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  1. Thanks all! Can't wait to unleash him in my next game 🙂
  2. Thanks guys, looks like Im on the right track! The Undivided warshrine prayer is redundant if I use the bloodstoker, hence the khorne prayer for reroll hits and charges seems better. Or I could go Nurgle prayer on top of his bronzed flesh for 3+ rerollable save. Wrathmonger, Aspiring Deathbringer and chaos lord are all great shouts but I think keeping in range of any of those will be tricky.
  3. Thinking of ways to get the most out of the Lord on Manticore so that I might actually use the model. So far I came up with following; General in Goretide for +1DMG to his sword and lance Make the lance Gorecleaver so its rend -1 base and -3 on the charge, 4 DMG (6's to wound = 8DMG!) Killing Frenzy and Whipped to Fury so the lance hits on 2+, wounds 3+ rerolling, not to mention benefits to the sword and manticore Warshrine khorne prayer for reroll hits and charges, if that fails use a CP to reroll 1's Bronzed Flesh because its annoying; and Ideally he will be in range of the bloodsecrator (gore pilgrims helps) Anything I'm missing?
  4. Pretty solid list. I like the double Karkadrak. Whats your game plan? The Darkfire Daemonrift is a cool endless spell however it really shines when there are other endless spells and wizards around and will be competing against your other spells given both your wizards are single casters. Given you are running Ravagers maybe you would be better off with another CP instead? Surely the large unit of Marauders wants to be mark of khorne for the aura buffs? Meanwhile the marauder horsemen dont get much from Khorne aura and would probably benefit more from battleshock immunity under the Undivided Aura.
  5. So true. I don't like to complain but its hard not to when you're on the end of a pasting and they seem to be able to do so much more than you. Seraphon can use a CP to shoot twice, at the end of the shooting phase, after seeing if its needed once everything else has shot. And they have multiple ways of generating extra CP. FEC can spend a CP to fight twice immediately, if its needed (and has easy access to doing that once per turn without a CP). Slaves can spend a CP to fight twice, but have to be wholly within 12" of a guy with movement 5", have to commit to spending the CP at the start of the combat phase and the opponent gets to activate before we can fight a second time, potentially killing you before your second swing (which happened to the Lord on karkadrak in our game). And Slaves have no way of generating extra CP, outside of a 700 point special character or a single artifact in a specific legion that generates 1-3 CP per game. Next time I might try my chariot bomb in a ravagers list with Ruinbringer Battalion. At least there should be more mortal wounds around.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions but the chariots already get a reroll charge from the lord on mount's command ability in addition to +1 to hit so the khorne prayer really is a bit redundant for them. I know what you mean about overextending the general however running the daemon prince general up and into some terrain which I turned pitch black was great for getting his aura into position and his command ability meant no one could charge him so I was comfortable throwing him forward. I ended up sticking with paragon of ruin just to try it out and to be honest it was actually useful. Mostly because the only bit of open ground where I could fit all 3 chariots was on a hill that was entangling so the extra movement just helped me mitigate the -2" to movement. It also meant I could get a first turn charge off with my knights although it didnt turn out well for them because... well, knights. As for the game, my partner also brought a Despoilers Slaves list with a Daemon Prince, Sorcerer on Manticore, Lord on karkadrak and Lord on foot, plus the mindstealer cat, rock throwing Ogroid and some warriors and knights. Our opponents turned up with Kharadron (Frigate, 2 x gun haulers, 6 x balloon boys, 2 x 10 Arkonaughts + Engineer & Admiral), and Thunder Lizards Seraphon with a Bastiladon, Carnosaur and Stegadon plus 3 x Salamanders, 3 x Kroxigor , 10 x Cold One knights, Skink Priest and Skink Starseer. If you know anything about Seraphon you might have guessed how the game ended up. I am pleased to say that my alpha striking chariots actually went pretty well. They gave us first turn and I buffed them up with everything except the shrine prayer (because it was my first time using it so of course I failed the prayer roll), and got them across the table easily. I wasn't able to keep them in range of the bloodsecrator or the warshrine but I made a big charge roll and a lucky 7 mortal wounds on the Carnosaur before taking him off with