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  1. @ogarrah Keep in mind that mounts aren't affected by command traits, so only the Karkadrak Lord's Hexed Battleaxe and Daemonblade would be affected by Hew the Foe.
  2. Mortal wounds from Outrageous Carnage are allocated like regular wounds as they're caused when a unit attacks, as described on pg 232 of the core rulebook, second to last sentence of the first paragraph under the section labeled Mortal Wounds.
  3. That depends on how competitive you want to play. In casual games, he can be pretty decent as a Goretide General, as Hew the Foe makes him do at least 2 damage a swing, and giving him Gorecleaver. He's outclassed by the Juggerlord in all other aspects though, especially with the same command trait + artifact combo in terms of speed and durability. The Daemonic Axe special rule plus Gorecleaver allows him to do 7 damage on a wound roll of a 6 when you order the triggers from both Gorecleaver and Daemonic Axe correctly, which is nuts.
  4. It's an incredibly strong battalion that's held back by the cost of the units inside them (ie Blood Warriors and Skullreapers). It's the second best Mortal battalion, with Gore Pilgrims still at #1 because of its versatility.
  5. The issue with Bloodcrushers is with the rider. Bloodletters (and therefore the rider) base have 1 attack and hit on 4's. That's what makes them not that great. They need to have 2 base and hit on 3's.
  6. There's honestly no argument against them. Doubly so now that they've dropped in points. I was working on a Gore Pilgrims Chaos Knights list when Petrifex Elite was running rampant, and now the list dropped 60 points. Gore Pilgrims was chosen specifically to have at least a single +1 attack source that they'd be in range of. I'm also in the camp of believing that bringing S2D units into the Khorne allegiance will be what keeps Mortal Khorne alive. Runeshields help a lot against mortal heavy builds, and Knights and Karadrak Lord provide the speed we need. I don't see us getting much use out of Chaos Warriors. Marauders I haven't played with and they also went up in points. This is what I had so far: Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: The GoretideLeadersChaos Lord on Karkadrak (230)- General- Command Trait: Hew the Foe- Artefact: GorecleaverBloodstoker (80)Bloodsecrator (120)- Artefact: Thronebreaker's TorcSlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzySlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshBattleline10 x Blood Warriors (200)- Goreaxes- 1x Goreglaives10 x Blood Warriors (200)- Goreaxe & Gorefist- 1x Goreglaives10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Meatripper Axes10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Meatripper AxesUnits5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Cursed Lance5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Cursed LanceBattalionsGore Pilgrims (140)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsExtra Command Point (50)Hexgorger Skulls (40)Wrath-Axe (60)Total: 1780 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2 I originally had Dimensional Blade on the Hexed Battleaxe but now super high Rend (anything above -2) isn't really necessary with the Petrifex Elite change. To fill out the rest of the points, I was thinking of the possibility of dropping 1 unit of Bloodreavers to add 2x5 Wrathmongers to power up the Blood Warriors and Karkadrak Lord, or drop the Wrath-Axe and be at 2k on the nose.
  7. @Roark Depends if you call 10 points meaningful
  8. Got my eyes on all of our relevant GHB 2020 points pages. Only our ForgeWorld models are dropping in points folks. Nothing else changed. Pretty disappointing honestly. There better be some teeth in the FAQs/Erratas.
  9. @JonnyTheKing Yup I saw the second source confirming it. Incredibly disappointed if that's all there is. I'm hoping there's at least some drops outside of Vorgorath.
  10. Skarbrand doesn't need to run and charge. Just bring along an Unfettered Fury Bloodthirster and he can pile in and fight while 6" away thanks to Rejoice in the Slaughter. He can have a threat range of up to 20" by doing this (8" move + 6" run (spend that CP if you REALLY need to) + 6" pile in).
  11. @KhorgusCool You're going to have big issues maneuvering that 30 man Blood Warrior block around. Even more so to keep all the of the models wholly within all of the auras you have, with the Whipped to Fury wholly within 8" of the Bloodstoker in turns after they charge/get into combat. I'd seriously suggest try reducing the unit to 20 man instead and it'll be a world of a difference.
  12. @Roark One of the players in my state meta uses Marauder Horsemen in the exact same manner that @Grimrock describes. He won our biggest event by doing everything mentioned by @Grimrock against one of the best players in the US.
  13. Yup! Just click the link I provided and on the drag down right under wounds, click re-roll failed wounds. There doesn't seem to be that significant of a bump with this new buff. What seems to be the deal sealer is Hew the Foe. The shift from 2 damage to 3 damage a swing is really significant.
  14. I've been leaning towards 5 man Knight units for ease of maneuverability, extra Blood Tithe, extra Champion, and ease of buffing with the wholly within ranges. I've played plenty of games trying to figure out how to use Skullcrushers to know that units with big footprints are much harder than you think to use, although Skullcrushers do have a much bigger base size... In regards to the Karkadrak Lord, I just ran the numbers against Mortek Guard comparing him when under the Slaves to Darkness allegiance with Khorne aura, vs being in Goretide as the General. I've linked the combat calculators I used below; I can't find one that allows to re-roll all saves rather than failed saves. This is looking at the Hexed Battleaxe only, with the Dimensional Blade. These were the buffs I factored in: Slaves to Darkness: Aura of Khorne, +2 attacks. Calculator: http://40k.ghostlords.com/dice/aos.html#attacks=7&hit=3&rend=3&wound=3&d=2&save=4&wound_mod=1&save_mod=1&wounds=1&hit_reroll=1&save_reroll=fail&shake=6 Khorne: Killing Frenzy, Bloodstoker whip, +2 attacks, Hew the Foe. Calculator: http://40k.ghostlords.com/dice/aos.html#attacks=7&hit=3&rend=3&wound=3&d=3&save=4&hit_mod=1&save_mod=1&wounds=1&wound_reroll=fail&save_reroll=fail&shake=6 When under Khorne, he kills almost twice as many Mortek Guard compared to being in Slaves to Darkness, it's amazing. That's far more than any Bloodthirster that's not Skarbrand.
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