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  1. Tough day at the office yesterday; 1250 points vs Stormcast (Blood & Glory) My list; Skullfiend Tribe Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount Bloodstoker Aspiring Deathbringer Slaughterpriest (blood sacrifice) 2 x 5 Flesh hounds 10 x Reavers 5 x Skullreapers 5 X Wrathmongers 5 x Chaos Knights 1 x Khorgorath His List; Lord Arcanum on Gryph-Charger Lord Arcanum Lord Castellant + Gryph hound 10 x Sequitors 5 x Sequitors 5 x Evocators 2 x Ballistas He put the Ballistas in the sky and gave me first turn. I was wary of them dropping in behind me and splitting my force so I held some units back to zone them out. Lacking the speed to make a first turn charge but knowing he lacked the speed to charge me in his first turn I pushed up. Failed blood sacrifice which proved to a precursor to some crappy rolling for me all game. He brought the Ballistas down in front of me and proceeded to roll a ton of 5’s to hit and killed 4 x skullreapers. He then won the double turn which was devastating at that stage. This time the ballistas killed 3 wrathmongers and he charged in the 5 Sequitors buffed by the Castellant so they were all but unmoveable, killing 4 flesh hounds. By craftily devastating my units and not finishing them off I was left with no bloodtithe heading into turn 2. The chaos knights made a glorious charge on the big unit of Sequitors, killing 6. The other unit of flesh hounds hit them from the other end in a classic pincer move but despite rolling well were unable to cause a single wound (his save rolls, with rerolls, were ridiculous time after time). The surviving skullreaper charged the ballistas and fought well but couldn’t kill one and died in return. My chaos lord, despite throwing 8 attacks completely whiffed against the 5 x Sequitors. I failed blood boil as my rolls continued to be terrible. He won the 3rd round roll off and the Lord Arcarnum and Gryphound together with the Evocators destroyed the knights. The 5 x Sequitors finished off the Wrathmongers and flesh hound but the ballistas finally whiffed. I bloodboiled 2 x evocators which was satisfying but my khorgorath failed its charge. The other flesh hound unit continued trading blows with the remnants of the 10 man sequitor unit and the 5 man sequitor unit killed my chaos lord. The aspiring deathbringer charged the lord Arcanum, whiffed and died in return. I finally won a roll off and took the double turn. I had 8 bloodtithe and so on came a Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster. He used the wraith flail to immediately pulverise the lord castellant. I bloodboiled the evocators again but only 1 wound this time. The khorgorath charged the evocators and killed 1 surviving the return attacks from the evocators plus lord arcarnum, only to die to the gryph hound… sigh… The bloodthirster also made his charge into the 5 x Sequitors and wiped them but the lord arcarnum brought one back. His turn and the ballistas whiffed against the bloodthirster before he finished off the last sequitor, the remaining sequitor finished off the last flesh hound. The remaining evocators and lord arcarnum charged and killed the reavers and slaughterpriest. He won the 5th round roll off for another double turn. The ballistas unleashed on the bloodthirster, taking him down to 3 wounds, and the lord Arcanum finished him off and took my left objective. The two remaining evocators charged the bloodstoker but he lived and killed one meaning I held the last objective and avoided a major loss. In my last turn I summoned 5 flesh hounds off the altar and attempted to charge the remaining sequitor to take his objective but they failed, even with the reroll… sigh… The bloodstoker killed the last evocator meaning I kept one objective out of 4 and suffered a minor loss. Even if the hounds had made the charge to tie us on objectives he well and truly had me on kill points so would have been a minor loss either way. I guess the biggest takeaway is those ballistas can be brutal, especially with an early double turn before you get a chance to hit them back- not much you can do about that. By leaving one model left in a unit wherever possible he denied my blood tithe which was incredibly annoying. Sequitors rerolling saves, getting buffed by the castellant and one coming back to life each turn were infuriating. Summoning a bloodthirster late game was pretty cool but he died so quickly and easily to the ballistas and lord Arcarnum it was embarrassing. Was still a really fun and challenging game and I was pleased to take it all the way to the last turn. With a little luck, or even just average rolling, I could have turned it around but wasn’t my day and he really had a day out with his rolls. This was game 1 in a 5 game league. One opponent is running a Stardrake while another has a Dragon Lord and Archmage on Dragon. I don’t even know what the FEC player has but it cant be good. My next game is against Sylvaneth this Thursday- battle report to come.
