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  1. I used Resanguination (it was on my Warshrine) at the tournament I went to that I posted the batrep for multiple pages back. I used it only once during the whole event, I'm swapping it for Blood Sacrifice in the future.
  2. Threat saturation and throwing tons of dice is what makes Khorne strong. Everything we have can fight, including our support heroes. Yes, a Slaughterpriest with the Bloodbathed Axe might not be AS fighty as say a buffed up Mighty Lord, but when you have the same Slaughterpriest attack 5 times, different story! I wouldn't think there's a specific formula that be used as a general guideline since each Slaughterhost builds differently, and then each battalion in each Slaughterhost would build differently. As for unit roles, this is what I see: Bloodreavers Chaff killers. First wave in a Goretide list. Screening unit for Slaughterpriests/Bloodsecrator. Blood Sacrifice unit. Glass cannon role. Blood Warriors Good against everything When buffed accordingly, can throw out an absurd amount of attacks Weakest against units that can re-roll armor saves (*stares at Sequitors*), as that negates the power of throwing out a lot of wounds. Gorefists are best against fighting units with 4+ or better armor. Dual Goreaxes are best against fighting chaff units, or units with lots of wounds but low armor (like FEC Flayers). Great unit to shift someone off an objective. Hammer/Anvil unit role depending on the matchup. Skullreapers Good against everything Best against units that Blood Warriors are weak against Can also handle hordes, again, through sheer volume of attacks Superb second wave unit, also great unit to shift someone off an objective. Don't need buffs as much as Bloodreavers/Blood Warriors but get exponentially scarier the more buffs they get. Essentially Mortal equivalent to Bloodletters, but are not battleline. Wrathmongers Good against everything Best against high armor units with the -1 Rend and again, sheer volume of attacks Third wave unit since you want to extend the attack buff duration as long as possible. Great unit to shift someone off an objective. Buffwise, only really want Killing Frenzy, as 2's to hit with that many attacks is incredibly scary. Mighty Skullcrushers Interesting hybrid between hammer and anvil unit. Hammer on the charge with unit of 6+ models due to the d3 mortals on 2+ after charge move. 5 wounds with 3+ save is what makes them an anvil. Bronzed Flesh just makes them a stupid anvil. Throw out a lot of attacks per model, especially when buffed. Ensorcelled Axes are best against low armor units. Bloodglaives best against all other targets due to the Rend, but will badly need Killing Frenzy. Best used as a second wave unit to ensure the charge. Flesh Hounds Chaff killers. Can also grab early objectives. Good screening unit for Daemon heavy lists. Great Blood Tithe unit that you'll also get work out of. Don't need many buffs with their high base amount of attacks. Excellent summoning unit for 3 Blood Tithe. Get a lot out of Leave None Alive Reapers of Vengeance command ability. Bloodletters Glass cannon unit for Daemons. Really need extra attack buffs. Excellent against everything but best against units with 4+ armor or that can re-roll armor saves. Shine a lot when under Lord of the Blood Hunt from the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster command ability to fish for 6's to hit. Amazing under Leave None Alive Reapers of Vengeance command ability. Best when in units of 20+ to get the native +1 to hit from Murderous Tide. Take both banners when in this size! Bloodcrushers Lean more towards hammer unit compared to Skullcrushers. Also cheaper than Skullcrushers. Also need extra attacks to get the most out of the Hellblades. Also want Killing Frenzy. Probably best in Bloodlords as the command ability there will keep them around a bit longer.
  3. All your Daemon Prince talk had me look at him for the first time in months. And damn does he do a lot for 160 points, his biggest drawback IMO compared to a Bloodthirster is the lack of a command ability; he's simply a beatstick, but a fast one too. Definitely worth considering and building around him. EDIT: If you take him as a Bloodlords General and give him Wings he moves 16" and re-rolls failed charges, that's stupid fast!
