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  1. For those who don't follow @Chris Tomlin on twitter - he's furiously painting for RAW! He has promised us an update when he gets on top of the painting.
  2. I think we could make Gitz into a 3-2 or 4-1 army with practice. @Malakree is correct - I made lots of mistakes at Sheffield (including the fluff of 2 Gargants) - and then mistakes in some of the games at GW Heat 1. I do have the advantage of having played a Grot horde army for a very long time, so I know what most things can do, but the fiddly bit went wrong a few times. I think we will need kind draws to get back to @Donal's 5-0 standard! And I do agree that Skaven seem very good, but I can only play with one alliance due to time constraints otherwise I get very confused. And I love destruction... or Grots! Also edit: Sorry, this is the Ironjawz chat... @Malakreeconfused me
  3. It feels more rounded as an army. Lots of units in it I've not used yet, but the three wizards and three endless spells is nice, especially with the range on the Scuttletide (I really love this spell - especially as my opponents seem to hate it!)
  4. I would look at these 4 units as ways of getting points back. What do you want them to do (especially the Squig Herd). It looks like it's there for battleline 'tax' but is neither small enough to be sacrificial or big enough for a hammer. Loonboss - try him and see if you like his ability. If he's not the general (I assume Skagrott will be) his ability is a bit more difficult to use - especially if you charge or Hand of Gork the unit of 60. I would also echo @Skabnozeon the fanatics... consider dropping one, or trying the Sporesplatta fanatics to get the 20 points.
  5. I did indeed like them a lot. I've use 1 x 24 Sheffield and 2x24 Heat 1 and I can't think of a time they underperformed from my expectations (unlike the Gargants they replaced). They are definitely along my style of play (hordes, lots of wounds, battleshock immunity near Shrine) which many people will not like (or want to paint). With the objectives in AOS2 (apart from places of power) being mostly number related having 2 wound models, with 2 attacks and small rend is great. I was initially worried about the 1" reach but with 20 models they just sit in 2 ranks of 10, and most of them can attack most of the time. Oh - and they are twice as resilient as the Grots to things which cause wounds per model (ie warpfire throwers... or own own Moon)
  6. I would certainly echo @Malakreeon the Loonboss on Giant Squig. The Boingrots feel like they need the 3" additional movement to compensate for the random element of 2D6" movement. Help to mitigate the inevitable low roll when you need it most.
  7. I did use the 6s = mortals in most of the games, but it was less than stellar. Lots of enemies with -1s to hit.
  8. Skeekrit

    GT Heat 1 at WHW

    Andy used Stormfiends in his Skaven army but he said he was likely to change them for Plague Monks (as they ripped my Gloomspite apart) !
  9. Some mistakes were made 😉😂
  10. Some of this is my fault, but the Loonboss was rarely near enough the stabbas. This is part of what is making me thinking of dropping the Loonboss, Shootas, and 1 Madcap for Skragrott.... lots to consider before the next outing but really liking the book
  11. I have now played 10 games and I haven't finished a single game on fewer than 5 command points! Need to find something to spend them on. (1 Fungoid only).
  12. It really helped me deploy in a more aggressive manner but maybe this was psychological more than actually needed. I only used the command point once in the five games, one my opponent's turn 1.
  13. At the Heat 2 I had Cunning Plan, which guaranteed a Command Point turn 1 even when I was given 2nd turn (as happened most of the time). I either deployed both squigs within 12" of the Loonshrine, or ensured they were with 6" of one of the Wizards on a flank. I then would pile in, and remove casualties to either keep the battleshock immunity, or deliberately lose it. Once you're near the enemy the 4+ MW from fleeing is a nice bonus if you don't have characters nearby or if the enemy has a lot of armour.
  14. No tournament in the near future, but I'm thinking of dropping the shootas, Loonboss and 1 Madcap and try Skagrott... May change my mind before that of course.
  15. So I finished 31st at the GT Heat 1 (out of 79 players), with my Gloomspite -- with 3 wins, 1 minor-loss and 1 loss. (no points for minor loss at GW-GT but really happy with the 3 wins, and amazed to qualify for the final. The list was changed from Sheffield (as I've mentioned above), as Gargants are still rubbish... Loonboss, Cunning Plan, Spitefull Prodder Fungoid Shaman; Hand of Gork Madcap; Itchy Nusiance Madcap; Great Green Spite 60 Stabbas (Spears) 60 Stabbas (Spears) 48 Squig Herd 48 Squig Herd 20 Shootas Endless: Mork's Mighty Mushroom, Scuttletide, Quicksilver Swords I found the army to be much better and consistent than the Sheffield one, although I was glad of the practice offered at Sheffield (in fact it was essential) Game 1 - Ironjawz - Major Win Narrow deployment meant that I could clog up the board and the shifting objectives were kind to me. His Foot of Gork did 10 mortal wounds to the Madcap, but I killed him with Scuttletide, and then Spiteful Prodder. Volume of attacks killed one of the Maw-Krushas, and the second one couldn't hold the objectives. Game 2 - Seraphon - Minor Loss Places of Power is difficult for my army with 4 Goblins Heroes. We each got to 1 point, after which the Squigs killed 2 of his heroes, leaving just the Slaan. Unfortunately the Slaan killed my heroes as well, and the Fungoid couldn't 'Hand' himself (within 3" of Razordon). The Squigs surronded 2 objectives, and Stabbas surronded the third but he won on VPs. Really close and the best I've played this mission in a while Game 3 - Mixed Order (Dragon & Dragon Princes) - Major Win The Dragon & Dragon princes charged on my right flank, and destroyed the Shootas, but also charged the Stabbas. They wore them down whilst the Squigs held the left flank. The Fanatics did 12 wounds on the Dragon in my turn (who then killed them, Shaman, and 40 Stabbas), but I used Quicksilver Swords to clear one of the objectives, and then 'Hand'ed one of Stabba units onto the objective. Game 4 - Skaven - Major Loss He took first turn and ran his army forward. I wounded Thanquol with Quicksilver Swords (in Realm of Metal) and moved forward one unit of Stabbas. I released the fanatics who needed a 5" to charge the Stormfiends. I failed (with re-roll)... and the Stormfiends went through my army. (2x 60 Stabbas and Squigs). I failed to bring back a unit with the Shrine and couldn't defend my central objective. Lost all the priorities as well. Happy with how I set it up, but should have concentrated on damaging the Stormfiends with spells once I had killed Thanquol. Game 5 - Nurgle - Major Win He pushed up 30 Plaguebearers onto the central objectives and scored an early 5 points. I ran my army up to the centre (no charges) and took the objectives back due to numbers. On my left the Squig Herd was slowly killed by Blight Kings, and he regained the objective, but on the right the BlightKings were overwhelmed with the stabbas and fanatics (-1 to hit was great). In my second turn I cast Hand on Squigs and put them within 9" of his objective (one hero guarding it), but failed the charge. However he couldn't summon enough to stop me, and despite losing priority turn 3, the squigs charged bottom of turn 3, and took his objective. I had too many bodies for him, although with -1 to hit (and sometimes -2) we didn't really kill a lot!
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