  2. FAQ is out. Mage Eater allows an additional unbind. Only the first unbinding roll can inflict mortal wounds. Wrathmongers changed to buff melee attacks only. There goes the Khorne gunline. Sucks for those who bought multiple skull cannons already Korgos Kuls command ability got fixed (used in combat phase, not charge phase). Aspiring Deathbringer +1 attack can't be stacked.
  3. Throw in the Aspiring Deathbringer for +3 attacks.
  4. @KhorgusCool I've thought about that too. You can always increase the bloodsecrators range with gore pilgrims, but then again you can take 2 x units of mongers for the same cost and then look at battalions that use multiple units of wrathmongers. Bloodsecrator is a hero and there are scenarios where you will want an extra hero over a unit, even more relevant now that he can move onto objectives. Dont underestimate Loathsome Sorcery as well as it can go a long way to shutting down an opponent's magic phase when combined with other abilities. Perhaps the fact that neither unit's attack buff can stack with duplicates means there remains a case for running one of each. If it was just about the extra attack then the Aspiring Deathrbringer for 80 points would win hands down so you always have to look at the bigger picture and what your list is trying to achieve.
  5. Thoughts on this mixed list? Taking everyone's comments on board I've included a skull cannon to trail behind the Wrathmongers who support the Skullreapers, along with the Deathbringer & stoker. The Bloodsecrator & Bloodthirster will support the Bloodletters so there are two self sufficient death stars for the opponent to deal with, not to mention 2 x slaughterpriests and 15 x flesh hounds for support as needed. I struggled with the best Slaughterhost and could easily have gone any of them really but I think Reapers is the way to go, mainly so the letters or thirster can attack twice. Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: Reapers of VengeanceLeadersBloodsecrator (140)- General- Trait: Mage Eater - Artefact: Skullshard Mantle Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)- Artefact: The Crimson Crown Aspiring Deathbringer (80)- Bloodaxe and Wrath HammerSlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzySlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Blood SacrificeBloodstoker (80)Battleline30 x Bloodletters (300)10 x Flesh Hounds (200)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver BladesUnits5 x Skullreapers (180)- Goreslick Blades5 x Wrathmongers (140)1 x Skull Cannons (140)Total: 1950 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1
  6. Had my first game with the new tome on the wknd. 1250 point game vs Dispossessed, playing Relocation Orb. He had a Warden King, 2 x Runelords, 30 x Warriors, 20 x Ironbreakers, 20 x Thunderers & 3 x Aetherwings. His basic game plan was for me to come to him and smash off his shields before the Thunderers deleted whatever they turned their attention to while the Aetherwings chased the objective. He had the ability to teleport one unit with an Ancestral Axe but never used it. I went for a trimmed down variation of the 2000 point chaos knight Skullfiend tribe list I posted a few pages back as I wanted to try some of those concepts out. Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount with the Skullfiend Tribe Trait and Artifact Bloodstoker, Aspiring Deathbringer & Slaughterpriest with Blood Sacrifice. 2 x 5 flesh hounds 5 x chaos knights with glaives 5 x skullreapers 5 x wrathmongers 10 x blood reavers 1 x Khorgorath My opponent kindly let me proxy the skull altar with a similar sized terrain piece as I am awaiting my order. The relocation orb player territories are very small so I was unable to push it into an advanced position meaning it was pretty much only good for rerolling blood sacrifice. I don’t know if we played it right but the Relocation Orb rules don’t specify that the player who finishes deployment determines who goes first. I was happy to let my opponent choose as he had less units but he insisted we roll off for it with him breaking ties. I won the roll and gave him first turn however he said he would have taken it anyway as he wanted to get his shield walls and other buffs up ASAP so no harm done. Apart from the Aetherwings taking the orb for 1VP nothing much happened as the Dwarves are slow and their guns were out of range. My first concept was immediately tested as the priest sacrificed some reavers for a bloodtithe point which I immediately converted into a CP with blood tithe (both events occur at the start of the hero phase so I get to choose the order in which it happens). The next concept was buffing the knights with the lord’s command ability and bloodstoker and charging them into the Ironbreakers. As I expected his Runelord was close behind the unit for support and so the Skullfiend ability of rerolling hits of 1 when wholly within 12” of enemy heroes went off and the knights put a bunch of damage through. Unfortunately the Ironbreakers ignore rend of -1, reroll their 4+ saves and were ignoring damage on 6’s so when the dust cleared I only killed 4. Some lessons were learned however I’m still convinced the knights can do work, especially when in range of the bloodsecrator in a 2000 point gorepilgrims list and against a less resolute unit. My flesh hounds charged the Aetherwings, leaving one with 1 wound and took back the