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  1. Mcthew

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    Lol. So no 'Look out, Sir' for the pendulum? A definite 'swing' (ahem) away from shooting units and towards magic then?
  2. I'm sitting on the fence here, because I can see the reason to be constructive without being too whingey (as it gets you nowhere) tempered with a wider view of what the app represents. It has been rolled out at the same time as AoS 2.0, a fanfare from GW with a gush of releases in models and books etc. It's been well marketed and publicised and has had hobbyists falling over themselves in anticipation. And the odd typo here and there is not reason to throw one's dice out of the pram. But it ain't just the odd typo, is it? I think Runebrush is right to apply a practical, moderate approach, but I agree with Thebiggesthat there is a reason to complain, and that it has been rushed - again - maybe not resourced properly, and certainly without quality review. It's not just that the app is only 99p when it works, but the content drives the playing of the game. GW stresses these are the warscrolls for the latest edition, eliminating previous versions, like it is doctrine. To then bodge that, means much frustration to the players who are always told these are 'the warscrolls for the latest edition,' ad nauseam. It's careless. Yes, they are human beings, and perhaps they aren't being paid enough to provide the accuracy they should. So I don't think this is the responsibility of the writers and apps designers, but of GW themselves. As a business, you get what you pay for. But that should apply to the customers too, who are spending a lot of money on what is a premium hobby. No matter what a handful of gamers here think, this IS an expensive game. You can have a handsome holiday for the price of a reasonable sized army, and while this is about collecting, painting etc (and for me, that's a big part of it), the game-playing is the axis the hobby rotates on. Getting that wrong shines a light on cost, time invested, and all the other things that hobbyists aren't careless over. And if bringing shoddy, untested product hits their profits, alienating gamers, then GW only have themselves to blame. Raising this on a forum, which GW may or may not be reading, is a good way of providing customer feedback (in this case dissatisfaction) and businesses that don't read such things do so at their peril in my experience.
  3. Well, I just deleted my app. No point using it until they’ve fixed the problem. At the moment we’re using the warscrolls available on the GW site. If they can’t be bothered updating them then tough, I guess. They’re in better shape than those on the app anyhow 😀 Edit: gotta add that my wallet has never been happier. Since December I’ve been very carried away with the hobby, buying umpteen battletomes, more minis than I know where to store them, and was looking at ways to explain a £145 deficit in my account balance to my partner (hey, this’ll please the kids, you know?). But then I bought the quite underwhelming GHB18 and the changes in the Azyr app went from bewildering to infuriating and I wondered why I was spending so much on something that’s flawed. It gave a much needed handbrake. The result is no future purchases until Christmas, and a cancellation of Soul Wars and Malign Sorcery. Our local GW store wasn’t impressed when I told him why. Momentum crumbles when there’s too much carelessness...
  4. Mcthew

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Mmmm. I’m tending to agree. Having only been an AoS gamer for 6 months I’ve seen plenty to praise GW but an awful lot that I don’t. Currently my view is that GW are good at the models, and getting a little better with the lore, but they are starting to suck at the rules. To take this factor out of the game and improve enjoyment is to really play narrative games only as they don’t rely too heavily on GW meddling in their own design. Id love it if TGA set up their own warscrolls and points system based on lore, common sense and enjoyment rather than other agendas perhaps designed around commercial behaviour. I think we’d see a better game.
  5. Mcthew

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    It’s in the AoS app that was updated yesterday. A new snazzy app with more holes in it than Swiss-cheese! A rush job, if I’m honest ☹️
  6. Mcthew

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    I'm a little cagey on these 'mistakes' as they tally with points differences in the GHB18. Reducing power on things such as Verdant Blast, means a points reduction on the model, although I can't fathom as to why. Durthu seemed fine as he was, and was worth the points no more, no less. This is not really a nerf in the 'traditional' sense, because there's a points reduction as well. It just feels as though GW thinks that we are having too much fun playing with the Durthu model and they'd rather brick an ability on stealth. But will see. If it's a mistake, then great, although I'm not sure as to why there's a points reduction. This is all little haphazard on a model that costs a lot to buy in real money, not AoS money and GW has a reputation for doing this... 🤨
  7. Mcthew

