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  1. I wonder since GW have mentioned the Lore of Ice magic, if there has been a reference in AoS to a Realm of Ice? It would be an interesting idea to introduce a new realm to AoS.
  2. If this is set during the War of the Three Emperor then that would be around the point of the Kislev founding as a kingdom. In fact judging by the map Kislev might not even exist yet since none of its cities and towns are on the map (though that might just be work in progress).
  3. The Ice Guard remind me of the a lot of Sisters of Avelorn.
  4. I wonder if Old World is going to follow the recent trend of certain models being produced in plastic, like in Necromunda, Adeptus Titanicus and Blood Bowl despite them being mainly handled by Forge World. For the Empire line at least, a good chunk of the kits are still being sold thanks to Cities of Sigmar. Maybe if the first book is War of the Three Emperors, to start an army from scratch you buy a Freeguild kit and a Forge World upgrade sprue to make them more inline with what Emperor your army is supporting. Sprinkle in some Forge World resin models for heroes and Fantasy units that did not survive the culling. Of course it becomes more difficult when Forge World starts covering armies that are no longer with us, but maybe the core units will get plastic release like Orc Boys and Boar Boys while Wyverns and Gorband Ironclaw stay resin for instance. Just a thought I had when looking at what Forge World had being doing lately.
  5. Could make a new season of Warcry, like how Underwords has gone from Shyish to Ghur with Beastgrave. I think it is too soon for that though, but I don't think Warcry sets in stone that chaos has to hold the Allpoints.
  6. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/01/29/why-you-need-to-read-wrath-of-the-everchosengw-homepage-post-1/ We now know what Archaon been up to, looking for Slaanesh (maybe he wants to complete Droghar). I wonder if him getting close is what brought the Lumineth out hiding.
  7. Bonereapers and Orgors might be a double book drop since there was the theory of the 2 coming in a box set, due to the Orgor video for the new tyrant mentioning the Pack of Bones being broken (so Orgors have a lore link to Bonereapers). Its possible since Skaven and Flesh-eaters Courts got released in a box set for their battletome launch. We know the Bonereapers are launching in October and the Sisters of Battle box for 40k is for November, dunno if that means Sisters are getting a full release in November though if they do then they will be the last army release of the year (unless Orgors get unlucky).
  8. Probably the polearm he has in this picture, not sure if its been named yet. https://warhammerart.com/shop/age-of-sigmar/sigmar-the-god-king/
  9. I wonder what Gordrakk is planning to test it on then if he is not going straight for Azyr.
  10. From the end of the lore write up on Orruks that is on the community site. Gordrakk's planing something big and needs a God tier battering ram. Maybe he is planing an invasion of Azyr?
  11. I am going to point out that Warhammer Underworlds has moved from the Realm of Death to the Realm of Beasts. Maybe GW has future plans in sight and is going to start hinting at Destruction making moves to set up Gorkamork doing something.
  12. Yesterday it was Anvilguard, now its Tempest's Eye. Looks to be good for alpha strike lists. Shadow Warriors would work well in a Tempest's Eye army due to their new ambush rule.
  13. Battleline looks to more about your General than City though I think City might lock what Battalion you can use, in order to incentivise what units work well (and are fluffy) in a city.
  14. I think the keyword is like that so that the Sorceress and Dreadlord are both be covered under it. Drakeblood Curse table might be like the Stormcast mount traits where mounted characters can get an additional trait for their mounts.
  15. Grots and Orgors were popular combination in early AoS, maybe GW wants make it into a more formal army.
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