objective for 3 VP while the land tank (Skullreapers, Wrathmongers + Deathbringer rumbled forward). He used a CP to inspiring presence the iron breakers rather than risk it which I thought was an error. The orb moved towards his side of the table before he won the roll off for turn 2. He used his CP so his Warden King could get on his rock and let all Dwarves within 18” use his Bravery. The surviving Aetherwing captured the orb again for 1VP while the warriors consolidated their position and kept up their shield wall. The Ironbreakers were still in combat with the knights so in the shooting phase the thunderers turned my knights into a blood tithe point. Trading 160 points of knights for 4 x Ironbreakers seemed harsh however they had kept the Dwarves pinned in their corner for 2 turns meaning I had a free run at the objective in my turn. I failed blood sacrifice, even with the reroll, and so cashed in for another CP. The flesh hounds ran around the left flank and the land tank rumbled forward with the bloodstoker repositioning so that he was wholly within range of the skullreapers for next turn. The chaos lord killed the aetherwing and capped the objective for 3VP while the Khorgorath charged the ironbreakers, just tagging one end so I could continue pinning them in place. Unfortunately he was out of range to use the Skullfiend command ability on him but still managed to kill 2 for no wounds in return. Round 3 and the orb moved immediately behind the Ironbreakers and I advised my opponent, and Khorne himself, that I would really like a double turn here. Khorne obliged J (who says Khorne doesn’t do prayers?) This round was brutal and surely Khorne was pleased. First I blood sacrificed for 1 blood tithe. The Chaos Lord used his movement to skirt around the Ironbreakers and charged the Runelord behind but only did 2 wounds and took none in return however this meant the Dwarves would retain control of the objective. Then the final concept I wanted to try came into play- the land tank was unleased; The skullreapers, whipped by the stoker and with bonus attacks from the deathbringer and wrathmongers charged and went absolutely nuts on the warriors. I rolled up 11 mortal wounds and killed another 10 with regular attacks for 21 dead, taking only 2 wounds in return. The Warriors broke and ran for another bloodtithe point. The flesh hounds charged into the thunderers and second runelord, taking him down to 1 wound. The khorgorath killed 4 more Ironbreakers, taking a few wounds in return, and a few more Dwarves ran thanks to his bravery debuff and nearby sinister terrain. Things looked grim for the Dwarves. The Warden King got off his rock and charged the Skullreapers, the thunderers were forced to shoot and delete the flesh hounds that had charged them. The reapers mortal wounded the king to death and the chaos lord finished off the runelord, giving me a bonus bloodtithe point thanks to the skullfiend command trait. The khorgorath killed a few more Iron Breakers and the unit broke and ran with a poor battleshock roll. I finished the round with 8 bloodtithe and the thunderers were out of range to cap the objective. I won the roll off for round 4 and offered to call it there as I was up 6-2 on VP with a clear charge for my skullreapers, flesh hounds and chaos lord into the thunderers which would have tabled him. It was a pretty convincing win over an admittedly non-battletome army however things would have been tougher without the double turn. All of the concepts I had came into play and I really want to see what that chaos knight list can do in a 2000 point game.
  7. I used to say hands down Wraith of Khorne. His shooting attacks and unbind are nice but the real hero was his run & charge command ability which allowed for himself or a big blob of bloodletters to alpha strike. Now its a little unsure... If you only take one I'm thinking probably Insensate Rage for the exploding damage potential. But the other 2 make for better support pieces so depends on the rest of your list.
  8. @Sigwarus list has potential however; The skull cannon/wrathmonger combo is powerful but they need a daemon hero nearby to reroll 1's to hit. A cheap 80 point Bloodmaster will solve this as the Bloodthirster has more important things to do. Hard to imagine Blood Crushers are a competitive choice. The charge damage is nice when you get it but other then that they dont do much damage and dont have much staying power. Perhaps a better use for the 280 points is 10 x flesh hounds and a bloodmaster to buff the cannons?
  9. Cheers@Killax Its def a casual to semi-competitive list with a lot of unknowns on how it might perform. Ill be sure to put up some notes/findings on here once Ive had the chance to run it. I can definitely see a 3rd thirster and a Tyrants list in the future but before I buy any more I want to understand the new way to play. What Im struggling with at the moment is coming up with viable mortal/daemon mixed lists like I have in the past as there just doesnt seem to be as much interplay between the two as there was. Hence the above almost all daemon list and the all mortal chaos knight list I posted a few pages back. The wrathmonger/skull cannon combo looks decent but I only have 1 cannon which feels hard to justify the wrathmonger engineers/babysitters when there are so many other things to buff. Are you looking at mixed lists or going down the mono path?
