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  1. Skeekrit

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    Always thinking... but I think it puts me joint with my 'grudge-ee'
  2. Skeekrit

    Warhammer Achievements 6 at Blood and Glory 3/4th Nov 18

    It would be great to see you there... also - grudge!
  3. Skeekrit

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    There was a question at the B&G seminar asking if there would be new models and the answer was yes, that this will not be like the BoC release (in terms of models). So hopefully we'll some more fun!
  4. Not much preparation was possible this year due to weddings and life, but a brief introduction to The Red Gobbo for Warhammer Achievements 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. He'd done it, the Pylons were his. The Harbringer was Triumphant. Mork was looking upon him this day and was smiling. As the Pylons activated The Red Gobbo looked to his Moonclan and realised the cowards were running to escape Nagash. A Pylon flickered as green Waaagh energy was replaced with the haunting Green energy of Shyish and the Undeath. The Red Gobbo's Power was diminished but not finished. He lashed out psychically but his energy disappated before the demi-god. He felt other Pylons change to the new power, as across the realm Gork and Mork were pushed back by Shyish. He had to escape, and called his leviathan - the Kraken - to rescue him from the imminent attacks of Nagash. As he swooped in on the aethereal waves of energy the Kraken picked up The Red Gobbo and flew towards Nagash, looking to distract him before escaping. As he passed, the Kraken swiped at Nagash's book and grabbed it from his suprised grasp. They flew higher, and both Kraken and grot let out a yell of triumph. Mork would be impressed with his success. However, his success was short lived. Nagash turned from his other distractions, and a spectral sword sliced through the Kraken's tentacles holding the book. The Kraken dipped, but quickly recovered. But the book was gone, and it slowly descended back into it's owner grasp. They flew, and the Red Gobbo resolved to find more shamans to strengthen his fight for Mork and bring greater glories to his God... and himself. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks to Steve Foote for arranged the Narrative Event at Warhammer World for Coalescence. Sorry it took so long to write up!
  5. Skeekrit

    GW GT Final - A Destructive Report

    Game 6 vs Flesh Eater Courts Flesh Eater Courts (despite the summoning) seem to struggle in the current meta and my opponent had not yet won a game. Unfortunately for me that was about to change. On my left flank my Grots with Spears tried to hold up some Ghouls who appeared via a flank attack. I sent most of the rest of the army to kill one of the Terrorgheists, but my Ogres failed to do much damage and I lost 8 to the fight back, and battleshock! From there it went quickly and dramatically downhill. The Terrorgheist in the centre (his general) went after a Gargant, and the Ghouls I had killed all came back. Then the Terrorgheists called in their reinforcement ghouls and they prepared for the charge. The ones at my board edge succeeded in a 9" charge and I lost the army. I struggled with the 6 games (not used to gaming again yet) and beating armies with summoning definitely requires some more experience. Now on to Warhammer Achievements and Chrimbobo
  6. Skeekrit

    GW GT Final - A Destructive Report

    Game 5 v Darkling Covens Fighting against 2 Dragons, one at -2 to hit, and the other a normal dragon. 4 Sorceresses in total meant a lot of magic, so I didn't get the Endless spells off until late in the game. The mission was Knife to the Heart, so I for his objective leaving the Gitmob with Spears and their Shaman on my objective. The Gargants charged the Spear-Aelves in turn 1 and 2 and used their 3" range to attack the two foot sorceresses. I killed one but the other survived on 1 wound. His unhittable Dragon was heading towards my objective by know but I pressed on, with the Gargants killing the Spear-Aelves before the Executioners killed one of them. The other charged the Repeater XBows as the Ogors and a Spider Rider charged the Dark Riders. They failed to kill them (Ogors were by far my worst unit all weekend), and were then pinned in combat by the other Dragon. I killed it in 2 turns, and the pile in moves got me enough models with range of his objective winning the game in turn 3, although the Dragon on my objective was chomping through the Grots.
  7. Skeekrit

    GW GT Final - A Destructive Report

    (Game 4 placeholder)
  8. Skeekrit

    GW GT Final - A Destructive Report

    Game 3 - vs Khorne A very nicely painted army, I none-the-less struggled with the proxies and the different units in the army. It took me about 2 turns to get my head around the fact there were bloodcrushers, and I failed to push toward them. Death of a thousand cuts (or the ogors) eventually started to kill them but too late. In Duality of Death he took the first turn and placed the Bloodthirster on my right and 3 Priests on my left. I went for the Priests and needed to clear some chaff before - again a destruction moved Gargant was the first in, but only killed 5 mauraders with the other being immune from battleshock. The priests then did 12 mortal wounds and took him off in one hero phase... worse he fell back onto a spider and did his mortal wounds to me! I killed the mauraders with the second gargants and the bows targetted the Priest who was holding the objective, but failed to kill him. A Spider charged him but only did 1 wound (1 more and I would have started counting the points). I eventually ground through the right flank, but didn't get the objective until turn 3 (on his turn, so only scored turn 4). Meanwhile the Grots with spears advanced on the Bloodthirster but I started their advance too late (worried about the Bloodcrusher proxies) and they only made combat in turn 4. They did eventually kill the Bloodthirster but in my opponents turn 5 and my Fungoid nowhere near. This game was disappointing for me, as the third game of the day - took too long too work out the proxies and I was too careful of my opponents army after he one-shotted the Gargant. Definitely one I think I could have won with more practice beforehand.
  9. Skeekrit

