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New Project - Vanguard Chamber (Slow build)


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Hi all,


As a break from a larger Dark Eldar collection  (which is itself a break from a Blood Angels legionary army...) I've started a Vanguard chamber. The aim is a smaller force than my prior death log on here (the Ophidian empire) - looking at 1500 worth, along with the odd bit I fancy painting for fun (mistweaver?). Likely a unit of Palladors, a couple of units of hunters, some birds and shooty stuff and done.

It's inspired by buying Neave Blacktalon separately, and having had so much fun painting it so far, I looked into the army book, made another purchase... and now that's it.


Progress on Neave so far, and my second miniature/general (boxed). Aim is to buy/build a unit at a time - as a reward, to prevent 'half-finished' syndrome and to stop the volume from becoming overwhelming. This approach worked well in keeping disciplined during my undead project.


On Neave - I'm trying a variant scheme based on a tip I had from Dan Latham a few years ago. Using reds and browns for shading.


Started with chaos black, then a scorched brown layer, then 60/40 gold/brown, then gold, then 50/50 gold/steel for my layers

Done a baal red shade, in recesses only but quite heavy, followed by agrax (lesser). Next up a dark black/brown before the higlights start to really get some depth. Probably will accidentally overdo this step and mess the miniature up somewhat! Will them move past the basic layers done on the other part and finish up, likely an hour or so a night til the end of the week.

Think mixing 50/50 or so gold and steel really works as a layer. Leads to better coverage and a lighter gold that catches the light better than the 'official' Hammers of Sigmar scheme (as on the below box art). The red recess shades makes it warmer again without losing that brightness. You'd normally expect paler golds to have a greener tint, the red makes it more naturally unnatural in a way - perfect for sigmarite. For basic troops I may cave in and do the basic reikland flesh-shade wash to save time, unsure yet, this hasn't been the most time-consuming miniature to paint and I'm only look at about 40 miniatures in the army, max.



 IMG_3156.jpg.6e8db9a65fc7b56b80ec6963f4dcfce3.jpg IMG_3158.jpg.2b112f794edcf420a59cb5bce2324f49.jpg



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On 10/19/2017 at 7:14 AM, Kramer said:

The red/brown shading works really well with the gold armour. Will you be going barehead or helmet?

Just one question. What's the hollow area in the fur on her left shoulder? 

Thanks for the response! The browns aren't so unsual but I don't normally see a red glaze (albeit targeted) applied to gold, especially paler golds - do think it makes a difference. 

Not sure on the heads - probably both! (helmet off to indicate a wound taken?). The hollow area is some sort of brooch most Stormcast have. Not sure whether it's purely decorative or? I'm doing a (lazy) glow effect on it (painted her in subassemblies).



Haven't had much painting time of late - only a couple of hours here and there. Broke my own rules and did a fair bit of assembly. Bit more progress on Neave - she's done minus the base (and the roots etc have only had a layer), a bit more on the cloak, the gems and some tidying - have also made a start on some hunters. 

Found the hunters quite a fussy kit to work on. The cloaks, arms and bodies can only be assembled in certain ways and don't interact neatly with each other.



With helmet





I had to strip the paint off her bare head once - really messed up the first time (don't paint over wet paint late at night...)  You'll notice the fabric on the helmeted head is white - I was going for that across all the cloth areas originally but it didn't work - have gone back to grey (needing a highlight and some texture come to think of it) until I decide what to do. These are Hammers of Sigmar - but (besides the gleaming gold armour...) I'm trying to keep them earthier than GWs scheme. Not sure what I'll end up doing with the blue pads on the hunters etc - will try a blue-steel rather than paint blue, see how it looks and go from there.

Not sure on the basing - might match up with my prior AOS army using sand (albeit with more verdant patches - fluff wise they operate around the realms of life and death and I want them to appear as if they are bursting from woodland). In terms of base clutter I've used Dryad spares to make roots and branches along with sprue clipped up as rocky bits (along with the odd skull, because warhammer).


The Aquillor is the next thing after the hunters, probably. Might try some birds and their attendants first as practise. 



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More progress. The Hunters are getting close to finished - besides heraldry and plumes (colours tbt) their armour/skin needs another layer (to tidy up from all the washes and brighten the colour back up) then a highlight.

Will then will move onto the other textures (fur leather and cloaks - all of which are nothing more than a shade or two then a drybrush, so quite quick compared). 


Neave still needs her brooch-thing and a couple of details done.

Have decided on basing and have started, just to feel like things are actually progressing - always find seeing things based boosts moral, do recommend doing it sooner to people on a longish project. The bases do look better in real lifeand are sympathetic to the ones from my undead (in signature below) - albeit with a bit more clutter on (much larger bases). The birds and Aquillor have just been basecoated.


