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  1. Here you go. Hopefully there will be some more leaks to come. Yeah you're right. I'm just so tired of khorne being low-tier at this I'm just assuming everything is going to be a bad change :P. I completely agree about the Chaos Knights. They are 100% our best source of damage output. Do you use the Knights of Chaos CA as well as killing frenzy or is it as a way to take less heroes like in your list that you posted a while back?
  2. Yeah, you're right. I suppose what I was getting at is that there will need to be some significant other rules (by no means unlikely) to stop the game becoming a game of shooting and castling (especially seeing as you might be able to win now without claiming objectives, you're welcome KO). You are right though, we do need to wait and see. I'm honestly really excited for a new edition right now.
  3. So now that we have some of the information for AoS 3, I'm honestly really worried. Charge reactions nerf us so badly. +1 save vs us with no rend, shooting us as we charge are both really bad, not to mention the ability to move d6" away. I think that these changes will make it very hard for us going into AoS 3. To add insult to injury, we will no longer have battlations. Dark Feast (especially in the Archaon build), Gore Pilgrims, Tyrannts of Blood. All gone. I really don't like the sound of the new rules for our army. (Overall, however, I don't think that it is shaping up to be too bad of a
  4. Yeah, Broken Realms was very dissappointing for Fyreslayers. I really want to play my Fyreslayers, but I can't bring myself to while the faction is so small. The fact that they nerfed the Grimwrath and didn't nerf Hearthguard while buffing Vulkites is, again, dissappointing. I honestly don't know what their goals were with the Fyreslayers changes.
  5. Yeah, that was what was used most of the time. The great thing about the warshrine is that the buffs are so flexible. You can adapt to almost every situation. I think that book is in a very sad position, especially due to the fact that our best lists don't really use any key pieces in our own book. The Archaon list as discussed above is our best list, and yet over half of it is made up of units of from the S2D book. To take that to the next level, Khorne list won in Australia quite recently with all S2D units (again using Archaon). A few people that I know have even held off from start
  6. Khorne Archoan is probably our best build right now. Morten Winkle has been having great success with Khorne Archaon on TTS, placing 4th and 8th in two big tournaments with this list: It looks really fun to play and can obviously be very successful. I would say that the Unfettered Fury thirster is essential. It effectivly gives Archaos retreat and charge, meaning that he can't be tied up. He didn't have easy matchups either (Seraphon Fangs, Lumineth Syar).
  7. Thanks for all of your input. I am now in the process of adding brighter spot colours and making the skin and highlights brighter, and it already looks a lot better. I completely agree wth your points about the base. Do you know of any companies/sculpting tecniques that I could use to get the effect? Thank you so much!
  8. I recently finished another unit of three eels, but they don't 'feel' right compared to my Leviadon, which I am very happy with. I don't know why it is. It might be due to the colour choice on the eels, I'm not really sure. It might also be due to my unuasually messy paint job. Thoughts would be much appreciated. Sorry for the horredous quality of the pictures, hopefully they are good enough quality?
  9. Well, I'm pleased to say that my plan worked! We were playing focal points. BR 1. He went first and moved up into a commanding position in the middle of the field. In my turn , due to the way I was set up, I couldn't really get a charge off, and I would have been charged by goregruntas in return. I moved my chaos warriors into the center of the board, but didn't charge, trying to bait him into charging my buffed chaos warriors BR 2. My plan worked. He got priority and charged into me with 6 gruntas, morboys, a megaboss, ardboyz and ten boneboyz. Total casualties: 10 bloodreavers
  10. Thanks for your advice. I tried a similar list yesterday versus largely the same list and there damage increased massivly (8 damage vs a 4+ save). I lost the game horribly after I got doubled into turn 2, my first screen was shot to death before he charged in to clear my second with everything. Obviously that wasn't a good decision by him, as it meant that there was an approximatly 55% chance that he lost the game. However, he won the priority, shot off screen 3 and then charged into the rest of my army. I conceded after I was left with a unit of wrathmongers and a daemon prince. I think next
  11. Here's hoping that the new Be'lakor model will have a 400 point cost or less, or I might have to make my daemons into a LoCA force! @Sharklone Generally, I don't think that Skarbrand is included in many tournament forces, but the other Bloodthirsters are in the Tyrants of Blood battalion. With a murderhost for battleline/objectives, and a Slaughterpriest and Bloodsecrator, you can have a good force. If you wanted to include Skarbrand, you can put him into the Tyrants battlation instead of one of the bloodthirsters (or even as well), and use him in the Reapers of Vengeance for the double a
  12. Thank you for your advice. I changed the list around quite a lot and made sure it included warhounds, and they did really well. I also modified it t have more threats in skullreaperes and a daemon prince. I won the game 20-19 (despite having none of my orriginal army left on the table at the end of the battle) after the daemon prince ran around his backfield, summoning bodies and holding objectives. Sadly, I got badly doubled into BR 2 and didn't screen well, despite the extra bodies, meaing that the skullreapers died after only being able to attack once. I'm increasingy finding t
  13. Hi. I'm playing Big Waagh in a couple of days on TTS. We're going to be playing scorched earth. The game will be 1800 points. I was wondering if this list would be good? I was thinking that should maybe swap the skulls and swap the karkadrak for a daemon prince and then include a bloodstoker (this would make me have equal drops to him. Which do you think is better? He is running a mixed bonesplittaz and ironjaws list (with 3 casts). He likes to castle up in the middle of the board until he's at 24 waagh points (round 2 if he's lucky, 3 if he isn't) then attempt to wipe me from the tabl
  14. I was so excited when I heard that there was a list including Lotann in the tournament! I really wish you were on the stream! Did you find the Namarti Thralls any better? Do you find it better to run the thralls as MSU or in big blocks? MSU might get more in combat, but then you couldn't get the Soulrender Lurelight to some into play much...
  15. That is a very good idea. Thank you! I was wondering if it were possible to make a list that had a decent number of namarti reavers? I know that due to the armie's buffs being combat based it is hard, but if I'm not wrong we could get reavers to 9"/3/3+/3+/-/1? Could there be something there? I was thinking something like this: I understand that it isn't very competitive, but do you think that it could have some legs, and are there any changes that should I make?
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