  4. Skullcrushers being sent over with Ever Onwards completely changes the dynamic of the game. Like, to the point where it's not worth taking much feedback from besides seeing how your own army has performed barring crazy bad rolling. It's also why playing multiple games matters so much as it shows you different aspects of how your army will perform and against different targets. It's incredibly difficult to give tactical advice on a text based forum since nearly all of the nuance of a wargame is lost without highly detailed pictures (I skipped over such detail myself in my own battle report of the event I attended this past weekend due to this knowledge). Model positioning, model movement order, deployment choices, fight orders, remembering all of the special rules in play, turn order, etc etc etc. Theory is the the easiest thing to talk about on a text based forum, and the best way to figure things out that's not playing actual games is to watch battle reports, do mock up scenarios (like set up a certain unit size (like 30 Bloodletters) to get an idea of their footprint to see if they'd be in a certain aura range easily), and analyze your own games with detailed turn by turn pictures. I did all of this during my Warmachine days and I've carried the mentality over to this game. I traveled across the US for competitive events during my Warmachine days and left that all behind when I left the game as that's way too much stress. I don't know how long you've been wargaming nor how you play because I'm not physically there watching you play. Using your Bloodmad Warband list as a specific example, I don't know how far you've deployed your Skull Altar back, or how you've spaced your units to be covered by the Aspiring Deathbringer, or which unit is at the very front of the deployment zone, how you move your army, etc.
  5. Found something in the Designer's Commentary in regarding the Skullshard Mantle from Reapers of Vengeance: "Q: Some abilities allow a unit to ignore the effects of a spell. What does this mean exactly? A: It means that the rule effects caused by a spell that has been successfully cast and that has not been unbound do not apply to the unit. Any other units will be affected normally." Pg 6, first question under Wizards and Spells: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_en.pdf Still not too sure what it means XD
  6. I've thought about maxing out one of the Bloodletter units, then I sat down and measured it out. That unit size is very unwieldy to get Leave None Alive off as that's used at the start of the combat phase and there's a good chance you'll charge out of range of a Hero without risking them. I did think about adding the Bleeding Icon, that'll stack real good with the innate Reapers of Vengeance command ability
  7. This is my current test build for Reapers of Vengeance (NOTE: I've only played this once): Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: Reapers of VengeanceLeadersWrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (320)- General- Trait: Mage Eater - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Skulltaker (120)Bloodsecrator (140)- Artefact: Skullshard Mantle Slaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzySlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshBattleline20 x Bloodletters (220)20 x Bloodletters (220)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)5 x Flesh Hounds (100)Units5 x Wrathmongers (140)1 x Karanak (140)BattalionsMurderhost (160)Endless SpellsWrath-Axe (60)Hexgorger Skulls (40)Total: 1960 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1 I've put the Skullshard Mantle for exactly the reason you just mentioned @Sleboda, he'll most likely be sniped via spells. The Mantle just goes "Nope!"... although that does pose a question, what does "effects of a spell" exactly entail? Something to email in me thinks. The Crimson Crown is on the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster specifically because there's 2 units of Bloodletters who want to fight twice and fish for 6's, so that's pretty command point heavy. Karanak was added since he's free floating points and another hero to use Leave None Alive from, I've found that you need more than 2 Heroes to reliably use Leave None Alive.
  8. I'm curious as to the reasoning for the choice as being exclusively Daemons as that's pigeon holing yourself. The Bloodsecrator and a pair of Slaughterpriests are way too good to pass up.
  9. I think it's GW sticking to what's in the box for the unit, but again, Sequitors..... >.> I've stuck to 10 man Blood Warriors specifically for the Goreglaive. It adds a much needed amount of punch for the unit. I do 2 10 man units and 1 unit of 5 for Bloodmad and it works just fine. In regards to Gorefists, one of the 10 man units has Gorefists and the other has dual Goreaxes. I used to think that Gorefists were better but now I'm not so sure, I think it depends on the targets. I can see Gorefists being better against units you fight that have good saves with dual Goreaxes are better against 5+ or worse save units. As for mortals, that's an issue for us in general since we don't have many shrugs available. It's annoying but it feeds us anyway, I've been thinking that Khorne is best played without any regards to defense and go all out on offense, pretty fluffy IMO
  10. The only downside is you don't get a Goreglaive in a 5 man unit. But you're correct otherwise, I've seen similar results from the single 5 man unit I use in my list to fulfill Bloodmad Warband. Also, can anyone post a comparison picture of the old Skulltaker model to the resculpt? I have the old sculpt but in Finecast so I've been hesitant on picking up the resculpt. I haven't painted mine up since I'm afraid of the Slayer Sword snapping down the road.
