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  1. LoG has access to vassal of the craven king + the aetherquartz brooch combo, which lets you farm the CP you need to fuel them. You *can* do it in NH, but I doubt it would be as good. I also prefer LoG for banshees because their small size means they can just all die to some bad 4+ rolls and gravesites make this less punishing. The main benefit of NH is deep striking and wave of terror, both of which are effects LoG can kinda semi-replicate with gravesites and vanhels plus having other benefits.
  2. With regards Myrmourn Banshee chat: they're very very strong but they're not point and click. If you build your list around the idea of them being a hammer, they will deliver if you can set it all up correctly. The unbinding shenanigans is almost a side-benefit if you're running 12, their real objective is to stab things to death. Farm CP, take both KoS and stack +1 Attack, +1 to hit and reroll 1s to hit. They will kill what they touch, even 2+/3+ save targets get run over, especially if you can get dread withering off. Are they as easy to use as Bladegheists/Harridans? Absolutely not. Can they be an effective hammer? Absolutely yes! 12 die very quickly, which is why you often see two units. Also, you're running LoG, spend the CP to bring them back. Shooting will clear them off of course, but I find people tend to shoot your heroes, not your units anyway. A benefit of being a smaller unit that still hits hard is that if they don't all die, it's easy to bring them back to fighting effectiveness with gravesites and necros.
  3. I think the basis is alright but you've spent too many points on stuff that doesn't really do anything. You've only really got one unit that can fight. 3x20 chainrasp is probably overkill, they'll probably do you well as 40, 10 10. The 40 blob can fight and takes ages to kill, the 10s are great objective holders and aren't too unwieldy to use. They're much better than skeletons for what you want them to be doing, I think. You don't really need both the guardian of souls and the necromancer, I would personally drop the guardian and the tomb banshee out the list. If you want a hero to buff your ghosts, the KoS on steed is better at it and you don't really need the guardian's spell in LoG. If you drop the guardian and do the 40, 10, 10 you gain enough points for 10 bladegheists! I'd put all the banshees into one unit, makes them better at dispelling and means they can actually fight, but you have to buff their attacks first really. They're not really worth it just as an 18" unbind, like you mentioned. I like spirit hosts but you have to commit to bigger units of them to be worth it, otherwise they're just a roadblock and your army already has plenty of that with all the chainrasps. Finally I reckon you can afford to be much more aggro with kurdoss than just objective holding, you can do that with chainrasps. Even without the buff for fighting the enemy general he's pretty pokey and can do a lot of damage. He has to be fighting because he's expensive and you can't afford to spend 200 points on maybe stealing a CP.
  4. Yeah I think the way the Legions book is written cuts against a lot of how armies in modern AoS are built, which makes me hope we'll see a v2 sooner or later (not being able to take the obvious soulblight battalion in a soulblight allegiance army and the Deathmarch being keyword "Death" is just bizarre). I still think what you gain from running Grief is worth what you give up, so long as you take the right units. For content: I took LoG to the LGT singles the other weekend. I went 3-2 over the weekend and got best LoG player (there were 2 of us). I could probably have won one of the games I lost had I played it better, but then that would have changed my other matchups afterwards so who knows. List was: Allegiance: Legion of GriefMortal Realm: HyshLeadersDreadblade Harrow (90)- General- Trait: Vassal of the Craven King- Artefact: Aetherquartz BroochKnight of Shrouds (100)Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (120)Kurdoss Valentian, the Craven King (200)Necromancer (130)- Spell: Shroud of TerrorReikenor the Grimhailer (170)- Spell: Dread WitheringBattleline10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)10 x Chainrasp Horde (80)40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient SpearsUnits12 x Myrmourn Banshees (210)12 x Myrmourn Banshees (210)15 x Bladegheist Revenants (270)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 134 So pretty standard CP spam build, I wont batrep unless people want but I do have some takeaways that might