  10. Thoughts on this (almost) all Daemon List? All of the daemons fit into the blood host battalion which allows reroll of charges when wholly within 16" of any Bloodthirster. I figure that if you save 2 CP on rerolling charges it has paid for itself and any more then that is a bonus. Granted the Bloodletters and flesh hounds can already reroll charges but im looking at it for those essential charges for the thirsters and blood crushers. Its 2 drops because of the priest but it seemed a shame not to include one to at least take advantage of the skull altar's rerolls. Would probably split up one if not both of the flesh hound units as they would still fit into the battalion. note: This represents virtually every daemon I own, save for a Bloodmaster & Karanak, so looking for general strategy comments as opposed to list changes but all comments welcome. Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: Reapers of VengeanceLeadersWrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)- General- Trait: Mage Eater - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (300)- Artefact: Skullshard Mantle Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne (120)Slaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzyBattleline30 x Bloodletters (300)10 x Flesh Hounds (200)10 x Flesh Hounds (200)3 x Bloodcrushers (140)Units1 x Skull Cannons (140)BattalionsBlood Host (180)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1
  11. @Galdenistal did you see the Warhammer Communityy Article about "Who Fights First"? If we applied your logic then once you had spent a blood tithe point you could no longer pray for a blood blessing as it would no longer be the start of the hero phase and that is when blood blessings occur as well. GW have clarified that each phase is divided into 3 parts, Start, During & End. If multiple actions are described as taking place at "the start of the phase", such as Blood Tithe usage and Blood Blessings, then the player whose turn it is determines the order in which those things occur. The link to the article is here; https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/ and the info chart is below; It is certainly viable to use blood sacrifice and then immediately spend the blood tithe earned from it :-)
  12. Well I picked a fine time to go on holiday didn’t I! What a wild ride reading through everyone’s comments, buying the new tome on the app and pouring over the new rules while not in a position to contribute to the forum. I’ve seen a reasonable amount of negativity here and that’s OK, change can be hard and this hobby aint cheap so when your favourite model/combo gets nerfed it can be tough to bear. Case in point, I only just finished converting and painting a Jugger Lord and will never get to use him with the old command ability, but such is life. That being said I’ve seen a lot of positivity and most of the feedback from people lucky enough to play a few games already seems promising. The Tyrants of Blood is an obvious choice for power gamers and I hope your bloodthirsters leave a trail of ruin behind them. Sadly I currently only have 2 of the old metal ones so will be looking to other battalions and strategies, as I'm sure all khorne players are doing in one way or another. Many have said how weird it is that we are now a pseudo casting army with the possibility for awesome ranged support. While certainly a different way for khorne to play, the themes of blood and skulls remain, just in a different way. And how nice to get a terrain piece and some free bonus rules in the form of the slaughterhosts, not to mention the locus on all daemons and daemon heroes! Even if you don’t love a particular slaughterhost command ability or trait, all four of them offer something useful to any given list and are free so who doesn’t like that? The bloodtithe table got better in some respects, worse in others, however not being able to bank unspent tithe remains a major issue with the system. Also only being able to summon one unit per turn is another harsh and somewhat unnecessary penalty. However given the other free allegiance abilities I can live with blood tithe as is and will view it a nice bonus which might come into play now and then but little more then that. I’ve done some tinkering with lists based on my current collection as I was hoping to avoid the need for purchasing more models to continue playing Khorne (new terrain piece and tome aside). I only have 1 unit each of bloodwarriors, skullreapers, wrathmongers, blood crushers, khorgorath & skull cannon and no skull crushers which limits my battalion choices even further. I also plan to sit back and wait on the judgements to gauge how people are finding them (and whether they get an immediate nerf via the FAQ). The Axe does look and sound great however at a 5+ to cast I am wary of it not turning up, even with a reroll from the altar, and so will keep my powder dry for now. Theres an obvious symmetry with the judgements and warshrine however until Slaves to Darkness gets a battletome I’m apprehensive about committing to buying (and painting) a warshrine for now. What I have got available is a ton of chaos knights and the first thing I thought when I saw the change to the bloodstoker was that they would love to be whipped even more than before! I also feel they address one of our glaring weaknesses being speed. So I’m wanting to try a list that uses a wall of chaos knights as the first wave, followed up by the mop up crew of skullreapers and