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Well, his match play points are now reduced so I wonder if this is a crazy nerf, like selling Vax carpet cleaners for less cos they’ve underpowered them. I guess the EU weren’t happy the Spirit of Durthu kicked a$$ too much and forced Games Workshop to change the warscroll. Edit: also makes the Verdant Blast ability pretty pointless. Who would bother losing Durthu-wounds for extra attacks at only 5+ to wound. I mean, really GW? 🤨
  8. Mcthew

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Brill, that’s good news, as I don’t need these specifically as battleline. Thanks muchly
  9. Mcthew

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Hi, gonna ask an incredibly naive question (😀) but in the absence of a Slaves to Darkness Battletome, and because my Khorne force needs a little heavy metal in the ranks, can I use my Chaos Warriors and Chaos Knights but with a Khorne allegiance and use them not as allies (in other words, as Khorne battleline)? Or would they still come under Slaves to Darkness for Matched Play and part of my allies allocation? 🤔
  10. Mcthew

    Malign Sorcery AMA

    Ah - right, that makes sense, thanks.
  11. Mcthew

    Malign Sorcery AMA

    I was told you can when I visited the store. They said you can’t try casting the same spell more than once per turn but you can trying casting it in subsequent turns (successful or not) meaning more than one endless spell on the field of battle. That’s coming from an employee who has pored over the rulebook. So, which is true? The GW employee or this forum? Would love to know.
  12. Mcthew

    Malign Sorcery AMA

    Yeah, and you pay for them points wise too. Now that sounds ok if you’re planning to cast the same spell over and over during the game, but GW dropped the bombshell saying that these models aren’t gonna be available separately. You gonna need to buy multiple copies of the MS box set if you wanna field more than one purple sun in a game. Apparently the sprues aren’t designed to be produced individually. And who wants more than 1 copy of the rule book? 🤔 This is getting a teensy bit suckier tbh.
  13. Mcthew

    Malign Sorcery AMA

    Yeah, but that depends on playing Matched Play, or narrative play or Skirmish, I guess. So far, Maligned Sorcery really feels like a "well it would be nice to have it, but..." set. For the price of this box set with some cool minis you won't really use much, and rules that should be elsewhere if not for the minis, some players will probably need to buy a start collecting set to bulk up on summonable units instead, and that would be a better purchase. My feeling is that Maligned Sorcery is a great narrative tool, with little use outside of that. Certain spells will be useful, but not all. And in a year of regular gaming might only use half the models a few times or more. I reckon I'll buy it eventually if I ever sit down to write this epic narrative campaign I've promised my son, but until then... nah.
  14. Mcthew

    GH vs Core book

    Really? That's annoying. An unnecessary. It's also something you wouldn't do unintentionally. I'd chalk that up to GW wanting to tease the magic-weavers and encourage them to buy both, while trying to show how the Core Book is essential. It is not, in my view. I might pick it up second-hand on eBay in a year or two. 🤨
  15. Mcthew

    GH vs Core book

    Yeah, that's the impression I had too. I was a little disappointed that the realm spells, for example, weren't included in the Core Book, but is wholly in the Malign Sorcery book. Which makes sense, as it covers magic, but as Xasz mentions this is a little bit of a cash grab. It made the Core Book less and less essential, and underwhelming. Nice to have, sure. But that's all. And I could say that for 80% of Age of Sigmar stuff really unless I could burn hundreds of pounds a month on this hobby. Even the Malign Sorcery set looked nice, but I could live without it. GHB18 is the only new publication there I would say I needed to either update or improve the enjoyment of the game. GW have done a good job - and better than previous sets, but I feel they've still fallen a little short of perfection with these releases.