  11. There is. Click on your username at the top most ribbon, then click on Ignored Users. You'll have to manually type in those individuals you want to ignore. Then once the username is in, click on the small gear next to their name to determine what of their content you want to ignore.
  12. The Aspiring Deathbringer is the key model that allowed me to have a fighting chance in the second round. I've been having issues with his placement and I keep piling in out of his Slaughter Incarnate bubble. I need more practice with placing him and I definitely have been getting better as I play more games. He legit had no idea how Goretide worked as he was a Daemons only player. Players like these will always exist in events as reality matters more than any theory that gets posted on this thread and damn do I see way too much theory and not enough playing. Yes you do, it doesn't matter that Ever Forward makes the run roll a 6, it's a modifier to the run roll. Step 1 about games with multiple factions: DO NOT compare cross faction. The entire purpose of having more than 1 faction is to have different playstyles. Look at what tools you have available in your toolbox and learn how to use them. For me, Goretide is exactly how I play and I natively understand it. One of our main battleline units, Blood Warriors with Gorefists, have a 4+ save, 2 wounds, do mortal wounds on unmodified 6's for saves, can easily have 4 attacks per model, re-rolling all failed hits with Warshrine prayer, run 14" to then charge with a +3" to this charge being Whipped, and re-roll all failed wounds being Whipped. Then, when they die, do another 4 attacks, re-rolling all fails. That's EIGHT ATTACKS for a 20 point battleline model. And this is bad....how?
  13. Yesterday I attended a local (well, hour away) 3 round 16 man tournament and took Goretide. I went 2-1 and was in a 3 way tie for 3rd place. My list: I did have the Skull Altar, it’s not an option in Warscroll Builder for some reason. My first round opponent was Beasts of Chaos. Our battleplan was Shifting Objectives in the realm of Chamon. The realmscape feature was Iron Trees. Here is my opponent’s list from what I can remember: He also had the Herdstone which doesn’t show up in Warscroll Builder. I was very impressed with Blood Warriors this game. They were absolute champs and took down sooo many Bestigors and Ungors. My ten man unit of Gorefist Blood Warriors went through 10 and held down the unit of 30 for nearly the entire length of the game. He had ambushed one of the 30 man units of Ungor Raiders and he sniped out the Bloodstoker immediately, had a bit of a flashback playing against Savage Orruk Arrowboyz. My Skullreapers completely wiped out that unit in response, killing 28 of them, with the unit auto dying to battleshock. The Hexgorger Skulls were very relevant here, taking up space and stopping nearly all of his spells. He tried the realm spell Transmute quite a few times, and the Skulls kept making him fail. He was sacrificing the Gors in order to get summoning points and he brought in an extra 10 man unit of Bestigors to go for the bottom objective. They managed to get that hard 9 charge off, but Blood Warriors were bosses once again, took that charge, and killed them off. The Warshrine didn’t help that much this game, but it really shined in the other 2 rounds. Due to this being my first game against Beasts of Chaos, my opponent was a grand gentlemen explaining everything he does and we ate quite a bit of the round timer, but we did manage to get 3 full rounds in. The game deciding move was when he passed turn to me with less than 10 mins left on the round timer (I think it was like 7 minutes or so). I have experience playing Warmachine on such time constraints and I was watching the clock like crazy on his turn, already planning what I needed to do. I used 3 Blood Tithe to Murderlust over my still fresh Skullreapers to the top objective (which was the active one) to have them get there and recapture it. The remnants of the 30 man Bestigor unit piled in to get close to the objective, and after all the attacks were said and done, I had the objective by ONE model. That allowed me to win the game on the mission by I believe 1 victory point. My second round was against Blisterskin Flesh-Eater Courts. The mission was Scorched Earth in the Realm of Hysh, the realmscape feature was Speed of Light. My opponent’s list: He did have their Throne of course, not showing up on Warscroll Builder. He