    GW GT Final - A Destructive Report

    Game 2 - Stormcast (Major Defeat) Playing lengthwise on the table, the Stormcast started with a comet doing 2-4 wounds on all my spiders and both Gargants, and forcing me to advance. I played for the double turn, got a destruction move off on one of the Giants and killed a small unit. Fortunately I got the double turn, and the Giants killed his archers, although the Gitmob in the middle of the game failed to kill the new Cat riders (sorry, can't remember their names). However I was left sitting in front of 3 Ballistas and I was about to find out what 100 points at 18" gets you in Stormcast... ... my Gargants and 1 spider was killed and the Grots in the centre were shot to pieces as well, allowing the last Cat and the trumpter to escape... although a dead falling Giant did kill the Cat! Realising how dangerous the Ballistas were I charged 3 spiders into one of them, did 4 wounds and then watched the rest of the army die. Definitely played better in this one, although misjudged the Ballistas (+2 cover save is criminally good), and was probably too timid with the Ogors although they were facing off against 2+ save Stormcast, so just kept their distance. Opponent was great throughout, and kindly explained what he was doing whilst ripping apart the poor Grots & Ogors.
  10. Skeekrit

    GW GT Final - A Destructive Report

    Game 1 - vs Nagash Undead army (Major defeat) Nagash, Necromancer, Vampire Lord, 40 Skeletons, 2x 5 Dire Wolves, 30 Grim Reapers (?) Playing against a top tournament regular this was a vicious introduction to the power of magic (and particularly the realm spells) of AOS2 and Malign Sorcery. I got none of my own spells off, and only dispelled one Nagash spell (I took that as a victory). I knew from the beginning that I needed to rush this and grab the objectives before the magic could start working, so I sent in the Aleguzzlers for a turn 1 charge, turn 2 charge but killing only 5 Skeletons each meant they came back and the well positioned Vampire Lord (-1 to wound in 6") meant I couldn't get through. They all came back and the Gargants had died for no return. Similarly on my right the Ogors went into the Reapers and killed eight (although the Undead player rolled slightly better than normal for his saves...) the fight back did 42 wounds on the Ogors (Realm spell to +1 Dam) and the unit fled (unsurprisingly). From there I couldn't recover and finished the game with nothing left, and no points killed... Not a good start but I did learn about Realm magic and power of magic heavy armies. Also, I hadn't gone magic heavy enough. I fun start (in that I have no complaints about my opponent at all), I just misplayed in a game I'm not convinced my army could have won.
  11. I thought some you would find it interesting to know how I went in the GW GT Final (UK) this weekend. In Summary not well - finished 69/73 some of which was definitely my fault, some due to the change in meta, and most due to my break. I'll follow with some brief reports of the games... enjoy (or despair!) My Army: Fungoid, General, Ravager Gitmob Shaman, Gryth-Feathered Charm 4x Grot Big Boss on Spider 60 Gitmob with Bows 60 Gitmob with Spears 12 Ogors with 2 Clubs 2 x Aleguzzler Gargants Cogs & Shackles 2 Command Points (1,900 points total) Not my usual collection but I've signed up for Paul Buckler's event next year and got assigned Ogors... so I wanted some practice. I've also not played since March due to real life and so was looking to see what had changed in AOS2.
  12. Skeekrit

    Considering Age of Sigmar

    Welcome to AOS (or welcome back...!) There's a number of Goblin (now called Grots) players on this forum who will no doubt be able to assist you. In the interim you've got a nice selection of models which will give you options. You are correct that there are no battalions for the Grots, which does make them a little weaker than other factions but they can be fun to play and can scrape into tier two / top tier two with practice. I assume you'll want to play 2,000 point games and for that you'll need the General Handsbook (which has all the points)... don't buy the 2017 one though, the new one is released in 10 days! I assume your Grots are Gitmob from your comments and you could use this as a good basis for an army For example: Big Boss on Gigantic Spider Arachnarok with Shaman Grot Shaman Grot Shaman 60 Gitmob with Bows 20 Gitmob with Spears 20 Gitmob with Spears 2 Wolf Chariots 5 Spider Riders 5 Spider Riders Gargant (Giant) 2 x Spear Chukkas 2 x Rock Lobbers 1900 points on current points (I don't think any of the above are changing a lot). This give 2 'command points' in the new rules which can be used for command abilities and stopping battleshock (panic, grots running away). The basic approach with this is the throw the spiders, chariot, arachnarok & gargant forward to kill stuff whilst the 20 grots hold objectives and the 60 grots do one or the other. Check out the spell for the Gitmob Shaman - it's very good with the Gitmob and bows. Others will be able to give more examples of what's available!
  13. Skeekrit

    Grot army ideas

    The 2 spells for the Fungoid Shaman is good, but the big advantage seems to be the -2 to hit (assuming no warscroll change)
  14. Skeekrit

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    From a screenshot I've seen - no. It would go against GW's approach of one point value for each warscroll
  15. Skeekrit

    Grot army ideas

    Do you have both banners in the Moonclan unit? The +2 bravery is handy for Terrorghiests