be useful. Myrmourn banshees are really difficult to use right, but when you do set them up to succeed correctly they're absolute monsters. Over the weekend they one-rounded a maw-krusha, a unit of 10 brutes (who attacked them first!), multiple units of sequitors and a bunch of rats. The Dreadblade general is an obviously good combo and he never died in any of my games. Teleporting to gravesites is brilliant, when the CP farm works it's great but it's very random on an army that's already very reliant on rolling lots of 4+s! Reiknor without an endless spell to cast is rubbish, I found I was mostly using him for his super fast movement more than his spells. In some matchups dread withering is fantastic, in others it doesn't do anything at all. Even against hordes, his effectively 2d3 mortal wound default spell doesn't feel impactful enough. Kurdoss is hilarious. You absolutely cannot count on him to do anything at all because his ability only activates on a 5+ and he's super slow. However, people absolutely love to target him, and he soaked a lot of firepower that could have gone elsewhere. I stole the CP of an anvils player for two turns in a row, which was hilarious. If he actually makes it into combat he dishes it out fairly well. Not worth 200 points at all, but he's really fun. I wish I had another 40 chainrasp painted instead of the skeletons. Their theoretical damage output is great but in reality it never really materialises. Chainrasp would have had better synergy with the knights of shrouds as well.
  5. @RuneBrush I was the Legion of Blood player in game 3, think you're underselling yourself a bit ! It's a really hard scenario to be forced to go second in, because if you get the double that you sort of want you're then massively behind on points. Plus, the orb wasn't very helpful to you. I'm gonna be taking Grief to the LGT and am definitely stealing your trick of using the Harrow general to do an unexpected gravesite summon, that was something I hadn't considered after writing off the Harrow outside of Nighthaunt.
  6. Given the lack of FAQ/errata for Forbidden Power has there been any kind of community consensus on how gravesites are played in LoG? Do we know how it was ruled at Heat 3 etc? Don't really want to invest the time & money in certain units if you can only use 1 a turn.
  7. Paid the other day - Matthew Ward, hoping there's still space :)
  8. Both of the monsters are good, it depends what you want out of them. Unless you're against another bravery 10 army the 6+d6 from the Terrorgheist shooting usually does a decent number of mortals, and it's maw attack comes up often enough that it's respectable in combat (the dragon is obviously more consistent there). Which you pick I think mostly depends on what you want out of its summoning and spells. Personally I really like the Terrorgheist's spell and would rather summon in units of crypt flayers than more courtiers, but I can imagine someone else paying for big units and wanting to summon more courtiers. The dragon is also 40 points more expensive, for some reason, and that's a real consideration with how tight on points FEC can be given you're wanting extra command points.
  9. Whilst the battalion is very, very good I don't think you are going to get away with using it. It's not in the app anymore, it hasn't had points in the last two GHBs and so can only be found in a pamphlet included in a box GW doesn't actually sell any more.
  10. A lot of what makes the Order Draconis list tick is the battalions giving you access to extra artefacts like the doppelganger cloak and quicksilver potion to really get the melee alpha strike off. The problem with a load of vampire lords is Death's lack of battalions, you won't be able to break up the regular flow of combat and really hammer the enemy on the charge, plus you'll be limited on CP which the VLoZD is hungry for. FEC have a monster mash battalion, but the monsters in it are the non-leader versions, so whilst you'll have the extra CP you still don't get the extra artefacts and FEC monsters are quite a bit squishier than the VLoZD. Your best bet to do the Death monster mash and have it able to hit relatively hard would be the one Legion of Blood battalion, you have to put up with the crappy Bloodseeker Palanquin but you get Neferata and 2 VLoZDs who will both have artefacts. It's slightly cheaper than 4 dragons as well, so you can put a few more bodies on the table.
  11. Was really hoping this mechanic would give me a reason to ever take a Wight King but nope, still gonna stay on the shelf with command points being tied to battalions.