had first turn and elected to go first. His army is incredibly fast and he charged me with all of his Flayers immediately. I was surprisingly able to take this charge quite well as I had kind of expected this to occur, and deployed my Aspiring Deathbringer to cover nearly all of my units in his combat phase. Blood Warriors were champs once again, and they nearly killed off all of the Flayers in 2 rounds or so. He also immediately summoned in Ghouls via the Archregent (chose 20 man unit of Ghouls) and the Ghoul King (10 man unit) on my flanks to position them to grab those objectives and burn them from me when he can. The Warshrine was deployed on the line and was taken out quite quickly as he had used Feeding Frenzy to great effect. We fought each other on my deployment line for nearly 3 rounds as he had a very lucky Courtier roll and got one of the 6 model Flayer units back to full strength…when the unit had 1 model left. The 3 model unit also had 1 model left and got 1 back. This is when the Slaughterpriests did work with the Wrath Axe, as it swooped around, clipping the Courtiers and Flayers, spreading out the d3 mortals. I believe the d6 mortal slam rolled a 1 at that time. The Blood Boils were targeted at his General Terrorgheist as that got into my lines. Between the Blood Boils, charging Wrathmongers, Wrathmongers dying, and Skullreapers, the General went down. He was tough to deal with as Unholy Vitality did manage to go off. Nevertheless, apply pressure at that same spot till it breaks J. I did manage to kill all of the Flayers and Courtiers and summoned in a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster to go after the Archregent and Ghoul King in the back. Unfortunately, I didn’t kill either immediately as I failed to wound with the Bloodflail and I failed the charge roll the turn where he was summoned. The flanking Ghouls had already burned my flanking objectives already and he has been racking up the points. At the end of the game, I managed to run across to grab all 3 of his objectives, but we ran the numbers and I would have gotten only 8 points to his 12 at the end of the game (I also summoned 5 Hounds to get one of his flanking objectives off of the positioning of the Bloodthirster). The other flanking objective was grabbed by the surviving Bloodstoker who had whipped himself to automatically be in range of said objective no matter what his run roll was. This was an incredibly bloody game as I only had a handful of Heroes left, my Bloodthirster and Flesh Hounds, and he only had his summoned 30 Ghouls left. My third round wound up being a Khorne off! He was playing Tyrants of Blood under Reapers of Vengeance. We were playing Battle for the Pass in Shyish, with the Realmscape feature being Haunted Realm. His list: He did have the Skull Altar, which, again, doesn’t show up on Warscroll Builder. He finished deploying first and gave me the first turn. And this first turn set the tone of the game, as this was the strongest Goretide run and charge I’ve ever seen. I sent in my 10 man Gorefist Blood Warriors across the table to kill both of his Slaughterpriests and severely wound both Insensate Rage Bloodthirsters. One was at 5 wounds left, the other was at 4. This was a result of Gorefist saves and sheer volume of attacks via regular combat phase and retaliation from No Respite. He used a lot of command points to get his Bloodthirsters to fight twice and Aetherquartz Brooch helped quite a bit, he also used the Unfettered Fury command ability to get all of his Bloodthirsters to pile in and fight… so I spread a lot of wounds out from this single unit J. They were swinging at 4 attacks a piece and were buffed by the Warshrine’s warscroll prayer and the Bloodstoker’s Whipped to Fury. They were 2 inches too far forward for the Aspiring Deathbringer to bring them up to 5 attacks a model, which is unfortunate but a reality of the game. I also got an early lead on the mission as well, as I had my own objective and both border territory objectives. His response in his turn was to charge and fight my Bloodsecrator that was a bit behind these Blood Warriors and also the out of range Aspiring Deathbringer.The Aspiring Deathbringer died, but the Bloodsecrator having the Thronebreaker Torc just shrugged off nearly all the attacks. He also was moving up his Flesh Hounds to get them relevant in the fight as they were not on the deployment line. More fighting occurs, and he manages to get enough models around the border territory objectives to keep up with me. However, I still have Slaughterpriests :D. Blood Boils go off, and the Wrath Axe comes out, units charge in.