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  1. @CommissarRotke Is right on the money. Only you, yourself, can determine if the time spent on the production process for videos and being consistent about it is right for you. I'm on my second channel for wargaming, first being during Warmachine and Hordes's peak, and the other is focused on Blades of Khorne. I've learned that you spend a lot of time getting videos ready than you do actually recording the video itself.
  2. And that's exactly what I covered in the latest Storm of Blood: EDIT: Also, @kozokus, I played a test Bloodmad Warband list, this time with 2x5 Wrathmongers and deployed them aggressively; they were one of the first units I deployed and then formed the rest of the army around them. This was much, much more noticeable and they were relevant most of the game. I suggest trying that next time you play.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I put in Karanak for the reasons mentioned in the video and the fact that I don't have a second unit of Wrathmongers....yet. Finally ordered a second unit just yesterday. I also personally have issues with deploying my Wrathmongers properly and they hang too far back as a result. How did you deploy yours? I do agree that Rejoice in the Slaughter with Leave None Alive is crazy against Slaanesh since with you being able to dictate the order of who fights who, the Locus of Diversion doesn't really matter since the Keepers can't strike first as they're not within 3" when they'd want to do so! I keep Bronzed Flesh for the Skulltaker craziness also mentioned in the video. He has no business staying around for that long with that combo, but he totally does XD
  4. Part 2 of looking at the Murderhost is now live! Check it out here:
  5. Hello everyone! Part 2 of the Murderhost on Storm of Blood, my YouTube channel, is LIVE! Check it out here:
  6. Hello everyone! I have thrown my hat back into the wargaming YouTube world and have launched my new channel, Storm of Blood, yesterday afternoon. It's focused completely on Blades of Khorne and will have tacticas and battle reports. The first video is up, which you can watch here: Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey everyone, After simmering in the background and not posting as much as I usually do, I finally launched my YouTube channel focused on our favorite bloodthirsty madmen. The channel is called Storm of Blood; I released the first video yesterday afternoon, which you can check out here:
  8. I personally start my lists with the following: - 2x Slaughterpriests - Bloodsecrator - Hexgorger Skulls - Wrath Axe - Extra Command Point So that's 470 points. The only time I find the Judgements to not be worth while is centered around the Skulls, where I'm playing against someone that doesn't have magic. In that case, they're a fancy roadblock. I also agree with @twrightii's ranking. How many Keepers were being used? I'm also curious why you took the Charnel Host, that's an interesting batallion to take compared to say, the Murderhost.
  9. I played a test game using Murderhost last night with MSU Bloodletters alongside an Unfettered Fury Bloodthirster... I think there's something here to explore. Having +2 to run rolls is interesting since that increases your chances of being within 6" for Rejoice in the Slaughter to occur, and having MSU Bloodletters means that with proper positioning it'll be much easier to put Leave None Alive on them to make them fight twice. You also really don't care about not charging because of said pile in capability. I'll keep testing this idea. I'm also wondering if this is simply a "cute" list because it relies so much on the Unfettered Fury being alive early game, but with proper threat saturation you can most likely protect him.
  10. He does 7 damage, here's the breakdown as to why: pg 8 of the Core Rules Designer's Commentary ( https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_en-1.pdf ) states: "ABILITIES 1. Q: If two abilities affect a value, and one adds a modifier to the value and the other either multiplies or divides the value, do you apply the modifiers before or after multiplying or dividing the value? A: Apply the modifiers after multiplying or dividing the value." And also on the same page: 2. "Q: If several abilities are triggered at the same time (at the start of a hero phase, for example), how do you determine the order in which they are used? A: If several abilities can be used at the same time, the player whose turn is taking place uses their abilities first, one after the other, in any order they desire; then the player whose turn is not taking place uses their abilities, one after another, in any order they desire. The same principle applies to any other things – such as command traits or artefacts of power – that can be used simultaneously. Note that abilities used at the start or the end of a phase still count as being used in the phase in question." The second question here is the key one as Daemonforged Axe and Gorecleaver proc at the same time. So you can choose to have Daemonforged Axe go off first, which sets the damage value of that attack to 3. Gorecleaver then goes off, which doubles the damage value to 6. You then finally add 1 to this damage as following the first question.
  11. To me our point changes just opened up crazy list building capabilities. Bloodthirsters dropping as much as they did was incredibly unexpected and that means you can stuff them in more lists. I absolutely did not expect the Bloodsecrator to drop to 120 as well, that means I can upgrade my Mighty Lord to a Daemon Prince now in most of my lists.
  12. @fwlr If you can wait until the GHB FAQ drops, I'd highly advise that as we're expecting point changes for us in that. Thing is we don't have an exact date outside of "early July." I'm hoping that means the weekend of July 4th.
  13. It depends on your army composition. For you, with most of your points being in Bloodthirsters the extra pile-in range doesn't matter that much unless you're coming across an opponent using The Activation Wars™ (ie fight before anything else can), then it really matters. In other lists, where you have units with big footprints, it matters way more. For example, I was able to get nearly an entire unit of Bloodcrushers to attack a Ghoul King on Terrorgheist after they charged him with the command ability, and shift around way more Bloodletters and therefore get more attacks in.
  14. Ok, understood, thanks for the input! Are you taking a lot of Bloodreavers? If so, then absolutely, as they loooove a mobile totem and its warscroll prayer is absolutely amazing for them. It's also another Priest, so it can take a Blood Blessing AND bring out Judgements.
  15. @Agent of Chaos How did it feel not having as much emphasis on Slaughterpriests? Hexgorger Skulls don't seem that relevant for your list since you have so much anti-magic going on, but I can see the -2 helping all of the unbinds you have, where would you find the points though I don't know XD. I'm also curious why you took a Skullmaster and not something like Skulltaker, who costs exactly the same and is an absolute monstrosity in combat. Maybe speed? I do agree with the Unfettered Fury a lot, he seems to be an incredibly important piece for heavy Daemon armies. I've also come to the conclusion that Crimson Crown is one of the strongest artifacts on him.
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