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  1. Skeekrit

    Considering Age of Sigmar

    Welcome to AOS (or welcome back...!) There's a number of Goblin (now called Grots) players on this forum who will no doubt be able to assist you. In the interim you've got a nice selection of models which will give you options. You are correct that there are no battalions for the Grots, which does make them a little weaker than other factions but they can be fun to play and can scrape into tier two / top tier two with practice. I assume you'll want to play 2,000 point games and for that you'll need the General Handsbook (which has all the points)... don't buy the 2017 one though, the new one is released in 10 days! I assume your Grots are Gitmob from your comments and you could use this as a good basis for an army For example: Big Boss on Gigantic Spider Arachnarok with Shaman Grot Shaman Grot Shaman 60 Gitmob with Bows 20 Gitmob with Spears 20 Gitmob with Spears 2 Wolf Chariots 5 Spider Riders 5 Spider Riders Gargant (Giant) 2 x Spear Chukkas 2 x Rock Lobbers 1900 points on current points (I don't think any of the above are changing a lot). This give 2 'command points' in the new rules which can be used for command abilities and stopping battleshock (panic, grots running away). The basic approach with this is the throw the spiders, chariot, arachnarok & gargant forward to kill stuff whilst the 20 grots hold objectives and the 60 grots do one or the other. Check out the spell for the Gitmob Shaman - it's very good with the Gitmob and bows. Others will be able to give more examples of what's available!
  2. Skeekrit

    Grot army ideas

    The 2 spells for the Fungoid Shaman is good, but the big advantage seems to be the -2 to hit (assuming no warscroll change)
  3. Skeekrit

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    From a screenshot I've seen - no. It would go against GW's approach of one point value for each warscroll
  4. Skeekrit

    Grot army ideas

    Do you have both banners in the Moonclan unit? The +2 bravery is handy for Terrorghiests
  5. Skeekrit

    Grot army ideas

    The Shaman on Arachnarok appears to be good at the moment in small games. There's not much that can kill him in one turn and he can put pressure by trying to dispel your opponents spells so I'd go with that army first. If you don't like him just rotate him out and try something else... they're great fun (if not exactly competitive).
  6. Skeekrit

    Army help

    A single spear chukka with the -1 to hit on characters now (AOS2.0) is a little weak. If you can get the second one it's more than double the value. Consider increasing the Moonclan Grots to get them near to 60 and use them as a hammer with a shaman helping them out. 60 Moonclan and 3 Fanatics are a solid unit in 1,000 points
  7. Skeekrit

    Army help

    Destructions such a large group you'll need to give us more help. What is in your current 700 points, do you normally play matched, open, narrative. Do you want the 2018 points (not yet officially released) or 2017? Ta!
  8. Skeekrit

    Grot army ideas

    Best approach is to wait for the new rules and the release of GHB2018 as this will affect the decision a lot. Initial thoughts - Moonclan Bows are awful.. their bonus doesn't help with the shooting (unlike Gitmob), and you'll want to swap out some for nets, further reducing the range attacks. It's a mixed Destruction list and you have a few options. At 800 points it may be worth considering the Ogors due to the multiple damage. Unfortunately you are correct there are no Battletomes for the units you have... but we are hopeful for a Moonclan one (touch wood), and you could always branch out to Ironjawz, Bonesplitterz, or Beast Claw Raiders. Welcome to the Destruction Board... and hope you enjoy the rollercoaster of a new edition we are about to have!
  9. Or he charges skinks and doesn't kill any despite being unwounded... as one of mine did in Heat 1. However I agree with you Skabnoze, they are great fun and with the points drop I can see them coming back into my army for Heat 3 and Blood and Glory...
  10. Skeekrit

    Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    The Giants are great fun, but just a liability against the armies I struggle against (large mortal wound output, lots of shots). The spiders are better against the first as they can give themselves the 6" 'free' move, use Battle Brew, and pin units. And much better against the second with 4+ rerollable save and ability to benefit from cover. I'd love to try the trolls as well (River & Stone) - I have some River trolls painted from 8th ed and an unassembled box so could do these - I just need to sign up to some 1 dayer events where I don't mind practicing and losing badly - unfortunately the club near me is still 8th/9th age so no chance to practice. I tried to get some chariots ready for the event last weekend, but life got in the way, so I didn't get them done. Could be okay as they are relatively cheap... but I don't know what to drop --- I love my horde armies.
  11. Skeekrit

    Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    I much prefered the spiders as they were able to soak up a lot of damage. The Giants just worry me with the 1 in 6 inability to charge and no way to mitigate it. Having said that they are great fun and I've used them in my latest Narrative tournament over the weekend.
  12. The Red Gobbo approached a round building, knowing that danger, death and possible glory awaited. Fortunately the Sky Kraken could break the walls, and free the evil within allowing the Red Gobbo the glory which was surely his... In the distance he could see an alter, a large shrine to the glory of Godhood, and knew that he had to reach this to achieve his destiny. But much lay in the way, and he could not gain the shrine on his own. His followers would have be with him and for that they must go through the horrors, devils and mammoths in the way. However suceed his must and so he set off. Spotting purple in the distance and the sound of hooves the Red Gobbo knew that his troops must brace for impact. Taking his position at the rear he watched as the purple wave approached him. The followers of Slaanesh were upon his forces before he knew it, their preternatural speed ensuring they reached the Red Gobbo's bodyguard before they could react. The first Grots fell to the blades and hooves but others stepped forward desperately stabbing and kills the riders of Slaanesh. However the Red Gobbo could see his troops wavering and so he called on the Sky Kraken which came down and picked up the Red Gobbo in a careful tentacle ... transporting him to another of his groups of his Grots.. a group facing a horde of Mammoths. The Red Gobbo looked back at his initial force and watched it disintegrate without his guileful and superb leadership. But he had to get through the Mammoths and to do so he would need the Kraken to fight... and fight it did!
  13. Skeekrit

    Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    I'm doing a Narrative event in February (Rise of Empires) and I will be painting a few Wolf Chariots for that. I'd love the Trolls to be used as well, but can't justify the points when 60 Grots are 270! The Giants did add something, but unfortunately the Spider Riders were just more resilient and hence took more of the opponents army away (or didn't die). It's useful to have the ability of the Giants but for the armies I struggled against (Rukk & Tzeentch) I much preferred the Spiders. (They taken approx. 90 shots of the Rukk to kill them which is a good amount to soak up.) I'll let you know how Rise of the Empires goes, as I Giant is likely to be back in the army for that... ... only other option I see at the moment is the Spiderfang list as I don't want to go full one Moonclan (unless there is a Tome!!)
  14. Skeekrit

    Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    Game 5 - Ironjawz - Scorched Earth - Major Win Maw Crusha, Foot Warboss, Warchanter, Shaman, 3 x 3 Gruntas, 5 Brutes, 10 Brutes, 2 Spear Chukkas I love playing Ironjawz, because you know what you get. Lots of big hitting brutal units and models. Unfortunately I have a lot of wounds and the Gore Gruntas normally get bogged down and then I can beat them (see game 1, GWGT) I deployed weak on my left (where the Maw Crusha ended up), and strong on my right (albeit near mystical terrain). However stars were the Grot Gitmob bows. The shamans passed every attempt at Sneaky Stabbin' (and failed every attempt at Mystic Shield), but this was the right way round for me, and the reach compared with the Ironjawz was too much. 5 Brutes killed turn 1, the other 5 killed in combat with the Grots. Gore Gruntas bogged down (especially as they had to hold their objectives as well). I did lose my spider on the left, who took 4 wounds from Bolt Throwers turn 1, so ran towards the Maw Crusha to reduce his options and movement for a turn. The fanatics then slowed him for another turn and he was only in combat on turn 4... far too late to make a difference (although he did kill the moonclan eventually, and gained 3 VPs when he burned the objective in turn 5. That made the score close (19-16) as the objectives I burnt in turn 5 gained only 1 point each, but shear weight of numbers did for the Ironjawz. Not much in the way of tactics from me, just walk forward like a conscript line and mob anything that charges me. So I ended up on 3 Major wins, and 2 Major losses and 27th place (top half!) which is a significant improvement on last year 58/72). I think I am starting to get the hang of this army, although the tier one armies with all the toys (Kunning Rukk, Tzeentch) are very difficult for me to beat. However the good thing about being higher up the table is I am playing some good players (at least 5/10 have been to masters) so I think I'm getting better with that experience. A great tournament and highly recommended for 2019 (after I get my ticket of course!)
  15. Skeekrit

    Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    Game 4 - Warherd - Starstrike - Major Win 2 Cygor, 2 Doombull, 2 Ghorgon, 3 Minotaurs, 6 Minotaurs, 6 Minotaurs On paper this is a good match-up for me. Low wound count, very low save (5+) impossible to hide models with limited maneurverability (ie no fast, but no flying) means I should have been able to mob him. I put Spears on left with one spider, Bows in middle, Moonclan on right (with the artillery and other spiders). The Warherd set up with a strong right (so my left) and a weaker left, in the hope that the comets would land kindly. He allowed me to take the first turn and my Moonclan swarmed forward, whilst the artillery took a few wounds off a Ghorgon (due to Cunning Deciever). His turn he ensured his right flank was very strong, and ran most of his army, as well as throwing a Cygor rock at a spider (which missed). I got the second turn, and the power of my shooting proved itself invaluable. The Gitmob grots did 12 wounds to the left side Ghorgon, and killed a Cygor (with help from the artillery who also severly wounded the second Ghorgon). The moonclan charged the 3 Minotaurs and the Ghorgon and killed them both by the end of turn 2 (with the help of a spider). The comet did appear on my left side though, so I had to leave that for my opponent to pick up the first points (0-2). In his turn he went forward on my left, but failed charge with 6 Minotaurs into my Grot Spears. Turn 3, and he got the priority roll. Unfortunately both the other comets landed on my left as well... leaving me with a spot of bother and my Moonclan in totally the wrong place and trapped in combat with a Cygor. He charged the spears on my left, who held bravely and killed 4 Minotaurs (with help of a Spider), and his other large unit back-tracked to grab the new fallen comet in his deployment. My spears finished off the Minotaurs in my turn and my artillery started the trek to the left hand side, whilst my Moonclan retreated from combat (through deadly terrain) to try to get closer. The general charged into the Cygor to keep it static. The Gitmob archers also ran to get to the right place on the table. Turn 4 and he won priority again and I was getting a little nervous. However with the pressure from the archers, the Moonclan and 30 Gitmob Spears (as well as artillery in range), he took an educated risk and moved the unit of 6 Minotaurs to block me, leaving the objective. He then failed 3 run checks to get back to it, and so only scored 4 points. My Gitmob bows then got a spur from my general (11" charge) and capture the middle objective whilst engaging the minotaurs and one hero in combat. The spider on my left charged the Ghorgon (2 wounds left) and the moonclan advanced and released their fanatics. The minotaurs, hero, and Ghorgon all died leaving me on (11-12) but my opponent with one hero left. In turn 5 I killed it as it charged the 3 fanatics to get points and missed... with everything! The warherd are a great thematic army but not even tier 2 I would suggest. 5+ armour save and only 2 attacks (albeit a chance to gain more) is not up to scratch.