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  1. Walrustaco

    The Painting Contract- May 2017

    A bastiladon. That is all!
  2. Hi @Chris Tomlin. I'd just like you to know that I hold you personally responsible for my having spent over £200 on Ironjawz in the past 2 weeks. I hope you are happy. P.S: anyone know how easy it is to remove the arms of assembled brutes? I think I maybe want them to be all gorehackas instead. Unless anyone can vouch for squads over 5 with all choppas that is.
  3. Been loving painting the Ironjawz I've bought recently. Haven't played any games with them yet, mind you. Here's what I got: - Cabbage (built as gordrakk, likely not to be used as such) - Megaboss - Warchanter - 2x5 brutes, one unit built with 2 choppas other not built yet at all. - 10 ardboyz - 3 gore gruntas = 1460 points Where should I go from here?
  4. I find myself having 12 Irongut models after rescuing them from eBay, and I find it hard to justify their 220 point cost. There's the inevitable comparison to something like scythe Kurnoth hunters: 4 vs 5 wounds, 4+ vs 3+ to hit, -1 vs -2 rend, 3 vs D3 damage. Kurnoth hunters get rerolls to save rolls at the start of any charge phase, Ironguts get a conditional ability that's once per game that gives rerolls of 1s on hit/wound/charge. They just feel so barebones and hit or miss. More often it's a miss.
  5. Walrustaco

    New aelves on the way......

    Yeah a real clickbaity title for no reason lol
  6. Walrustaco

    Forbidden Colours - A Lahmian Army Plog

    Make the behind bigger.
  7. I love Ironguts. Their 4+ to hit, not so much. After reading in the destruction forum about the much loved Megabrute, I thought, what about some Megaguts? (or whatever they'd be called.) Making them chuck out 3 attacks at a 3+/3+/-1/3 profile, that sounds mighty good to me. I had been considering replacing them with Maneaters who pretty much have a better combat output - and ranged attacks. If I was to do this or not, what's the best size for a unit of ironguts?
  8. Walrustaco


  9. Walrustaco

    First time painting Ironjawz

  10. Walrustaco

    A Bloodtoof blog

    The Ironjawz range is incredible and you've done them justice. Would you mind telling me what it's like painting the maw krusha? I'd love to get one and yours looks fantastic, great choice of colours.
  11. Thanks, appreciate the help. I shall pop down to halfords and pick up the khaki spray, since they don't deliver.
  12. Perhaps it's just the lighting but it looks quite grey there. Is pretty much close enough to rakarth for it not to matter too much. I'm actually painting my big demons with rakarth flesh skin, not KBB guys so having a slightly darker primer in the recesses would probably look decent.
  13. I need something pretty darn close so I can save myself the trouble of hand painting like 40 khorne models.