wrathmongers, with support from priests and whatever damage/summoning I can do with blood tithe. This will still need to run under gore pilgrims because the knights need extra attacks but will likely charge out of range of the wrathmongers and standard bloodsecrator banner. Although I don’t have any khorgoraths I’ve still gone for the Skullfiend Tribe as my slaughter host. Reason being the reroll 1’s to hit will greatly help the knights and you don’t actually have to be attacking a hero to get it, just wholly within 12”. I actually don’t mind the wasted command ability too much as I have others that I need to use my CP on. I also like the idea of a dedicated hero hunter and so will run my new Juggerlord with the hosts’ trait and artefact and see if he cant generate a few extra bloodtithe for me. Even though his command ability went from +1 to wound to reroll 1’s it will still help the knights and can apply to all 3 units for only 1CP which is pretty cool. Once he has buffed their initial charge he will focus on hunting down heroes. Including knights means you pretty much have to run a lord on daemonic mount as his command ability is essential for them (+1 to hit and reroll charges). Having the daemon keyword means he can use the Crimson Crown and be able to boost 2 x units of knights per turn for only 1CP. Nice! It also means he can provide the locus effect to any daemons I manage to summon which is handy. Based on the Order of Operations and my understanding of the rules, a slaughterpriest can attempt blood sacrifice to generate a blood tithe point, and then you can immediately spend that point for 1 CP as both actions happen “at the start of the hero phase”. Being our turn we choose the order in which things happen during “the start of the phase” and so I think this tactic for generating extra CP is legit and very necessary for the battleshock tests we may now need to take. Taking all of that into account, below is what I came up with; Allegiance: Khorne - Slaughterhost: The Skullfiend Tribe Leaders Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (160) - General - Trait: Master Decapitator - Artefact: Crowncleaver Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (140) - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Bloodstoker (80) Bloodsecrator (140) Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Blood Sacrifice Battleline 10 x Blood Warriors (200) - Goreaxe & Gorefist - 1x Goreglaives 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Meatripper Axes Units 5 x Skullreapers (180) - Goreslick Blades 5 x Wrathmongers (140) 5 x Chaos Knights (160) - Ensorcelled Weapons 5 x Chaos Knights (160) - Chaos Glaives 5 x Chaos Knights (160) - Chaos Glaives Battalions Gore Pilgrims (140) Total: 2000 / 2000 The juggerlord and regular mounted lord buff all 3 units of knights and send them charging into the enemy lines where they can hopefully do decent damage and then tar pit until the next wave catches up. Meanwhile the priest with blood sacrifice will sit atop the tower and sacrifice the first unit of reavers. The other priest will hang out with the bloodsecrator and bloodstoker, in the middle of the skull reapers and wrathmongers, screened by the second reaver unit. This little land tank will rumble forward behind the knights and mop up anything left with the skullreapers putting out a ton of attacks and buffed with killing frenzy and whipped. The 10 x blood warriors will protect a flank and generally operate independently, filling whatever role is needed. In time the unit of knights with ensorcelled weapons will likely swap out for a warshrine and may also look to work in the Wraith Axe and 5 x flesh hounds by dropping the Juggerlord (he is officially on notice with his performance being carefully examined). The above seems very different to the other lists posted up so what do you all think? Is it super competitive? doubt it. Will it be fun to play? Almost certainly. Whats that you say? Blood for the Blood God? Yeah that’s what I thought too!
  13. So from that pricing table and the description "Sorcery Miniatures", it appears the 3 endless praters are what is referred to as "Judgements of Khorne". Question is will we pay points for them like endless spells or will they require blood tithe to summon? Given they are prayed for by slaughterpriests I would guess we pay points for them but they still require a roll in order for the prayer to be heard in the same way endless spells are cast. Summoning with blood tithe should mean they are not subject to a roll however that would make for a 3rd option to spend blood tithe on, assuming those rules dont change, which is probably a few too many options for a system capped at 8 points. Or perhaps we will have both ways available to bring Judgements onto the table ?
  14. @Wraith01 Bloodsecrator is easy enough to convert though, just need a suitable looking banner and angry enough looking Khorne due and you are set. However a Khorgorath is much more difficult to get the look right and a standalone kit/different build options would be very well received.
  15. @Bjornas go for it mate! Individual tastes and cool conversions are just one of the many things that make warhammer so cool and only lifts the mood if anything. As long as you dont model for advantage by increasing its size and therefore radius of effect no one is going to have an issue with it. Please share what you come up with on here as Im sure others will feel the same way.
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