things. The consequence of this is if GW buff chaos warriors, knights and chariots to be effective in their own right within a Slaves allegiance then those units can quickly become ridiculous in god-specific armies. For example Khorne can easily give extra attacks, extra movement, bonuses and/or rerolls to hit and wound which makes for a very punchy unit of chaos knights or chosen. If their base warscroll was to become even stronger it could get crazy and people would start running them over Blood Crushers or Skull Crushers. Of course any increase in power could come with a point increase however I'm pretty sure the last thing Slaves players want is for their units to cost more! Therefore it might be kind of necessary for slaves units to remain relatively average to ensure they don't surpass the options within other factions. The way to rectify that would be to leave the unit warscrolls as is but with some really nice Slaves Allegiance Abilities that provide buffs equal to those found within god-specific armies without ridiculous limitations (i.e. having to be WHOLLY WITHIN 6" to get the Slaanesh buffs is a joke). A slaves to darkness spell lore would also be handy although the spells would have to be pretty good to be cast over Daemonic Power. Then Slaves would be a powerful army in its own right and I long for the day when its actually a toss up to run Khorne or Slaves allegiance. The other major problem is that Slaves have been one of the staple warhammer armies since the beginning, by one name or another. 20 odd years ago they were just called Chaos Warriors and I still have a ton of models from those days as I'm sure many old players do, while new players can probably easily find hundreds of old plastic knights and warriors on ebay at a reasonable price. The point is that releasing a shiny new battletome may not do anything for sales of Slaves stuff other than the new tome itself. Being a business first, GW would know this and may decide a Slaves tome is not a priority (maybe not ever needed) or is not worth putting a whole lot of thought and effort into meaning what we do get is barely an improvement on the GHB abilities. One solution to this issue is to release some shiny new models with the new tome. Plastic Chosen (or some equivalent of Varanguard on foot) has been mentioned a lot in these pages and would be a popular choice. Endless spells seem like an obvious option and it would be very interesting to see what they come up with for generic chaos endless spells. Coupled with that could be a lesser Chaos Sorcerer (i.e. keep the current Sorcerer Lord but give us a second, cheaper option without the automatic mystic shield, a less powerful base spell but with access to the new spell lore and endless spells). Another cool idea would be to go back to the days of Chaos Lords and Sorcerers being able to ride in chariots (and if we are really dreaming then the option to have their chariot pulled by the daemonic steeds of the hero's chosen chaos god). With chariots as battleline in a slaves army this allows for the possibility of an all chariot army which would surely excite some people. They wouldnt even have to produce a new model; just make it possible and let people buy the kits separately and convert away. I've wanted to convert a Khorne Lord riding a chariot pulled by juggernaughts forever and now I have the means but the unit doesnt exist 😞 New battalions might also get people interested in Slaves; something that encouraged an all cavalry army with bonus movement for example. Nothing crazy or OP, just usable and interesting. Anyways hopefully GW sees enough commercial benefit in Slaves to produce a decent battletome without wasting our time or negatively affecting the other chaos factions. One can hope!
  10. Meanwhile Skeletor has us covered for Gyrocopter conversions...
  11. I think Mercenaries will be fun for some players but will be largely unused by most. No doubt some Khorne players will lick their lips at the thought of a Dwarven Cannon and Organ Gun with either a Cogsmith for rerolling missed hits/jams or a Gyrocopter for +1 to hits (all for 380 points). Together with a Gorethunder Cohort the Khorne gunline is back on and could be a fun, fluffy list. Will be great for narrative gamers and old fans of the Dogs of War as well.
  12. @AresX8 I dont own any judgements so they havent become a factor in my planning as yet however I think the Hexgorger Skulls would have been useful that game. As the game was mostly played in his half, having one Priest wasnt really a factor. I think he was in range for one bloodboil the whole game with his main role being Blood Sacrifice and an unbind each round. Why did I take a Skullmaster? I dont own a Skulltaker for a start! Besides that I've never used him before and thought his speed would be handy for keeping up with the hounds and bloodcrushers who would otherwise be without hero support. Plus he is likely to be dismissed as a threat and if he could get a sneaky charge onto a Gaunt Summoner or Blue Scribes etc I would back him to get the job done. Really looking forward to running the Unfettered Fury with the Crimson Crown next game. So many shenanigans!