the attacks from 2 chariots in range while the 3rd took out some chaff. Although the chariots didnt have reroll saves or 6+ FNP they still survived the return attacks and so kept our opponents pinned in their turn before being removed so overall I would call the experiment a success. After that however the firepower of the KO and Seraphon took us apart. Salamanders are absolutely brutal and the Bastiladon can be nasty, especially since he was spending a CP every turn for it to shoot twice. We also managed to kill all the Cold One knights and Starseer (as well as the KO frigate and balloon boys). The Seraphon ability of reducing damage by 1 meant our heavy hitters were next to useless against their monsters and we didnt have enough sources of mortal wounds to bring them down. The mindstealer cat was pretty much useless as you have to be in range in your hero phase to make someone fight last which is super hard to pull off. Unless that is changed to the end of movement/start of combat I wouldnt recommend using him. The rock throwing Ogroid was also useless. Our plan was to use his sorcerer to teleport my marauders but he failed to cast mask of darkness for the first 2 turns and by the time it was cast in turn 3 the game was pretty much over. They surrounded the Bastiladon on the objective and over 2 rounds of combat I threw 82 dice against it for 2 wounds... safe to say the Seraphon player had a good day out with his dice. The mission was starstrike and although we were technically in it on points, they tabled us top of turn 5 for a fairly dominant major win. Still a fun game and after all this time not playing I'll take what I can get!
  7. Beer & pretzels game tomorrow; 2 v 2 with 1500 points each Decided to find a way to have fun with my otherwise unused chariots and turn a unit of 3 into an alpha strike missile; Lord on Steeds Command Ability: +1 to hit and reroll charge Bloodstoker: reroll wounds and +3" to run & charge (combines nicely with their once per game ability to run and charge- min threat range is 21" if I roll all 1's to run and charge but I get a charge reroll and can spend a CP to make the run a 6 so not likely- max threat range = 36"!!!) Bloodsecrator: +1 Attack to melee weapons which means +9 attacks across the unit (although might be tricky to keep them in range on the first turn but I will try) Aura of Khorne from Daemon Prince General: reroll 1's to hit and +1 to wound Warshrine: with them rerolling everything already I'm actually thinking tzeentch prayer for reroll saves is the way to go as all the buffs last until my next hero phase and keeping them alive longer will make them super annoying. With all the Buffs in place the great blades would be 9A / 2+ rr1's / 2+ rr all / -1 / 2 with another 24 attacks from whips/steeds- surely that will do some damage and thats without the mortal wounds on the charge. The final trick is Paragon of Ruin: pregame 5" move to increase the threat range even further (although I'm in two minds about this as it could move them out of range of the bloodstoker so might be better off with a different command trait) The full list is below- any comments welcome 🙂 Note*** I realise splitting them up would mean more mortal wounds on the charge however then the above buffs could only go on one chariot so I'm committed to trying it this way. Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness- Damned Legion: DespoilersLeadersSlaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)- General- Axe- Command Trait: Paragon of Ruin- Mark of Chaos: KhorneChaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (170)- Artefact: Diabolic Mantle- Mark of Chaos: KhorneBloodsecrator (120)- AlliesBloodstoker (80)- AlliesBattleline3 x Chaos Chariots (360)- Greatblades- Mark of Chaos: Khorne5 x Chaos Knights (180)- Cursed Lance- Mark of Chaos: Khorne20 x Chaos Marauders (150)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: KhorneBehemothsChaos Warshrine (170)- Mark of Chaos: KhorneEndless Spells / Terrain / CPsExtra Command Point (50)Total: 1490 / 1500Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 200 / 200
  8. Ahh... wasn't clear he was the general from your original post. Still, with a decent run he may still be in range and you can go for a better artifact but a few playtests will sort out the best option
  9. I'm not sure I see the need for the extra movement on the Skullmaster. He has the same movement as the Bloodcrushers to proc their locus. Why does he need to keep up with the Bloodthirsters? they dont buff each other in any way... 4+ rerolling 1's is OK but 3+ rerolling 1's is better and you want as many chances to rolls 6's to wound as you can get. You are right about summoning the horrors. No reason to summon anything else other than fluff (although I wouldnt rely on their shooting to do much).
