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Events UK: Warhammer Achievements 5 - part of the Bad Dice Gaming Convention


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Event Title: Warhammer Achievements 5 - part of the Bad Dice Gaming Convention
Event Author: @Stevewren
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 11/03/2017 12:00 AM to 11/05/2017 12:00 AM 

What is Warhammer Achievements?

Warhammer Achievements 5 is a five game Narrative Play Age of Sigmar event that will be running at Ben Curry’s’ Blood and Glory tournament in Derby on the 3rd to the 5th November 2017. The event is unique amongst the UK tournament scene as possibly the only event that can be won by a player that loses all their games. You heard me right! If you are hopeless at winning Age of Sigmar games this could well be the event for you…!

Instead the event is scored using Achievements that can be gained throughout the five games, how you painted and selected your army, how sporting you are, and a few miscellaneous ones that will be announced in the lead up to the event.  

In all there are 99 achievements available, and the winner will be the player that achieves the most. 

Tell me more about the Achievements, they sound great…

Achievements come in many shapes and sizes. There are 50 in game achievements available to players. 25 of them can be achieved in any game, and the other 25 are broken down into each game and can only be claimed in that game. They include things such as failing a charge with a double 1, completing a turn 1 charge, wiping out a unit in a single turn, and passing a bravery test on a 1. The painting ones are scored by including freehand in your army, having some non-metallic metal, including vintage Games Workshop models, and showing off some conversions in your army. You also get achievements through your unit choice and army selection, and through playing the game in a sporting manner. There has also been a tradition where you can gain negative achievements, which will take points away (however there is also an award for getting the most of these as well!)


Warhammer Achievements 5 - Rules Pack.pdf



Warhammee Achievement 5 - Scenario Pack.pdf


That all sounds well and good, but what is the gaming like?

I’m glad you asked. This year we are running the event over two days (a first for Warhammer Achievements) with games at variable point values from 1600 to 2500 points. There will also be a doubles game on the first day so you can team up with a friend for double the fun. Each game will have a challenging scenario, and winning this will allow you to claim the major objective, worth 7 Battlepoints. All the games will be on custom designed and themed tables with their own special table objectives. These will make up the secondary objectives and are worth 5 Battlepoints. The tertiary objectives (worth up to 3 points) come from strategy cards that you can play during the games. The player with the highest number of Battlepoints over the weekend will be crowned the Best General at the event (we like to reward gaming skill as well).

Where does the Narrative part come from?

One of the things we pride ourselves on is having a narrative that runs through the games. The escalating points allows the army to develop throughout the five games, with your full 2500 point force contesting the final scenario. We have called it The Heroes Journey and there will be Legacy Game style stickers that you can add to your Player Pack as the weekend progresses, so that the event becomes personalised to each player and you actually go on your own journey. One of the things that we are looking for this year is to include five unique and difficult to achieve Grand Alliance Objectives. These can be claimed by any player of that GA and will be themed around the story and background of each one. Your General will have the ability to earn Blood Sacrifice points during the games which will allow you to transform your general in to a ferocious combat beast, hopefully allowing you to pull victory from the jaws of defeat and carry the day for your forces.   

How important is painting at Warhammer Achievements?

Very! All the organisers of the event have been much more successful painting armies than winning games and the Best Painted Army award has been hard fought over previous years. We encourage you to bring the army and models that you have spent the most time and put the most effort into and these will probably be the ones that you are most proud of, especially if you can gain the most achievements from them. The chances are your best models will tick the most achievement boxes to, so it should be a win-win situation. Age of Sigmar is a very aesthetic game and we know that tables are going look great, so we want the armies to look awesome as well.

That all sounds great – sign me up!

If you like the sound of this then get yourselves over to the Bad Dice website and purchase your ticket today. Warhammer Achievements is will be limited to 30 players initially so if you want to take part in this unique event then you’ll need to sign up fast as the tickets will be going quick, especially as there may be achievements up for grabs for the first people to sign up.  





If you want to stay up to date on how the tables are coming on and how the rules pack is shaping up then follow me on Twitter @stevewren and make sure you tune into the Bad Dice Podcast shows for all the latest news from Warhammer Achievements and Blood and Glory.


You can find this on my Blog post here on TGA


If you have any questions at all about this event feel free to get in touch.
You can contact me on the TGA boards, either in this thread or via the Messaging function. 
Alternatively you can email at stevewren1976@googlemail.com or @stevewren on Twitter



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On ‎26‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 6:21 PM, Stevewren said:

The entry list for this can be found in the main Blood and Glory thread. I also went on the Black Sun Podcast with @Chris Tomlin to talk in depth about what is going to be happening, so check out that episode when it's released in the near future. 

The episode has now been released...

Thanks to @Stevewren for coming on and chatting about this event, it sounds awesome. Was just great to talk to Steve in general as well.

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OK, with two weeks to go I should really update the thread! All the terrain and tables have been made now, I just have two more maps to upload. There is also a minor change to the Negative Achievements List which I have copied into the post below: 



10 Negative Achievements (-5 achievement points)

1. Where did they come from? – Set up a unit within 9” of an enemy model

2. Power from Paint – Use an ability that doesn’t match your paint scheme

3. Spammer – Take three or more of the same unit (different weapon options count as different units)

4. Keep ‘em Coming Chaps! - Stack the same ability on the same unit in the same hero phase (can be from different sources)

5. No one to Fight – Set your whole army up off the board

6. Bring the Pain! – Include a unit of 7+ models that shoot 24” or more  

7. It’s just not Cricket! - Include a Balewind Vortex

8. Suck out the Fun - Include any models that have more than 1 save (doesn’t apply to the Death Save or Nurgle save)

9. Destiny’s Child – Use your Destiny Dice to gain an Achievement (1 = -5pts, 2-3 = -10pts, 4+ = -15pts)

10. 30! That’s the magic number! – Take 3 or more units of 30+ models


Also I've had a couple of emails about lists - it is just lists on the day for the event. 

I am now working on getting everything printed so that recording achievements will be easier than ever! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in two weeks time. 

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Tertiary Objectives

Both players  can score up to three points for completing their Scheme Cards.


The tertiary objectives are selected from your Schemes cards. You select 5 cards for each game and you can achieve as many of these as possible, but you can only score a maximum of 3 points (1 per scheme). The total number of schemes completed will be the first tie breaker if players are tied on Achievements.

Scheme cards are drawn randomly at the start of every game, and obviously as the first tie breaker, are quite important if you are hoping to do well at the event :) 


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