…. All of his Bloodthirsters are dead. The Wrath of Khorne Thirster tried to go after my Mighty Lord, but he dealt only 3 damage to him. The Mighty Lord does 8 damage back and rolls a 4 on the Reality-Splitting Axe… so close! I start to take a commanding lead on the mission and all of his hitting power is gone. It’s another bloody game and he has enough Blood Tithe to bring in another Insensate Rage Thirster off of the Skull Altar, which is near the top border territory objective. He comes charging in, fighting, but dies once again. He concedes after round 3 ends, and I win with lead of 15-10. I wound up in a 3 way tie for 3rd place, with me being in the middle of the rank, with my second round opponent taking third and my first round opponent being at the bottom of the rank of the 3 way tie. Final thoughts - I absolutely love Bloodmad Warband! It works so so well with what Goretide wants to do which is to get in there ASAP. It also takes a nice chunk of your units into 1 drop and gives you everything that you’re already taking…except Bloodreavers most likely. - I downgraded my Bloodreavers from 20 to 10 in order to get the points under 2k and they didn’t really do anything all day. They’re essentially a tax unit that turns into a Blood Tithe, which is unfortunate as I’ve had decent results from them when they were 20 models in size. However, that’s because of the Warshrine warscroll prayer, the Warshrine being a bigger base Totem, and also the Bloodstoker’s Whipped to Fury is what gave them the output I’ve seen in the past. However, Blood Warriors take these buffs waaaaaaaaaay better as they’re more accurate natively, have Gorefists, fight again when they die, and are 2 wound models with a 4+ save. - Skullreapers are fantastic!! Like, wow! I very easily got them to 6-7 attacks and the Warshrine warscroll prayer is very handy when they’re not fighting a unit that is not 5 or more models in size. And when they are…..fish for those 6’s (re-roll all hits that are NOT a 6)! - The Goretide Tireless Conquerors ability is absolutely amazing. I was using it all day and is an incredible output increase, especially considering how hard it is to get any sort of wound re-rolls. - Thronebreaker’s Torc on the Bloodsecrator is so nice. It lets him go out and be more aggressive. - I’ve been trying to find an artifact for the Mighty Lord to make him far more dangerous. I’ve tried Gorecleaver for that double damage on a wound roll of 6 and extra Rend, but I’ve found that to be too swingy and I opted to give him Ghyrstrike instead. I think I will keep this since the shift from 3’s and 3’s to 2’s and 2’s is like… woah. I think he does Bloodthirster esque damage with that change, plus Hew the Foe command trait, just gotta pump those attacks up. - Using Blood Tithe points for the options on the table seems like a stronger play for the most part, unless you need extra reach to grab objectives or to finish something off. I used Murderlust (Option #3) and Apoplectic Frenzy (Option #4) a lot, and used Relentless Fury (Option #6) in the Tyrants of Blood game. Apoplectic Frenzy being usable in your opponent’s hero phase is soooo strong, especially now that it only requires 4 Blood Tithe, and not 5. - I had serious concerns with my list handling monsters, most likely because I didn’t have a lot of high damage weapons. I think the list is fine because puts out soooooo many wounds. - The Wrath Axe hits your own units on the d3 mortals part! I wasn’t aware of this and my third round opponent mentioned this to me, so beware how you move it.
  14. I'm loving that Karanak is still not a Leader, I think he's very close to an auto-include in heavy Daemon armies as a result.
  15. Grind their Bones, Seize their Skulls DOES specifically state attacks made in the combat phase. "After this unit attacks for the first time in each combat phase, if any enemy models were slain by this unit’s attacks, this unit can attack with all of the missile weapons it is armed with." Emphasis mine. From warscroll that can be found here. The core rules state that only melee weapons can be used to attack with in the combat phase, therefore, "attacks" in Grind their Bones, Seize their Skulls means melee attacks. This excerpt is from pg 6 of the core rules PDF that can be found here.
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