  10. @TimeToWaste85 Yeah the wizard is gross but makes sense in your list and he summons a free unit to hold an objective while the rest of the army surges forward. Biggest weakness is its very light for bodies and after the initial charge Bloodcrushers do next to nothing. You will want to generate bloodtithe fast so you can summon some support. Insensate Rage Thirsters need help with their 4+ hit rolls so any artifact that boosts that is probably the best choice. Amberglaive (from Gur) for +1 hit and +1" reach is my go to but there are other options out there depending on which realm you choose. @AR605 Your new list is solid but pretty close to what a lot of khorne players run. I actually like the originality of your first list. The 3 Wraith thirsters give a credible shooting threat and Skullgrinder will slip way under the radar. I would suggest flesh hounds instead of the blood warriors but otherwise looks like fun. You didnt nominate a slaughterhost for your 1K list but I assume Goretide would be the way to go.
  11. Yes you can and they are used at the "start" of the hero phase, so before they use command abilities, cast any spells, etc (apart from the 2 point auto-unbind which is obviously used when needed). However if they have any "start" of the hero phase actions then they get to choose if they use their actions before you spend your blood tithe.
  12. @feadair I would say Chaos Lord. He might be slow but he can keep up with the chaos warriors and getting them to attack twice will help the offensive output immensely.
  13. I like a lord on mount/karkadrak + Knights with Glaives (10 is great but 5 is good) + Bloodstoker + Khorne. Biggest weakness with glaives is hitting on 4+ so Lord's CA helps with that. The +3" from the stoker, +1" from the musician and reroll charge means they will get where they need to and rerolling wounds ensures those crucial glaive attacks get through. If you can ally in a Bloodsecrator and/or the Doom Sigil for extra attacks its brutal. Bonus points for Ruinbringer warband for extra mortal wounds on the charge. Word of warning on the marauder + stoker + teleport combo; its super hard to pull off because the stoker's ability weirdly goes off at the start of the movement phase at which point the marauders have already been teleported.
  14. Cheers! All good suggestions. Right now I don't have a 2nd Gaunt or Blue Scribes to field. Khorne DP is an option. TBH the marauders in this list are the sacrifice unit. I think a warcry unit would be ideal but I don't have one. Any other artefact suggestions?
  15. Looking for comments on my new Cabalist List. If I have a good magic phase then I think this list has the potential to do quite well. Might get a sprinkling of mortal wounds from the Warshrine battalion as well. All comments are welcome but mostly I'm interested in recommendations for my 2 artifacts as I really don't know what to take. This list doesn't have much use for CP or melee weapons; are there any artifacts out there that boost spell casting or generally help a magic oriented army? I could go the Cabalist items for a once-per-battle auto unbind and auto succeed on a ritual but wondering if there are better options out there? Allegiance: Slaves to Darkness- Damned Legion: CabalistsLeadersChaos Sorcerer Lord (110)- General- Command Trait: Mighty Ritualist- Artefact: ??????- Mark of Chaos: Undivided- Spell: Whispers of ChaosChaos Sorcerer Lord on Manticore (260)- Artefact: ???????- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle- Spell: Binding DamnationBe'Lakor (240)- Spell: Mask of DarknessGaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (240)- AlliesBattleline20 x Chaos Marauders (150)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: Undivided15 x Chaos Warriors (300)- Halberd & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Nurgle5 x Chaos Marauder Horsemen (90)- Javelin & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Undivided5 x Chaos Marauder Horsemen (90)- Javelin & Shield- Mark of Chaos: UndividedBehemothsChaos Warshrine (170)- Mark of Chaos: UndividedBattalionsGodswrath Warband (180)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsDarkfire Daemonrift (50)Aethervoid Pendulum (50)The Burning Head (30)Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws (30)Malevolent Maelstrom (10)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 240 / 400Wounds: 112
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