  13. Battle Report time again! Heres a link to the preview post from a previous page; My opponent fronted up with a Change Host Battalion; 1 x Lord of Change, 1 x blue Scribes, 3 x 10 Pink Horrors, 3 x 10 Blue Horrors & 2 x 10 Brimstone Horrors (if you don’t know, the battalion allows him to swap 2 units with one another in the hero phase, and he can do it twice!). It’s a real tricky battalion but you have to know how to use it to get the most out of it. Making up the 2000 points was a Gaunt Summoner with familiars and the Aethervoid Pendulum. This is actually intended to be a tournament list whereas I was running a bit of gamble list to see how it would go. He had 2 drops to my 3 so even though I won the roll off and chose the side (choosing the side with Arcane terrain to deny it to him) he chose who went first. We played Battle for the Pass and he was nervous about the damage I could do with a double-turn and so made me go first. I did the only thing I could which was to run everything forward as far as I could. 1 x 5 hounds on the far left, 30 x bloodletters up the middle with both bloodthirsters (Wraith of Khorne and Unfettered Fury) and bloodsecrator in behind (carefully ensuring they all keep the unit wholly within 16”), 2 x 5 hounds on the right along with the bloodcrushers and skullmaster. 1 x 5 hounds hanging a back a little to be sacrificed by the Slaughterpriest in range of the altar. I successfully earned a blood tithe point which I immediately spent for a CP. Ended the turn with 5VP Tzeentch looked to unleash the magic as only he can however I had 7 unbinds (2 with a +2 modifier), plus the bloodsecrator and altar to make life difficult. The highlight was the Gaunt Summoner casting his horde eating spell, only for the Wraith of Khorne to roll a natural 8 with Mage Eater and rolled up a 6 for the D6 mortal wounds. No magic of consequence was allowed through and so several screens of blue and brimstone horrors moved up to shoot the bloodletters didn’t charge. This is when the Unfettered Fury Bloodthirster’s command ability came into play, allowing my bloodletters and a unit of flesh hounds to pile into combat, gaining me 6” of free movement in the process. I did substantial damage spread across several units and managed a bloodtithe point or 2. He wasn’t able to capture the side objectives so only 1VP for Tzeentch. I won priority for Round 2 and pretty much hit the repeat button, charging in with flesh hounds and blood crushers that weren’t already in combat from the previous turn. Popping the Unfettered Fury’s command ability again to ensure the bloodletters weren’t too badly held up, wiping out all the screens in front of me and securing another 5VP. Turn 2 for Tzeentch went pretty much the same as the first turn. Apart from the pendulum killing some blood letters he didn’t get off any spells of note (spending bloodtithe certainly helped). He used the Battalion ability to swap the Lord of Change, who had been left exposed, with a pink horror unit but that was about it and could only earn another 1VP. I won priority again and it was looking over by this point but we decided to play on as it was proving to be a fun game. I continued my advance up the table, smashing into the latest screens of horrors and clearing a path to the Tzeentch home objective, taking all 9VP on offer. Tzeentch’s turn 3 was a little more effective as he did 12 mortal wounds to the Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster with one spell… ouch! He also summoned around 50 Blue Horror into his back field in preparation for my final charge. He then won priority for Round 4 so I spent 5 blood tithe for my bloodletters to fight in the hero phase. They finished off the Gaunt Summoner and a unit of horrors, immediately earning me back 2 bloodtithe in preparation for the next magic phase J He finished off the blood letters and Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster but lost the Blue Scribes. In my turn 4 I sent the Unfettered Fury into the Lord of Change, attacking twice with Reapers of Vengeance. One round of melee was enough so he wiped a unit of horrors with his second attack. Round 5 was a formality and the game finished with a solitary blue horror on the table while I still had half my starting forces, having not summoned a single unit. Thoughts: Being my first time running an almost all daemon list I didn’t know what to expect but the army performed really well. Magic is becoming more and more common in our local meta and for the game in general I feel so having 7 unbinds was great. The true MVP is the Unfettered Fury and that crazy 6” pile in. Not only can it mess with your opponent’s plans (do they get in range when they prob didn’t want to engage in melee that early or do they hang further back then they want to and make it harder to control the table?) but it is a really useful tool for getting some bonus movement out of the not very fast Bloodletters, or ensuring they can still surge forward even while engaged in melee. I found this meant I was holding my Thirsters back as support pieces and injecting them into the game later as scalpels rather than alpha striking battering rams. Against a shooting army that tactic will likely come unstuck, but against a melee army or any army who relies on ranged damage from magic it can work. I am going to play the same opponent with the same list again shortly as we want to see if he can play in a way that can cope with me getting the double turn and seeing if that is a better strategy (tournament prep etc). Only change I will make is to give the Crimson Crown to the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury as I was pretty much popping that ability every melee phase, mine and his, so the Crown will get a lot more work done.
  14. So much Tyrants talk! You guys know there are other options right?! 😉 OK maybe not for super competitive play but still... Tomorrow I am trying out a near all daemon Reapers of Vengeance Blood Host list for the first time in a casual 2000 point game against Tzeentch. At 180 points its definitely a hefty battalion but it means I'll have 3 drops and a good chance of choosing who goes first. The reroll charge bonus is useless for hounds and letters, might come into play for the bloodcrushers but will give both bloodthirsters free reroll charges all game so that could be worth something in addition to the extra artifact and CP. I've gone with Crimson Crown on the Wraith of Khorne as I figure his command ability will always be useful and CP are gold in this list. He will also take Mage Eater for 2 x unbinds at +2 😃 The bloodsecrator (with Skullshard Mantle to avoid magic sniping) will sit in the middle of the letters all game so can hopefully keep them all within 8" of him to use Leave None Alive, combined with the 6" pile in from the Unfettered Fury Thirster they will hopefully get some work done which is the main crux of the list. Giving very serious thought to the Priest taking Blood Sacrifice instead of Killing Frenzy as I feel it will be useful more often. I guess one of the hound units would have to take the mortal wounds but at least they wont run away like the Blood Reavers usually do! The plan is to flood the board with hounds and juggers, capturing objectives and harassing any heroes/small units I can isolate while the thirsters and letters control the middle and wreck face. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do! Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: Reapers of VengeanceLeadersWrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)- General- Trait: Mage Eater - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (300)Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne (120)Slaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy / Blood Sacrifice ???Bloodsecrator (140)- Artefact: Skullshard Mantle Battleline30 x Bloodletters (300)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)5 x Flesh Hounds (100) Other Units 3 x Bloodcrushers (140) BattalionsBlood Host (180)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1
  15. I would definitely be running a chaos lord on daemonic steed in a 2000 point list if you are using chaos knights. +1 to hit on the glaives goes a long way, especially if buffed by the sorcerer lord, and the reroll charge helps too.
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