  12. The best 1k lists I've run with legions definitely include a VLoZD, if your opponent doesn't have the tools then it can almost solo armies. I agree that the Morghast are possibly overkill? Morghast are a 1:1 trade for 2 Necromancers, which makes a bit more use of the allegiance ability and makes your skeleton blob much tougher to kill, as they give you even more deathly invocation and can chuck out some nice debuffs. I've had the skeleton blob easily tank and grind off kurnoth hunters with the necros sat behind doing their thing. I think Blood is still possibly the better list for this kinda army - the reroll 1s to save on the VLoZD is lovely and you can get a nice bravery bomb going with overwhelming dread, banners and the allegiance ability. But Sacrament is no bad thing if that's what you wanted to go for narratively. Alternatively, Prince Vhordrai is an unstoppable engine of destruction and loves the +1 to cast from Sacrament. You have to ditch the Morghast but can easily take a Necro and second unit of dogs in their place.
  13. Honestly Wight Kings need to be sub-100 points and even then you probably wouldn't take them unless the core rules around command abilities change drastically, they're so vastly inferior to Vampire Lords. They'll probably up the points on Dire Wolves but they shouldn't, they're fine at 60. Zombies need something but I don't know that it's being cheaper base, a really really aggressive price discount on the horde? They should encourage huge zombie units, not minimum sized ones. Black Knights are a lot better but I'd love to see them fulfill battleline somehow (either in a specific legion or with particular general options) OR not be batteline and come down to 100. In general I'd like to see more conditional battleline options, we have it in the Grand Host but not for the other Legions. Black Knights battleline for Blood could let you do a cool, thematic all-cavalry army! Coven Throne and Blood Knights could both come down to 220-240 (Coven Throne, like Wight King would be vastly improved as an option if they change how command abilities work). The Bloodseeker just seems like an awful warscroll and I'm not sure I'd take it over the Mortis Engine if they were similarly priced. It could eat a 100 point discount and not be overpowered I'm pretty sure. Prince Vhordrai seems a little good for only 40 points over the VLoZD but idk if 500 is too much? I really really wish the Mortarchs had been given a 3+ save in the update, but they didn't so Neferata and Mannfred feel a little squishy for their price vs the VLoZD, especially after the Neferata spell nerf. As for Flesh-Eaters, they need a lot of help! Crypt Ghouls should be priced like skeletons, they're not really any better in a fight, they're squishier, they have worse reach, and their attack bonus doesn't scale all the way up to the size of unit you can actually take making the 40 feel pretty redundant. Horrors to 140 feels fair, it's so hard to justify taking them now and I've got 12 painted lol. Why is the GKoZD more expensive than the TG and the same price and the much, much better VLoZD??? Horrors as Flesh-Eater Court battleline would be amazing, and Flayers as battleline with a GK on ZD or TG would be cool. The courtiers giving you access to them as battleline when the general feels really un-thematic when you're almost certainly taking a GK in some form. The scrolls themselves need work for FEC, but given that's unlikely to happen especially in the context of a GH, then maybe make Feeding Frenzy less awful?
  14. In the FAQ for the GH2017 they changed the wording on the mount rules which as printed IIRC said "command abilities or magical artefacts" to "command traits or magical artefacts", so I can only assume the very specific wording is intentional. If they were trying to remove all mount-buffing then they would have included all 3 there (and spells!) as the VLoZD can give his mount rerolls via his command ability.
  15. Unless this has been FAQ'd I think it's pretty clear that the mount does get the bonus? Happy to be proved wrong if this is untrue. Mount rules say "In all such cases, any command traits or magical artefacts can only be used to affect attacks made by the hero, and have no effect on attacks made by their mount unless specifically stated otherwise". The "Favoured Retainers" rules which gives the bonus attacks to "all melee weapons used by [...]" is a Battle Trait, not command or artefact. Either way, Legion of Blood is very good for the VLoZD. -1 to hit command trait and reroll saves of 1 artefact can make them quite a bit more survivable than the Prince.
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