Will try and take better pictures once something is actually complete!






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Contrary to appearances this project isn't deactive yet. Painting time has been at a premium but things have happened, albeit slowly. The hunters are complete (minus plumes, pads, compass glow, a head and gems - will take better pics once those are decided on/done).



The Lord Aquillor has had all basecoats and washes applied (besides glowing details and plume etc). 




Have made  a start on some freeguild - part of a series of small allied detachment to add some diversions into the project. I want them to look like they're veterans from a free city, supporting the rangers and have been on a march for a day +IMG_3297.jpg.0d6d1690274fda675c356ae472e87b19.jpgIMG_3299.jpg.45e6142d8113b534a449113780d7a9b8.jpg

I'm already running out of stowage/bag bitz so if anyone knows of any compatible ones I'd be glad to find a source, preferably GW. Mainly used bitz from the pistoleers, good stuff but you don't get much on a sprue.

Will probably add a hedge mage/hermit type, a captain, militia and scouts/archers, not a huge force, just an expedition/bait to trap the foe. Then onto the next allies, likely something elven.

Finally just for fun some nurgly lads wip, the plaguebearer kit is great. All washes, no actual painting, should have started them instead!



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On 1/12/2018 at 9:51 PM, Mirbeau said:

Will probably add a hedge mage/hermit type, a captain, militia and scouts/archers, not a huge force, just an expedition/bait to trap the foe. Then onto the next allies, likely something elven.



Looking forward to seeing this! i think it is called world o bits on ebay, they may have the bits you need.

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On 1/14/2018 at 7:57 PM, Thundercake said:

Looking forward to seeing this! i think it is called world o bits on ebay, they may have the bits you need.


Thanks for the tip, will have a dig around on the weekend, a quick scan shows they should have something that will look the part. Wish the little backpacks from the hairy heads/mordheim/free company plastics were still about.


Update: Lord Aquillor is close to done. Crossbow and basing on the big guy not complete. Couple of bits of tidying here and there too (scrollwork, blade of holstered axe etc.) Neither is the plume and to be coloured shoulder-pad. No closer to a decision on what do to there. Basing needs more thorny clutter but is otherwise done.

The steed needs another highlight on the flesh and something to make the same more natural looking, likely a glaze or so post-highlight; which I'd probably have done anyway take the edge off - the raised surfaces are rather wide. Then will go for some patterning, not decided on spots vs stripes. Sand's still drying which is why some is on a hoof.IMG_3304.jpg.c21e7f40340866cdf8a0f24a006c45d3.jpg






On the near finished hunters, head and compass done. Unit is complete until pads and plumes decision, could also do with a little more on the bases. The next lot will have swords.


Naeve has her glowing brooch, at last. Is complete. Basing looks a bit better irl, or top down at least - the blasted tree stumps/roots look very dark/wet in this image compare to the sand, they're not really..




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Some of the stuff I've been working on in the last week or so.


Birds need a clean-up post washes and a last highlight, real pests to paint, a lot of the detail is shallow and a rough and ready approach doesn't work so well, drybrushing didn't take too well either. Wish I'd gone for a white undercoat and straight to shades, will do with the next set.IMG_3310.jpg.8b613840738e4cc4b9bebbc6b4c64270.jpg

IMG_3309.jpg.04543a54be553da0d1c1f820c090e2db.jpgThe one on the left does have eyes and more shades of brown/black than is visible. 


Hedge mage WIP, using a Bretonnian mini, figures she looks the part as a former collegiate who lives in the wilds.


Finally something else unrelated to the project, WIP. One of my favourite miniatures


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On 1/17/2018 at 3:18 AM, Tzaangor Management said:

I really like the little flesh coloured areas on the Lord Aquilor's Gryph Charger, like the one above the beak. Really effective colour choice, hadn't really registered that detail before.

I'm saving this model till last in my planned army, so really interested to see what you do for markings on the mount, as I'm torn as well! 

Thanks! Yeah, needed to break up the yellowly brown everywhere and the mini has a decent amount of texture. Actually basecoated everything with ratskin flesh originally (after dark brown) before the (quite thin layers), helped with that and sort of encouraged different textures. I'm terrified on the markings, will have a go on the weekend hopefully.

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First unit of Raptors WIP


Got first layer on some hunters.


Something for me, a test model WIP, will be a DOK affiliated sorceress for (another) possible allied faction...


Hound WIP. Will be following the same scheme as the charger and testing freehand on the little fella first.


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