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  1. Skarbrand doesn't need to run and charge. Just bring along an Unfettered Fury Bloodthirster and he can pile in and fight while 6" away thanks to Rejoice in the Slaughter. He can have a threat range of up to 20" by doing this (8" move + 6" run (spend that CP if you REALLY need to) + 6" pile in).
  2. @KhorgusCool You're going to have big issues maneuvering that 30 man Blood Warrior block around. Even more so to keep all the of the models wholly within all of the auras you have, with the Whipped to Fury wholly within 8" of the Bloodstoker in turns after they charge/get into combat. I'd seriously suggest try reducing the unit to 20 man instead and it'll be a world of a difference.
  3. @Roark One of the players in my state meta uses Marauder Horsemen in the exact same manner that @Grimrock describes. He won our biggest event by doing everything mentioned by @Grimrock against one of the best players in the US.
  4. @Patriarch Yes, as Carnage has an attack value.
  5. Yup! Just click the link I provided and on the drag down right under wounds, click re-roll failed wounds. There doesn't seem to be that significant of a bump with this new buff. What seems to be the deal sealer is Hew the Foe. The shift from 2 damage to 3 damage a swing is really significant.
  6. I've been leaning towards 5 man Knight units for ease of maneuverability, extra Blood Tithe, extra Champion, and ease of buffing with the wholly within ranges. I've played plenty of games trying to figure out how to use Skullcrushers to know that units with big footprints are much harder than you think to use, although Skullcrushers do have a much bigger base size... In regards to the Karkadrak Lord, I just ran the numbers against Mortek Guard comparing him when under the Slaves to Darkness allegiance with Khorne aura, vs being in Goretide as the General. I've linked the combat calculators I used below; I can't find one that allows to re-roll all saves rather than failed saves. This is looking at the Hexed Battleaxe only, with the Dimensional Blade. These were the buffs I factored in: Slaves to Darkness: Aura of Khorne, +2 attacks. Calculator: http://40k.ghostlords.com/dice/aos.html#attacks=7&hit=3&rend=3&wound=3&d=2&save=4&wound_mod=1&save_mod=1&wounds=1&hit_reroll=1&save_reroll=fail&shake=6 Khorne: Killing Frenzy, Bloodstoker whip, +2 attacks, Hew the Foe. Calculator: http://40k.ghostlords.com/dice/aos.html#attacks=7&hit=3&rend=3&wound=3&d=3&save=4&hit_mod=1&save_mod=1&wounds=1&wound_reroll=fail&save_reroll=fail&shake=6 When under Khorne, he kills almost twice as many Mortek Guard compared to being in Slaves to Darkness, it's amazing. That's far more than any Bloodthirster that's not Skarbrand.
  7. Copy pasting from my Facebook page: Anyone else looking really hard at the Karkadrak Chaos Lord with 2x5 units of Chaos Knights with Cursed Lances? All under Goretide? I think these units provide something we desperately need: Fast moving, high Rend (give Dimensional Blade to the Karkadrak Lord on his Hexed Battleaxe), multi damage attacks. I'm currently brewing this module under Gore Pilgrims. Will post once I'm happy with the first draft!
  8. @Myrdin Don't rely too much on MSU screens, we actually can remove those outside of combat with Blood Boils/Wrath-Axe/Bloodthirster shooting, and it gives us Blood Tithe points. Hell, depending on the save of said screens, Flesh Hounds or Bloodreavers can probably take those screens out too.
  9. As someone that owns both armies, this is a perfect place where I can chime in on. The first thing I should say is: How new of a player are you? If you're completely new to wargaming, then pick the army you like the look of first. Rules change over time, and you'll most likely spend more time painting than getting games in, which means you'll be staring at the army you choose for quite a long time... better be something you dig :). The second thing is, don't focus so much on tournament results unless that's what you desire to eventually spending the most of your time. The armies that you will most commonly see at these events on the higher placings may or may not reflect what armies are played locally for you. In regards to directly comparing the two armies: - Ironjawz are a massive blunt instrument compared to Khorne. Khorne is a blood-soaked Rube Goldberg Machine where you need to be precise in who you buff and with positioning your models. The Blood Tithe table is also where good Khorne players get separated from great Khorne players. A lot of Khorne players get fixated on summoning in a Bloodthirster, when using something else would be the better play, which makes Khorne harder to play. - Ironjawz actually get to use magic. A Khorne player, you'll has access to so much spell hate that they really won't learn the intricacies to how spells work. - Khorne Mortals in particular are balanced around the amount of extra attacks that are available, where you can quite easily get +2 attacks to every single model, or +3 if the stars align. - Ironjawz being a small model range is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that the Start Collecting box gets you a massive amount of the army and doubling up on it is mandatory. The curse is that the lists you play are quite limited compared to Khorne, which list builds around their battalions, such as Tyrants of Blood, Gore Pilgrims, Dark Feast, Murderhost, etc. Ironjawz battalions are not built around as much, with Ironfist and Ardfist being the most common. - Khorne's model range is massive with plenty to keep you chewing on it for quite a while. If you have any specific questions in regards to comparing two armies, I believe I'd be able to answer them.
  10. @Myrdin I'd say the weaknesses that comes to mind are the following: For Mortal heavy lists, over reliance on positioning for support pieces and 5 wound support heroes to make the rest of the army hit harder. Also the lack of Rend. For Daemon heavy lists, the real damage dealers are the Bloodthirsters (including Skarbrand) and Skulltaker.
  11. He's absolutely the best Goretide General right now. The Chaos Lord on Karkadrak is a close second but is tough to justify when the Daemon Prince does so much for us. Wrath Axe is still my favorite Judgement, especially with how it helped me at the LVO AoS Champs last month. It's an auto include for me now. The only thing he needs is a survivability buff and Thronebreaker's Torc is the perfect one to have.
  12. The list I posted previously (see: ) is finally completely painted!
  13. This came much sooner than expected, the Las Vegas Open AoS Champs lists are now available for viewing on Best Coast Pairings! As a result, I'm putting up my list for all to see: Allegiance: Khorne - Slaughterhost: Reapers of Vengeance Leaders Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (270) - General - Trait: Mage Eater - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Bloodsecrator (120) - Artefact: Skullshard Mantle Skarbrand (380) Skulltaker (120) Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh Battleline 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 30 x Bloodletters (300) Battalions Murderhost (160) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Extra Command Point (50) Wrath-Axe (60) Hexgorger Skulls (40) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 In order to support work on getting my girlfriend's army ready for the Doubles, I had my hand forced to change my list to support painting the least amount of models possible. So here we are!
  14. @ArmyOfGrodd I've tried a unit of 6 Bloodcrushers in a Murderhost in Reapers of Vengeance for 3 games, and I immediately took them out. They really want to charge and I was playing them in a list that doesn't want to charge but pile in 6" via Unfettered Fury. As for me, I've been quiet since I'm preparing for LVO and have been list building, playing and painting to the max with my free time. I've had to make some adjustments to my list due to painting constraints. I'll post my list once the deadline for LVO passes (Next week, the 13th).
  15. @Smooth criminal Bloodcrushers are incredible for 120 points per 3 for the same reasons you've mentioned. They, finally, outshine Bloodletters in my opinion who now get shelved with the Leave None Alive clarification.
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