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  1. 40k rhino is already useable in 30k, there is no different stat line for a Mars pattern (GW) or Deimos (FW). The leak 30k spaces marines also look to be different size to the 40k space marines (matching the increase that 40k chaos marines got), so I say the rumour of 40k stuff geting moved into 30k is bunk.
  2. Vandus Hammerhand makes an appearance in the rumour engine article, maybe he going to in another starter set?
  3. I did not know that since I don't play Nighthuant, though that does show that GW is willing to take ideas from battalions and use them else where.
  4. One of the reasons why I like Chaos Dwarfs is the aversion of the standard Dwarf archetype. Dwarves in fantasy media tend to be the samey, so any averison to the archetype always stand out to me even if its just dwarf but evil (which the chaos dwarfs are more then that). Plus the Iron Daemon an evil daemonic train pulling artillery is the kind of silly I love in warhammer. Choo-Choo.
  5. I wonder if Cruel Boyz are related in anyway to Orruk Yoofs, the young Orruks who slunk about hunting in caves before getting big enough to join a Warband.
  6. With the rumour that GW is getting rid of faction battalions, maybe abilities from certain battalions will be transfered to warscrolls. Like Thunderhead Brotherhood letting Liberators boost Judicator defence getting turned into Liberators upping the defence of any unit near them. Just an idea I had when I saw that post.
  7. For Stormcasts, I want more warmachines/artillery, Lord Commander (and Vandus Hammerhand to be made Lord Commander), a more full on melee flying unit (prosecutors feel more like harrasement unit). For general use I would also like to see GW make some endless prays but for specific gods that any faction can use as long as the faction can follow that god. I just think it be neat for the gods to be able interact more in game since they so important in the lore.
  8. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/05/10/4-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-next-edition-of-warhammer-age-of-sigmar/ New article form Warhammer Community site about 3rd edtion. Path to Glory is getting a rework to be more like 40k Crusade mode (more narrative driven 40k game mode) Also there is a new website for AoS with a countdown that ends in 19 days (so the 29th of May). https://ageofsigmar.com/?utm_source=WarhammerCommunity&utm_medium=Post&utm_campaign=NextEditionofWarhammerAgeofSigmar10052021&utm_content=NextEditionofWarhammerAgeofSigmar10052021
  9. Be'lekor lore is that he is the first ever daemon prince of chaos and he is also only daemon prince that was created by multiple chaos gods. Since Be'lekor was created by multiple chaos gods, no one chaos god could command him. So Chaos Gods all decided to ignore him (except for Be'lekor job to crown the Everchosen) and focus on making their own daemon princes that they would be able to command themselves learning from Be'lekor that group projects are a terrible idea.
  10. The new deathrattle skeltons have the options to use bows in the Soulbound Beastiary.
  11. Anyone notice he painted his fingernails turquoise. Savage Orruks are the fashionistas of Orruk society. Also is the skull hanging off his neck from something?
  12. I think CA (the game devs) said that there was no plans for Araby (around the time Vampire Coast came out). Cathay I think was spurred on by Total War's large chinese fanbase, appealing to GW wanting to enter the asian market (see the gatcha style 40k releases they did im Japan as an example).
  13. I would not be surpised now if the launch box set for Old World is Plastic Kislev vs Chaos Daemons to tie into Total War Warhammer 3, since Daemons are an easy carry over to Old World and having the core roster of Kislev be in plastic would match how the other more recent specialist game have been (Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Titanicus).
  14. Pestigors for Maggotkin and Khorngors for Blades of Khorne would be nice, both books are in need of a rules update and having all the chaos gods (minus GHR) specific beastmen would be nice. Could then update the Beast of Chaos book to include all the god aligned Beastmen (and make their rules better). Actually mentioning Maggotkin, them and Idoneth don't have endless spells yet. I could see both getting a new rules book with endless spells like DoK.
  15. I think the thing most likely is a bundled box set for each army based around a battalion in the book like in Broken Realm: Morathi.
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