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  1. However don't do mortal wounds and don't self heal..?
  2. Emicus

    A Giant problem..

    None but the Beastmen are insane enough to whip a gargant
  3. Won't ever take gors or ungors if ungor raiders were battleline Having the 'practically only range unit' also not be battleline is a nice way to promote variety I think
  4. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/searchResults?N=737771287+3891937086 Pre-orders are up in NZ
  5. I'm dreaming about an Ironclad, 2 Frigates and 4-6 Gunhaulers. But that's 1880 points before even adding balloondorfs and battleline...
  6. Boats > footsloggers (even if they get to ride boats). I mean surely the balloon dorfs qualify?
  7. Can we get an ETA on some of them Grundcarriers, Thrungal shieldships and Tork-Class torpedo boats Forgeworld?
  8. Surely you can have your own "Pirate Gang" whom _just coincidentally_ have the same rules as the various main skyports. The fluff bit in the book just ranks the 6 largest ports - leaving lots of room for smaller ports that vy for rank and prestige.
  9. By the beard I wish I knew the dollarydoo prices on the ironclad and gunhaulers...
  10. I might be mixing books here but some 'line breakers' fron the D'haran armies in The Sword of Truth would be baller. Its basically 'da biggest and da meanest' carrying massive javelins they hurl into the enemy shields mid charge. they're so heavy it makes the enemy shields useless and them they smash into the enemy a second later.. but chariot. Definitively chariot. Big piggies, choppas on the wheels, a weirdnob strapped to the front, a big spikey pig sticka so you can still bash the enemy or the pigs for more speed
  11. ...once you go 16mm there ain't no going back, baby!
  12. In short: No, the painting never ends however with results like you are making Id never want you to stop! Those are some sweet looking orks, in a brutally cunning/cunningly brutal way of course. myself im painting 40k for an upcoming tournament, its taking every ounce of my willpower as im not normally a 'painter'. it's taking away the little I had saved up for ironjawz!
  13. I run a unit of 10 with hackas and 2 gore choppas in 1k buffed by a chanter and near a 'boss. it beats face
  14. Beast! You need to play more games so we can enjoy more reports
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